Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 4, 2017

Expansion and Morphication Underway!!


Have I told you how incredibly beautiful you are??  Even as everything is still expanding, to include each person showing up on the expanding field, you are changing, allowing for more of your comic Beings to enter into you, to change you!  But before I get into all that beautiful wonder, lets understand the field right now and I have a feeling, it’s going to be in this state thru the better part of February.

The sphere of the emerald city has now opened up into four sections spreading apart from each other.  Each individuated section still holding its shape of that part of the sphere with equal space between each section.  For ease of numbers sake (smile) lets say each sphere section is 10 feet wide, there is now 10 feet of space between each one.  I did not see a top, but what we would consider the bottom or the floor is expanding visibly too.

The field itself has now shifted about a foot forward from where it was in January and it was explained that it also shifted upwards too, above the stars in our sky, giving us access to higher energies.

Once again, the word Nazi’s were on patrol yesterday as I attempted to explain what I see.  I tried many times to say we shifted higher… no, the shift is what created the field of the emerald city, this is pure expansion and acceleration that is taking place.  Another pesky word, not simply morphing, but that new (to me) word morphication.  So I took to google to see if morphication is a word, if it is, Webster has not caught on yet.  However, as spirit did with me this morning, lets break it down:

Morphing is a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image or shape into another through a seamless transition. Most often it is used to depict one person turning into another through technological means or as part of a fantasy or surreal sequence.

the “i” in morphication is the binder and the word”cation” which is wayyy to sciency for me, so I will grab the meaning and a great example I found while googling and leave a link for deeper understanding:

Definition of a Cation

What do a battery, your heart, and fertile soil have in common? Answer: all of these require cations in order to work.


  1. a positively charged ion, i.e., one that would be attracted to the cathode in electrolysis.

Ha!!  I just got a flashback of one of the readings last month, with the alive soil, visible moving energy in it that i could see thru my lady’s reading.

Of course, my first beautiful lady of the day, whom I actually started seeing long before I even left for the office, was made out of stars and star systems.  So she no longer had skin that I could see, but all these tiny brilliant stars that made her body from head to toe.  So was the expanding ground below her.  This is where the information came that we are now in a plane above the stars that we see in the sky.  11.5D.  I forgot that spirit said way back in early January that we will be expanding from 11D into 11.5D in February and then 12D in March.

So my starlight lady was waving her right hand around rhythmically in front of her, creating or infusing new geometric energy into our expansion via the star systems in her body.

My next lady, jeepers creepers, bouncing at the speed of light from one section of this separating sphere to another, then to what I thought was just space in between these sphere parts, … I think I may actually be confusing, or as spirit is saying, combining (smile) two separate readings into this one explanation.  With the explanation that even tho I am seeing each of you individually, nothing is happening individually, we are all working together for this unfolding expansion lovingly referred to as the emerald city.  So forgive me if I blur the details together.

My ricochet lady (smile) her back and forth rhythm was interesting to say the least.  If we look at these 4 sections as north, south, east and west areas (they are not, but lets say they are) she would zoom twice back and forth from east to west, then maybe 10 times from north to south, then repeat a numeric pattern from north to south, then east to west.  I understood that what she was doing and the “count” in which she was doing, really did have a mathematical value to it, and was in full relationship to the expansion, morphication of the emerald city.

I do want to mention here, my first two ladies are proficient and avid meditators, so thankfully they were able to fully see what I was seeing and understand it without pesky words diluting the fullness.  To the exciting degree, with my second lady, she said she could see these trails of energy as she bounded from one section to the next.  OMG, I about pee’d my pants with excitement, I KNEW she was seeing my first lady’s energy.

I think, my lady right after her, was standing in the middle of the expanding city, with what looked like an endless supply of ping-pong balls (smiles) that she was tossing to the expanding structure and then to what I thought was nothing or air in between the structures.  Well, when one of her ping pong balls landed on the empty space, suddenly I could see a thin membrane that elongated outwards with the pressure of this ball.  OMG it’s not empty space, but an emerging membrane that I could only see when something made contact with it.

The balls that landed on the structure parts, entered into something that reminded me of a socket or something lol, and the ball embedded in this socket and created an energy field around it.  It was explained that this is akin to new neurons starting to fire in the brain.

One of my precious ladies showed up with what looked like ice skates on her feet, silver blades at the bottom of each foot.  Her body was parallel to the ground, as if she was laying down, but housed in the upper center of this expanding field and like bouncy ball lady, she was moving counter-clockwise so freakin fast I was barely able to keep up with her visually.  Her team finally allowed her to slow down just so I could see what she was doing.  In the mid section of this expanding thing… were groves that reminded me of the old LP records.  Her silver blades were taking the highest frequencies of Gaia and embedding them into the center walls of the emerald city, which formed something that looked like a cellophane funnel-shaped thing from the spherical walls (if you will) down thru the bottom to the realm of Gaia.  Creating new frequencies of blended energies, tones and stuff.

