Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 1, 2017

Another Shift Underway!


Holy field shifting again!!  Of course, that means, so are we!!

Since I made yesterday’s sharing all about me (smile) let me try to explain the one and only reading I had on Monday (my usual day off, it was a make up day.)  I was going to talk about it yesterday, but it didn’t seem to flow and now I realize its because I needed yesterdays readings to fully understand it, well, understand it as much as I can.

My precious lady on monday showed up in the center of the sphere called the emerald city sitting on what I can only describe as a bicycle seat, with peddles that ran this huge spinning wheel where a front bike tire would be.  I did the best I can to recreate in the most humble way, a visual.  Keeping in mind, the white silk strings in the middle were set up in various positions among the inside about (to scale of my vision) inch, 2 inch golden wheel.  As these silk threads were closer to the center of the inside of the wheel, the over laying patterns became, intricate and beautiful and i have no idea how to replicate that drawing straight lines in MS paint lol.  Plus there were tons more of them than what I created.


Keeping in mind, when we first connect on the field, what I see is what you (from the soul level, but also, the cellular level, most often, unconsciously) is what you are doing to assist the All, day and night.

So as my lady was peddling and this wheel, spinning the next thing I seen were the emerald-green light threads from the other day, the ones that came out o everyone’s heart to form this amazing, connected or maybe, single source geometric pattern, that green thread was now being threaded into her silk threads, only going from the center out I guess circular, in the same position as the rim of this wheel.

From what I was understanding thru her team, these white silk looking strings were Source (god) energy made made manifest.  Like pure source energy creating matter..  Or, better yet, the Divine masculine of creation.  Then, as I questioned about our unified emerald-green light thread, it was explained that was the pure emotion of Source thru the human incarnate fusing the two together.  Pure emotion and unassigned matter material.  I suppose we can look at it as weaving together pure essence with pure matter.  That’s not exactly right, but close enough!! lol

Keeping in mind, she was already doing this for the All, so everything was already perfect.  Thru every reading it stated, what we are doing for the ALL we can do for our selves, our own personal creation desires.  Which is going to take a bit more conscious effort and a lot of trial and error to perfect.  Of course, when I give out homework examples, I am now using the one thing I can emote efficiently… my permanent new (dentured) teeth.  She has to come into full emotional alignment of her desires.  Not iffy, not hoping, but with pure knowing the outcome is already underway.  Then with her pedal power has got to configure speed and velocity, which came thru sooo many readings what a year or so ago?

Now lets switch to yesterdays readings.  I was surprised to see the emerald city went back to bare bones.  The only thing I was seeing was the matrix of golden bars every which way creating this open golden sphere.

One of my ladies from yesterday, who is already working the various geometric patterns, emailed me something she just received called the Christ Consciousness grid.  Great name!!  I am going to use her image as (an inaccurate) example of how I see the emerald city sphere yesterday.  I say inaccurate because, first its gold not silver, but also perfectly spherical.  But indeed open with intersecting bars like her tool:


Also, again going to scale of my vision, this spherical city is about 20 feet tall and wide.

One thing everyone now had in common yesterday was that emerald-green light coming out of the heart, is now starting to run thru the body.  I eventually understood that what I was seeing was the arteries changing from red blood to emerald green and as this process unfolds, the entire venous system will be reflected as emerald green liquid heart light.  Which, quite literally means, our hearts are changing, our blood is changing.  As time goes on (perceptually anywayz lol) those who are living out of sync with unity, well, their cardiovascular system will reflect that and start shutting down.  Unity is not only with each other, tho, that is a great start, but the earth, and all life here and beyond as well.

So my first lady yesterday, she was just kinda hanging at the upper left inside of this sphere.  Her hands held tightly to one of the cross bars as she dangled.  It was explained that she was on a very particular cross-bar that was in alignment and in complete assistance with the shift that is happening right now.  The next thing I know, I can feel the grip of her hands in my own.  The applied pressure on this very particular bar set into motion the opening and movement of the top section of this sphere.  I was kinda shocked to see that.  If you were to create a line going from left to right and about an inch to an inch and a half down on the above picture, that entire area started sliding forward.  I was not allowed to see, dammit, thru anyone, what it was shifting into. Meaning I could only see a few feet out and then everything became blurry to non-existent in my field of vision.

So it was explained to her that the pressure she applies within any of the magnetic fields is so important.  They even gave us an analogy like squeezing a tube of tooth paste, too much and you simply have a mess, (with her she would just break the magnetic field of creation for herself, not permanently break, just in whatever she is focused on creating for herself) or too little pressure and she would just fall away from that particular bars magnetic field.  Again, trial and error is important to remember consciously how to work our part.

My second lady, who actually has that sphere thingie I included, she was a trip!!  An exciting trip tho.  She was exterior, on the ground level of the right side with something that looked like rope anchored in a bar above her head and down towards her feet, with slack that allowed her to place her hands at the mid section of this rope, heels dug into a ground that does not exist, and pulled with all her being, this gigantic sphere forward.

