Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 16, 2017

The New Power-full (Human) Points!!


I have realized that my mind has not caught itself up in the knowing of what we see you doing on the field in any given day, in the combination of readings each day, is happening in real-time.  There has always been such a tremendous lag between what we see on the field and the outcome on earth, that I have never realized anything to a particular day or series of events that were happening in the field.

Since we shifted into the emerald city in January, the readings always show what you are doing from the soul and cellular level, for the greater all.  Then we harness it down into how to use that amazing skill in your day-to-day life, with purpose.

Twice last week, after only taking in 3 readings, my antennas crashed, or as my team says, were turned to the off position so I did not take in any more radiation than my body could handle.

On Valentines day, we had 5 readings, five amazing experiences and understandings.  One of my ladies had these beautiful red hearts raining down and seeping into the upper part of the emerald city sphere.  As this pure love rained down and melded into the surface of the emerald city, the entire top started to vibrate, wiggle and turn into a clear jello like substance.  This morning I go to spaceweather to grab other information I see this:   On Feb. 13th, something amazing happened in the stratosphere over the Arctic Circle. Normally, the air 60,000+ feet above Earth’s surface is dry and utterly transparent.  On the eve of Valentine’s Day, however, the Arctic stratosphere filled with a gossamer haze of crystalline ice, and when sunlight hit the freezing crystals, the sky filled with clouds of intense iridescent color.

On the same day, two of the readings were working on creating a new atmosphere around the emerald city.  Their work was very different from each other, yet both were doing the same thing, pulling in new energies as a new higher magnetic frequency atmosphere was being brought in.  So imagine my surprise yesterday when I went to spaceweather (after my blog stopped short in its unfolding tracks lol) and seen this: “CO-ROTATING INTERACTION REGION: NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Feb. 15th when a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind streams. The often contain strong magnetic fields and density gradients…”

I have never doubt for a minute, that what I see you doing as a reading opens up, is real.  I know more clearly than I know the land around my home, how real what you are doing, is.  What I did not realize is the realtime it is now happening in.

What spaceweather is reflecting is the mundane outcome of your/our multidimensional works as it happens!!  Kinda mind-blowing for me, in the most exciting way!!

So yesterday, my first reading was an ET connection and I had no idea if I was going to be able to see or not see or what.  Not surprising, as I connected I received a familiar image in a new way.  Something that reminds me of the red and white bars at railroad crossings:


However, instead of these bars coming down parallel to the ground, they formed an X that moved scissor like.  I didn’t fully understand why that formation instead of the usual blocking formation until this morning.  It was truly reflecting the merger of the upper atmosphere energies.  However, this session was not a bust at all, quite the opposite really.  We didn’t get to have an ET connection, well, at least not in the way we are accustomed to (these are the times we are in now, aren’t they lol.)

Me and my beautiful lady simply started talking about what was happening in our atmosphere when suddenly, geez… like a collection of star-dust formed outside somewhere, and created a I don’t know, funnel like formation thru my front door and start to release conversation to us.

It was explained that there is a massive energy system in earths lower atmosphere, as well as a “ticking time bomb in the belly of earth.”  WHAT???  I didn’t even have to get the words out of my mouth when it was assured, no fear.  They formed a visual for me that showed the large center of earths core, in a molten state, hyperventilating.  The expansion and contraction were so fast, and it was explained this energy will be released thru earth, in harmony with the new energies in the lower earths atmosphere.  I did everything I knew how to do to find out how… the sound of silence.  This could be a major earthquake, volcano, massive storms, all three…  the only thing I was sure of, it was not that far off in outcome.

I was also shown the interference pattern between the earth surface as well as the lower atmosphere.  A massive exchange and integration of energies in what we call, the air.  It was also explained this is why the ET connection could not take place, but they also helped me understand something even more exciting, at least in that moment, they did top it minutes later.

I often say,  I can literally feel the ET’s going thru the rolodex in my head.  It is always in the same quadrant of my brain, center to back left side.  Almost a long box like section.  What they do, is pull from my words, sentences, experiences and then pull a combination of that energy to create a hologram (the visuals I see) to communicate with me for the human they are linking up with.  This way, we all understand the reason and ongoing purpose of the needed connection.  Because of the volatile energies in earth’s atmosphere, this could not happen in its usual way.

In this same area in my brain is where what I lovingly call the word nazis (pulled from Seinfeld’s episode “the soup nazi” lol,) are.  Unlike the ET’s tho, in our readings spirit is purposely letting me use my own words, stopping me in my tracks to find new words for the new energies.  This is my learning.  Instead of having it done for me, which does not take hold, I am stopped and rerouted when I use inaccurate words (all the freakin time lol, old habits… ya know!!)

I did start asking… who the hell is talking??  It was so unfamiliar to me, not an ET, not the traditional spirit/souls like in a reading… something… very different, very precise and clear in its communication as well.  I liked it alot, in both expression and feeling, but who is this… the reply “it’s all of us.”  What??  Who is all of us… only to be repeated again, it’s only this morning do I realize (ego not trying to catch up like in the moment yesterday) THE ALL.  OMG Source himself/herself was communicating directly to us.  Whhheeeeeee!!!

Then, I about pee’d my pants with excitement.  My lady was projected in front of me and I could see the power points on her arms and her face.  Nothing like I anticipated seeing!!  But let me give you some visuals!!!  Keeping in mind, all the power points were uniform in size and spacing, all solid in the same frequency of red, the red that reflected the new earth, now reflecting the new human too!!


When the upper quadrant of the face was shown, there was also a red connecting line to each dot.  So that entire area works as one unit with many different power points working together.

