Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 25, 2017

The Flowers and Potency of Shambhala, of You


What a wild ride each day is becoming.  The one thing I am sure of, we are getting our collective shit together faster than I ever imagined we could or would.

When my first lady of the day showed up, her brilliance was unmistakable. But before I get to that wonder, let’s talk about how the flower petals are changing.  Going into yesterday, the 12 flower petals were separated by about a foot or two of clear space.  Yesterday, the three directly in front of my door were now very different.  There was this thick black, something or another between the them, and these thin threads of light running thru them as a weave holding or binding the 3 of them together.  The only thing I understand with this so far, that there are three tribes that make up one unit and there will be 4 units that make up the whole.  And I only understand that part, this morning.

My lady, was standing close to the center area of these petals.  I realized that puff-ball pollinator of Source was no longer there.  The center is now barely a visible pin hole.  It was made clear that source as now moved to the black area, holding three tribes, three petals together in oneness.  Individuated and whole at the same time.

My lady was this long flower, so sturdy, so beautifully delicate at the same time.  The stalk or stem had no leaves at all.  The thickness was akin to the thickness of a finger, the flower head so intensely yellow you could not miss her Presence, her radiance.  What surprises me is that her big beautiful flower head looked so familiar, like I have seen that flower many times before, I just could not recall what type of flower it was.  So I googled a lot yesterday, nothing even close.  The closest description I can come to, is like a tulip, open on the inside, yet each thick petal curved in a C shape to appear closed at the very top of the flowerhead, yet so much space between each petal.  I could even see the long pollen stems inside her flowerhead.

It was explained to her that the stem shows how strong and sturdy she is.  Then the next thing we know, we are being shown her roots, spread out thru the petals and the light weaves black Source of Life, and she was pulling in the light of Us All, not from the earth, not from anywhere but this living emerald city, up thru her stalk and I could see the light threads move upward thru her stalk (a stalk about 3-4 feet tall) weaving itself together as well.  And then when all this accumulated light hit the flower head… there we go again!!!  Ejaculation time!!  lol It took me so by surprise!!!  With a mighty force her flower petals opened up to release what I clearly know now as ejaculate from the pollen stems inside.

So not only is the Source of All Life holding our ground together, but is now in us, as us and we as him (and yes, we are leaning into the masculine, since it was made clear we all have always been the divine feminine thru our very heart centers.)

Now, before anyone goes thinking they have always worked like this, lets stop that in its tracks.  Before this amazing moment in our evolution, we had to pull that divine ejaculate into us, mix in with our desires, then release it outwards.  It had to be this way as we learned to temper and integrate out egos, otherwise it would be very much like giving a loaded gun to a toddler, in a field that was nowhere near ready for such power.

Getting to here, we drew energy from the earth, from the sun, from the elements that make up this amazing world we live in, put it all into the vat of our hearts and with the skill of the alchemist each one is, turned it all into manifested desire…. eventually!

Now, the crazy way I had seen this release of life force energy, of course, I did what I have been doing, I put my implants into the field of desire (not the teeth, I have dentures covered lol) and suddenly her powerful stream of ejaculation contained a freakin gold bullet in the center.  A freakin bullet!!  What the hell!!

I guess this golden bullet, instead of being loaded with gunpowder to create death, it is loaded with lifepowder to ignite life where there seemed to be none before.  It’s our aim that is being practiced right now.  The beauty of lifepowder, it will always do good, even if we miss the target and hit something else, well, life cannot have too much bounty and we may have inadvertently helped someone else thru our attempts to get our aim perfected!!  Win win!!

We also want to be very clear on something.  Before the Emerald City became live, Real, unified with life, we were trekking around as the bountiful alchemists that we are.  It was a solo (more or less) adventure in creation, so the feel and release then move on instruction was so valid and for those not egoic clear enough to partner yet, in the emerald city, that is still the creation instruction set.  This is a crucial skill, learning to set your field of vibrational desire into life.

However, the emerald city pulls from the whole of the city, together, living life forms embodied, all working together for an outcome.  This takes an extra effort to remove bias, judgement, expectation and even, surrender.  Some will surrender their efforts just as the seed head was about to push up thru the ground.  Or decide, we can live without what is being held together by one or by some.  Now we must learn with absolute clarity the gift of working as a team.  Just like our spirit guides and helpers from the other side work without bias to pull the elements together as you fire them up in your heart of desires.  Now, you… WE are learning, remembering to be this crystal clear within our life constructs, with our power, together, as ONE.

