Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 26, 2017

Death – Life a New Love Affair!


World changers, life changers, evolution coming thru those who are constantly evolving themselves, the light that keeps my own personal world spinning, changing, stretching… ALL YOU, every one of you.  The ALL of US.

It’s kind funny to realize this this morning, but I used to start my meditations, most of the time, with a simple request… “show me what I need to know today.”  For three solid years, I was shown me, in my vast bits and peaces (yes, spelled that was on purpose.)  And then, there was not much more i could learn about the evolution that is underway in the way I needed to learn it.  There is more to life than just me (imagine that lol) there is you.  Each and every one of you bringing forth a massively important part of the evolution story unfolding.  Altho you may look and feel like an ordinary human, I promise you, you are far from ordinary, you are filled with the extraordinary.

Keeping in mind, if you did not hold that next part of evolution, of magic in your Light field, ready to be experienced, I could not see it.  I could not see what anyone That is not ready yet to apply, to use.

There are three major ways we are all getting the fullness of the ongoing state of our evolution.  Those that look to the skies, understand the planets and stars, the portals and stuff, a crucial part of our story.  Those who look to the earth, the vortexes and such, another crucial part of our story and those who look at you, the human body using it all.  The holy trinity.  There are many holy trinity’s, but this particular one huge!!  I personally do not even try to understand the earth and sky, there are many many others who hold that knowing and are super efficient in their understandings, so I draw from them.

Let me guarantee you tho, you, the human soul are making it all happen, all change.  The sky and earth keeps pace Because of you, not in spite of you!!

Let that be my ever lasting love song to each of you on this potent, fiery, solar eclipse day.  This phase, which will of course be broken up into mini phases, will take us thru August, the next series of eclipses.

Thru the readings yesterday, it took all 5 to really show what was happening and how it is happening.  I really understood, probably for the first time ever, there is a very particular alignment with each soul on what we call the international dateline. The rhythm, the dance of time.  My first four readings were here in the states, my last one in New Zealand, in the morning of my tomorrow and because of her placement in spacetime, we could see the fulfillment of this evolving emerald city.

The first four readings were showing how each person, doing their own part, was solidifying three of the petals into one whole unit, similar to yesterday’s field, only this time, very intricately involved. Another aspect of their Source power being revealed.

When New Zealand showed up, she was about 6 feet to the right of the emerald city, in what was once known as the future.  And then I could see the emerald city stretching, slowly expanding towards her, as she gently descended from the sun downwards, fully loaded with the power of the sun, seen as a fiery umbrella.  It became clear, today, interestingly enough, on this solar eclipse day, the third section of this emerald city if forming together, tomorrow, the 4th and final section will bind together.     I actually have my very first reading with 4 amazing people to start understanding how to weave our Light skills together, tomorrow, then we will all get to practice it as we meet together over the equinox in Marco Island.

I have been trying, since the moment the emerald city morphed into a 12 petal massive flower, what does each petal, each tribe represent.  The consistent reply is, we don’t need to know yet.  We need to first and foremost really understand the fullness we are and how to actually work together, in that fullness… at the ground level, in person.

I want to share a dream experience I had, not last night, the night before last.  I needed all day and the readings to fully understand the depths of this two-part dream experience.

The first part was… I was asleep in my bed, my actual bed and this massive beam of light opened up from my ceiling towards my face.  I could see several blurry figures in this beam of light asking me of I am ready to go.  I could see myself looking over my shoulder, at my kids in their lives and my grandchildren…. thinking, I am not sure I could leave them yet.  At the same time, realizing, if I wanted to fully evolve to my next level, I had to leave them behind and go thru this light tunnel.  I did.

The next part of my dream, I think even some time after that (This all happened during my marathon 7pm til 5:30am sleep marathon) I was in another life.  I was 22 years old and looking thru the eyes of that female life I was living.  I was a visual radio personality and somehow met this young boy who was 15 years old thru this venue. I had not met him in person until this one moment in the dream segment, and there was this attraction, this impossible pull to touch him, romantically of course.  What is odd, we were in a bedroom that had a bathroom in it and someone, I have no idea who the someone was, walked passed us to go to the bathroom and I could hear and feel her judgement.  It was as loud as a speaker, yet her mouth never moved, just this disgusting look as she made her way to the potty because I was attracted to this young boy.  The next thing I know, there are all kinds of videos going around, targeting this young boy, morphing his face into… weirdness, bizarre images of his beautiful face (he looked a lot like Tony Defranco did, in his youthful prime… yum.)  But the audio targeted me for being attracted to him.

