Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 14, 2017

Using Our extraterrestrial DNA!


Sometimes, actually, most times, I feel like I go into a living episode of the twilight zone every time I go to the office.  So much is revealed to us about how much more we are capable of experiencing, how truly magical we really are, by design!  And yet, when the day is over and I wonder home,  well, it is life as usual.  Or so it seems anywayz.  I guess what I really mean, is that I want it all, fully online… NOW, please! lol  But that Now moment is completely contingent on you, each and every one of you (us.)  The dedication and application of all you are capable of.  Then, you teach others how to achieve that within themselves.  As more and more people are capable of holding that state of expansion, that state becomes the norm for every other incarnating Being (babies) coming to earth.  A process of evolution done and mastered thru the human in body.  Thru you!!

Today I want to share an ET connection that has me drooling at the mouth.  With this, it is not only in what we are capable of doing within our own bodies, but what we are capable of doing with the natural resources we have available to us every day.

This was my lady’s second ET connection in her package, and often times, the second connection brings on a new ET to learn from.  In a way, this happened, but thru the same ET as the first time, who called himself Sam, but very different.

Her ET first showed up explaining about the series of bases beneath the great lakes and the viewing point we were experiencing was over Lake Erie.  In this first presentation, his body was clunky, big, very green with really bumpy like skin.  He explained that there was a system beneath the ground and lakes that allowed transport from one lake base to another.  Very much like what we would consider a portal, but then again, we call everything portals. lol (I heard that, a lot.  We only know what we think we know.)  In order to travel thru these portals, we must consciously know how to alter our vibration to flow within it.  Hell, to even see it!!!  Not just from a meditative stand point, altho that is a crucial beginning, but also from standing where you are on earth.  Otherwise, it always remains part of the unseen world.  Even if we can see it, we must know how to, at will, partner with the energy flow to move thru it.

There are, many occasions that our ET friends have engulfed us into their vibration for transport, almost always when the body, the ego is asleep.  It’s time to wake up and participate.

So, when she showed up the other day of the 2nd connection, I could see this arcing of light, a blend of what looked like violets, blues and reds I think, arcing from one point to the other and back, over a platform that seemed so far away, or at least, further than my usual view from across the marina.

The next thing I know, her friend, the green bumpy guy, is standing a foot in front of me on the deck, but not looking anything like he did the first time we connected.  I did recognize instantly, his energy signature tho.

Instead of being green, he was this gray silver color.  His legs were like toothpicks, unusually tiny in proportion with the rest of his body.  His face was stunning, big pointy like ears reminiscent of spock’s from star trek.  His eyes golf ball sized and deep black.  He took my view close to the skin on his face, tiny little colored dots blended into his gray-silverness.  He explained that these various colored dots allows him to take in various energies directly from our sun.  It is how he breathes.  He (eventually) explained that that arcing light across the marina, harnesses the particular energies from our sun and flows down to the bases, but also, what allows him to walk around in this form on top of the earth, without harm.  They are not capable of breathing our atmosphere, but they have, built into their system, the ability to take in sunlight rays for breath, more or less.

I think about the many ET session done in New Mexico, where the focus was on being able to breath, differently, but effectively, in other atmospheres should be become skilled enough with our own bodies to travel with them beyond earth.

He also explained that we, the human Being, is spliced together from many different races to make up our biology at the core.  Strip away our exterior differences, we all work and look the same.  Well, pretty much anywayz.  There are some species of humans with more ET DNA alterations than others.  There are the ones who have spent lifetimes coming into this earth realm, mastering that added ET DNA consciously using that skill in their physical life.

So often, humans get excited thinking they are from another planet.  Everyone is at their core.  But we are on earth and our excitement should be that we are ON EARTH and this is our planet.  We cannot open a skill within our human construct the same way we did, lets say… as we did on Mars.  Two, radically different, body types.

He also explained why his physical body was soooo different from the first time we seen him.  He explained that they have the ability (as do we) to change their form to fit their needs.  The work he was doing the first time, required that body type for efficiency.  The body I seen the other day, was what we can call his resting position, or natural state of Being.  Ohhh and he also explained, the pigment of his skin, the gray-silver allowed for the unneeded rays of the sun to be reflected off him.

At the end of our connection, he triggered something, geez now I cannot recall exactly what it was visually, but I instantly got a full on connection with the last in the super power series.  Where humans and ET’s gathered around a central point, a pyramid, and the energy experience was out of this world (smile.)

In order to fully come alive, in all the ways we were born to, we really have to release the strong hold duality has on us.  We change the world by our inner and outer focus, or we keep it locked in place by the same means.  Example, all this cancer awareness keeps cancer in our awareness.  Focusing on animal cruelty, keeps animal cruelty in our duality. Imagine many people start focusing on body amazement, we start holding rallies for body amazement awareness.  Not just health but the whole shebang, guess what others becomes aware of?? Not cancer, but how amazing their body is that they never looked at before.

