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The God Head and The Body of Gaia.


I want to start this with a link and an excerpt from my favorite magnetic master Kryon (thank you Carol for pointing this channeling out to us!!) to intertwine what he said with what I shared yesterday.

The title of his channeling is: Wild Cards of the Planet  (click the title to read the whole transmission.)  And this is his first example of a wild card:

“Dear Kryon, you might ask, “Does Spirit create wild cards for the planet?” Answer: No, you do. Your consciousness at a certain point in time gives an allowance for a wild card. Spirit is ready to enhance some wild card scenarios and not others. But the energy and consciousness of humanity allows for their occurrence. …

…Tesla was a wild card. His ideas were unexpected, controversial and advanced to a degree that even to this day those in electronic engineering shake their heads. They will take a look at what he invented and will comment, “How is it possible for any one person to have seen that? If you study alternating current, it’s a conundrum. Phase relationships of alternating current are brilliant beyond brilliant.” This was Tesla.

However, what you know about him is only what he brought to you. Now, a brilliant mind like that would have other things, don’t you think? Indeed, he did, so you might ask, “Well, where are those other things?” The answer is that those other things were stopped cold – all of them. He only was able to promote the one thing that you needed for the planet. The brilliance of his mind had many other profound ideas, but he was unable to proceed. He saw ways to alter mass in his workshops, but couldn’t. He was frustrated that he didn’t have the elaborate tools to be precise enough to make it work on a regular basis. That’s just one. Transmission of electricity without wires through the ground was the other. However, it would not have been correct at the time for those things to have been presented to humanity. You weren’t ready, but you were ready for alternating current, one of the most needed inventions for the time. Tesla died frustrated, poor, in a small room and alone. He came to do one thing, and was stopped from anything else, then he passed. If you have analyzed the people who were wild cards in your history, there is a pattern.”

The overall consciousness is key to everything in this wonderful, wild game we play.  Whether it is an invention in the created field of matter, or in our energy field of life.  Right time, right space of Light is key in all we do.  That said, never ever give up, keep working towards what we know to be true and possible as we change the field of collective consciousnesses thru out earth!!

I want to touch on something that became so prevalent in my understanding as I was scrolling facebook between readings.  We (ok, not all the “we’s”, but close) are as divided and out of unity as what we perceive the other side to be.  This became so vivid in my field of understanding as I was reading a post about the dakota pipeline being restarted.  No surprise there, Trump will bring the sediment at the bottom of the swamp to the top.  But it was in reading the term “their land” in relationship to the native americans.  For as long as we see any part of earth and theirs or mine, it is equally declared not everyone’s.

If we want things to change, WE must change.  It is OUR land, OUR waters, OUR air!!  All of life, not just some and yes, how we approach it, matters.  It matters tremendously.

How about those marches…. women’s right??  Why not humanities rights.  Better yet, the right for all life to live harmoniously together, as a single living system.  For as long as we single any one thing out, we are as divided and separating the whole as any other thing that we appear to be opposing.

If we truly want to change the planet, the collective divided consciousnesses, then we must not divide ourselves and approach life from wholeness.

All this actually flows right into the way the readings presented the reality of the field yesterday.  And I found a perfect way to attempt to explain what was amazingly revealed!!


The Emerald City, The Kingdom of God, the God Head, all used in relationship to what I call the Emerald City.  This about that amazing place we call our head.  We see thru our head, hear, eat, smell, talk, think, imagine, know… that a pretty intense place, the head.  Chop it off, the body instantly dies.  Have it malfunction, the body starts the dying process thru dysfunction/disease.  We have had enough of that.  We can see what is and has been happening to and thru our planet and all life forms because of the diseased head the body/gaia once had.

We can look at the years starting and ending 2013 thru 2016 as the transplant era.  By the last of December 2016, that final neurotransmitter was connected to the body and we went live!!

The silver and white pole I put the the head and body is equal to what we call our core.  We might even liken it to the esophagus of the living body.  The neck area, the membrane that I see in the readings, would be where the pure thought energy from the head becomes channeled into the right areas in Gaia.  Think about what the neck consists of, the vocal chords, the little trap thing that opens for food and keep these airway closed, or opens the airway and keeps the food trap closed.  We also have the thyroid gland there, the growth hormone regulator.  I took this from webmd:  “Thyroid hormones act throughout the body, influencing metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature. During infancy and childhood, adequate thyroid hormone is crucial for brain development.”

