Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 28, 2017

The Emerald City, The Central Sun, YOU.


Well, things in the field, in the emerald city are getting curiouser and curiouser for sure!!  I think if I dubbed yesterday as anything, it would be the day the electrical currents went live.  Of course, we also have a collaboration of energies assisting us, or are we assisting them??  lol Either way…

My first lady on the field, I rescheduled because, even tho I had seen her and seen her clearly, two of my very essential antennas were still in the chaos field I woke up in, my hearing and my feeling centers were completely down, but I could see her crystal clear and didn’t understand a damn thing.  However, given the unfolding of everyone else, I made a simple diagram of how I seen her light body.


Her placement was at the very corner of my building, a place I am seeing those vibrationally ready to be absorbed into the emerald city.  She reminded me of a string of christmas lights formed in geometric shapes that were connected to the string going up and down at the back.  The coloring was more a fusion of white and yellow thru out with protrusions about every 6 inches that looked kinda like a tiny little faceted sphere emanating the same light frequency as the lines.

What I found odd was the bottom rectangle was substantially smaller than the circle and triangle and was catty corner in its position.

I still have no clue what it means dammit!!  I was hoping for more insight as I shared, maybe as I go along.  Just for the record, the background was not black at all, I used it to enhance the yellow.

My next lady, who is also a good friend and called early to find out if I was ok (given my facebook message that morning) and allowed me to dump and bless her heart, dump I did!!  Which is a good thing, because by the time I connected to her field, my hearing and feeling were all back online.  Phew!!

OMG!!  I went looking for an image that comes close to the way I see the sphere we call “The Emerald City,”  holy shit batman, I never realized how much it looks like the sun, WE ARE THE sun inbody!  Let me give you a close image:


The radiance around the white part of the sun, that is constant in each reading, when I look from the outside, the surface of the sphere is white, like a hot / fuzzy white.  Each day that sphere gets just a little bigger, because WE are growing in our expansion.

I also have to wrap this in here too, geez, talk about a revelation that is so unexpected, even more than yesterday complete unfolding was lol, I’ll get to that later.  When I first started to see you all and your abilities and expansion of abilities, of course I wanted to know what mine are too.  I was instantly shown two eyes affixed at the sun center.  Not once did I think, ohhh the emerald city is THE central sun, the place where I consider the veil between here and pure spirit exists.  I do this morning!!  The more we expand, the more consistently you show up for me to see, the more detailed my ability to see and understand becomes.  It is beyond true when I say, without you, I would never be able to see and understand beyond my own self.  Hold that thought for a minute…

So my second lady was liquid light energy spreading herself out on the exterior of the right side of the emerald city.  She reminded me kind of like body lotion lol.  Smear it on the surface and it gets absorbed inwards.  Her liquid light was the most beautiful blend of deep blue and deep violet energy.

When I changed my focus to the inside of the sphere OMG, on the opposite side, the left inside I was seeing formations that kind of reminded me of amoeba;s connected by strings.  Wait I found a picture that is, well, not even close, but as close as I could find:


No light points yet, it was, she was still emerging in the connective neuro centers of the god head, if the emerald city.

I realized that the connective points would be at the inner most wall, bone structure, I don’t freakin know what that non-substance that I see as a wall, is.  But as these amoeba like patterns stretched inwards, it connected to the thing I see as the core.  This morning, this core running from top to bottom within this sphere, going down into gaia, is equivalent to what we know within our heads as the pineal gland.  The core itself was lit up, kinda like this:


Keeping in mind, it was the only place I was seeing the electrical field of light.  Everything is still underway in connecting or growing or whatever the hell its doing!!

My third lady so freakin surprised me (as did my fourth.)  My initial connection to her, there she was with a contraption that reminded me of something out of the roadrunner cartoon, blowing up the exterior front of the emerald city orb.  WTH???  Whatcha blowing girlfriend??  Then her team panned out and I realized (without seeing, thank you) she was in all four directions at once, blowing up, opening up with tremendous force, the current of the emerald city to run down into and thru the whole body of Gaia.  I have got to give huge ups to her team, they only allowed me to see the closest image of her so that all the energy that is being released, is not blown into me.  YAY, mercy for me!! lol

My fourth lady, there she was this space cadet (giggle) floating around the outside of the emerald city in deep space.  Ya know, I just realized something odd. most of you show up in pure light, like I am literally looking at the emerald city just outside my office’s front door.  Some, deep space, its dark like space would be.  With her I could see the floating debris of cosmic material and she hand a chunk of space rock in her hand and then hurled it to the outside of the sphere.  Jezuz!!  I have one lady blowing things up and another hurling space rocks at us!  Its a bit turbulent, even violent, here lol.

As I watched this cosmic rock land on the outer surface of the sphere, a massive spark ignited and it was absorbed into the sphere.  Her team explained, again using the analogy of stem cells, hitting a very particular cross section in the sphere, that cross section inlaid by others, gave electrical current and purpose to the cosmic stem cell as it was absorbed inside.  Altho I did not see this, I have a feeling it was the currents needed to spark the energy into the amoebas forming and connecting.

All that said, and hopefully, understood, it is crucial we start working with each other at the consciousness level.  Spirit has been on my freakin case for about a week now about putting together a new reading package that I have been resisting doing, cuz that’s my M.O. lol.  Taking four people, not two, not three (I pleaded for the smaller amounts lol) but distinctly, 4 separate people and do an interconnective reading, individually while all are present, then as a group of interconnected abilities to start their process of really working and fine tuning themselves to the larger process with the other three.  That would be ok if that was all there was to it, ohhh no.  Quarterly, spirit wants us to meet at the ground level, like a workshop.  Jezuz.  I don’t wanna!!  But who the hell cares what I want!!  Well, I can answer that with amazing honesty… YOU DO!!

