Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 1, 2017

The Source of ALL Power, ALL Life is Ready to Play!!!


Yesterday, for me, was strange from the moment  I woke up yesterday til the moment I woke up today.  I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday, centered around the mathematical frequencies that are making up the emerald city.  I had a web browser open to wikipedia and information on Garuda, the hindu birdman, and this sentence jumped out at me: Garuda is the Hindu name for the constellation Aquila.  I had already acknowledged within myself that this Garuda dude came from the same race of ET’s as the deitized angles of christianity

220px-garuda_by_hyougushi_in_delhiWhen I woke up yesterday and seen (again) the constellation Aquila I remembered at least one of the ET sessions that, I think, looked like a humanoid with wings, it was explained that we slanged their name from where they came from to what we call them now… angels.  So yesterday morning, I clicked on the word Aquila and read about its history and it was like a time portal opened in vision.  I could see the time, long, long before the time of Christ, when these Beings came here to earth freely, in their ships and set up here on earth, in various parts of the earth and help and teach the humans about themselves.  About their innate power.

Back in mans early days, anything that came out of the sky and possessed more powers than them (the humans on earth,) they called gods and even worshiped them… to this day.  Long after they are not only gone, but also, dead.  There were, after all, incarnated Beings from another realm and they do die a physical death like us humans do.

Now, I am going to fast forward to my crazy dreamtime last night.  Keeping in mind, I rarely dream.  Besides the dream I wrote about the other day, the last time I had a dreamtime recall was long before I left New Mexico.  But last night was as real as if I was back there living this moment.  But was all tangled up in time detail.  I woke up really confused about it… until I started writing this blog.

In this dream experience my oldest grandson was my son, and my first boyfriend, my first love (we were together from my age of 14 thru 17) came to my house.  His wife was working in a home office in my house (that alone was weird lol) and when George came to my house, it was to meet his son, my current grandson who is 7 years old.  Considering me and George broke up in 1981, my mind should have realized something was amiss here, but it didn’t.  I even told George that Valorie was in jail.  This man doesn’t know any of my kids in real life.  Then I showed him a photo album with all my kids in it. This photo album started out like the old time photo albums with plastic covering the photos on each page and then somehow became like an ipad, I just pushed my finger across the page to change the images to something new.  Past and present were so entangled, none of us realized the truth of it.  We won’t even talk about the bizarre outfit he wore to this meeting.  Talk about Peacocking lol.

Our minds blurr details of our present past history, forget history that happened many many thousands of years ago.  The myths that evolved from their presence here long ago, are blurred versions of original truth.  Like my dream, the human mind often confuses time and detail and blurs things together to reformat a story.  And what often happens thru the history of the time, the dream becomes the details and actual events fade from the story.

If we truly desire to step into our power, into the truth of ourselves and earth’s history, which is circling back around, we must put aside the fallacy.

We have made a history on creating stories of human like figures that possessed certain attributes.  Jesus, Archangel Michael, hell even Satan and to this day, we call on them to help.  Often times, when spirit connects with us in our meditations of prayers, they will resemble, energetically and even visually the ones in your mind, you are praying to.

I was not going to share this at all, but now, dammit, I have to!!  The first two days God showed up in the center of that flower in the emerald city and I was writing about the details of each event with him, he was the author more than I was… he snuck in two words as I was writing, I didn’t write them because of the shake up it caused me inside.

In the first year of my new life, my constant swims in the deep end of my tub, and I was opening to channel information that would help us all, not only did I have franklyn, my Pleiadian daddy, but a new energy sat next to me in my tub, not in human detail, but in an energy form and he was always stretched out on my left side at the wall area of my tub.  He gave me three names over time.. the first one was “your comforter,” then he switched to “your Shepard,” and finally when I demanded his soul name… “Sananda.”  I scorned the shit out of him for sneaking into my field the way he did.  He laughed and said after I refused to do meditations because the blessed mother showed up, there was no way he could come in with full declaration of who he is.  My unworthy issues runneth over in those days lol.

