Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 24, 2017

Working as a Unified Whole at the Pure Vibration of Want, Need… DESIRE!!


 I thought Saturday was hard doing readings when I was still seeing everyone’s energy layout thru the next reading and the next.  Well Sunday was no different, all 5 of my readings were still laying out either over, or around the visuals from saturday and each one I read for sunday, held its place consistently thru the next reading and the next.  Altho it was a marvel to behold, it was also so confusing, and energetically wildly intense.  Each connection, each thing I see thru you has its own vibratory field that I feel, which is how I see in the first place.  Now imagine, by the end of the day Sunday, I have 9 of you all spewing your light frequency to me!!  My body didn’t stop vibrating until I passed out for sleep that night, my mind was an unusable mass of energy.

I have been doing readings professionally, in one way or another, since 2003, and never in all that time has anything like this happened before.  I couldn’t blink all the images away, or even, will it them away.  I just had to work thru and with it all for each person.  I pray to god that whatever spirits point was for doing that, I’ve learned, will share and please… no more!!  It’s too hard, visually and vibrationally!!

However, the one thing I know, there is always a higher reason something happens, especially in readings.  So I had to ponder…

We are sooo accustomed to working by ourselves, individually, in whatever talent/ability we possess.  Most of the time, we don’t practice what we are doing outside of meditation, on real people or places, we don’t share out loud what we are doing with others, lest they don’t understand and criticize or condemn what we know to be true within ourselves.  This has been perfect getting to the emerald city, we must understand ourselves first and foremost, as a spiritual being playing in the wonders of matter.

I know, first hand, that doing anything in meditation is vastly different from doing that same thing in physical creation.  I learned how read and rearrange the energy field of the physical body 4 years prior to every laying my hands on a human, and when I did my first human, I felt like was back in kindergarten, the less than the first year within meditation.  It was not the same, we have a whole different vibratory field connected to the actual human incarnate.  When they are ill, their body is sending signals that do not radiate like the non ill parts of the body and then there is the over amplification of the ego… I eventually learned massage and it took me 7 years to hold, in knowing and understand and more importantly, application of all of it, together.  When I hit that place, my massage years ended and a new way of reading began over the next 5-6 years.

July of last year, it all changed again for me.  But this time, I was not changing my life all by myself, every one of you came with me, in one way or another, to help me with my mother and all that went with that.  We are now, a fully functional team sport!! 😉

The emerald city works/functions as a whole, for the whole.  This is how we work on the other side of the veil, when we are fully in spirit/heaven whatever you want to call that non incarnated place we all hail from.  We are deeply interdependent on each other, each others abilities, wisdom, energies, ect.

The one thing I am really understanding is how slow our physical brains work, by design of course.  Our minds must run slower than the speed of light in order to navigate our world of matter.  When we go into meditation, we speed up the wiring in our brains to travel to other realms and turn on the vibratory rates needed to see and then, see more, and even more.  Same with hearing and ingesting packets of information in nano seconds for understanding.  Always push yourself to the next level, because there is always a next, higher level… all-ways!!  That said, be sure to make sure you are as proficient working your light energy in physical matter as you are in the nonphysical realms like thru meditation.  Otherwise, you never really take yourself out of the textbook into full application.

And now, for those rocking the emerald city, it’s no longer just you, its time to partner with others and expand what you do in relationship with what others can do.

The way I am understanding this, and I think the best way to use the analogy is keeping with a factory setting.  Using spirits original words of clans and tribes in relationship to making dresses.  One section of the tribe (the over all factory) would be at the clan level, abilities that resemble each other, for this example lets just call one ability as the pattern makers.  Another clan, in the same tribe, would be the cloth makers, another clan, the thread makers and sewers and so on.  If you never connect with and fully use the other clans, sections of the factory, you are putting a lot of patterns that simply hold potential.  It someone in the other clan, lets say, the cloth makers, happen across one of your patterns, they have something to make and cut, but if they don’t connect with the thread makers… well… you get the idea I hope.

