Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 27, 2017

Rise Up!! It IS the Season of the Phoenix!!


Something HUGE happened yesterday, marked by a very specific 99% totality solar eclipse.  99, the ending of all endings.  I heard that, felt that clear as a bell when I posted a little shout out to the eclipse on facebook.  As I continued to read on spaceweather more information about the solar eclipse, that it would “snake across 5 countries in the southern hemisphere”  instantly I could feel the mighty kundalini serpent of Creation igniting the fires in the southern hemisphere.  Change like there has never been change before.

If all that wasn’t enough to excite the hell out of me, as soon as I finished my post and realized that there will still be 1% of the suns rays shining thru this eclipse, thru my whole body I heard “You are now the 1%.”  (Of course, You is plural.)

This is what this next phase, from eclipse series to eclipse series is all about.  A genuine transfer of power, from the depths of darkness to the brilliance of Love, of Light.

I even have to look at the numbers on my schedule yesterday.  I originally had 5 appointments, one had to reschedule, one was double booked.  By the time I started my day yesterday, I only had 3, 2 dropped away.  That is how change takes place, energy rearranges itself.  So in this simple view change was there, duality dropped away (numbers, nothing to do with the people on my schedule, they were just in the perfect harmonic dance of the greater message, leaving 3.  3 is action and communication.  It is also the numeric energy of a trinity.  3 also being half of 6, soul partnership.

Even the placement of each soul on the field, dynamically set up into perfection, to tell a bigger story.  The true depth of this eclipse to eclipse (August) phase we are in.

My first lady started out with a song moving with and thru her entire light field.  “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”  Her light field was a stunning lake of light just above the top (if there was a top) of the emerald city. It spread out left to right in multiple displays of light colors. From whites to yellows to shades of oranges, it was so beautiful and so incredibly dynamic and then the next thing I see (again, all happening thru this lyric) her lake of light started to flow downward into the center of the emerald city, like a spherical contained waterflow.  And then she, full of Source Light and Cellular Light, started to seep into each new unit of the emerald city.

I so wish my artistic ability could show the brilliance, the absolute beauty of what my eyes see, sadly tho… your stuck with this humble replica of what the field is looking like.  Everything around the units of the was black.  It looked like this except all sections were perfect in size and even the space in between.


The liquid light of love, of human and source so blended together you cannot tell one from the other.  The holy waters.

I had to wonder about the song clip in the beginning of her field.  Suddenly, in the 4h unit (the one of the left) from towards the center half way thru were a shit ton of eyes.  Floating blue eyes, kinda creepy looking lol.  Mine eyes… Our eyes… in this usage equalling “for those with eyes to see…”  I know there is more to it, but today, I don’t know what that is yet.

So my second lady…. I couldn’t even imagine what more could be seen this amazing day.  Well holy shit… we have a ring of fire completely surrounding the outer most edge of the emerald city.  In the yellow center, chunks of ashes that became the phoenix of fire.  Of course it was revealing to my lady that the last few years, her life and body has gone thru the purification fires and now, rises up from the ashes to live anew.

I had to smile as I had seen the eclipse dubbed as the ring of fire and here it is, set perfectly around our garden of Light.  Burning only exterior, not inside at all.

And my grand finale of the day… she was coming down from the skies, at first glance she looked like rain until I realized she was liquid crystal.  A steady rain of pure quartz crystal falling in and thru the emerald city.  As the drops hit the ground, the fires went out and these geometric patterns started to form in between each unit, forming like snowflake patterns from the outer most edge moving connectedly into the center.

We talked about how the old watches kept “quartz movement time” and there is something in that resonance she must understand within herself.  As we talked about this I could see the center of this emerald city, now revealing several different loops, constantly moving up and down, bigger and smaller… and it was understood to be the loops of time, of time cycles.  Non linear but laid out the way they really are.  Fully accessible to All that live within the emerald city.

So even this amazing trinity which will fold in and move out within each other, thru each other, over these next 5-6 months is showing what this next life changing phase really is.

I have got to smile as my daughter who sits as her own version of the phoenix in jail, is starting to bring forth something that was hidden from herself in her skill set.  I am giving her a name with a little information about that person and she is creating artwork of how she sees that person.  The first one I gave her was my beloved JenniFire and the only thing I told her about Jennifer that I call her Jennifire and she is the one who created the gofundme for my teeth.  This is her image of Jennifire…


The second piece of art, represented my first lady on the field yesterday… and if we look at all that was revealed… she has seen… THRU YOU, this amazing phase we are in now.


Lets really look at these two in-depth…. the fire bird (not meant to represent the phoenix) but allowing the heart set on fire of love to transform thru the ashes of life, new… there is no waiting period in this arena, there is just pure and constant transformation.

