Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 5, 2017

Ohhhh The Revelations and Binding Together!!

B0008077 Blood clot forming in arterial plaque

I think I am officially being stalked by my first reading yesterday (big smile.)   At least, this part in the emerald city and considering I love my beautiful architect, I feel privileged to by stalked by his energy field and abilities.  And to be clear, by stalked I mean, I kept seeing his work when I got home yesterday and I woke up twice this morning, once at 4am and then for the day at 5am… working with him in the emerald city to clot together my reality desires…. ummmm… my teeth!!

I started seeing him even before we connected, digging into the “ground” of the emerald city with an old coal shovel.  I have this type of shovel many times thru the years, not to mention the fact that my grandparents had a few for their coal furnace, so it is familiar to me as well.  But anyway, there he was, shoveling what looked to be like trillions of these tiny (about dime sized) thin gold discs.  These gold discs were thinner than paper and in the center, opaque.  So when I seen him put his shovel into this ground made up of these golden discs, I instantly heard “your breaking ground.”

Then I watched as he pulled up a heaping shovel full of these gold discs then catapulted them to the invisible membrane between the separating structures of the emerald city.  His team, answering my very familiar “what the hell is he doing” plea for understanding, explained that these discs are equal to platelets in the body.  I got excited simply because I understood something that was revealed to me on my way to the dentist the other day.

The emerald green is equal to the fluid we call blood, then they showed me these tiny little gold flecks, they explained the gold flecks is equal to the platelets in the blood and they hold a very specific magnetic charge.  In my drive I didn’t go much deeper than that with the information… but now with my architect showing, I need to go deeper.

So I googled platelets for clarity of understanding:  Platelets are tiny blood cells that help your body form clots to stop bleeding. If one of your blood vessels gets damaged, it sends out signals that are picked up by platelets. The platelets then rush to the site of damage and form a plug, or clot, to repair the damage.

Of course, in the emerald city, there is no damage at all, but there is expansion, stretching beyond what was… and my architect is the one who creates the signal for the platelets to rush towards.  His team even explained that with every swing outwards of his full shovel, he is assigning speed, velocity and thrust.  Jeezzzz don’t go sceince on me first thing in the morning!!  Thank god he is an actual architect and already understood everything I was stumbling to explain.

To my viewing eyes, when all those tiny gold platelets were release, it looked like chaos being pelted outwards, but his team insisted each one of those discs, by virtue of his thrust, are assigned a landing point.  I watched them sprawl out as they moved thru the air and connect to what was once invisible space between each spread structure that in January was one who sphere, now in 4 pieces.  Clotting, or in this case, giving substance to the energy to hold form!

Even the main art I used for this image, which actually represents a blood clot forming in an artery, actually represents the solidifying our or desires, making it manifestable thru our source blood flow into creation.  Geez, I hope I am making sense with what I am trying to say.  It’s a good thing… no… it’s a god thing!! ❤

So, as I have been doing with everyone lately, to give him an example of how he can use this ability for his personal creation, I superimposed my body onto his and then, much to my surprise, he was suddenly in my office in me or I was in him, not sure how that one works out, but we were blended as one.  Truly, it’s only this morning do I fully realize why he came into the office instead of us staying out in the field.

What I desire, is already here in created reality, in the landscape we know and love as Gaia. My teeth are here, the dentists is here, even the money is already here.  Nothing needs to be created anew.  What does have to happen is all these created points have to meet together at a central point… my physical reality.

So, using my most immediate reality bubble, the one closest to my Being. We all have two, what spirit calls your immediate or intimate reality and the exterior reality where everyone else intersects.  For example, when I got to walmart, that is experiencing my life in the exterior portion of my reality zones, where many other realities intersect.  The one nearest me is where my personal world is created and uncreated.  I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.  Ohhh thank god for other’s talents.  I found a perfect picture example:


If we look at the green as the closest reality bubble, the outer white the external reality bubble then the center one would be the body itself.  I even love that they colored the inner bubble green, because for creation to create, it must be emotionally charged.  with that said, keep in mind, creation has zero bias.  So if you are focused on negative emotions or events… guess what your firing up and pulling to you???

So there is my architect, my body double lol, and then suddenly he scoops up a shovel of golden platelets and flings them to the front of my inner bubble.


The next thing i know, there is something that looks like red arteries and veins appearing on my inner bubble… kinda like this, minus any blue or physical body:

Again, what I didn’t realize until this morning, one of my ladies was forming arteries in the emerald city, and of course I used my example for her personal creation homework and so, what we’re actually seeing is her stream of connected life force energy and my beautiful mans platelet magnetizing it into cohesive reality.

