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Life can surely be a wild ride, especially when you open that door to change.  Let’s take a good long, understandable, look at how change happens and, at least how it relates to my current moment, and why.

Pesky freakin spirit.  Hearing spirit clearly can be, and in my personal opinion, is a double-edged sword.  For the life of me, I could not understand why my team was so on my case to increase my reading fee’s, I was comfortable and from my personal point of view, an increase was not needed for my well-being.  Yet, the instance became stronger and louder. When I finally gave in and said ok, fine… I figured something must be coming up that they knew that I didn’t.  I have to trust that.  Little did I realize it would put me at the doorway of change I would have never looked at had I not arrived at this moment.

 December 1st my fees increased and my sales plummeted.  For two consecutive months now, I went from an average of 20-30 bookings a month (usually 15 and 30 minute sessions) to about… 8 a month.  Several weeks ago, I woke up with the determination of restoring my fee’s back to where they were, that day I told my team, either something gives or I go back to the way it was.  I received 4 new bookings that day, over half of what I did all december, in one day.  I retreated and said ok, you win.  I will leave it alone and I did.  So here I am, the end of January with about the same income as December, my savings completely gone, my ability to pay regular household bills, short for the first time in over 6 years!!!  For this entire month, I thought, I heard wrong, I did something wrong because I am officially in a massive deficit.

However, again, knowing now how crucial this moment of change I am in, is… I would never ever ever have opened the door as wide as I am looking thru it now had my income stayed the same.  Of course, I did what most of us do when something appears to have fallen apart… I was looking in familiar places to change back to.  Pulling up rentals in new mexico, my team clearly said, you already traveled that path, there is nothing more to learn there.  Dammit!!!  Even looking at the job market, flash backs of noise telemarketing rooms made my whole energy field deflate… but if I have too…

The point was, to open the door.  Look.  Allow.  And do what I do best, vent/share out loud, here and on facebook.  Within what, an hour of putting my change of life on facebook, a precious soul in Australia tickled my energy centers, in the same exact way they were tickled when I seen on craigslist the property in the Jemez… an invitation to go hang out with him in Australia.  Why not??  I can work from anywhere!!  And as the Jemez surely showed me, new landscapes allow for new energy, expansion of ones own personal field and abilities.

Not only all that, this precious, generous man also has a friend who is a dental surgeon in Thailand.  WOW.  So I started researching the cost of dentists in Thailand, holy savings batman!! This is just one example out of Bangkok!!

And then, the pot became sweetened even more yesterday.  Something that woke me up and kept me up at 3am this morning, just like seeing that property in the Jemez did.  He sent me a link yesterday of property that is for rent in Pai, Thailand.  Click here to see it.  A  main cabin with 4 smaller cabins, open space, fruit trees, energy that spills into my heart with excitement even now… equal to the same rent I am paying for a one room office.  $400 american dollars a month with everything included, furnishings, wifi, satellite TV, everything!!  A place we can gather together for weekends or even weeks… to experiment and grow our skills together in person within a landscape complete set to our vibration.  Or even, for those that want dental work at affordable prices.  I think he said his friend is about 90 minutes from this place.  I emailed the realtor upon waking this morning.

I also found out, that since I have a passport card, I do not have to go in person to apply for a passport book.  I filled out all the info and will send it off today, expedited.

Even more surprising to me, all three of my children are excited about this adventure I am about to embark.  Hell, when I moved from Virginia to New Mexico, no one would even talk to me cuz they were so mad at me for leaving. Their support and encouragement now, is invaluable.

With all that said, and the door of incredible change underway that I will not retreat from, I restored my fee’s back to what they were, I’m done with poverty lol.  I also took away the packages for now.  I have a “gone by” date of mid to later March in mind and there is no doubt it will take my body a week or two, or three lol, to adjust to the drastic time change it will endure before I am able to do readings again.  So with my own uncertainty of return to readings, I would rather not go beyond mid march in scheduling for right now, so I blocked off all days March 15th and later, for now.

I am also considering going straight to Thailand, while my body is adjusting to the time change, what a perfect time to get my teeth fixed too.  So over the next several days I should have all the information I need to start whatever is next.  I am keeping the blessed money coming thru the gofundme project (have I said thank you lately) in savings held for my new teeth.

It’s kinda funny, spirit talking about the intense changes we are facing, inside and out and like last year, really thought i got a free pass, externally anyway.  And just like last year, my change is bigger and more drastic than I ever thought it would or could be and I am soooo freakin excited!!!!!

I love you all so much and so much more than that too.  Thank you for being such an interwoven piece of this wild ride called life, with me.  You truly give me the courage to change because you show up in so many unexpected ways!!  I love you!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild rides and new adventures to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Last day for the MasterBuilder Special with an added bonus of old fee’s restored and still 22.22% off that!!  Use coupon code:  Master



  1. That would be so awesome, I can see it now!

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  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Great, follow your heart in where to go, and what to do. I am doing the same, looking at a life change, move, career change.

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  3. Sounds like exactly what you need to me!! I am soooo excited for you Lisa!! The rental property looks fabulous!! And the rental prices…Almost seems too good to be true…I know your new smile is going to create tears to your and our eyes….especially coming from someone who knows exactly what you’re going through in that department!!!

    Let me tell you, I went on YouTube to see solutions for fixing teeth temporarily….And I tried it…. It’s a solution if you need to replace a tooth here or there….You order something called friendly plastic….Little plastic beads that you can melt in the microwave….And then mold them into teeth….Between the good teeth you have. I’ve been doing this for months now….Hmmm….Maybe I could go to Thailand and get my teeth fixed….Believe me, everyone I know has some tooth story to be told. Good tidings in your new venture!!!


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