How many videos are now circulating around the internet with once predatory species of animals cuddling and playing with what once was their prey.  They are not thinking about violence, or even the cruelty that may still be ongoing with others in their species, they are focused on now, and they have already started shifting to oneness, visibly, to teach the humans!!

Of course, we get all tangled up in our humanness too.  We think a carrot has no feelings and a cow has tons.  Do we rally around carrot cruelty, the pesticides literally hurt the growing bodies, and don’t think for a minute your organics are as organic as one thinks. The air, dirt, water, all one system.  We restore it all back to its natural way of being by focusing on that.  The amazing planet earth, pure, loving, nurturing and plentiful is all its expression of love and food.  When that is our focused consciousness, we will experience the old ways falling away because nothing is holding it together any longer.

In this way, we also become masters of our bodies, of our environment, of Life itself.  We shed the old ways and live the new ways (which is really old, the original way.)  When we are in this state of Being, we will hear the carrot and the cow call out “I am ready, come pluck me for your nourishment!!”  And you will also be flooded with the love of service from one thing unto the other… You!!

There is equally a bizarre distortion in the saying “lay down your life.”  The killing fields are rampant around the globe.  We celebrate the children going off to war, into the military machine and call them heroes when they come home dead, exclaiming they laid down their life for our country.  Again, we say, how utterly bizarre, barbaric even.

We ask all of you to lay down your life, to die to the old ways ongoing.  To be reborn, a new, in love.  Not by any sort of physical death, but by stripping the duality from your field.  It will feel like you’re dying, because the way humanity is (not) living now, is like the living dead.  Let it all go… come Home Now.  Right Here, Right Now.  In Love!!  In Life!!!!

It’s time to bloom!!

Sam, I Am

Well that was the most wonderful, unexpected blend of energy sharing I have had in a long time.  There was no way I would even put my name to the above sharing, it was all running thru me, like warm water.  Yummm.

I do want to add a little something to all of this today.  Something that came up in my “memories” on facebook yesterday from good ole Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda (taken from wikipedia via this link)  I will make bold some highlights:

The art of stalking and the mastery of intent depend upon instruction on the mastery of awareness, which consists of the following basic premises:

The universe is an infinite agglomeration of energy fields, resembling threads of light.

These energy fields, called the Eagle’s, or the Indescribable Force ‘s emanations, radiate from a source of inconceivable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle–the Indescribable Force.

Human beings are also composed of an incalculable number of the same threadlike energy fields. These Indescribable Force ‘s emanations form an encased agglomeration that manifests itself as a ball of light the size of the person’s body with the arms extended laterally, like a giant luminous egg.

Only a very small group of the energy fields inside this luminous ball are lit up by a point of intense brilliance located on the ball’s surface.

Perception occurs when the energy fields in that small group immediately surrounding the point of brilliance extent their light to illuminate identical energy fields outside the ball. Since the only energy fields perceivable are those lit by the point of brilliance, that point is named “the point where perception is assembled” or simply “the assemblage point.”

The assemblage point can be moved from its usual position on the surface of the luminous ball to another position on the surface, or into the interior. Since the brilliance of the assemblage point can light up whatever energy field it comes in contact with, when it moves to a new position it immediately brightens up new energy fields, making them perceivable. This perception is known as seeing.

When the assemblage point shifts, it makes possible the perception of an entirely different world–as objective and factual as the one we normally perceive. Sorcerers go into that other world to get energy, power, solutions to general and particular problems, or to face the unimaginable.

Intent is the pervasive force that causes us to perceive. We do not become aware because we perceive; rather, we perceive as a result of the pressure and intrusion of intent.

The aim of sorcerers is to reach a state of total awareness in order to experience all the possibilities of perception available to man. This state of awareness even implies an alternative way of dying.

The first paragraph I made bold, is exactly how I see in readings.  I never really got that until yesterday, even tho I posted it a year ago.  It is your soul that is putting pressure on me to perceive what you need to know for your own evolution… which equals humanities evolution.

Going to all that Sam said, when we are caught up in duality, we are experiencing way too much darkness to assemble in our own light.

To face the unimaginable!!  I do that thru you, every single day.  YOU are the unimaginable.  You are god revealing bits and pieces of him/her self thru you.  But, revelations are simply revelations until you make them true for All.  Focus on the Light.  Your Light.  Our Light and lets change this world together!!

I love you all so much!!  Big big bear ((((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Love your posts – amazing wisdom, thank you!

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  4. I do recall reading about the assemblage point in a book by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. He is a shaman/ healer who started as a medical doctor in the US and began learning about spiritual healing by venturing to Peru and learning from the shamans there. Another way of explaining the assemblage point is to move it as if you were moving a dial on a clock. Once moved to a different position, we will perceive a different reality/dimension. I actually found a website about the assemblage point here:.

    Looks like an interesting site, especially the crystals. I’m gonna check it out.

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