Then I woke up.  Weird!!!  Or so I thought.

When I started to do the readings yesterday, I realized, those of us fully aligned with the enormity of the emerald city, we are at death’s doorway.  We are now being given the choice to fully and completely die to all that got us to here.  To leave it all behind and be born anew.  The only thing we will take with us is our love and our skills thru this life, the one we led to here.

Our reincarnation is with our soul family.  Our tribes of Light.  For many, this is bringing on something very much like a mourning process that seems sudden and not warranted. I promise you, it is, allow it to run its course.  Those we leave behind will be making their own choices in their own time.  Allow.

A precious soul on my facebook said she was given the information from her team that this past friday was “good friday” and Sunday, today, the resurrection.  Indeed, it truly is. (I cannot believe I am once again hearing the same clip from the song Renegade by Styx…”the gig is up, the news is out, they finally found me…”

The second part of my dream.  I was made aware of my age and that young boys age right from the start.  22 the energy of a master builder.  15, new beginnings, (to include, the age of puberty) and change, together they equal a 6, soul partnership.  Together they equal a 37, the age in this incarnation my whole life fell apart, again.  So drastically did it fall apart I never put it back together, I couldn’t.  I attempted suicide three times that year, obviously unsuccessfully, or so it would appear.  I am now 16 years (feb 4th of this year) separated from my last suicide attempt and 17 years into my new life.

This dream was all about the divine feminine and the divine masculine that make up me. Wisdom and youth, love and hormones (smile.) The heart and playfulness of the mad love affair of Life, with Life, of the master builder in the heart of creation and the Source of all life in puberty!! Playful and abundant in his, her and their sexuality.  Uninhibited by the noisy judgements of others.  Distortions thru the audio-visual display of life misunderstood, judged by the misperceptions of inaccurate teachings.

And we dared to love and play… anywayz!!!

When god said several days ago that “duality is in its death throes,” we were not excluded from that throwing!!

((((HUGZ)))))) filled with love and Honor to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. You always know just what to say. The words you use and the way you explain things are always on point Lisa.

    I see two sub-groups forming outside of the tribes. One group of people are getting ready to physically move. Those people know it’s time and have been waiting along time for this, therefore there’s not much resistance or doubt. The other group are people staying in their current position/location. These people will be faced with a few personal decisions that should be taken very seriously. They will be decisions they have been faced with in the past, so it won’t feel like anything major. But!! Whatever they decide will place them either on their new path, or back on the path of the old ways. They won’t really know until after the choice has been made and the chain of events start to unfold.

    So I guess the question for those people is this. “What fight is worth your passion”? If you are placed in a position or situation that you have to fight for, what outcome do you want? Is it fight of power and to prove you can do it? To show other you can regardless of what anyone says? Or is this a fight for the energies to be placed in a loving and nurturing environment where they are able for thrive and help the whole?

    We can keep pushing against a closed door. Determined no matter what to get into that other room. But to what extend? Eventually the door opens and you conquered your goal….but it took so long you don’t remember why you were wanting to get in to begin with. Or, do you go with the flow and look for another way of getting in? Maybe you go and do something else and then come back and wait for someone to open it. The point of this is to say we need to start working smarter….not harder! If we are fighting for something just to fight, then it’s for all the wrong reasons.

    Aka-you got an attorney. YAY!! Things are going your way. Your fight for that loan is coming to life now. But what will be the result of this fight? Is the attorney going to fight the city? The community that you live in? Will there be a judge involved and some kind of hearing? Will people in your community get involved? What then? Will everyone that has been pulled into this now be happy for you that you got this loan if it goes through? What will be the chain of events and is it better for everyone involved, or just Lisa getting her outcome?

    If it’s just money you are needing….why not go to a payday place? Get a loan with interest and pay it back. Same concept but now you aren’t ruffling the feathers of an entire community.

    Work smarter…..not harder! The days of hitting our heads against the wall until we get what we want are ending.

    You’re right Lisa, I may not “know” or “think” I know what’s best for you. But the real question is do you know what’s best for you?

    Good luck! 🙂


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    • Thank you for the first three paragraphs


  3. Thank You Lisa ❤

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