Let me present to you my crazy awakening (wink) yesterday morning.  I got up at 4am, and for the first time in a long long long time, my first appointment wasn’t until 10am.  I can get a lot of information out in that time!  But… nooooooooo….  Instead, the moment I sat down at the computer I was held in a freakin tight fitting bubble of focus.  Dammit.  I have been avoiding this for months, how dare you make me look down the barrel when I have more time than I care to entertain.  Sneak attack!!  lol

I have been stumbling down this crazy path long enough to know when change is stocking me.  Since my mother’s passing, it was constantly creeping behind me.  When I ignore it’s presence, especially when its a big, radical change, it jumps in front of me and tightens the stream I call my financial flow.  That all-ways gets my attention, eventually anywayz.  lol.  I had to pay attention yesterday, 3 days left in this month and for the first time in 6 years, I do not have enough to pull together my rents or car payment.  In my processing yesterday morning, I was reminded of my time, the last year in Virginia, I barely had anything coming in then, barely enough to pay the rent on the Soul Center, forget anything else.  I knew it was time to move, to release myself from the chaotic stream of energy that I was both living in in the house and that place I just could not fall in love with called Virginia.  I had been there 5 years and leaving was an excitement.  Of course, I never thought I would leave 2000 miles between me and my kids and my 5 month of old grandson, but I did and flourished, eventually, in all streams.

It feels that big, now.  So I took to craigslist and started looking for rentals around the Jemez, why not walk backwards.  I couldn’t come close to feeling excited, or pulled in that direction.  OK, let’s look at the job market here, particularly, the customer service job market, which is actually plentiful here.  I opened several ads, including one thru greenpeace and I almost started balling.  There is a fine line between not wanting to do something and your whole field feeling depressed because of where you are looking.  OK, lets look somewhere else.  Maybe I’ll just sell this house and figure it out later.  I don’t like this place at all, but I don’t hate it either.  And I really have no alignment with selling something I own free and clear.  One day, when I’m 70 maybe it will come in handy.  I looked at the other mobile homes for sale in this community, they all have been sitting and in December, the asking price was dropped.  That didn’t feel right either.  The one thing I know I can do, is break my lease at the office and work out of my home, at least that will save me $401 a month.

I do what I do best, I release my own inner frustration on facebook.  I’m lost and need some hugs.  Well!!!  It was enough of a release outwards to change everything.  And I mean, everything in a moment thru places I could not even think to look.  A beautiful soul invited me to Oz, to Brisbane Australia to hang out with him for a while.  Talk about that zippity doo dah feeling that I got with new mexico, with his offer.  I surely would entertain that for sure… but… I am good and sticking my butt where it doesn’t belong lol.  I have a passport card not a true visa passport.  Also, there is this thing called my teeth I must deal with first.  Of course, I only put the passport dilemma out there as a reason to say no.  Yet…

In Between my readings that were suddenly overlapping each other, I seen a gofundme thing for my teeth in my email and on facebook.  Now, I have been back and forth with an amazing soul who a week or two ago asked if she could start a gofundme project for my teeth, you talk about being uncomfortable.  Ummmm well, yes, but I don’t want to ask anyone for anything that is not life essential.  We went back and forth and then yesterday morning, I gave in and gave her the details she needed.  So when I seen the gofundme online, I really thought it was thru her, until I read it.  Nope, she speak like that, wait it says someone else’s name, my Jenn i fire, who pulls energy out of black holes (in her reading of course) to create…. holy shit, two separate people think my teeth are THAT important… thats… beyond humbling.

But change was not done yet… my beautiful man in Oz said he has a friend in Thailand, a dental surgeon and can and will get my teeth hooked up.

Let me tell ya, I went to sleep so differently (energy wise) than I woke up.  My excitement lays in the potential of working, hand in hand, in the physical with an illuminated man.  Someone awake, aware and changing and interested in it All.

All I can say right now is… why not???  I can do my readings (the field is getting wayyyy to interesting to stop looking thru you) and maybe… have him partner with me, getting the masculine field ignited and partnered.  Just…. why not?  The growth thru it all feels phenomenal.  And get my teeth too!!

On that note, my reading day begins shortly.  I am, with the most uncomfortable feeling inside me, sharing Jennifer’s project at the end of this sharing.  Thank you so much for loving me, pushing me, giving me options I could never see on my own.  I love you each, madly, deeply, truly!!!!

Forgive any typos beyond my norm.  I am so late I have no time to spell check.

(((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))) of wild, unexpected changes to and thru ALL!!! ❤  Remember, electricity only works when used and directed 😉 otherwise we get fried.

P.S.  I give in to spirit all the time.  We are having a 2, nope, now a 5 day special (breaking thru duality into CHANGE.) with a 22.22% discount (master builders front and back) special on everything I offer!!  (Ends midnight sunday the 29th, the special that is, you can set your appointment whenever you want.)  Also, I will be here all of February, some of March may be iffy, passport and butt working together.  I will let you know for sure as soon as I know for sure.

For single readings use coupon code:  Master

For packages use coupon code:  MasterBuilder

P.S.S. I do not know how to make Jenifires project embeddable, so I will just leave the link here: with gratitude overflowing.



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