Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 7, 2017

The 12 Sections of the Emerald City and the 12 Tribes!! Ohhh My!!!


There are a million fragments of information circling around me this morning.  The unintegrated information of yesterday’s reading, the long view of my own path to this moment, the twists and turns of life itself and, most especially, the expanding energy of the field, of the emerald city.  I think I will start there and see what weaves into the rest of this sharing.

The beginning of January, the very first view of the emerald city was a sphere.  A big ass sphere, but a sphere (or ball-shaped) nonetheless.  Then spirit started talking about phases completed by mid january, but not the 15th or 16th, which confused me (my natural state these days.)  Even when they stated that January’s phase would be completed before the month finishes, confused me.  I now fully realize that spirit is turning us back towards the natural rhythm, the natural cycles of what we consider months… the lunar cycles.  The new moon ends and starts a new month. So January technically ended on the 28th and February will end on the 26th and this whole first quarter will finish up and begin the next larger phase/2nd quarter on March 28th.  We can even look at the full moon the midway point between the monthly phases.  A time where so much light reveals what you have accomplished and what is coming up in your emotional field of Life and I will say, what we refer to as your skill sets.  The Light of the full moon is also a time to wash away anything you thought you knew, even the information from the day prior, kinda like going thru your monthly car wash.

So we started this grand adventure in a single cell, impregnating it with our energy, our own expansion and acceleration.  None of this could or would have taken place, except thru the humans incarnate.  No one on the other side of the veil, or even from the stars can or will do this for humanity.  They all will help, guide, assist when each person is ready, but this is truly a full on human event.

If we look at this like pregnancy, the sphere is the egg, the housing in which new life will form and every one of us, the sperm.  In this pregnancy tho, all sperm are welcome and embed in the emerald city for as long as they have integrated their ego with the soul mind in partnership.

Somewhere around mid month, something was added thru a reading or two, exterior to this sphere, but a part of it.  Something that looked like a bar going from east to west, and then one was added that went north to south, in full circumference.  I sure as hell didn’t think for a moment what we were seeing was the upcoming expansion of this sphere, or better stated, the cell division that is very apparent this month.

The original 4 quadrants of January’s whole sphere, elongating from each part as a new membrane forms in between each section.  So there is now 4 original sections and 4 added sections this month.  All of it changing every day, and even, thru every connection.  It was explained yesterday that we will have an addition 4 sections as we move into march.  Visually it may not present like that, but the emerald city will have 12 hmmmmm…. 12 realms of expanded Self. Ahhhhh hence the use of 12D in the completed phase of expansion as we end this first quarter of 2017.  And to be clear, 12D has nothing to do with actual dimensions, just a familiar term like 3D is or 5D is to mentally relate to.

Thru my first reading yesterday, I was able to catch a glimpse of the morphing emerald aerial photograph of Conwy  Castlecity, we were looking down from above, and I shocked to see something that reminded me of a castle.  Not the whole layout like this image, but one of those pillar things, complete with the top cutouts.  Her team explained we are remembering our royalty, hence the castle image/relationship.  Not royalty as we depict it here on earth, not even close.  True royalty serves the wellbeing of the All and never accumulates solely for the self in power and greed or self-declaration.

I wrote all the above yesterday and the thing that started, that understanding from my own inner teachings that was pushing thru the day prior as I writing my blog, broke open in an avalanche yesterday.  I decided come hell or high water, I am going to take a freakin bath meditation, even if it is uncomfortable.  Too many of my own fragments started floating around, bits and pieces of meditations and experiences, most especially from my first 4-5 years on this journey of consciousness.

A beautiful soul gave me some pink Himalayan bath salts for my house lighting party, I finally got to use that!!  As I was running the hot water and swirling the salts around to melt, out of literally the thin air, a blue hair pick dropped into the water.  For as long as I knew my mother, she always had a curly tight perm and she used picks never a comb or brush for her hair.  I shockingly just stared at it and of course, said, well hello mama!!

I got as comfortable as I could, started my breathing and ta-da there were my 3 beloved partners upon this crazy journey:  The Blessed Mother, Sananda and in the middle of the two of them, Franklyn, my Pleiadian daddy.  All three of them were a brownish energy form, formed like the human body but no details of a face, clothes, none of that.  But i know each and everyone’s energy signature from my youth and from my early adventures in the bathtub.  They were all walking forward up towards my shower head, that suddenly turned into a disc, the same color of their energy fields.  I had just read a meditation experience I had posted a long time ago, that I long forgot about, I’ll share a snippet from that post about the relevance of that color, if you want to read the whole thing just click here.

