Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 9, 2017

Living, Being Multidimensional and the Full Moon Eclipse!


The night before last, I woke up just after midnight cuz I had to potty.  As my eyes opened I became aware of this loud booming base sound that my mind registered as thunder.  It stayed audible as I walked to the potty, sat down, started to pee, and it even became louder, as if it was coming in thru my small bathroom window behind me, without ever breaking.  My mind decided that thunder doesn’t act like that, maybe something is blowing up outside, maybe it’s an ET craft hovering outside my bathroom.  When I finished doing my business, the moment I got up to look out the window, that boom finally stopped and an avalanche of rain replaced it.

This thunder lasted about 5 minutes long.  For a hot second, I knew it could not be thunder, but when I seen and heard the rain, my mind resigned to acknowledging what I heard was thunder.

The physical mind is designed, sort of, maybe better stated, we have locked it into this place of assigning familiar experiences of our past, to a new experience we may be in.. When we experience something, no matter what that something is, the mind is busy going thru something we have already experienced to assign a value, a familiarity to the experience.

Imagine my surprise when I was talking to my friend that lives on a sailboat where my office is located, he heard zero thunder.  He said he was up all night because of the storm and he experienced no long drawn out thunder, or any thunder.  My first thought was, that’s impossible.  My office is barely 5 miles away from my house.

Instantly I remembered the communication thru my silver pole lady that I wrote about yesterday.  The pause point, the sound of the big bang, the storms that show up thru the earth in pause points…. hmmmmmmmm.  I love it when my soul mind and mental mind are functioning together.  lol

Having had this conversation before my first reading, I was not completely surprised when all I seen was the rug on my floor.  However, given the intense energy that came thru the readings the day prior, I really was not surprised at all.  I was grateful tho, I could not see, but my hearing was intact.  So the conversations were illuminating.

My bath meditation the other day, the first and only one I have experienced since being here  in Florida, I was a little bummed out about the monotone experience or the fact we never went any higher than my shower head.  I even asked my trio let’s go somewhere, let’s have a huge experience like we used to do.  Their reply was stunning and for that solitary moment, disappointing.

They explained that my bathtub meditations were equal to a child receiving their first tricycle.  The speedy adventures a child can have on their trike.  They can go places they never were able to go before, and quickly.  As the child grows, the trike no longer serves the same purpose, it’s too small, the knees are hitting the handle bars and they have outgrown the trike, but the mind does not see it that way.  Instead, it remembers all the amazing journeys it experienced and wants more in the same way, thru the same venue.

The tricycle was only there to allow us to experience speed and balance and new adventures until we could hold our S/self in that speeded up state (what many refer to as ascension) to be able to experience all the dimensions at will, any place, any time.

I have said something similar for a decade, “the more you meditate, the less you have to meditate.”  I just never realized it would one day, become a very clunky way of getting around.  Not only that, what was once sooooo expansive, becomes limiting as well.  Dammit.

We do this with so many bits and pieces of our lives… we do not allow ourselves to outgrow what was once so efficient, to allow a new, expanded reality to take place.  When we say “expand my territory” spirit is nothing thinking mundane, as we do (excuse me, I have done.)   Instead, that phrase is requesting an expansion in our spiritual Life, abilities, understandings, experiences.  And yet, so often spirit expands it and we are back tracking to the familiar.  We are so human lol.

When we do allow for a true expansion, everything shifts within us.  We bring in more and more multidimensional energies, abilities and thought forms.  We start to have experiences very few other people experience, even in our mundane life, because we are no longer living in just one reality, but many with vibrational differences, that others are  not yet vibrationally aligned to and therefore, not a part of their reality experience.  (God I hope this is making sense lol.)  Plus, we must allow the new to become a part of our reality construct, which means keeping the mental mind expanding in your own personal soul gym!!  For as long as we have a biological body, there will always be integration and expansion.  All-ways.

So that thing I thought was thunder, was not.  It was something similar to the big bang of creation (which was not the only or even the first big bang and far from the last.)  My friend at the marina could not hear it because it was not in his plane of reality existence.

So, keep at heart, there is no  wrong or inaccurate, for anyone.  We are all viewing life thru the dimensions… the expanded or limited and/or evolving territories of our lives.  Together, thru all the planes of existence, we are weaving together a brand new tapestry called Life…. Experiencing.  Meaning, there are those who are just awakening to the grander reality of Life, those awakened and applying, those applied and now building.  Every morsel crucial to Life’s evolution.  Stories overlapping, blending together like the facets of a diamond, the facets of god made manifest thru every living thing.

Keeping in mind as well, those awakening feel like their story is brand new, never heard of before, and to them it is!!  And we must celebrate that for them.  It actually becomes old news for us, our job is not to devalue their much-needed excitement and understandings at all, but to celebrate their moment, because it is sooooo important, but not make their moment yours, lest we retract back into a dimension (and dimension really isn’t the correct word, but close enough to understand) and lose our footing in the expansion.  And at the same time, assist in their own expansion as you assist your own!!  (I hope this is understandable, words are so pesky!!)

And how perfect is the fact that tomorrow, Friday night, February 10, 2017 brings the Full Snow Moon—as well as a penumbra lunar eclipse (in Leo) and the close approach of a comet.  It begins at 5:34 p.m. on February 10 with best viewing at 7:44 p.m. This is a very subtle kind of eclipse which may appear like a darker-than-usual Moon. It’s easiest to view from the eastern portions of North America, as it will be too light in the western time zones.  (taken from the farmers almanac)

Not only do we have the moon doing its thing, a comet adding its glory, the sun is set up for us too (from spaceweather this morning:) NEW SUNSPOT: A new sunspot is breaking through the surface of the sun’s northern hemisphere, and it is crackling with C-class solar flares. These are minor explosions, which could intensify if the sunspot continues to grow.

Can I just say… pamper yourself this whole weekend!  Allow without any expectation or historical association of anything.  And be ready… for what, I don’t know, but I do hear that!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of fuel, of magic, of Life Changing energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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    First steps of the New Gaia creation are taken.

    Moon seekers are disappointed.



  2. “And how perfect is the fact that tomorrow, Friday night, February 10, 2017 brings the Full Snow Moon—as well as a penumbra lunar eclipse (in Leo) and the close approach of a comet.” ~ Lisa Gawlas


    Moon seekers are disappointed…

    “And if I ever lose my mouth, all my teeth, north and south,
    Yes if I ever lose my mouth, Oh if… I won’t have to talk…”



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