Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 18, 2017

Bubbling INto the ReSOURCE of Community, Together, Unbiasedly!!

gods reSource.jpg

There is so much to share, so much happened in the course of 48 hours my head still spins from it all.  I guess I will just start from my 6 hour car ride towards my mother’s cat, Sissy’s new home, the beautiful heart who opened to take her in, in Key Largo.  There is huge bridge called the Skyway Bridge that seems to span forever across the ocean that I had to drive over.  Here I found a great photo of it:


As I was cruising the highways, I was listening to my new audio book named “Cross Roads” written by the same author of the “The Shack.”  I choose that book simply because it reflected my life, minus an NDE of course, thank god, but I am at one of the biggest cross roads of my life at the moment.  I was deeply engrossed in the book until the moment I got onto the bridge.  I could feel the energy of the water, it felt amazing.  It felt like, I don’t know, driving thru an energy field.  I fell into the feeling, it was amazing, still semi listening to the book being said out loud and filling my ears.  I wish now, I had put the book on pause and really dived into the experience wholey.  Because many miles down the road, my team piped in as I was reflecting in awe the feeling of crossing that bridge.  It was exactly what I wrote about, thanks to my beautiful Irish man’s conversation (not reading) about how to feel the subtle energy of dimensions opening.

I cannot say this is my first experience with crossing thru and into other dimensions, but they always came with visuals of understanding, not the feeling of this energetic experience.  Maybe this was the purpose, to distinctly feel it without anything else involved in what is happening.  Twice after this experience, separated by many miles of road, I got slight vertigo.  I knew, it was the dimensional shift adjusting.

My team continued on to help me know how to set up my money after the house sells, what to spend now, what to put in savings and what to leave for the time traveling thru mexico to keep overhead, over head!!  I was amused by it all.

Sissy made the journey safely and even let her new mama pet her as she got out of the critter carrier, that alone was a miraculously good sign!!  The rest of the trip was uneventful.

So, even tho my ass was dragging from sitting in the car driving 12 hours round trip in a single day, I could not wait to see what the field would reveal on Friday, completely unsure it would reveal anything given the information that came thru the conversations on Wednesday, but ya never know!!!

I did what I do when I am unsure of the field day… start demanding, maybe even, pleading… please let us see something today… please oh please!!

I could just see the shit eating grin on spirits face, they did appease my demands, they showed us a big red X across the door.  Dammit.  That’s not quite what I meant!!  But I had to giggle, most down days, I don’t even get that so… they did give in.  As me and my patient lady were talking, suddenly my vision switched to inside my office and the entire floor was bubble, like water does when it boils.  My floor wasn’t even my brown rug, but looked like energy water with its bubbles forming and bursting.  It was then explained this is the foundation of all life, individually and collectively.  Life has hit the boiling point, and we are at a massive choice point of what we will do with this transformative energy.  I did just google “boiling point” to see what is explained… and if we take this as our life in this very amazing moment, we can really see what is at hand:
As a liquid is heated, its vapor pressure increases until the vapor pressure equals the pressure of the gas above it.

  • Bubbles of vaporized liquid (i.e., gas) form within the bulk liquid and then rise to the surface where they burst and release the gas. (At the boiling temperature the vapor inside a bubble has enough pressure to keep the bubble from collapsing.)
  • In order to form vapor, the molecules of the liquid must overcome the forces of attraction between them.
  • The temperature of a boiling liquid remains constant, even when more heat is added.

The last thing spirit said was, choose which bubbles you want to use and let the rest become steam.  Yeah… I forgot to ask how.  How do we choose??  I realized this morning, you cannot consciously choose, you choose my your core emotions within.  Whatever you are focused on, holding tight within, that is where choice meets release.  You can talk all you want, pray and beg, but it’s an emotional energy that is the only builder of this next phase.

So I wrote to everyone on yesterday and today’s schedule to let them know, we all have reached our boiling point and until we settle in after the equinox, there is nothing to see.

I came home and decided I need to pretty up my front yard.  I started pulling the weeds, which do not look like weeds to me, they are beautiful and so determined to live.  I apologize to them all as I ripped them out of the soil.