So, let me weave into all this my yesterday, my new dentist appointment!!  When I started getting ready for my new adventure, god I could feel my mother’s presence around me.  I don’t really think, until yesterday, I fully realized that on those rarer and rarer occasions when I am engulfed with my mother and wishing we had more time together, she is present with me, helping me, or sometimes, just sharing her love.  But her presence yesterday was prefect.  Over 20 years ago, she had dental implants put into her bottom jaw, paid for thru a car accident.  When I re-met with her in July, I stunned to find out that every one of her implants eventually just fell out of her mouth.  She was now toothless on her bottom jaw.  Obviously, she took care of none of her health, including her mouth.

I could feel her presence all the way to the dentist office, 50 minutes north of my home.  Half to there, I am stopped at a light with this van in front of me sporting a sign that said (in part) bathroom remodels.  I thought about my bathtub, wanting to extend my one bathroom an extra three feet to put in a real tub.  And I smiled for the reflection being presented.  But as I was going to understand… that van meant so much more than just a reason for me to smile.

I have to laugh at how wonderful spirit is in making sure we see the signs of our lives.  They too, must work with nature when it becomes a sign presented from nature.  My dentist was in the win dixie parking lot, along with a lot of other business.  My GPS insisted I was there, it was to the left of winn dixie and yet, I drove so slowly and looked at every business sign and never seen one that said “affordable dentures.”  So I went back out on the road, my GPS telling me again, make a left now, that left took me around the damn building and back to the side then the front.  I was not late for my appointment by a minute, so I called them.  Yup, I was in the right place my GPS gave me the right instruction but somehow, my field of vision did not see their sign, until I lapped around just in time for nature to build something that means more to me than the color yellow in validation and expression, a rainbow.


It appeared the moment I seen their sign, as I pulled into the parking space, grabbed my camera to document the rainbow, the skies opened up and as soon as the camera captured it, it was washed away by the rain.

The first thing that they did was take an x-ray as well as a CT scan of my jaw to see the bone density and if I had enough bone for implants.  When they sat me in the chair, in room number 3 and the lady went over what I am there for, I told her no, I don’t want the regular, full size implants that hold dentures to the mouth, I don’t have that kind of money.  I want the middle road, mini implants for snap on dentures.  She explained that what she showed me were snap on dentures, they just don’t use mini implants.  I started having a melt down because I asked before I drove that far and agreed to spend $175 for the CT scan if they offered the snap on dentures with mini implants and they said yes.

It is so amazing how much we can carry our past experience into a completely different experience, I was immediately defensive and accusing.  She immediately got the dentist to come explain things to me.  The vibration and tone coming out of my mouth when I spewed to him “I asked before I even set up this appointment…” which put him in the same defensive mode I was giving out.  Thank god I was not sitting in that chair without my antennas working like I had several times with my other dentist, because immediately I heard, he’s reflecting back to you, your own energy.  Well just shit!!  OK, I gotta put away the feelings I have about my scam artist dentist and give this guy a full chance to explain what he was trying to explain.

This man was keeping perfect time with my own energy field, as softened and listened, he softened and became compassionate to my desires.  He explained that mini implants are often expelled by the mouth within the first year.  He uses them as a temporary hold for those who have the pocketbook to use mini implants while waiting the 4 months for the permanent implants to heal and support the dentures.  He explained that if I wanted them, he would them and charge me full price for each (it would take 7 main implants and then 8 minis) at $1100 a piece.  Of course, he said this while we were both strung out in defence mode!!)

For whatever reason, it took 3 CT scans to actually get a clear picture of my full jaw, which gave us all plenty of time to soften and open together.  I explained to him, my desire to walk out of the office without a full upper plate the day I get my teeth removed has nothing to do with aesthetics at all.  I talk for a living.  I have had my partials for four years and do not wear them when I work because I still cannot speak well with that little metal cross-section that lines my palate when they are in, I have lisp.  Dentures cover the whole palate and I don’t have four months to figure out how to speak with them.  Of course, by this time, I have tears welling up in my eyes.

 By the time my 3rd CT scan finally captured my whole jaw, we were all in a different state of mind and heart together.   He gave me so many options to look at and choose from, including if I really wanted the minis, he would only charge me for four and give me the other four.  So my investment is either $12000 or $16000 and my teeth are not in such a bad condition that it must all be done at once, I could do one jaw at a time if I desired.

