Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 31, 2017

Moving thru the Changes of Changes Changing!!


Ohhh the wild twists and turns life can provide for us while the doors of change swing open here, there, everywhere.  After sending the realtor guy two emails and hearing nothing back, I started a deeper research of that property I linked in Thailand a couple of days ago, deeper.  It is a running motel that opened in 2014 with visitor feedback as recently as Dec 2016.  So I started looking around at other places in Thailand, and found (via websites) that property rents and prices have soared upwards of 400% in the last several years.  Rents are no longer as cheap as that website showed, not even close.

This morning I received a full financial breakdown from the dentist in Thailand, there is no savings at all, and the way he priced it all out (procedure by procedure) it will cost an extra $4000 when all’s said and done, close to $20,000 start to finish.  So, I have taken Thailand off my table right now… at least until something I am not looking at presents itself.

I did send out for my passport book yesterday, I will have that by the end of February.  So today, I am back to looking in the same place I started out, Mexico for my teeth, so I will be contacting reputable dentists mexico for prices today.  At least I will have a passport to get things done if it becomes feasible!!!

With all that said, I have not so much taken Australia off the table, the timeline may be delayed a bit.  My priority is my teeth, first and foremost.

However, I am going to start looking at properties in rural mexico, as close to the zone of silence as I can find as potential retreats like in Thailand.  …Just for shits and giggles for now. 😉

Well. now that I got that out lol, its time to get to the office!!  Ya know, as I think about it, I have told spirit for years on end, I am ready to put my dance shoes on, I would even like a good polka or two, not just a slow waltz.  Well here we are, here I am, doing the polka to “roll out the barrel” lol.  Bob and weave, move and groove…

I love you all so much, all-ways!!

((((HUGZ)))) of sudden turns and wild excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Sharing a smile and some music with y’all!!








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  2. Hi Lisa, have you thought about setting up a gofundme account just for dental work? I would be more than happy to pitch in some cash even if I’m not getting a reading from you. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of other people that would love to help. Maybe over the next few weeks, you can make enough where you won’t have to leave the country. Just a side a note….it feels like maybe a lot of us are getting the run around. My life right now could go in like 5 different directions. I know something will happen, but how much of it is smoke and mirrors? Don’t want to put forth a lot of energy towards things that won’t work out. …….ask and you shall receive! We are here to help you!!

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    • Hey Rachel, go and read this past week’s blog posts where you will find the dental gofundme link at this one:

      From those of us who have already contributed, we have raised nearly $1,000 for Lisa in the past four days ~

      Gofundme link:


      • Thanks! I did miss that….Lisa should advertise it EVERYDAY! 😉 wrap it in big shiny, blinking lights!!


      • So totally agree with you on THAT, Dear One.
        If I only could, I’d slap the living modesty out of Lisa and put it up there myself.
        Top of the damn page.
        Have fireworks shooting out of it.
        Put up my own energy protective barrier around it.

        Anyhoo, Lisa is inadvertently showing us here, a massively huge lesson (which the universe always does with everything):

        That another thing we must de-program ourselves from, is the destructive old 3D training of ourselves to be “modest” and “humble”. Instead of ALL-POWERFUL, PRICELESS, PRECIOUS, UNIQUE and LIMITLESS.

        That we must at all times maintain a feeling of non-entitlement and Low Self Worth — the main lower-frequency agenda of all this being, that we must not be allowed to discover that we are all “Gods”, in human meat-suit costumes, playing a holographic reality game.


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