Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 8, 2017

The Merging of Above and Below. Jesus, AA Michael, Blending and more!!


Before I get into the freakin amazing layout, interconnected readings of yesterday, I want to share a few ah-ha moments I had thru some conversations with my first reading.  This one thing, I cannot believe I completely forgot about and it was so prevalent as we started the last quarter of last year.  Tribes and clans.  I think I did even come close to relating the 12 tribes and all that tribe/clan talk because I assumed (silly me) there was one tribe and a ton of clans.  Of course, in my analogy of tribes, I related it to the housing, going with the example of a factory, the building itself was the tribe, each section was the clan, the specific abilities of each person within each section.  Now, the tribe thing has stretched out to remind me of a pumpkin (smile.)


If we look at each section of the pumpkin, that is now equal to the Tribe.  At this point, as always, subject to change with more information, each section houses the clans.  And who knows, maybe the tribes and clans are becoming one and the same thing.  It does give me (and I hope, you too) some clarity about the positions I see you each showing up working within.  I knew there had to be a reason, there is always a reason, but I had no clue.  Spirit says, “one little sip at a time lol.  Gotta understand your own power and ability first .  If you/we were given the whole cake already baked, our mental minds would never understand the individuated ingredients and their power.    We must be pumpkin cake!! lol  And our time together adds the spice!! hehe

My beautiful man also challenged me to re-understand the phrase as above, so below.  I am a very particular story-teller and my relationship (or should I say, non-relationship lol) to words and common phrases is given by spirit, our teams explaining what we are seeing.  Even as he was pushing me and I was pushing back… a little something something changed in the phrase from my view.  As above… pure energy, pure thought, pure potential.  As below… solidifying into the field of matter, an outcome.  I could even see the emerald city kind of like a thought bubble above the realm of matter.  The more we make real that thought bubble, the more energy is created, the heavier it gets (so to speak) as it sinks into the realm of matter, below, to become a reality of working matter made manifest.


For as long as man had individual thought, artists have depicted the thought as above the head.  As above, inspired thought, so you can bring into below, into reality made manifest.  But it takes energy, focus and knowing that it can go from a concept to reality.  But we cannot treat it like a helium balloon.  We have the thought, but don’t hold onto it, we don’t work into our life.  Instead, we have this crazy saying that confuses us… “let go, let god” and away it goes into the ethers from whence it came.  We have forgotten we are the god creating.  So don’t let go, bring down deeper, make it manifest!!!  If you don’t, someone else will.  There is always a back up plan and even the back up plans have backup plans.  What is time to arrive in our world, will arrive thru those with hearts ready to do the work.  The Emerald City, is ready to become!!

In order for the full on Emerald City to become manifest on Gaia, the old structures must collapse.  Destruction and creation are one and the same.  If we look back on our own personal journey to this moment, how many of our lives have completely collapse and become something new, then collapsed again and renewed again.  Not once was it pretty and at first it was down right devistating to experience.  Until we started to really appreciated the new that we knew would come thru it all.  Excitement thru the destruction!  This is Trumps most vital role.  Yes indeed he is a wild card, underline wild lol.  But then again, so are we.  Unseen, unsuspected, but diligently working in the whole, unified plan of earth’s existence.   The true golden age of Gaia, but emerald green at the, OUR heart!!

 So, lets get to the unfolding of You and your wonder yesterday, well I am also going to pull in  a few fragments that built into my first reading.  Remember spinning wheel lady??  Well, part of her reading was vital to yesterday’s understandings.  The first part of her reading when the emerald city seemed to get decapitated and pulled out into the perceived field of the future.  It is now being hmmmmm enlivened, worked with.  I don’t know, the word nazi’s live in my head constantly now.  Dammit!!  So my view was only at the top section of the emerald city.  Coupling with a reading I almost shared on Mondays half written blog, but it also triggered my ascent and descent into the trail of my crazy path.  So let me set that one up…

I have been reading for this amazing man for a couple years now and in his first several connections I would hear a clip from the song, jesus christ superstar.  It happened so much, I expected to hear it every time… then it just stopped playing as he was working within himself.  Until Sunday.  Ha!!  Sun Day!! I started hearing the music as the song starts out… I wish I could type melody, hell I cannot even sing it…. so know this is the music to the very beginning of the song jesus christ super star…

da da da… then I would see a wave, like a single ocean wave being drawn but upwards, then the second da da da, going higher in tone in the song, a second wave was drawn, and the music went higher… da da da… and the third wave was drawn and exploded into this massive star as I heard the words “jesus christ…. SUPER STAR.”  Wham, massive star flooding over the emerald city in white/silver energy.  Freakin beautiful!!