These veins were spreading out fuller all the while we talked.

Let’s contrast this example with something my architect has been working on for the last few years… an enlightened intentional community, landscaped (laid out at the ground level) in sacred geometric patterns.  Thru the yeas, people have come together and then fell away.  What we have to understand fully, the falling away is sooo important as we refine our vision, our outcome of true desire.  Ego’s must be fully partnered with the soul mind of anyone bringing this together at the physical level of reality and we must experience the contrast, so we are clear on what we do not want.

Our (smile) community would be worked at the emerald city level of creation, a bringing together of people, places and minds not already in play with each other.  Therefore, we would even see the life blood as green.  As it becomes, hmmm not quite sure how to say this, but kinda like my teeth, everything is now already here, it’s just a matter of pulling it all together in one central point, for my teeth it would be personal reality, I’m not quite sure, yet, what triggers the red for his community.  No doubt, we will find out.  His team said… it is already done, we just need to keep working to that reality construct and keep applying our evolving skills of creation.

As I write this, I get a quote from the bible, from Jesus that I have reinterpreted over the years and am reinterpreting yet today.  “I of my own self, can do nothing.”

What has been wiped out of the historic records and most memories, is the fact that when he performed his “miracles” those 12 folks we (history) considers apostles, were always with him, merging their abilities with his.  So when he turned water into wine or loaves into fish, his posse was there too, working with him, thru him, together as one.  History purposely left that part out.

Peter, my beautiful, precious architect, you just kicked wide open a flood gate of understanding in me of what we are doing and how to do it.  That and the fact my first three years on this crazy path was working intimately, thru meditation with Sananda (the soul of jesus, not the man) and my Pleiadian daddy Franklyn, and this morning, so much hidden memories are rushing to the fore within me.

As I am running out of time this morning, I want to jump real quick to my last lady of the day.  I showed an image I had seen of her in one of our non-readings.  I seen her clearly but had no freakin clue what I was seeing. Let me refresh your memory:


My super humble works of art cracks me up.  Even in that form, she was stunningly more beautiful and more radiant than my simple rendition of how I seen her.  That said, yesterday she was still in this color spectrum (no black at all, that was just to emphasis the golden/yellow light,) she was sprawled out as a bridge for those who are ready to be absorbed into the emerald city.In a way, taking in the rectangle image at the bottom.  But that much smaller/condensed rectangle had even more to its presence.  I’ll get to that in a moment.

The next thing I seen after understanding her lighted bridgeway, was the bottom part of the emerald city, the counter-clockwise rotating circular bed of stars.  Bringing in my lady from yesterday morning.  My lady’s yellow light field started to merge with the outer edge of this forming solar system we will just keep calling the emerald city.  In her stretching out to become the outer edge of this system, her team explained that she will complete the circle or better said, the full circumference of this system by the new moon of February.  There is an intimate exchange of cosmic energy into her, and DNA energy into the cosmic field.

Thru all of this, it was also explained that the rectangle part of her field, will also serve to merge the solar system of gaia with the cosmic system of the emerald city, not today or tomorrow… but eventually.  That brought back the information from previous readings, where nasa and those watching the skies will suddenly discover other star systems and planets that were never seen before.

We did not see or get further understanding about the triangle part of her presentation.  So I do what I do best, broke her 30 minute reading in half and scheduled the last 15 minutes on the other side of the new moon… cuz we gotta know!! lol

On a side note, after my connection with my architect yesterday, my own team started pressing on me to get my teeth appointment scheduled.  I cannot even tell you the panic that ran thru me!!  I surprised myself. (I do get to be human occasionally lol)  I do another thing I do best, I ignored them.  Hearing is truly a freakin double-edged sword.  Cuz my team followed me home (like they are never not with me lol) and leaned in louder… just… freak.  It’s hard enough putting my hand out, of course, on top of JenniFires, but still… we are not talking a few dollars… That said, in my own contribution, I do have $1800 on carecredit which remains interest free thru November.  There is a community wide yard sale happening here in Stonehedge on March 4th, of which my mother has a ton of stuff that will be sold thru that, and every penny is assigned to my teeth.  So on Monday I am going to call my dentist and set a date for March 20th, I want to use the equinox energy thru it all!!

On that note, I gotta go destink this body!!  We musta been working hard last night lol.

I love you all so freakin much and thank you, beyond thank you’s for loving me that much too!!!!

