Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 2, 2017

The Solar Wind Blowing Thru Our Expansion!!


I wasn’t at all surprised that I could not see anything yesterday, just given the evaporating views of the expanding field the day prior.  That said, I was surprised at the pressure I felt while trying.  To be fair, I only tried hard with my first reading only because trying was physically unpleasant.  The external pressure on my forehead, specifically from the center of my forehead all the way over towards my right ear… when I would attempt to see his field, it was like a vice grip squeezing that area of my head in on itself and instantly made my solar plexus create waves of upheaval in my stomach.  It took about 10 minutes after we hung for all that energy to subside from my conscious Being.  That said, even these moments of unpleasantness in the body is soooo exciting!!  Huge energies are flowing and I feel them, but only as I attempt to directly interact with them.

I find even this pressure on the right side of my head, relevant.  When I sit to connect, my entire right side is aligned with the forward or future field of life, so even that was showing me, the energies are taking us all forward as the emerald city moves and morphs.

So this morning I looked at to see what the sun was doing.  Sure enough, it started spewing “THE SOLAR WIND HAS ARRIVED: As predicted, a high-speed stream of solar wind hit Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of Feb. 1st. The impact literally rattled Earth’s magnetic field…”

It rattled my head too!! lol  Let’s look at this massive coronal hole:


And going back to one of the humble pictures I found in relationship to us:


The moon placement in this picture depicting the placement of the emerald city between the sun and earth.  The sun’s southern pole always connected to earths northern pole (in our evolving story of the emerald city) then the sun opened up to spill all this powerful new seed energy to us to enhance our evolution both in the emerald city as well as on gaia.

So if we take the picture from spaceweather and placed it on top of the sun in the trio diagram, with that spotlight beamed to the moon, the emerald city… this is why I could not see and only feel the intense pressure yesterday.  Again, really exciting!!

If we look at this influx of light energy, and we directly work with it, it is truly magical and interactive.  And for a change, I am not sitting back trying to understand it thru you, or the readings.  I am participating in my own little gig in life.

Keeping in mind, life is an interactive game to be played and knows, not a linear game either.  So let me recap from my re life chaos, I mean story lol.  My whole field was activated by the potential of going to Australia, then super activated by the potential of getting my snap on dentures fulfilled in Thailand.  If we look at just that, that created the movement I needed to keep looking where I normally wouldn’t look, coupled with the unexpected gofundme project put together by JenniFire (smile) to make sure I get my teeth (again, thank you beyond thank you’s) my heart, my soul, my mind was/is all working in tandem (the only way we can work and have an outcome) with movement.  The fuse was lit… my job is to keep looking and plotting.  With Thailand collapsing, Tijuana became my focal point, of all the dental areas on mexico that caters to foreigners, Tijuana is actually the least expensive.  I am now in contact with several different, knowledgeable dentists out of Tijuana.  (I am going today to pick up my CT bone density scans from my current dentists to share with them to get a true estimate on cost.)

This whole mexico gig brought back the fires of the Zone of Silence and equally, looking for some rural land with housing, sort of like the place in Thailand, for our ongoing adventures of expansion in person, together.  If we can pull directly from the zone of silence energy… OMG it just sends me over the moon in excitement!!  So, as this amazing path is doing, you look one place, much is revealed, you add in something else, something else is revealed.  ALL conspiring towards your heart and souls agenda.

This link was posted to my facebook yesterday a program called “Beyond Borders Medical and Dental.”  I called and emailed, they promptly got back in touch.  It seems their implant specialist in Mexico is just on the other side of the border of El Paso, Texas!!  That was the entry point for our trip to the zone of silence!!!  OMG, tickle me timbers!!! 😀

I started looking yesterday about renting a car in Mexico and my thought was driving 2002 km (love that number) from Tijuana to the Zone of Silence (a 2 day drive) and car rentals in mexico is dirt cheap, $60 for two weeks thru Budget!!

Again, I have got to lean back into so many of the readings, shit over the last year, spirit showing all the various doors opening and our job is to go thru every one, explore whats there.  Leave no stoned unturned and don’t get hung up on any one of them, until you looked thru them all.  Everyone is valid and will create a different experience for the evolving you, but like life is… there will be one or two better energetically than the rest.  It’s the contrast of opportunities that is being revealed.

Our jobs thru it all is stay out of fear.  God knows, there can be a lot of fear created around nothing and everything.  You will see doors shutting and few opening.   If you fully and completely trust your Self, there is nothing but a dance happening!!  Right now, for me, is a fast paced Polka… my favorite!!

I am hoping to have some sort of plan in place over the next couple days… and as always, I will let you know.  Anyone want to go exploring mexico with me, sometime in March??

Thank you for being the best dance partners one could ever ask for, as we all dance to the music of our Soul, excitedly!!!

I love you soul much!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and musical beats of excitement to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Human evolution is the awakening of the divine and higher than divine knowledge and information that is contained within each and every one.

    Awakening All That Is from within; not from without, but from within.

    Seeking within the self that which is divine and higher than divine; and the expansion of such for the benefit of the self as one, and for the benefit of all, as all are interconnected.

    Evolution for humanity is the activation, expansion and integration of the divine unconditional love that is the true nature of humanity in light, energy and essence.

    One attunes to the highest parts of one’s self; that which is the Highest of Love;

    Transformation resonates through every level, aspect and dimension of self and is available, again through resonance, for Earth Mother and All Life within and without.

    Carrying this resonance is Earth Healing.

    This is the dialogue that never strays.


  3. I felt a pull when you asked if anyone wanted to go exploring with you in Mexico in March. I’m in Louisiana.



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