I only colored the nose area differently just to show the other section.  There were no lines connecting anything here.


I about pee’d my pants with excitement when the jaw was revealed.  The most exterior points are where the jaw bones meet.  There are four stretched across the upper and lower jaw.  Hey!!  My implants, but not as equal in spacing. lol

I have got to giggle and even take some of my own pressure off myself.  This is not only my own deep personal desire, but also, the universes too.  The enhancements will take what I am capable of doing now and bring it all to a whole other level.


What really surprised me more than anything was the double power points on the arm.  My “couple” had single power points on their legs and torso.  But even that was explained!!

Even tho my lady is married, her husband is not a vibrational match to work with.  So we are seeing what I lovingly call, the solo use of the power points.  There are two, taking in what we call the masculine and feminine energies, or even, the spiritual and physical planes of energies.  We must always, all-ways, work with the whole system and not just a part of it.

Couples still have the double points, however, when they are working together, those power points combined at the center (each move into the center and form a combined power point.)  This magnifies and intensifies the works.

And we wonder why joint pain is soooo prevalent lately for many of us!!   Power up!! lol

Coming back to the head, even tho it is in three sections (referred to as the trinity) it all works in unison with the whole head.  It was also explained kind of like a mother board on a computer.  Many different power points relaying information/energy thru the entire construct.  If one part is not in harmony with the other parts (think of our software programs) a glitch in the system is the result.  Don’t look at this as a bad thing, we learn perfection in the human body by trial and error, and it is time to use these points, individually as we get accustomed to the energy flow thru each section.  Then slowly shifting the energy from one point to the other and holding it.  Again, this is not a race, even the fullness of information is not given all at once, but in digestible bites.

We have a tendency to be so afraid of our new technology that is out.  Hip replacements, knee replacements, hell implanted dentures or teeth.  The collective memory stems from the fall of Atlantis, where technology became more important than the spirit.  So now, many discount the amazing enhancements available today and would rather live in pain than try something new.  For those without fear, they will see their power points of integrated technology go off the charts in that area.  On purpose!!  In Evolution of the whole species called, extraterrestrial humans!!

Is there someone out there who knows how to use photoshop or something similar to create a visual of the new body template?  We have got to stop looking and connecting with the old body system or we will forever be riding an old Model T car instead of the high powered lamborghini!!  Pop me an email if you want to create what I have been shown.  Please ( Thank you!!! 

The rest of yesterday, was a complete blank.  I could not see the field to save my life, but at least we knew why.

I love you ALL so so so so so much.  Thank you for… well… bringing it ALL to Life!!!

Ohhh and speaking of implants lol, I have applied to a company (that deals in high risk people like me…. self-employed, not the greatest fico score…) for a home equity loan.  I have been actually calling everyone and their brother to get this big chunk left funded thru my gifted house and I have had more doors lovingly closed in my face… altho I was hoping for a 24 hour yes or no, and we are on day three, the lady that has done all the paperwork assured me, this should go thru.  May today be the day I hear something positive.

OK I gotta share this funny, when she gave me the loan proposal, she did it as a 30 year loan (set up like a mortgage.)  I was sure she made an error in 360 months, put a zero where it didn’t  belong.  On an $8000 loan I would be paying back close to $70.000!!  Jezuz!!  She was not kidding.  I told her, I will be dead, reincarnated and come back owing you money!!  Not acceptable!!!  We trimmed it to 15 years… and I can pay it off early without penalty.  Crazy!!

Anywayz… have a massively power pointed day today and every day!!  I love you!!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of power and purpose to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. (Long comment:) I lost your feed from Jan. 31 to this morning. So my reality was that you were traveling to Thailand for new teeth, and setting up seminars or group sessions. I anticipated a break due to reading your work for a year now. Ok .
    A thunder storm had me awake today when I discovered somehow my WordPress wasn’t set to follow you. I spent the last two hours catching up and excited to tell you.
    I’ve been on a journey discovering my new abilities. The last two weeks I’ve really felt an urge to gather 12 people together, myself included in circle. The 12 would come from each of the zodiac sign, carrying with them their unique disseminating energy. It is just a dream I’ve been having.

    Dolores Cannon has a video where she stands at Stonehenge – the explanation she gives in the quick video is the inspiration.

    My office is in a Sequoia grove and I dream of having the group over to do the circle.

    That is a push from spirit since 2014.

    So now I confirm your work. Is what the period of silence/disconnect confirmed. You are headed in the correct direction, even if sometimes it isn’t clear.


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    • “…it’s only this morning do I realize (ego not trying to catch up like in the moment yesterday) THE ALL.
      OMG Source himself/herself was communicating directly to us. Whhheeeeeee!!!”


      You ARE “Source”, you idiot.

      Stop focusing on your human EGO by trying to be the next “Jesus” (Yeshua, Sananda, whatever)…and figure it out — you, me, us, ALL….WE ARE ALL “Source itself”.

      Like Abraham-Hicks said,

      “YOU are Source. Get used to it. Wrap your mind around it.”


      • Ahhh… Is it really necessary to to call someone an “idiot”??? Like, hello, look in the mirror, the fact that you use that term referring to someone boomerangs it right back to yourself!


  4. Try feeling into the lines that connect these points. When I began sensing them, it was a revelation, but found that as the years progressed and I cleared my own field that these lines developed because my inner vision was clearer to the point that I could look into them and tell an energy worker exactly where to touch to release or open sub channels in the energetic matrix, and not just this, but I was seeing things that have not yet been described or seen. So this could represent a period of great advancement if we each do what we are able based on our own individual strengths. Interesting post, btw!

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