Suddenly a car stopped in front of my house, I could feel them sizing up the landscape as they pondered their interest in looking at the house for sale.  I recognized them immediately from the yard sale, the people who bought my mother’s jewelry armoire.  By this time, my mothers (and now my) beloved next door neighbor was standing at my side, helping me understand how to pull the seeds of growth out of my wild palm tree in the front of the house. He was so surprised to hear I was selling the house and immediately went and took one of the realtor fliers affixed to my front porch, just like the lady did while he was standing next to me.

Not even an hour later, him and his wife came to look inside.   They fell in love with it.  They have been looking for a larger house but the price range was out of their feasibility.  He is an amazing handy man, that really helped my mother with so many of her needs over the years.  My mother talked about him a lot, the gratitude she had for his and his wife assistance when she needed help.  I could feel my mother’s love in my heart pour to them.  We wanted them to have this house.

My asking price was set at $56,000 purposely so after all is said and done, I walked away with $50,000 to fund my next phase of life.  He lives in Canada, the money exchange is not very kind.  He only had $45,000 (equal to $57,000 Canadian) cash.  The spirit of my mother was flowing out of my mouth… that works for me because of the kindness you gave to my mother.  He is also paying everything above that, to include the realtor commission and closing costs.  My realtor was here in 20 minutes and papers of sale were signed.

Not only that, he is going back to Canada on April first and will not occupy the place until he returns for the winter.  He already has someone who wants to rent his trailer while he does the upgrades to this one.  He said I can stay here for as long as I needed to and I can leave everything in the house, when comes back he will go thru and take to Sally’s whatever he doesn’t want.  But I can also take whatever I want with me.  This is better than miraculous.  Win Win Win for ALL involved!  Holy freakin shit even!!!!

All this in 3 days time, on Saint Patrick’s day no less!!  The luck of the Irish was bestowed on my world thru the connection of my man in Ireland, Thank you Pat 😉 ❤ .)  Not to mention this day has had a blemish upon it since I was 13 years old.  My beloved grandmother died on Saint Paddy’s day.  It now has new light, love light beaming from its relevance.  Ha!!  And reflects the green of the emerald city!!

My mind melted into the rest of the day… things I can do, need to do, and want to do, holy shit.  I spent close to $20k and I didn’t even take a breath yet. lol  Well there goes spirits plan of money management lol.  I don’t have enough left to take their advice.  And we giggle.  I couldn’t fathom they, in their own way, were letting me know this demisnional shift came with a sudden sale of the house!!!

One of the things that flowed up and thru me, again I know it was my mother.  My son and my oldest daughter was blessed with my poor eyesight.  Thru groupon, I found a fantastic deal for lasik surgery.  For me, since I will only get one eye done to keep my monovision and no need for reading glasses, it’s only $899 for one eye.  For two eyes, its $1800.  I am getting my kids lasik to help them see their future clearly.  That just spilled out of my heart.  The Lasik Vision Institute has locations all around the USA.  One in Boston for my son, one in Austin for my daughter, and where I was looking for myself… Tampa.

Now to wrangle the whole gig with my teeth.  I can get them done in about 2 weeks when I get funded on the sale and recover in my house before leaving.  I already knew there were Affordable Denture Labs all around the USA and decided to look at what’s near my daughter in Texas, since I am going to head there until the school year finishes and my daughter has the summer off from her work and gets paid thru the summer, then we will head to mexico.  Well!!  it is even cheaper to get this done in Texas than here in Florida, by several hundred dollars.  I can easily get this done in her world, especially since I will be there for a few months.

Suddenly, even what I thought I was going to do when this house sold, became an avalanche of not happening.  There is a better plan emerging.  I need to sleep on all this and figure out what I feel in the morning.

My dentist here is already willing to give me a full refund, minus the temporary dentures they already made.  If the place in Texas will allow my bone density CD and dentures to come off their price, I will go to Texas to do this work.  If not, I will do it here.  I cannot find out until Monday tho.  They were already closed when I called yesterday.