Now this is where it all got really odd and exciting!  Explaining to her how to use this magnetic field placement for her personal creation, I put myself out there in her field, smiling as big as I can with my permanent denture teeth.  Her rope was anchored into my sacral chakra, which surprised me, but her field explained these new teeth will be like having new life, so that is the center of magnetic energy to work with, and of course, my open smiling mouth.  I became superimposed into her body as she pulled me towards the forward (what we know as the future energy field) and the next thing I know… wham, this green energy flooded my ability to see myself.  That is how she knows its done, underway.  It… I became absorbed into the emerald city full on field of outcome.

Much to my surprise, thru this entire homework example event, she wasn’t even there.  She somehow accidentally put our call on hold and only returned to the call when it was done.  That excited, she put everyone on hold to do this work for me.  I cannot do this myself, this is her gig, her experience and I need her piece of the magical puzzle to work thru.

My last lady of the day, phew baby mind bending.  She was standing on the exterior top center of this emerald city sphere, with her right hand, pulling up chucks of white matter, they kinda looked like white chunks of rocks.  One by one she threw these rocks over to the front of the sphere and as they hit the ground area, the became this path or road leading into the next version of the emerald city shifting.  Again, I tried thru everyone, I could not freakin see what anything was shifting into!!  Dammit.

It was explained that what she is doing it taking a generic blue print (emotion fused with matter to become… whatever) and assigning the blueprints value as outcome.  With this road thing, it a magnetic frequency allowing the sphere and all the inhabitants within this sphere to slide over into the next phase of our evolution and morphing (actually, the word I hear is morphation, yes spirit is making up new words every day!! lol)

This white chunky stuff is because of the work bicycle weaver lady is doing.  She even emailed me to say that after working on her spinning wheel, her body had to go to sleep for an hour!!  Creating at this level of purity is exhausting!!  Truly!!

This morning, even tho I have had plenty of sleep, I am both emotionally and physically exhausted.  Of course, here I am, being sneaky in an open way, and weaving my strongest desire into all of your abilities!!  Thanx for that! lol

I have contacted (way too many lol) dentists in Tijuana Mexico yesterday looking for prices on my new teeth.  Finally, there is a light shining.  Where my dentist here is about $16,000 start to finish, all wanted up front, some of the mexican dental offices are at about $8000 – $9000 start to finish and I only pay for the work being done that day.  So to start, about $6500.  If I bring cash, it’s even less by about 10%.

With all that said, my heart and mind is revisiting the whole zone of silence thing.  It is a 2 day car ride (2002 km) from Tijuana to the zone of silence. Since one of the dentists I talked to yesterday told me I cannot have all this work done and fly back home, it would hurt my mouth, some healing time is needed before I fly.  Well, driving should be ok and give me an opportunity to look for land rentals in the rural areas of northern mexico.  Moving to mexico is a lot easier (at least for today) than moving to Thailand.   Again, with the exception of my teeth, everything else is in research mode and looking in places I have not even thought about before.

Thru one of the readings yesterday, and this I know is applied to so many of you… spirit showed me a plant that is rooted in the ground and has been growing in the ground for a long time… taking the plant at the ground level of its growth, and wiggling and yanking and breaking up the dirt that binds the roots into that ground scape.  Often times, when we feel this… uprooting and desire to look for new ground, we look in the familiar places.  For me, I never really thought about moving because nowhere in the USA felt any better than where I am at.  However… outside the USA… ohhhhh I am feeling that!!  It’s funny, I have said many times as our pre-elections were happening, if Trump gets elected, I’m moving to Mexico and hiding behind that damn wall, incognito and near the zone of silence!!  I was joking… but… maybe not!!

On that note, shower time and prayers that the field is visible and understandable today!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of replanting to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I just want to over come something i know someone is going to be saying… There will come a day, as we really perfect what we are capable of doing, where instant creation and regeneration of body parts will happen.  We know it and must bring it to life, together.  I can barely bite down on anything without discomfort.  I am fully focused on the implanted dentures for now, as an immidiate solution to a growing need.




  1. Lisa, I found something online … maybe you will like it?

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  2. My teeth are mostly broken or gone, so I can relate to how you are feeling. I grew up with a dentist that used amalgam fillings. And I had a lot of them. Best thing about loosing them was loosing the Mercury as well. Lately I have decided to focus my Intent on growing a new set. When they start to appear I will let you know. And I would like to say: I really love the work you do. True sources are scarce as you know. And I can see your new smile from here!

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    • Brom! I have been focusing on regrowing my (our) teeth as well! I am so happy to see your reply to darling Lisa!!!! Wow ❤ I was directed to start a grid several years back, to have it ready in 2012, (Community of the Heart) and I haven't written of it, publicly, but think I am supposed to start soon – anyway, I am so happy I found Lisa's work and I love it. Teeth! I had a very very very unfortunate situation with the affordable dentures here in FL, but hope Lisa has a better one. love, Evie

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  3. Hi Lisa, I can totally relate – I’m going to the dentist to start phase one of an implant tomorrow, which obviously I’m not looking forward to but in 6 months I will be glad I went through all this. Good luck with yours! Also have to say with all the busyness you’re seeing in the field, well every morning I wake up vaguely remembering doing some weird thing over and over, it’s a different thing every night, but it feels like I keep doing it until it’s complete and done right, then on to the next task – whatever the heck that is! Yesterday morning I only remembered putting objects into what looked like metal lunchboxes like we used when I was a kid, but no idea what they were. It certainly is not a boring time to be alive, is it! Thanks for starting my day with another AHA moment, love it!


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