Last, but ohhhh so far from least, my melting lady!!  She tripped my trigger and I got so hung up on the visual, my understanding of what we were seeing wasn’t as clear as it is this morning.

Before our reading started, she was asking me a question about a recent experience she had.  As she was talking I could see her physical body in front of me and suddenly she was melting into this pool of thick, canary yellow energy.  All I could think of was the blob, but intensely yellow!!  lol

Even when I started her reading and she was out in the field in this emerald city expansion thing, there was no body like in my office, just this canary yellow liquidy stuff seeping into the crevices of the sphere structures from the outside in.

Her team did explain that in this blob like state, the blend of soul energy, light body energy and DNA in its purest state, can meld into anything.  Fill in cracks, moving into human bodies as she coated them from head to toe with her beautiful blob-ness.

This morning, I do understand what I was seeing was her liquid soul light, formless and yet, very present in the created world of our expanding reality.

It was further explained to her, to us… that this takes energy work to a whole and much more complete level.  Instead of directing energy by focus to a center or central point (the example was someone laying on a table in my office) she would become this canary yellow blob thing and cover the lady on the table, from head to toe, with her liquid soul light.  This allows for a much fuller healing, the pure soul energy, light body and DNA seep into the person on the table and the whole body changes to meet this pure energy.

There was homework for everyone, because as it is stated every day now, what you are doing for the All, you can also do, with focused consciousness, for yourself and your personal creations and experiences.

It was also explained that what we are seeing in this expanding phase, brings new abilities to everyone’s table, and more will be added as we go.

Which brings me back to my every changing crazy world.  I have restored the reading packages back to available with all the old prices restored too.

I feel I have done as much due diligence as I am capable of to find quality implanted dentures for less money.  I had 6 estimates from western and northern mexico, the prices were about the same, some actually more than my dentist here in Weeki Wachee.  Thailand came in $4000 more.  I have been working closely with on dentist in particular in Tijuana who even said that if what my dentist is offering is true for the complete work, to let him know.  He has americans that want this treatment too, but cannot get to Mexico and my dentist is cheaper than what they can do it for.  I think because, this dentist only does dentures, extractions and implants, nothing else.  So here I am, around the world in a week and back to Florida!!  Life cracks me up!! lol

So my beloved Jenni-Fire created an update on her gofundme project for my teeth to include the breakdown of costs, and pictures 😀

I drove to Weeki Wachee on Thursday, just under and hour’s drive from me to pick up my CT bone scan to share with the dentists in Mexico and decided I needed a new audio book for the trip.  I was excited to see a new book by the author of “Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani. Her new one is “What if this is heaven.”  I had read her first book of her NDE about a year ago and loved it and her, and the title of her new one, well this IS heaven so I figured… why not!!

In the less than two hours I am into her new book, two things grabbed me.  I mean, I know this… but sometimes, its easy to forget for yourself, at least, this particular part:  She talked about how important giving and receiving is, with the emphasis of allowing yourself to receive without feeling you have to give something back in return.  This part just shook me, especially since I was on my way to the dentist and the whole gofundme thing and all i could say is… I freakin hear you!!  It’s still hard and I am as much a work in progress as anyone is.  I will say tho, thank you for loving me that much.  It really is, oddly uncomfortable! 😉  ❤

Ohhh, gotta add in this little giggle I received as I was writing about everyone’s part in this expansion… still thinking about my crazy implants.  My (forgotten) Planetheons (phonetically spelled) showed up and showed me them coating each implant (there is 7, 4 up, 3 down) with something from their gaseous like realm to enhance my everything.  I am not sure what I want to experience more… my teeth or new abilities, maybe both!!  Ohhh just lead me into temptation!!

The second part, just excited me to hear someone else say something spirit has been telling us for years thru readings.  She was talking about how she lived prior to getting cancer and dying.  She was a huge advocate of eating vegan, organic food, growing her own wheat grass for her juices and so on.  And she got cancer anyway!!  Thru her NDE she fully realized it was her lack of self-love from the inside out that created the cancer.  Her fear is what created this relationship with food before her NDE and now, she eats freely, even tho, many of her friends still encourage her to do other things…. out of a fearful love.

Well, its time to go swimming in the deep end of the emerald city again!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of expansion to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas





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