When I woke up this morning, my amazing task master of a daughter, sent me three links.  I had asked her to start looking for places to rent on a short-term lease, preferably fully furnished since I am not bringing my furniture and she lives in an RV.  Well, explode my humble heart!!  Looky what she found:

That is exactly what my soul needs, solitude, nature, beauty, OMG.  I wrote the realtor instantly.  Now to wait for a call back.  My soul assured me we can do amazing readings in this place.  YAY!!!  That was such a concern in moving, especially in Texas.   I have to smile even wider… the place was only listed 3 days ago… the same time I placed my house on the market and it is set up on County Road 222.  So here’s to waiting for the realtor to call me and set up my bridge to Mexico!!!

I also have to laugh, that house is so the opposite of this community.  This community insists on keep the facade of beauty external while people decay inside and no one looks.  This house looks rough on the outside, but magnificent inside!!  I love it!!!

Let me be your living example of never ever selling yourself short.  Ever.  People will be there to tell you to settle for less, don’t do it!!! Bob and weave, stay in your own personal flow of desire, not matter how magnificent it may seem.  Your WILL has no choice but to find manifestation.  And if it seems like you cannot do it alone, reach out, We Are Here.

The gofundme that was so lovingly set up for me, so unconditionally enriched for me by so many hearts, provided so much more than new teeth.  You provide the KNOWING new teeth are around the corner.  The love that yes, we all deserve this… whatever this is to you personally.

In listening to my audio Book (I highly recommend the read or listen) Cross Roads, the narrator was explaining, thru jesus’ eyes, that God is community.  We are never meant to go it alone, and when we realize that, we realize we are each other’s community reSource, unbiasedly, abundantly, together.  ALLOW us to truly Be COMMUNITY!!!

Thank you so much for being, all-ways, my reSource of Life, of love, of understanding.  I pray, I am yours as well.

I love you ALL so so so freakin much.  Tomorrow I join my soul sisters and brothers in Marco Island, I will not be sharing again until I return on the 22nd.

This may seem like an odd time to throw a special, when my journey is twisting and turning with each breath… but I feel it in my heart so deeply to do today.  Who am I to argue!!  Just be aware that April’s schedule may get slightly adjust for travel time to Texas, but I am reading thru June, at least June!!  Let’s keep with the 22 energy, master builders in a new realm of energy!!!  22% off everything I have to offer.  The packages special and the packages themselves end at midnight tonight.  For single readings, let’s rock this special thru the 22nd.  

Lisa Gawlas

Coupon Code for Packages:  MASTERBUILDER

Coupon Code for Single readings:  MASTER









  1. I have learned so much through this journey! And to go along with your bubbles… this am as I was in meditation I asked to be shown what I still needed to clear. Ha! They started to float up one by one in bubbles and as I addressed and cleared each one I then popped it! I feel very light this am! Thanks for all you are showing us ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m glad things are falling into place for you! Now that you have the money you need and you’re buying everyone lasik, I guess that means you don’t need your GOFUNDME account??

    If you are being nice and generous and handing out expensive cash gifts, then that means you have it and we out here can now stop giving you our cash gifts, right?

    SWEET!! 🙂 I’m glad it has all worked out for everyone!


    • Are you related to Keira?? lol I don’t reply to her posts either, this one was just too funny to ignore.


      • Nope! Not related! Never met her! Hahahaha…so funny Lisa.


      • ~

        “Kiera”, here….

        Want to hear the funniest thing of all?
        I actually contributed huge amounts of MONEY to ALL of your GoFundMe askings, Lisa.

        And always helped spread the word of your money needs, to many others.

        Now, because I actually Walk my Talk….I will admit to you that I love both you AND Rachel, without having to meet either one of you in “person”.
        And I fully understand where Rachel currently is, in her Soul Evolution, that she just doesn’t get it, yet, on how to spread unconditional Abundance.

        And I fully understand that you, Lisa, are much farther along now than Rachel, because you ARE finally getting it and spreading it, because those like me have been/are continually pumping this higher knowledge into you through the new Earth Crystalline Matrix grid.