What was explained that this star that is him, is now the central star of the emerald city.  the earth has the north star, we have this central star!!  I made a super-duper humble diagram to follow along with:


The golden brown mustard thing to the left, my sorry attempt to draw these waves free hand.  But you get the picture lol.  And then the central star.  There were no other stars I could see, but I used this image anywayz cuz I like it!!

So yesterday, my beautiful man, aligned with the dude we know and love as Archangel Michael’s clan, started pouring out this amazing golden energy from the central star.  I wanted to say it looked like a pipe, but the word nazi’s in my head kept changing pipe to michael’s sword flowing down to the top of the emerald city.  As the liquid sword of truth, coming out of the Light of Love, that central star… started to create these little lines of yellow and then this membrane started to form thru each line.

We, conceptually, know jesus as the master of love, we know michael as the master of truth, we cannot have one without the other.  This is how a true group soul works in the realm of spirit.

Ha!!  I love this analogy, my hair.  every individuated strand makes up my hair as a whole, but every individual strands holds its own energy field, and always works together as one.

I tend to focus on the foundation we are building, but the ceiling (not as in limited, but more like sealed in) is crucial too.  Made of pure love and pure truth, that is what holds it all together at the top-level and empowers everything!

Jeez, I hate to skim over these next readings, but pesky time is marching on.  One of my lady’s was working at the upper part of this city, the love and truth melding.  Now it looked like this massive reflective disco ball thing….


My lady was on the left side looking like a silver Tinkerbell, wand and all.  Moving with the speed and ability of a humming bird, she would touch with her wand one of these tiny sections, then speed to another section and did this like 6 times when I was finally prompted to look inside, cuz I could not understand what she was doing.  Well holy shit freakin batman!!  Coming out of the inside surface was a forming serpent.  A Kundalini serpent… GOD’S kundalini!!  I had no idea that was even possible!!  But what do I know.. not a damn thing!!  This will happen in all 12 sections, tribal areas.

Suddenly I am reminded at this moment of a book I read some time ago (and hope I still have it to reread lol) Ken Carey’s “The Third Millennium.”  Where he talks about God (our personal words for creator, source whatever, I have enough word nazi’s in my head, I don’t need any more thank you lol) becoming manifest and living amongst us humans.  All of our super power abilities fully working and stuff…. again, I gotta reread that book!!

He (again, my personal choice of word) may not have skin and bones like you and I, but alive and interactive fully.  One can say he is that way now… not really.  There is so much negative energy that truly pushes him out, I have seen this and now really really understand it more.  When I lived in the (non)spiritual community in Iowa, I was sitting near the barbed wired fence that separated community land from someone else’s having my smoke and feeling really really forsaken by God.  This place is not the spiritual gig I was hoping for.  In those days, he spoke to me in a really deep raspy voice and he said, from the other side of the barbed wire fence… “I have not forsaken you, this place keeps me out.  You needed to understand this.”  Well… 12 freakin years later, now I do!!  I am soooo slow on the uptake lol.  I hope you do too.  It crucial in our understanding.  Not to assign labels, ideas, whatever… in the pure source of Life, of God.  When we do that, we edge his fullness out of our lives, our homes, our communities and so on.  It really points a truth on EGO edging god out.