I do want to change the subject a little bit here.  Since that Monday when I had my solo man on the field, something very different shifted inside of me.  When I finished his wonderful reading and went out my door to head home, one of the men that comes to talk was sitting there and dammit if the only thing they ever talk about is politics.  He immediately started talking, I cannot even recall about what, but when he started saying how horrible obama’s time in office was… I could feel the anger rise up in me, close off my own energy field from him.  I said, not today, I am not doing this today.  You keep your judgement to yourself and I am going to go enjoy the rest of my day off and I proceeded to walk off the deck, his mouth louder and he kept on ranting… I got in my car and drove away.  That alone was weird for me.  I assumed it was a fluke in my system.

Until yesterday morning where my constant friend Doug shows up and again, politics and his love of Trumps agenda of getting all the immigrants out of our land is his norm.  He started talking about the immigrants and how incredibly slighted he feels that they are there taking things away from him.  That same anger rose up from deep inside of me, and I told him, you really need to check inside of you to see where this hate and judgement is coming from, but I am done talking about any of this.  It no longer serves a purpose for me.

I was stunned with myself.  I could see myself as if my whole body was a flower and the petals closed up tight as a barrel.  Done.

It’s only this morning do I fully realize that magnificence of what is happening.  We have so often used the word ego as an anagram Edging God Out.  The hate, the judgement, the condemnation truly closes the heart force of all life out.

Getting to Here, we had to understand both worlds.  Now that we are here, there is nothing more to understand.  We actually weaken our Light Force by engaging.  If we are going to change this world, restore it back to Love and Harmony, that MUST be the only thing we take in and put out.  Otherwise, it is as if we are asking Source to vacate our premises, our center in fullness.

As I am being reminded of that Master of Love back in the day… Jesus.  He was not invading the space of the controllers, instead, he gathered the ones with open hearts, eyes and ears to hear and see, and shared his wisdom there.

Let’s equally be clear on my own anger in these exchanges.  We love everyone, legal, illegal, on welfare, in the workforce… ALL are so loved and cherished and a part of the ALL.  Anger is there to say… something is not in alignment with me, with us.  And truly serves as a Holy Sealant to keep the density out.    It has no place in our hearts any longer.

There is so much more I want to share from yesterday, but my clock ticks away towards another day on the field.  I am stunned that I actually fell asleep at 7pm last night and did not wake until 5:30 this morning… and I truly could have slept longer!!  Go figure.

I had 4 readings yesterday and not one was anywhere near like the other.  There is one lady I do want to talk about a little bit before I close.  What I didn’t realize until this morning, given what I just stated above with my own experience, is the parts I missed in understanding her visuals.

It was as if her body was made of this never ending yarn.  Yes, the yarn we knit with, only in series of soft colors and beautiful fibers.  She was set up on the outer most edge of one of the three petals now held together by the blackness (unknowable) of Source and suddenly she started moving all around the invisible to my eyes, sphere and looked like she was creating a huge ball of yarn around the emerald city.  It was understood that what she was doing was closing the door, sealing her self off from what is now her old life and creating the threads of the new, inside.  She is getting ready to move from one state to another (literally and figuratively lol) in the next couple months.  In this transitional state that she is now in, this yarn is equal to a cocoon, for safe refuge as the ending comes closer.

She said she has tried to move sooner, but could not, nothing would set itself up in working out.  So now she is set for about late April.  PERFECT!!  I have got to share this crazy visual with all of you… I still giggle.

We get the energy inside of us that something big is changing in our world construct.  We know it, we feel it and often times, we try to put something into motion right then and there, because it is felt so strongly.

The next thing I know, I see this freakin chicken with an egg half inside the egg shoot (smile) and half outside.   This is when our feelings are most intense and yet, the egg is not completely out yet.  So my visual was of her just beneath the chicks ass with a little pick trying to break the egg open.  The chicken just turns around and looks at her with confusion and the feeling of “let me get this damn thing out in the open first.”  lol

Right time, right movement is crucial.  Sometimes the egg just needs to sit in stillness, in the cocoon of incubation for a time, otherwise we end up with scrambled eggs and wonder what went wrong.

On that note…

Ohhh and, I heard from my loan guy yesterday and he said that he had given my loan to a female attorney looking over the details to see if she thinks it is worth the risk of funding.  He expected to hear back by the end of the day…he has not.  Please, please join me in singing my song of love of desire (no matter what you may think I need, trust me to know mySelf) to this attorney who holds my implanted teeth in her heart!!  And let me tell ya, two days ago… we shattered my personal field, cleared it out so no one with her own personal agenda can skew what is being worked on thru the strength and harmony of Life creating!!

I love you all soul freakin much!!  I love me too!! 😉

((((HUGZ)))) filled with pure love, pure power that is US, the ALL expressing!!

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  1. Lisa is there a way to send you a private message, it is very important I’m being told to connect with you, our visions are very similar


  2. Thank You


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