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Merging “Divine Partners” to Create a 3rd Body!!


So much information came thru yesterday, before I was once again, unplugged half way thru my day.  Most of that information tho, I am going to save for tomorrow, since today is a day off, I have an overflow of information to use!!  I do want to use today to hone in on my second connection of the day, the first time since we became the emerald city I got to read for a divine couple, together, at the same time.  I even had to giggle when in yesterday’s blog, spirit was relating so much to sex… well talk about setting the stage!! lol

So, my beautiful couple were male and female.  Their combine field opened with each of them looking like two serpents blending a forest green and black thru each of their serpant body’s as skin tone.  Each serpent body was formed in a braid, not a smooth exterior like a serpent, but braided, three sections interweaving all the way thru to the neck area.  Their team explained it is the weaving of the trinity: The physical plane, the spiritual plane and the mental plane.  All three working as one, unified.

Their teams explained that their colorings are deeper in color because they are not using each others energy’s as one whole system.  Hence the black blended in with the green, undiscovered potential… when combined.

What surprised me at first, was in the field, the man was placed on the right and the female on the left.  The explaining of why, was perfect (like spirit would be anything less than perfect lol.)  In my world of readings, the right side of any field or body represents the energy of the divine feminine, the left side, the divine masculine.  Because the man held the divine masculine in his body, he had to stand in the field surrounding him, within the divine feminine.  Same applied to my lady, because she is female and infused with the divine feminine within her body the field she surrounds her self within is the divine masculine.  Wholeness of each at all times.

Keeping in mind, they were not physical bodies but big ass serpent bodies.  So each of their “tails” started exterior to the emerald city sphere to the right and left sides, curved upwards at the bottom center point of the sphere and at the entrance point, became entangled.  Creating a perfect spiral of energy all the way up their torso and the neck and head area were not entangled, but set up on the same side as their tails, but inside the emerald city.  I just realized, that their intertwined torso snake bodys, wrapped around each other 9 times.  Their “legs” allow for their important individuality while the torso merges together.

The way their teams set up this visual, this should be how they work together, which they do not… yet.  They received a lot of homework!!!  And thru their homework, came amazing revelations about the body.

Now they were both situated like naked barbie and ken dolls inside my office (thank god, I don’t need to be seeing anyone’s nether regions!!)

Power Points (not to be confused with chakras.)


To make this visual perfectly clear, I snagged a braid off the internet to use as a visual.  However, unlike hair, our braided sections are not really uniform.  The yellow stars in the visual represent “power points” thru the body.

The power points however, are uniform.  Each power point is the braided section above three braided sections (see why I need a visual aide lol.)

Going from the ground us, there is a power point at the ankles, then the knee’s, then the center of the hips (as opposed to the side of the body.)

The next section of power points started at the bottom center of the torso, at the groin area.  It was explained that from the groin to the clavicle, there are 9 additional power points.

The neck, head or arms were explained in yesterday’s session.  Their homework had to focus here before moving on.

Homework!!  Do not even try this is with a partner that is still dealing with inner issues (still moving thru the collectives within Gaia.)

It was explained to them that the place where they live is not resonant with the energies of the emerald city (and sure if, they explained why, as well.)  So they are going to have to create a “carpet” of energy beneath their feet in order for any of this homework to be done.

Standing naked, facing each other (the distance apart didn’t really matter) they were to bring the energy of the emerald city thru them and out their feet and sending,one at a time, a wave of this energy to the other.  Keep doing this until you can feel the higher vibrational “carpet’ holding steady below the feet.

Then, starting at the power point at the ankle, one sends out a stream of energy from only that point, to connect with their partners power point in the same location.  Do this with the eyes closed, so you can feel the energy instead of picking up visual cues and (mis)interpreting it as energy felt.  One the partner experiences the energy, retracts…. ALWAYS retract your energy back into yourself.

Then allow the partner to send you their energy from this power point.  Continue with the exercise all the way up thru the last power point at the clavicle.

Don’t think this needs to be done in one standing.  Zooming thru any exercise is so not the point.  Integration and intimate familiarity, IS!!

Once your rocking this, next…  At the same time, again, starting at the ankle, send out a stream of energy midway to your partner.  You should feel the two power streams connect at the center between you.  A merging of the energies.  Retract, then go up to the knee, repeat all the way up to the clavicle.

After you are completely familiar with the merging of each power point energy together, now again, starting at the ankle and working upwards, extend to the center, merge but do not retract.  Go to the next power point, merge, next… all the way up.

I was super stunned and excited to see the outcome once the visual exercise was completed.  A third body was formed between then, an energy body.  It did not have a human form, long and about a foot wide sparking with electricity… energy.

Once they can hold (and at least one of them see) this energy body they have created, it gets really fun.  OMG, I cannot believe my memory of this final detail of their homework, of unifying ) braiding the three together as one… was just wiped from my memory in details.  Can I just say… sex was involved lol.  Shit!!

My own melt down aside, spirit is saying this part is not to be shared outwards yet.  There are too many “couples” that think they are both aligned for this energy fusion, but are not.  It will be good practice to do the above exercise, for the enhancement of the partner still coming into full clarity of Self (non judgement, and non conditional expression.)

What can create miraculous results can also do great harm when misaligned from the start.  So…

We do have a second session after they do the final part of their homework.  I wanna see the arms and heads part!! lol  I am so nosey!! lol

With all that, I have got to ponder the solo adventurist!  It was explained differently in a reading a few days ago about our “keys” (which power points were never mentioned.)  The torso, from groin to clavicle, has 11 vibrational keys within it and the head itself, is the 12th key that must always be played with any of the other 11 keys within the torso.  I use the word “keys” because the visual was like keys on a piano…

Ya know, I liked the old body better lol.  7 chakras was easy to understand and use!!  12 keys in the torso, 9 power points in the torso and 3 in the legs (totalling 12, so far)  and we barely uncovered the full matrix of our new bodies…

I am going to close here for today.  Just for the record, the field is shifting/expanding and contracting again.  The upper part expanding causing contraction to the lower part of the spherical gig called the emerald city.  Thank god today is a day off.  So until tomorrow…

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of powerful keys of creation to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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