Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 30, 2017

Finally!! The Emerald Green and the Other Side of the Rainbow Revealed!!


Yesterday was such an exciting day in the field!!  Ok, every day, but given yesterday’s details, we are a changing baby!!!  Whheeeee!!!!!

I want to really focus in on my first beautiful lady of the day, her details feel so important for all of us in change or wanting change!!

She showed up at the outside corner of my building, a place I guess we can call the threshold to the emerald city.  She was sitting in a chair, catty corner to where the emerald city is, reading this book that was really really thick.  She never picked her head up to look at me, and was flipping pages like she was looking for something.  I did hear her team say this is her “book of life” and the programming that goes with it.  I focused my vision on the pages, to me they all looked blank or written in invisible ink!!  Her team explained that only her eyes are able to read the contents.  Well shit, what good am I then?? lol  Ahhhh, I was instantly prompted to see out of her eyes, ohhhhh good idea!!  I forget, I can do that!!!

My eye and her eyes became one and I was kind of disappointed really.  It was not like words on a page, nothing “written” like a book, instead, all these various geometric symbols that were on the pages and some were flat like on a page, some where 3D yet still part of the page.  After some melting down on my part, her team explained that we can look at what we are seeing as soul codes for the blueprint of her next great adventure.  They are not to be mentally understood but absorbed thru the eyes and into the network we think of as the brain.  Ok, I am good at slurpy stuff…  I breathed into her eyes for her and all these symbols seemed to be released from some of the pages in her book of life and streamed up into her eyes and then integrated into her.

As soon as the last symbol went in, she stood up and something that reminded me of a sliding door in the sphere I call the emerald city, opened up.

If we look at these geometric symbols kinda like computer codes, they create a running, interactive program, or better yet, a computer game, that you only experience the next level or moment when you complete the level you are working thru.  The magic and mystery of this game we call life, it happens in the same way.  However, since this game of life is interactive instead of viewed as an interactive observer (can I put a plug in for meditation here) often times, we do not realize we achieved the next level… and we keep repeating the level we already finished because of the familiarity involved.  Especially if we have external input for those around us… parents, friends, telling us to take the route that’s familiar, that you have been walking, in my lady’s case, that she went to university for.  This particular, precious young lady I have had the privilege of reading for, for years.  When I first connected to her and she told me what she was going to school for, her team told her then, that is not what you are going to be doing in your life.  But, she lives in a different country, a different culture where expectation of what she is supposed to do is in contrast to what she came here to do.  Only she can change it, redirect her life to the flow of her soul in joy and dare I say… daringness too!!

The point of all that is, the doors are opening, in very unexpected ways… move thru them without having to know what and why before you put your foot forward.  Radical trust is called for Here and Now!!

I want to contrast this beautiful lady with my last reading of the day yesterday.  There was such a similarity I almost discounted what I was seeing.  My last lady was sitting in a rocking chair, suspended in the core energy flowing down the center of the sphere called the emerald city, reading a book.  Hey!!  I seen this today, I know what I am seeing, just not the placement.

Before I seen that, I had seen all these smaller doors all around the sphere just fling open, these doors, unlike my first lady, swung up like a regular house door (stead of a sliding door that retracts into the wall.)

My last lady, she had black rimmed reading glasses on as she was reading her book of life, taking it in.  What made her position different from my first lady, she had already done something radically different from the last time I read for her (a week or several ago.)  She has been suffering from agoraphobia the last few months, pinned in her house and she broke thru that energy field and went out to see her daughter and baby granddaughter.  When she told me that, my own heart exploded with joy energy as if I did it with her too.

Considering this was my last reading for yesterday, the way her reading ended was exciting for all of us.  (Coupled with the reading just before her, which I will get to in a minute.)

As she engaged in whatever opportunities were pulling her thru any given open door (the details, we are not allowed to see) suddenly and quite unexpectedly the white/yellow/gold energy of the emerald city dissolved into an arch that went forward and became this amazing large rainbow gateway thing dividing the last of the first quarter into the beginning of the next.  I even heard (and bless her heart, sang to her) Judy Garland singing “somewhere over the rainbow, where dreams come true….” Dreams that we never dared to dream… (leaving the mystery in tact with the assurance, it’s becoming Real, IF you dare!!!!)