I gotta make this clearer… we are not to wait until something appears to turn to ash before we rise up with fiery passion to rebuild… for those with hearts and eyes to see, it’s already done and now ignite the transformation thru your heart. (I hope that is understandable.)

This anchor, I truly did not see in its depths until we closed out yesterday.  The cross, I did keep feeling a connection with the southern cross, not that I have a clue what that is even.  But when I now look at the path of the eclipse yesterday, across the southern hemisphere, the south pole was ignited.  The liquid light of Love runs thru ALL life now.  Burning away the old… solidifying, anchoring in the crystalline energy thru the flowers (each of us) of Shambhala!!

I am in awe of my daughters ability to see thru you, your soul and body together and is able to put into art what I do in words.  Those of you who have written to her, support her, love her thru the hardest time of her young life were (and continue to be) like a rag cleaning the dust and debris from an amazing heart still emerging and I thank you from the depths of my Being for such a tremendous gift to her and unto us!!

Well, I have a very intimidating morning ahead of me.  My knees are shaking!!  I am excited too… I read for 4 people all at once this morning.  Yikes!!

I love you all and god knows, remain in the depths of gratitude to what you so willingly reveal to the All of us!!

I have got to giggle that the name of the song clip that started yesterdays field is!!

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

((((HUGZ)))) of fiery passions and bravery to and thru all.  The Renegades are Here, that’s us!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.S.S.  GoFundMe Teeth Project: (with unyeilding gratitude, thank you for helping make this a reality.)



  1. 🙂 Your excitement is pouring out of my screen onto my desk. I’m surprised you managed to press a stable finger on your keyboard to write this blog. Haha. It’s so lovely.

    May I ask a favour please? Can you point me in the direction of the best (and briefest) summary of Astrology for dummies please (dummies who can do math and want the exec summary of the core stuff without the fluff)? Specifically the recent and near future stellar and planetary movements? I’ve googled stuff and i’ve watched countless youtube videos but this industry is wrought with insincerity (that’s the most polite term I could come up with :-)). I have my hands full already with research in almost every imaginable line of study that relates to “life the universe and everything”, so I just need to get a crash course in astrology. I’ve already fallen in love with using numerology for science, kinda accidentally, since December last year. If someone can simplify quantum physics and chemistry etc for the scientists it may as well be me having a go at it.

    But my more pertinent reason for asking your advice is because my body has been going through some serious shit for weeks now . It was especially intense these last couple of weeks! I’ve had persistent weird aches and pains for years, and have made up my mind a long time ago already that it’s related to our electromagnetic fields. Good luck trying to find a doctor that can even begin to entertain that idea. So I’m pretty used to just forging ahead. But I must say I’ve never experienced pain on this level, nor being this persistent for what feels like a month, if not more.

    A few days ago I “happened” across a youtube video that talked about the two eclipses in Feb, and then another video explaining the body transformation / ascension. OMG! Finally something that matches my experience! It felt like my intestines were trying to migrate, forcing their way up through the diaphragm, and digging a million sharp hooks into my spine as they skillfully (but brutally) roped themselves in like mountain climbers. My ribs all around were aching as if I had been kicked a hundred times (picture a gang fight in a typical American movie). Waking up, I could only breathe very shallow, so every day I had to gradually increase my lung space and push down against the diaphragm until I could breathe and move without bouts of pain. This went on for weeks and started to subside around the 25th of Feb (and only after that did I “happened” across that video. Wish it had come to me sooner!) I’m still nowhere near normal but I won’t bore you with the rest. There have been some really awesome features emerging as well! Perhaps I’ll write about those in my next (unintended) comment-essay. Haha. Sorry for the verbose description. I’m still reeling.

    I’m a complete novice when it comes to the type of astrology that predicts your love life etc., but I’ve always happily accepted the fact that earth and people are affected by the EM fields of the moon and other planets etc. How could they not?! At this stage I would really really just like to understand what is happening to the EM fields of the earth and its inhabitants. Is there some rule of thumb for how long other people took to go through the major part of their change, and what can I expect to still be ahead, e.g. timelines based on planetary alignment dates etc. I’m a realist and scientist at heart but I’ve never been too pig headed to listen to channeled material in order to help me figure out how things really work (e.g. the Seth books). My curiosity is insatiable. I quit trying to explain consciousness through science already many years ago, and I’m still in awe of the intricate permutations and nuances of All That Is! And trust me, I now have first hand experience of the might of the the weird and wonderful energy that we swim in 🙂 I’m also a bit frustrated that we get fed such fluffy high-level information from channels and science (I’m not even going to mention structured religion!) whilst my gut feel tells me that the raw mechanics of it all could be explained quite simply. Once contemplated, most people will be able to grasp it and then the need for elaborate 7 step programs for fixing every human flaw will become obsolete. People would also be a lot more open to grasping it if a half-truth version of it wasn’t being shoved down their throats constantly, along with a good dose of abstract fables (misunderstood metaphors) or Fourier transforms (complicated maths haha). But I digress…