March 2004:

Sananda had told me that all he has ever taught during his life as Jesus was now in me. I just now need to learn how to read my heart. Phew!!

About three days ago while in meditation with this crystal (the first time since I was in Vermont) I was brought immediately back to the cave(Qumran cave 4, my added insert for clarity) and our table. But something very strange happened in this meditation. As I went to sit down I realized there was like an open pipe looking thing sticking up out of the chair I knew if I sat there it would end up going straight up into my tailbone seeing my hesitation to sit down, Sananda asked me to sit and said it will be ok. I sat and immediately this pipe looking thing went into my tailbone. It didn’t hurt at all… just was very strange to watch like watching yourself being hooked up to a pipeline that is now connected to my spine.

I could see a flow of fluids exchanging with mine. These fluids were golden brown. As I think back, it was exactly the color and shimmering of a tiger’s eye stone. With this spinal tap I was being urged to rest and take time for myself.

Within me tho, I knew that what they were sitting on was the disc like thing I see in the readings at the bottom of the emerald city.  And they went way way way back to literally the second thing I ever saw thru meditation.  The first thing was swirly purple light, then one day for days on end, that purple formed the simplest eye always floating from my right all the way across me to my left, disappear and return to to right to float across again.  The eye looked exactly like this:


Of course, even way back in 2000, I shared every spiritual fart and epiphany on a forum I was growing up.  When I asked for help with this crazy, consistent for days, eye someone pointed me in the direction of the eye of ra.  In a small way, that was true, years later when I learned to ask what the hell does that mean… it also reflected the opening of my third eye.  But yesterday, holy shit!!  I have been groomed by my team to see directly from the central sun, the light of our souls, the light truth and change.  Back on day 1, I was obviously still forming my ability, in 2012 I evolved my sight enough to truly see the way I see now in the readings.  Even when everyone was getting their first expanded abilities on January, I asked what mine was… I seen two eyes looking thru the sun.  Dammit I want something more!  Careful what you ask for!! lol

The second image I ever seen after this floating, were two simple pencil like drawings, a female on the right, a male on the left, they consistently floated in towards the middle, kiss, a heart would float up and then it all vanished to repeat again… for days.  I really thought I was going to meet someone, the love of my life.  Imagine my surprise when that love was always me!!  What blew me away, emotionally in every quadrant thru my meditation yesterday, my trio coupled this first vision with the cloud formation as I entered the florida turnpike coming to my mother, with two heads connected by one heart.  It was explained, without words… that the experience with my mother was a major test (test is so the wrong word, as there is no pass or fail) in my ability to love.  For what we are about to do, would I be willing to let go of everything to help someone who has done little thru my own life in any way.  This experience culminated a 16 year expansion of my own self in selflessness and ability to act without thinking (of the small self.)

Then, after I returned my emotional composure (and uncomfortable body) back to them, I about shit with what came next.  Several weeks after 911 happened, I got downloads for days about something I called back then “Healing the Nations.”  To the degree I seen this massive event take place outside in NYC many familiar lightworkers on a stage, myself included, (which stunned me, I was baby back then, I barely understood myself forget helping others lol,) the likes of Neal Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden and others familiar to me, all on this stage.  There were literally thousands upon thousands of people sitting as far as my eye can see around this stage.  I think we did something like a guided meditation together and then suddenly the sky lit up like massive lightning that didn’t move.  The Light of God revealed.

I did everything I knew how to get this event happening, but it never got lift in any way.

So back to yesterday, my trio completely reminding me of this and changed it from healing the nations to sealing the nations.. the 12 nations/tribes talk about in the bible.  Well just shit, don’t you all remember, I was gutted of my bible-eese way back in the day by the blessed mother herself??  Of course, but what the bible tells is not the truth, but someones perception of any of it.  I was instructed to look up the 12 nations or 12 tribes when I got out the bath.  Not once was the word Israel mentioned yesterday.  Just gotta put that in here.

I was then shown the 12 sections of the expanding emerald city as it concludes this phase in March.  I was also given a connection with Jesus 12 friends working with him to create “miracles” and my own instruction on getting 12 people from the emerald city, consciously working together, in groups of 4 at a time.  Then I was reshown this crazy sealing the nation’s gig, only now us.  Not Neale, not Gregg, but you and me.  Holy shit!!

With all that, considering we are now 15+ years after that series of downloads, it was explained that we discount what we think of as our future in the “now” moment.  Our future is as crucial to include in our now moment as what we think of as now.  Today’s energy and actions are painting the canvas of tomorrow, of next week, of 15 years from now.