My third reading of the day, (my 2nd was with an amazing ET connection, not sure I will have the time to detail that today,) O M G!!  A virgin upon my field (someone I never read for before) and she was not familiar with my blogs… but OMG finally, finally, finally the emerald-green of this crazy city finally, did I say finally yet lol, was revealed!!!  There has been nothing emerald green about anything in relationship to this city unless you’re on a bicycle and I have been waiting to see how it presents.  YAY the wait is over!!!

At first, the set up was exterior, on the outside of this ever growing sphere with a ladder that is a part of the surface and runs the entire center meridian of this sphere.  She was about (going to scale of my vision) about 4 feet up from the bottom of the sphere, her feet placed on one rung, her hands gripping another rung above her head.  It was immediately revealed what looks like a ladder to me represents our double helix DNA.  The biological field of the human body, to include the chemical makeup as well.

From the external view, she was taking in cosmic creator energy thru her entire back/spine and transferring it into the strands/rungs of the ladder to create change at the biological level of life for humans, very particularly, for humans.  So of course I had to shift my vision inside the sphere to see what is happening inside.  There we were, all of us, OMG it’s getting crowded in there, yippie… and whatever she was doing with the DNA gnome, entered everyone’s crown and instantly everyone’s hearts, simultaneously started to emit something that looked like an emerald green strand of light not only moving outwards, but connected to each and everyone other person inside this sphere and the most amazing geometric pattern stared to form and enlarge.

Even this morning, I see it even more clearly, more detailed and even, understood.  If we borrow the understanding known as “the flower of life” (which I had to google, I know the phrase but not really the details) the first line of the website says this:  The “Flower of Life” can be found in all major religions of the world. It contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”. Everything is made from the Creator’s thought.

You and I, we are the great void (all that black hole, cosmic energy stuff) and we are the creators incarnate.  However, it is crucially important for us to understand the upped ante of this phase of the game. we MUST work together and separately.  This is not a figurative statement at all, but literal.  We mastered enough of our part of the puzzle and now, we must start snapping ourselves together and work as a whole, together.

My lady (I get so possessive of y’all, don’t I lol) was told she has the ability to change the DNA in people and the fact that she told me she works as a palliative care nurse made this all the more exciting.  She was told as she hones her ability, there will be some people that she is caring for, who has the opportunity to stay in this earth plane longer than their current exit point and with her energy stream, can restore health.

Now, with all this, dropping in on top of everything (good thing I came equipped with A.D.D. lol) is the hands on workshops we will be doing (more than likely, in Thailand lol, of all places!!) what I am seeing is the border of a puzzle, 4 (5 if you include me) pieces at a time, snapping together.  As four (again, 5 if you include me) become proficient, the workshops expand to 8, then 12 (for whatever reason, spirit is going by 4’s in this expanding dynamic.  If I am understanding this communication and analogy correctly, again, going into putting a puzzle together, when the entire border is set in a oneness harmonic the centers all just fall into place.

Now to change the subject, just a hair.  I sent emails out yesterday to the realtor in Thailand, sadly there is no phone number that I can find to contact them, as well as the dentist too.  When I woke up this morning (at freakin 3am again) I had a reply from the dentist, for more clarity of what I am looking to have done.  I have not heard back from the realtor yet and will be sending him another email today.  I am so ready for the next adventure as more and more details present themselves thru the readings and my own understandings.

There is more, there is always more lol, but I have a homework session to get to…

I love you all so freakin much, thank you for always rocking my world!!

((((HUGZ)))) and wet sloppy love filled kisses to ALL!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas







  1. I have got to say, your/our story reads like the book, “The Never-ending Story”, filled with such excitement and twists and turns, and mysteries!! You’ve got me on the edge of my seat!!! For not only our story but your story too. But then, your story IS our story. Lol…I am so excited…Perhaps I could be on of the visitors to Thailand… It’s so strange to think that could actually be a possibility!! Lol!!! We love you sooo much!!

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  2. “She was told as she hones her ability, there will be some people that she is caring for, who has the opportunity to stay in this earth plane longer than their current exit point and with her energy stream, can restore health.” This gave me tingles!! This is a very exciting time for all of us~ Love you Love this blog!

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