If all this wasn’t enough to kick my mind to kingdom come… one of my ladies took it thru the goal line!!  There was this super long silver pole stuck thru the emerald city from left to right, a good portion of this silver pole sticking out of each side.  I do want to say, yesterday, as each of you showed up, the emerald city looked different thru each of your energy fields.  I guess that’s how morphication happens.  I guess lol.  Anwayz…

So anywayz, inside this sphere thing is my land, direct center at the lower half.  Wrapped around this silver bar is something that looks like the fanciest golden motor I had ever seen.  Her arms were upstretched and her fingers all in these, I don’t know, indents or crevices and she was controlling the output of this motor with the placement and individuated pressure of each finger.  It was explained that this silver bar represented the core energy of gaia placed thru the emerald city.  As she did things with her fingers, it created 3 events.  Acceleration in spin, then a pause, then a deceleration with the spin going in the opposite direction.

It was explained and I pray I am recalling this correctly, that the acceleration is bring in tons of new energy from the emerald city into the core of gaia, spreading out from her core thru the earth.  When enough fragments of this energy, light, is achieved, a pause happens.  The metal bar stops spinning.  It was also explained, this is when we experience severe storms and tornado’s, earthquakes, volcanoes and stuff.  Then the deceleration wipes out all the old energy that not longer serves the higher good, and acceleration starts again.

I do my very best to understand how what I am seeing you do day and night for the emerald city and gaia, applies to your abilities in your personal life.  I was stunned to see this motor turn into a heart when we gave her a personal example.  It looked a like a big ass human heart.  Her fingers all in the lower sections of the heart, pushing like she did with the motor.  Then it was explained that it is when the pause point happens, so do manifestation.

Of course, I used my teeth as an example lol, cuz why not!! lol  And I was actually taken off guard with this.  But it does give a lot of clarity in how to use ourselves.

The acceleration/creation happens when we KNOW something.  To know that I already have my teeth in my mouth, feel it, live it, without question (I am working on that lol) the moment that energy meets my inner reality, the pause happens.  Everything starts rushing towards the central point of outcome.  The deceleration wipes away all that started it, but only if we are holding the knowing as it already happened.  Meaning, erase fully the fact I have missing teeth, degrading teeth from my current reality.

Even tho we are all a work in progress, as we are able to more fully achieve this, this is how instant outcomes will… come out!!  What is funny, I can hold that reality as I see the needed finances come together, when it slows, so does my holding that reality and those fragments of… ohhhh shit…. what if… and I lose that holding.  It flows back into the sea of potential only to reformat again… eventually.

We are to fully understand too, this is a work in progress that we must all hold together, not just one of us, all of us.  And we are practicing, together.  Trial and error is an important part of our progress as we meld above and below.

I have one more to share but sadly, my clock says… tomorrow.  I gotta go and take in more wonder!!  Thank you for such radiance and understanding.  No rush, jut diligence.

Big big big bountiful ((((HUGZ))))) blended with love, truth and deep gratitude!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I want to leave this here too, it was emailed to me yesterday and even tho I did not click on the link, the body of her email was enough to shiver me timbers even more!!

Dear Lisa
I’m just reading this article right now and think it explains about the Morphi-cation your team has been talking about.
The subatomic particles of elemental matter are re-arranging within the new atomic structure that is in the process of being built to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. Subatomic particles are particles that are much smaller than atoms, and describe particle shifts at the quantum scale of matter and energy. Subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons and neutrons, make up atoms and are the building blocks of matter. As subatomic particles rearrange, it stimulates ionization of atoms which produces electrical energy and a series of chemical reactions in the body. The human body when subjected to strong electromagnetic signals, or activated Kundalini, is capable of biological ionization that can generate plasma fields. In the ascending human body, ionization produces higher frequency plasma light for continuing to build our liquid plasma spiritual body. Eventually, we evolve to the point that we shift out from the chakra configurations in the lightbody that exist in the lower creation realms, to build a plasma lightbody structure. This structure (merkaba) is for a traveling orb body that can house our higher plasma consciousness. This state of lightbody structure, chakras or orb body, signify the difference between reincarnation through the lower densities of space-time, or being freed from the lower constructs of space and time that allow our consciousness body to travel beyond the Solar System.”








  1. The picture for this sharing is awesome!! Lisa you are so funny….” GOD’S kundalini!! I had no idea that was even possible!! But what do I know.. not a damn thing!!”…Too funny… But my goodness the Jesus Christ superstar explosion of light…Off the chain!!!!

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