So, as I got out of the bath I came back to my computer, looking thru my early history of sharings.  I was really looking for the beginning connection of my journey and evolution with Sananda.  He first appeared as “your shepherd” then changed his name to “your comforter,” then revealed himself, as I demanded to know his soul name as Sananda, which I had to google. The reason it was so important to me, I knew Franklyn’s role, he cleared my house of judgment and conditional love.  The blessed mother cleared my house of all the shit I accumulated in me, from religion, peers, parents, everything… gutted me!!  But I could not recall what Sananda’s first teachings were.. until found this very first channeling of him.  What he taught me was how to love.  The other two scraped my container and he infused himself into me, bit by bit, to love divinely!!  Here is the first post I shared and how he connected to me back in 2001:

My dear beautiful friends,

I had the oddest thing happen in my meditation today that I feel the need to explain before I post this next message for you.

As I lay in my bath and started my “breathing” and cleared my mind… these words kept getting pushed into my head “The gospel according to Jesus Christ”… well that is enough to make on pay attention (smile)… as I focused on the voice… words started pouring into my head.. a message… 

I know that I will never remember it word for word in going from meditation to keyboard.. so I asked the “voice” to allow me to get out of the tub and into a position I can write (type) down the message word for word. As the agreement was made, I asked who this voice was (I was not familiar with the energy)… the reply was “I am your shepherd”… with that reply my entire body cried with the love that was shared in that acknowledgement. Even as I started to write the message I cried from the energy that was shared and the love that is offered. I am told that the prints of that love are within this message, don’t read it.. feel it.

I was told to title this the: “Gospel” according to Christ… before I did so, I consulted Webster for the definition of Gospel and in finding what I was looking for, I will so title this and give you the definition that is fitting 

Gospel: \’gas-pel\ n [ME, fr, OE
god-spel , fr. god good + spell message

This is not a definition, but good enough to understand the point I was looking for.

“Why do you not enjoy your life? It was never meant to be a burden to your soul… but yet you fear it, despise it. 

Reach out and hug yourself, hug the lessons that lay within your path, embrace the moment as if you have no more left, no matter what lies in that moment at that moment. 

The tears that are shed are for what? Why do you see sadness? There really is no sadness. All there is is love. Love could never be sad. So do not look at sadness as sadness, look at the love and it will change your perspective. 

Love is in everything at every moment. embrace the love, embrace yourselfs. Why question what your heart wants to feel? Feel the love in there, allow all that you feel to be felt with love, as you do, you will see your emotions starting to be replaced with the divine love that is in you. That divine love knows no sadness, no jealousy, not even a want.

Today, journey off and hug someone who may be having an emotion that is not of divine love, and share your divine love in that hug, let it pour out from your heart to theirs. Do not feel their emotion, but let them feel yours. Divine love is all strong, all-powerful and all yours. So journey off and share with all that you can today, and remember.. it is always today!

Many blessings of divine love.

Your Shephard”

I have not asked for more information as to “who” the shepherd is, I don’t feel the need to. I am in hopes that you will not either.

May God (Creator, Source) live in your hearts forever!


In my googling madness yesterday, I was surprised to see (in relationship to the 12 tribes) that Israel means God.  Nothing I had found on the 12 tribes, fit.  We turn metaphors into reality and lose everything because of it.  That said, the truth of what it all means, is coming thru each and everyone of you that show up in the field for your own and our evolving understanding.  What it all means to us now.  History is irrelevant, for it unfolded for those in that time and became super skewed as we sit here today.  Your truth, Your Light, You Soul is all that matters to me and my team.

Ha!!  I hear that crazy familiar term “the chosen ones,” Guess who did the choosing?  YOU!!  ME!!  US together.  Not anyone outside of us.  EVER.  We keep choosing every day by furthering ourselves in whatever way is provided for us.  Even when that way is just sitting on your ass, pondering 😉

Well, there is a shit ton more to share and yet, another day of readings approaches.  I may put out some of the information as a separate sharing, of channelings and information from my history that is actually coming present/relevant now.  The future matters in our NOW moments, NOW stretches into eternity!!

Ohhh and I have my first dental appointment set for March 6th to get the impressions done and this intimidating ball rolling.  Hell, if we are going to share a major stage together, I want teeth to smile and talk with!! lol  The update and details are in the link provided below.  And again, and forever, thank you soooo much for the gift of permanent teeth.  Ohhhh and I forgot… I brought back “The Kitchen Sink” special to help fund this teeth project as well.  It is on my main page on my website, click here. It consists of every book and workshop I ever put out.

I love you all soul much!!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to and Thru everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

Teeth update:


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