        That is what true UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is. This is how WE are ALL working TOGETHER, without *you* even being aware of it. What is it you are always saying? Forget what you *think* you know?
        Figuring this out is something else for you to “sleep on”.
        On how to practice true Unconditional Love.

        And remember that you say to all of your followers: “Let me be your living example…” ???



    • rachel …no one is putting a gun to anyone’s head, in giving to lisa’s fund. it is wholly an act of love. what is it that you’re missing, dear one? 😉


      • Hehehe!! I’m glad guns aren’t involved here…..what am I missing? I’m missing Lisa’s skills to rationalize things in the ‘real’ world. Who in their right mind begs and pleads for money to the extent of selling off everything that belongs to their mom to get what they need; to just turn around and pay for everyone’s lasik eye surgery? That’s asking for a lot!!!

        My son wears glasses and he’s doing GREAT! But hey, can you pay for for his lasik too by way of someone else’s money? Not very realistic sounding, is it?


    • The lasik is coming from the sale of my grandmother’s home, the only thing my grandmother had to give at the time of her death. My mother is extending the generosity of her mother to her own children. My14 month old son broke my glasses-which I have a -5.25 vision, and do not have the money to replace them. Instead of her giving me $600 to replace them, as this is the third pair Rune broke, it is likely to happen again, she is fixing my eyes PERMANENTLY. This is in a way, my inheritance from my grandmother. The same for my brother.

      WHAT has that to do with a gofubdme for her TEETH, that was set up months before she decided (or rather, was forced into selling due to the inability to acquire a home equity loan due to the community restrictions, in order to cover the remainder of what she needed JUST TO EAT SOLID FOOD??

      Your condescending attitude is unwelcome in this joyous moment. If you have issue with the generosity shown to my mother, by all means, do not participate. But to insinuate somehow that she is taking advantage of people is ludicrous. She has done nothing but provide unconditionally for people, not herself. Myself and my son included.


      • I’m all for helping family and loved ones. That is the point of life. And you said it perfectly!! She has helped everyone BUT herself!

        Her number one priority should be getting her teeth. Once that process is complete and she has extra then focus on other stuff. But once again she’s not focusing herself. What if she’s nice and loving and gives it all away and something happens? What if she can’t get her teeth finished at that point?



  3. Lisa you are a star. I’m so sorry someone would say that to you. You provide a service here, don’t take your go fund me page down. Anything you get you deserve..

    You are not playing Santa Claus, anything your children get from the sale of your mothers house is from their grandmother, not you..

    I think we should all make Rachel pay for eye surgery for your whole family.. Lol.

    Much love Angel.. Keep shining bright.xx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Zing! You nailed it, bro. I ran into this same thing yesterday, someone on FB pretending to moral outrage and using words to slam and shame, Its just bullshit. Clearly this one isn’t getting any support, that’s a good thing. Much love to you and to Lisa!


    • Todd, Lol! I like your thinking! If only I could be Oprah, I would. 🙂

      Lasik eye surgery for you! And you! And you over there! LASIK EYE SURGERY FOR EVERYONE!!


      • Its time for you to apologise Rachel and stop commenting here..

        You are just trolling now..

        No one likes your comments.


  4. Like

    • Hi Kiera,

      Being sincere and non trolling, I do have to say there is a point to my madness of being the devils advocate. I liked what you said above, and it even seems like maybe you have come full circle with Lisa.

      You two now are in agreement when it comes to me and You seem to understand Lisa’s view. So if all else fails and everyone hates me…but you two are back on good terms then GREAT! Something good came from something ‘bad’!

      I love being spiritual, but I hate how everyone is always “love” and “light” and always saying I hope it all works out. Well things don’t always work out. They aren’t always loving and kind and perfect. But we need those upsets to grow and learn and see things from another perspective. so I do “get it”…I promise! 😉

      And Todd! Me apologizing to Lisa has to come from me. Not you telling me to like a little kid. My comment was to you as a joke. It was in no way mean towards Lisa. Sarcasm and satire are two different things my dear!


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