Four of the endocrine glands are located in the head.  The head is pretty damn important for sustaining optimal life.

There are two ways the emerald city is being fed, one is thru unified hearts releasing cells into the core.  This came thru one of my first readings yesterday.  She was exterior and at the top of the head. situated to the right of the diagram, sending what looked like shiny confetti down into the crown.  I eventually realized where she was getting this confetti, from her own heart a unified heart.  Not one that is all about the divine feminine, but wholely unified in itSelf.

These little particles of heart energy looked like glitter really, to my viewing eyes anyway.  Silverish glitter to be exact.  When I wanted to know what these particles were, the shine went away and I could see the familiar soft pink and soft blue.. the colors we use for new born babies.  Instead of thinking masculine or feminine, lets look estrogen and testosterone particles.  As they flowed down this contained core, suddenly they bound together and started reading outwards as silver streams of light.  It was made understood that they were using the silver energy to form the connection to Gaia.  In my readings, silver is the highest vibration of earth energy I see.  Now imagine, we are the ones creating that energy for the ALL!!  That said, there are some, like my lady, thru this first quarter, dedicated to making sure the core is always fed and pure.  And then some!!

When I was trying to figure out what happens with this silver light energy spreading outwards, which we can look at the pituitary gland’s function…

I started my day incredibly argumentative with spirit just trying to write my blog, I stayed in that mode all day long.  Cuz of course, this crazy girl named lisa knows more lol.  When I was looking at the silver streams, which are not so much streams as they are particles so in tune with each other they look like a stream, a single stream.  Then it was stated that this light is refracted light… what??  Wait, you mean reflected (this started my argument lol, I crack me up) no refracted, but refracted doesn’t make sense.  That is, until I googled refracted and shit, of course it does.  “…make (a ray of light) change direction when it enters at an angle.”    Especially given the fact that just before we tried to understand the light streaming out, spirit said it hits everyone in the emerald city differently and for different purposes.  That nothing is given to one part of the whole so it can do everything.  This is, WE ARE a wholly working, unified system.

Let’s skip to my next lady, if my brain wasn’t already on melt down, this took it over the top and actually kinda picked up where my endocrine lady left off with my melting brain!!

Let’s just say she was working at the most external area of the skin, the part that covers the head/body, what I have been referring to as the membrane.  For the emerald city, there are distinctly 8 layers to the “skin.”  Six kind of exterior and 2 interior and a geez… something or another that connects the 6 and 2 in functionality.  Here is an interesting image to play with:


If I am not mistaken, geez the lines of individuation is really getting blurry in me, but I think this next package of information came from yet my next person.  The hairs on the body picking up cosmic energy, both cosmic particles of light as well as debris.  We can look at these particles floating around space very much like stem cells, undefined and waiting instruction, both in light (energy) and material (matter/debris.)

Well, here I am, brain fried already.  Let me tell ya, its less the information and so much the energy of it all.  Phew, freakin baby!! lol  I have 5 more bits of information to take in today, so I am going to end this sharing the way I started it, with a closing excerpt from the above linked Kryon channeling: <— direct link to Kryon’s website.

“Can you relax in the face of uncertainty when it’s your own country? Can you relax in the face of not knowing what’s next? When you’re so involved, can you disengage from either side of the fray? That is the test of a Lightworker.

There’s something else coming. Dear ones, this is beautiful. No matter what you think and no matter what your reaction is to this channelling, what is happening is correct for your time and needed for your immediate future. I will speak of this later. The beauty is when you step away and see how grand it is, that Spirit cares enough that it would allow a big stick to occur that would stir your complacency at this time. The real reason? The shift is here.

How do you feel? I want you to relax and smile at what the shift has brought you. For those of you who felt all the “shift talk” was nonsense, this may be your wake-up call. It’s real. Here it comes.”

I love you all so much!!  Thank you for changing me each and every day… for the better!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with gratitude and pure unconditional Love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter/bookreading.html

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