    The Final chorus (I promise): I have to admit that I didn’t quite understand all of this blog post due to my ignorance of the names and legacies of entities / constellations etc. Plus I think I need a dictionary for light worker /energy worker language! 🙂
    For now perhaps the quickest route to answers would be if you can suggest software that simulates stellar /planetary trajectories? Something a bit wiser than the typical western science, but not too deep into the spiritual side that i get lost with the names of archangels. What do you use? Also any reliable reading material about the ascension process (e.g. the body adjusting to the introduction of the 5d frequency band, and apparently also the severance of some of the lower frequencies, including the memories residing there?!) And, finally, I would also appreciate a source of information about why the earth and our race got ourselves into the experience of being cut off from certain frequencies in the first place. Keylontic science (The Guardian Alliance) hinted on that once but I never really gelled with it enough to get stuck into their disorganised teachings.

    Sorry for all the questions. I don’t expect you to personally answer all of them. Just perhaps a couple of links and suggestions please. I started following you on WordPress some time ago already so I must have “vetted” your integrity already 🙂 I don’t have the capacity right now to swim my way through the masses of hooha on the internet to fish for clues. Any advice will be appreciated.

    PS (Yeah ok I unintentionally lied about the “finally”, obviously, because I’m still jabbering – it’s called momentum :))
    I have been tapping into the awesome “internet of the universe” for several years, and I’m getting lots of insights, especially lately. I just need some earth doco to relate back to, and also to help me find a way of simplifying this for others so that they can easily validate things for themselves (instead of getting the crap frightened out of them when it comes out of nowhere).

    Oh oh oh , I almost forgot to ask … is an individual’s “transformation peak”(i.e accelerated changes) linked to their birthdays? It’s kinda weird that my birthday is on 6 Feb and that symptoms started peaking around that time. Or is it purely because of the double eclipse period? Why aren’t all my friends experiencing this stuff so intensely?


    • Karin I am going through very much the same, you need to do some clearing and I would recommend a Himalayan Salt Lamp it will relieve the interference from wireless signals etc, Google them. I do clearing with the aid of the twin flame healers, they have YouTube videos and downloadable recordings. I am a very technological, scientific minded woman who has fully embraced this, yes they talk of gods when clearing but you will feel when they talk which of these ‘fit’ with you, again I am not ‘religious’ etc but I’m having visions like you wouldn’t believe and pain has racked my body but I’ve come through it. Feel free to email me
      If you want to talk through anything, I am new to this to a certain extent but change is coming fast and we all need to help each other grow.
      Peace and love


      • Thanks for the advice Lucy! I will definitely google it 🙂


  2. Lisa
    The power of three came truly into its own for me yesterday, I have for the past few days been shown that I am in flame of three, if that’s even possible!!!
    My husband, my ex, and I.
    When I was young I went through something very traumatic whilst with my ex, I never told him or anyone.
    Recently I told him what had happened, last night I told my husband.
    My husband has always been very aggressive and jealous about my ex but I have for a long time believed they should, could be friends, that we’ve all three of us been connected in all our lives, in some lives related, sometimes friends, lovers and in my meditations we have reunited and created a shift, there is light beaming from all three of us, we are stood in a grid anf at each point/intersction of the grid is a soul that has travelled with us and together we fill the grid with blue light, the blue light fills us all and becomes almost like a nuclear explosion flooding the world with blue.
    Since revealing my dark night of the soul to my husband our love holds no bounds and his amniosity towards my ex has gone, he agrees that my ex has been the force leading to this point and has said in not so many words, he’d like to shake his hand.
    If this ever happens wowsers the world will feel it for sure!!!
    Our birthdays
    My husband 11/7/74
    My ex 7/7/75
    Me. 28/8/76
    I was born as the drought of 1976 in England finally broke.
    I was pushed out to the clash of thunder and pouring rain.
    The night I had strong visions there was a huge storm raging (storm Doris!) My first cats name!! And the dead tree I would stare at every morning through my kitchen window had blown down!
    Peace and love x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We are all coming off the cross by transmuting all our fears into love. Fears that have been wrapped up with the cross (religion). We are anchoring into diamond consciousness/ diamond light. We do this through transmuting all our own human fears. If all we can do is work on ourselves, that is enough. Healing the one affects all. Your daughter is absolutely genius!

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