Imagine my surprise when I was writing about our ejaculating Source of ALL life, he snuck in the phrase, I Am your comforter.  I twitched and ignored it… until later in that sharing, he said and I Am your shepherd.  Well Jesus Christ!!!  And now, 16 years later the biggest sneak attack of my whole meditation life.  But it makes sense why he never, not once made personal reference to the life of Jesus (even tho I asked many times over the years.)  Sananda, the soul energy of that which we knew as Jesus.  The Christ, the full embodiment of human and Source, together as one.  Jesus’ message thru his whole life, was me and my father are one.

I now fully realize, the blessed mother and the one I thought I knew as Sananda, one and the same.  It was never about the humans that once lived on earth, or any other entity our memories hold as something special.

All this to say, when you fully embody the bits and peaces of that which you connect to, and LIVE it, all your guides, teachers, avatars fade away into the only truth that IS.  YOU are the embodiment of God made manifest.  God will show up in any form that makes you comfortable… but in the end, if allowed, you… WE must fully accept it’s always been Him/Source.  Otherwise, we remain disempowered and tainted by the history we seek out in understanding.

 There is so much I want to share about the amazing and dare I say, surprising connection on Monday with the 4 incredible souls that will congregate on Marco Island, and I smile… on Emerald Beach to fulfil the first template of the new group soul energy on land, but I am being asked to hold back any details until we meet and really understand what is transpiring.

Much to my surprise yesterday, the field was closed to my peering eyes.  My brains felt like a lava lamp just being at the office and I became increasingly exhausted… until I got home.  Then I was just in neutral.  This morning, I can see a massive explosion thru out the universal field of All life (not just earths field.)  New intense filaments of light exploding all over the place, each with a magnetic resonance all its own that will land in, align with, Humans ready to own and bring forth their power.  With that, I am also starting (have started) to realize the days of reading the way I do, are winding down as we take ourselves from the ethers to the ground level of Becoming the next amazing version of OurSelfs, together.

And dammit, I am going to get this number frequency out.  With my last readings on the field the day of the eclipse, it was explained that the numbers being used are a mathematical frequency series.  I want to put this out to those who understand math frequencies (not numerology interpretations.)

The first mathematical detail that came out… 12.  12 petals on this flower all connected to a 1.  The center Source.  Each petal has 12 dots on it, 12 distinct frequencies on each individual petal.  Three petals contain 1 unit, which would be 36 dots in each unit.  Held together by black energy which would equal 2.  There are 4 units of three and thirty six and 2.  There are 4 (total) geometrical crystallizations, 1 between each unit.

I wish I would have thought about asking my daughter to draw this last night when I skyped with her.  But my mind was in the blur zone.  I will send her an email today with this facts and see what she can create… but mostly anyone who fully understands mathematical frequency in creation… pop me an email with what you understand.  I do not have a freakin clue, but can feel the truth if it is expressed.

And please, I beg… NO FACEBOOK PM’s.  My email is

Ohhh and before I forget, for those who are not on my facebook, I got a text message from my loan guy, the attorney is going to be doing a drive by of my home sometime this week, that will be the final determination of my funding approval.  I have to laugh, especially now with my blessed mother and sananda outed… in that very brief meditation I had a couple of weeks ago, I did ask them about my damn implants and they assured me I would be getting a sizeable check to make it happen.  Little did i even think then (cuz I had not pushed on my own doors) it would be a home equity loan check!!  It won’t be enough to get the uppers and lowers implanted, but it should be enough for at least the lowers implanted.

I love you all and am soooo excited to understand this next amazing phase thru you!!

(((HUGZ))))) filled with dynamic adventures and Sourced Power thru ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I’m convinced you don’t read your comments anymore. But I just wanted to say everything you have said today is correct. 🙂 it’s funny how we have little mental games we play on ourselves. If some tells you the truth about something you won’t believe it. But if Spirit “tricks” you into the truth then it becomes real. Now matter how evolved we become….we still stay mere simpleton’s in human form.