((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of revelations and the bounty of life to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I will keep the gofundme project link here until its done.  Talk about freakin uncomfortable.  Jezuz!! lol  And more than my uncomfortableness… is tons of gratitude over flowing.



  1. “It’s hard enough putting my hand out, of course, on top of JenniFires, but still… we are not talking a few dollars… That said, in my own contribution, I do have $1800 on carecredit which remains interest free thru November. There is a community wide yard sale happening here in Stonehedge on March 4th, of which my mother has a ton of stuff that will be sold thru that, and every penny is assigned to my teeth.”


    PLUS, that $400 /month that you truly DON’T need to be spending on an “office” rental. Adapting yourself instead, to work from home.

    Without that unnecessary nonessential office you’d free up another $4,800 per year for your teeth.



  2. Ohhhh…how amazing, that explains a lot to me, having read various ‘Spirit info’ saying through their various ‘Soul persons’ that ‘such an event’ has already happened in Spirit but not yet in/on 3D reality….sorry I was not able to contribute to your teeth, I have no upper teeth myself, & @ approx $1000 per tooth, we on our limited Govt pensions just cannot manage it. Now & then I do send $10 towards some people’s emergencies, but we are finding life after the stroke expensive, medication for one plus there is no bus stop close by that would get us to the Doc or Hosp in the next suburb. So frustrating, so we are using Community Transport & it costs $15 each trip, (that’s both ways, thank goodness) doesn’t sound much, but when we have more than one appointment per week, that’s a lot out of our food budget. Plus some of the medication prescribed was not on the ‘subsidised’ list, another shock. Enough of that, was just explaining, I don’t dwell on it, just try & absorb it & try to create a positive reality, instead of this present reality, which I now see, (in hindsight) I have created for myself. I was sooo hoping my reading with you might show something that would be a positive, to inspire me to be more positive, inspirational & creative. Mostly & am neither, just coasting along, absorbing the energies, doing the best I can to be positive or at least neutral. Thanks for showing us HOW to create the positive things/events. I find I am a little confused with it all, though. Always be grateful for your Spirit Team ‘talking’ to you, some of us are still a little hard of hearing as yet! I send you much Love & gratitude etc for sharing this with us. I am in the process of catching up on the posts, so I hope the Love reaches you, dear Heart…I’s sure it will…xxxx Thank you thank you….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry for the few typos, the fingertips on my left hand were affected by the stroke & are numb, I usually find the typos after I have pressed ‘post’, pity WP doesn’t provide an edit facility for these times!. So, hope I got my major points across! Thanks so much for just being you…xxx


    • Never worry about typos with me… god knows, I am the queen of typos and read thru them so well that I didn’t even notice one!!

      You know, you still have a reading left with me. I called you a few days after your stroke, so when you are feeling up to it, get on my reschedule zone and let’s see what we can see together!!

      I am so sorry you are having so much struggle with your stroke and the medical profession there.

      And with the dentures, I am not getting individual implants, I am getting dentures and the bottom ones will be secured by three implants. A lot less expensive than trying to replace each tooth!!

      These are trying times for many on sooo many levels. It really is the challanges that make us stronger, look in places not yet discovered. And we do it all… together!!

      I love ya lady. Big big (((HUGZ))) of comfort and abundance to you!!

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      • Thanks so much, Lisa, glad I now understand about your teeth! I wish you well with all that, hope it’s not too intrusive & painful. Proof will be in the (eating of) the pudding…lol…I thought I would wait until after your trying times are over & your schedule becomes a little less crazy! I have been following your exploits on FB, up to a point & will re-schedule ASAP. I hope that I will find that I, too am helping to move the process along, I Love reading about the people who are. I, too still have more Doctor visits to come. Another old problem has come back & am hoping to get some answers & a cure. Plus I have to figure out HOW to re-schedule given the state of my eyes. I have another very highly evolved/advanced friend who has just told me her eyes went through similar problems when her 3rd eye opened, so maybe this is it for me. I am to email her to chat about it all, will keep you posted. One thing I do know is how wonderful it feels to have all this Love around me, it’s palpable, I can almost touch it. I’m not averse to asking for help, but I do sorta have a problem when help comes & not sure how to allow it in! Go figure! It sure humbles me. I am so grateful, thank you, dearest Lisa….I was sorry to hear Valorie is having to serve her time out, bummer….I was hoping for a better outcome for her & you….Much Love & blessings to you & the whole family, see you soon, I hope….Lots of big (((HUGZ))) back to you…..xxxx
        Sylvia xxxx


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