I do have to mention too, thru our conversation and the many options in front of me, one being no implants at all, I not only heard myself, but fully felt myself when I said “oh no, I WILL have implants.”  He smiled and said, I know you will.

When I left his office, I went the wrong way out of the parking lot and had to turn around, which just happened to be right in front of a broken sprinkler spewing water and rocking a rainbow thru the spray.

He is, unquestionably the one who will do this work as soon as I can figure out how to get it done lol. On my car ride home, as I am mulling over the numbers that I am trying not to choke on, I was seeing the $9000 investment my other dentist presented to simply fix what is in my mouth with no assurance that they would all need to be pulled some day anwayz.  I truly over teeth.  I was in new mexico and mentioned to my dentist there I think I am ready for dentures.  I was talked out of it, dammit.  I had insurance then and would only be paying for the implants themselves instead of everything!!

Anywayz, equally on my drive home, I am hearing Abraham, I almost never listen to those channelings, yet, rocking in my inner hearing is the words, this man is in your vortex and reflects every bit of you.  I surely want someone in tune with my field to be placing all kinds of stuff in my mouth, with love and compassion and nothing less.

(All of this really does tie into the first half of this sharing lol.)

There are many things I understand about the workings of life, energetically.  One of the main things is action.  I want this…  I pulled the only cash I had from my bedroom, $14 and drove to the store to play 14 draws of the florida fantasy five.  Hey, if my mother could win, I may be to too.  But less than looking for a lottery win, it was putting my shovel in the ground and turning over the dirt as I planted my seed of desire and will at the earth level.  Action.  The only action I could think at the moment.

When I came home I started to really think about things, things like WANT – NEED – DESIRE and outcome.  I have been pondering this for years without a true full understanding of how it all really works together.  Until yesterday.

For the last few years, I really wanted to upgrade my 60″ TV to a 70″ inch (hey, we all have something lol) but could not justify it since my 60″ was running perfectly.  When I got to my mother’s house, I could have easily got a 70,” I didn’t even get a 60″ instead I found a 55″ for the same exact price ($300) that I sold my 60″ for when leaving new mexico.  Yeah, I still want a 70″ but desire is nowhere near the want.

I thought about that van, with the bathroom remodel sign and my lack of bath meditation since what… May, June of last year… I want it, and pretty much need it, but the two have not fused together in desire.

I understand now, that desire is the emotional frequency of Divine Will.  I then remembered when I was going car shopping back in Dec 2008.  I have been doing my vision board with a honda civic hybrid for 2 years prior, while driving my ford explorer. When I got to take the hyred home for a weekend thru a honda dealer, I didn’t so much fall in love with the hybredness of the car as I did with the dash board.  I want this digital dash board for sure.  They couldn’t finance me for the brand new hybrid and try to put into something else, again giving me the car for a few days to fall in love with.  However, the salesman asked me a question that I didn’t even realize was important to me when trying to me into a non hybrid car “Is a sun roof important to you.  Holy shit YES!!  The emotional frequency that ran thru me was amazing even to myself.  YES it is!!

I took their crappy car home and couldn’t even like it forget fall in love with.  I pulled up the intent, plugged in honda civic sunroof and wham… there was my car that I am driving almost 8 years later.  Financed in the same day and I still had the other car from the other dealer.

As I was understanding and feeling all of this… the next thing I know I am now inside all the layers of the emerald city, you are all vibrationally in my livingroom doing each part that you do.  I seen my physical body stand directly on the north pole of earth and started spinning in a clockwise motion more and more rapidly, as I spun, I grew.  My arms were extended outwards parallel to my shoulders and I knew I was creating the full energy thru each of your parts to become… implanted dentures.

I could feel it all around me, inside of me, waves of joy, of knowingness… not how, but, it is done.  The magic is going to be seeing how, being in the experience of how it Will all come together.

So, my very long story shortened (lol) creation happens when (our perception) of need and want become one full live creating force of desire!!

There more to my understandings, can I say what a powerful, revelation filled day yesterday was lol… but, a new day is about to begin and I really pray we are back to the single view on the field!! lol

I love you all so much and thank you for the power source of your soul light unto my heart and mind for and thru the ALL of creation!!  ((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))

Lisa Gawlas







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