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    • Rachel Sananda is an aspect, a part of the being that we refer to as Jesus Christ, and who now wishes to be known as Beloved, as he has grown beyond that which we knew as Jesus. Beloved is an aspect of the composite and individuated being that is the Highest of All That Is. As Jesus was not crucified, the nail holes in hands etc is irrelevant to Beloved. Who WAS crucified? Ah, that is the big, well though-out DECEPTION that humanity has been under for so long.

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  2. ERR!! I wish the comment section had a way to go back in and fix mistakes. ‘Now’ is suppose to be ‘no’.

    Also it will be interesting if your readings are going to be shifting to working with people. You don’t really communicate or ask questions or get into a Decussion. Your blinders are a very think shade of rose! 😉

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  3. Dear Lisa,

    I have been given new information that
    I thought I would share with you even if you don’t read it. Our ‘time’ of working together has now come to end. I will no longer be badgering you. (Yay)

    I think I have been reading your posts for at least 6 years. Or from the time you were at In that time I have never once tried to talk to you. So being a loyal reader, I never would have thought trying to connect with you would be so difficult.

    I read your blogs because I know that God is speaking through you. Helping us and guiding us and you are His messanger/mouth piece. I honor and respect your gift Lisa. But it seems to be a one sided gig.

    The new tribes will be full of co-creators. Which means we will need to be open to others thoughts and ways of doing things. That means we will have to accept that God will be speaking through others and will be guiding them as well on how to do things. You seem to understand this because you explain it in your posts. But you don’t seem to be able to apply it in the physical world yet.

    Because of this, your job will be changing. But maybe not in the way you may think it will. Starting mid month a lot of changes are going to be taking shape. You will continue to be a great messenger on Gods behalf….but you will not be an active participant in the co-creation process.

    Thank you for your dedicated service Lisa! I wish you the best and only happiness in the future. Enjoy your new set of teeth.


    Another one of Gods messengers!

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  4. Ok, I’ll ask since no one else is. Rachel, why is it so important for Lisa to get your messages? What work is needed to be done?

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    • Also, Rachel, Lisa did answer your message, I read it with my own eye. Maybe because you ‘think’ she is not answering, maybe you have stopped looking for her answers! Lisa is so busy & I get that she doesn’t answer all our messages, but try on her Facebook page, that’s the best place. Much Love & Blessings to you, dear Heart…xx


      • Hi Sylvia,

        I received her ‘answer’ as well. Thank you!

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      • Sorry, just found these messages, I guess life just got in the way! Sometimes I read back & think I should just keep my big mouth shut….lol…. But, I am always coming from a base of Love & compassion, just sometimes I react & don’t think things through. (Typical Leo ego!…sigh) Much Love & Blessings to you dear Rachel….xxx


  5. Keith- thanks for asking. Someone on Lisa’s Facebook page added some great information today. The key points are the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes and how they come to make up the 144,000 believers.

    Whether Lisa was a willing participant or not in my getting to know her and work with her doesn’t reallly matter much. I presented a situation to her that she had to make a decision on. I said earlier that her decision could either send her on her new path or keep her placed in the old.

    The Situation I am referring to and related to her Facebook post is this. The apostle Thomas. Thomas was great at spreading the gospel….but when it came to having faith, he couldn’t believe the words of others. He had to “see” it for himself in person. Does the term “doubting Thomas” sound familiar?

    So if you apply this same situation to Lisa, she had a choice to be a willing participant and ask questions and work with others. Because she didn’t and stuck to her old patterns….she is now still on her ‘old’ path. A conscious decision she made on her own. The good news is, she has now resolved the ‘doubling Thomas’ timeline. The bad news is, her spiritual job isn’t going to be changing all that much from what it is now unless she’s ready to make come needed adjustments.

    Jesus Appears to Thomas
    24 Now Thomas (also known as Didymus[a]), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. 25 So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!”

    But he said to them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.”

    26 A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” 27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”

    28 Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”

    29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

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  6. Reblogged this on SilverAngelsWings and commented:
    Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings….more wonderful information for us to move forward with. Thanls Lisa…Much Love & Blessings to you ALL….xxx


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