Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 11, 2017

Higher Light Coming In Equals Heaviness In The Body!

grunding in light

So much wonderful information came thru everyone yesterday.  Sadly, I woke up late and can only share a thimble full.  But I am typing as fast as I can get to as much as I can out, forgive any extra typos!! 😉

My first lady was a virgin upon my field and in her notes on her appt card she stated that she wanted help with her energy blocks.  The moment I read that I could feel question marks above my head… what blocks??  I already knew, she had no blocks at all.

As her reading opened up, the craziest image was presented.  She was in her crystal teepee and her head had a brick in it.  This salmon colored brick was thru her head and sticking out about 2 inches from each temple.  What the hell is that???  I barely that statement out when her team, 4 or 5 Light Beings, everyone has Light Beings in this phase, assisting, anywayz… her team stated this brick has nothing to do with any blocks, quite the opposite, it is being shown as a weight placed in her head to balance the high frequency light coming into her pineal gland, and completely rearranging her neurotransmitters.

The color of this brick also had purpose, salmon takes in pink and orange, passion and a sense of self/Self, together as one.  So it is reflecting the energy that is going to come thru as a new sense of passionate within herself.

What really got me more than anything, was her team explained that as this intense energy is being applied and distributed, it is also drawing energy from other parts of the body, to wire in those areas.  I immediately went to the right thigh area, the right femur as an example of the energy being borrowed from that entire area, as her path of life gets tied into this high frequency light coming in and eventually will add strength to her movements.  However, while the energy is being borrowed from there, she may experience pain, discomfort, or achiness since not all the usual energy is surrounding and flowing thru that area.  I about shit when she said that is exactly it, that’s what is hurting her and she has her right leg propped up even as we did this reading.

I too, breathed a sigh of relief as I heard her team explain this in detail.  My wrists and hands have hurt like hell for days now.  I can barely pour a water pitcher, the joints hurt but are not swollen or red or anything.  I googled arthritis lol.  I don’t have any symptoms except it hurts like hell.  Now, thanks to her for coming to the field to understand herself, I now am relieved and understand my own self.  I am reaching for a new life, a new way of Being in Life and god knows, I am trying to grasp it (fingers) but there are pesky attys that are all up in my business, making it harder than it has to be!! (smile)

Back to the brick, then I am going to tie in my 3rd readings, cuz there was a similar note to his reading as well.  When we have such a high frequency of light integrating with the neural pathways, there has to be something to help settle it in, offset the lightness if you will and that was being shown as the brick, holding the pineal gland steady and everything else that makes up the brain.

Borrowing energy from other places, to weave some of that energy into our new ways of Being, should you feel like you have blocks, double check within your body, it may just very well be important upgrades happening.  Nothing is as it seems!!

My third reading, my beautiful man who often times starts our connection before I call with me hearing a clip from jesus christ super star, was music less yesterday.  I actually took a moment to see if I was going to her the song.  It has now become synonymous with his energy for me.

Instead he opened up into his crystal teepee with 4 Light Beings placing a royal cape around his body.  I say royal as in royalty, since he already had a crown on.  I’ll get to the crown in a minute, cuz the cape had similarities to my lady’s brick, in meaning lol.  I could feel the capes heaviness, like a lead weight, but so beautiful in a blended color of red, maroon and violet.  Truly a color I had never seen before.  These 4 light beings were arranged, one on each side of the cape and two in the middle all lifting this cape at the very same time and affixing it to his neck and shoulders.  They explained it was important that it was laid on and in him at the very same time (which was why it took 4 of them, I asked!)  They explained the weightiness was to hold his light body in his body as he goes thru a high field of light enhancement within his light body.

His team also explained that if there was not something to offset the high energies as they are coming on-line, it would be hard for him or anyone to remain in their physical body.  Instead it would be more like continuous OBE’s that they had no control over.

So if you feel heavy in various places on various days or even lengths of time, know it is something just keeping you grounded in your body as the higher frequencies come online within you.

I will have to leave his crown for another time, because there is one more I want to share before I have to leave.  It gives a little contrast to yesterday’s sharing.

With my lady yesterday, the consciousness merger was from a female from another plane of life and we knew, as the last bit of consciousness is fully transferred into my lady I was reading for, the lady in the other realm would cease to be, or what we would call, die.

My lady yesterday opened up with her hair being done.  OMG I just got this correlation from the lady prior to my lady yesterday, they were both sitting in something akin to a beauty salon chair.  But instead of being wrapped in cotton candy, my lady yesterday had long blond/golden hair, down to her hips.  The hair was in a spiral formation, reminded me of the spiral perms from way back in the day.  She too had 4 Light Beings arranging her hair in a new style on her head.  The long story short here… What I was seeing was the merger with her and her souls incarnation on the Pleiades.  But what was happening was more like a permanent vulcan mind meld.  A shared consciousness while both will be very much alive and have complete access to each others consciousness at all times.  To the degree that one may be taking a shower and the other feels wet.

Her Pleiadian explained that she needs access to my lady’s experience and ongoing abilities to understand herself and within her realm.

I had to smile when I called their presentation in the reading being in a beauty shop, the Pleiadian said oh no, we would never call that a beauty shop, beauty is not superficial in our realm, it is an attribute that you cannot fake, it comes from within.  She was simply getting a new style of hair done.

There is so much more to share, but I gotta get my day rolling.  As an added note, I texted my loan guy last night, he has not talked to the attorney yet, but is talking to one of the paralegals and she is going to be something what he needs to submit to her, but she has not told him what that is yet.  So I asked him, soooo I can remain a little hopeful that this loan will eventually be good to go.  He said he thinks so, but doesn’t want to say for sure until he knows what they want submitted.  And now its the weekend.

However, there is something happening in the ethers, not kinda the way I wanted it to go, but hell at this moment I will take what I can get.  This week I was given two new credit cards and a credit increase on one of my existing cards.  Of course, I would much prefer to pay 14% interest on this loan over 17% or 24% on credit cards… but whatever it takes I guess, until I sell this house.

Now I really gotta go!!  I love you all so much and again, and always, thank you so much for showing up in the field so we can all understand ourselves better!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Light Body enhancement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. be careful with credit cards because they bind you 🙂 I love your work its very much appreciated ….


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