Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 21, 2017

Change. As Below, So Above.


Well here we are, day one of the most radical change our country has ever experienced.  Many people were pretty sure inauguration day for Trump would never happen, I knew it would, I prayed it would.  For as bizarre as Trump being president is, having Pence president would be tremendously more unfavorable.

Yesterday on the field was a complete wash out.  I could not see, hear or hell get my body moving.  It felt like I was covered in a mix of lead and molasses.  As the day stretched on to close to almost over, the lead system covering me started to lift… a little bit.  Enough that my severed intuition came back, at least a little bit.

I did not watch one ounce of the hoopla surrounding yesterdays transfer of power, however, I was mindlessly scrolling facebook and was actually caught by surprise how many people were excited about Trumps speech.  I suppose he used buzz words (just like “drain the swamp”) like unity and helping everyone to make america great again.  Over and over and over again, I heard, for the first time in a decade, my main guide Ramus reminded me (it was what he taught me) “Actions speak louder than words.”  People can be mesmerized by words, hell look at many of the religions or even Hitler… great speeches that disarm people of their power.  Incase you missed the actions of his cabinet choices, click here.  He didn’t drain the swamp, he hired it!

This morning, as I woke up, I also became vividly aware, there was another change in power taking place yesterday… ours.  The higher frequency placement of the emerald city.  The living light that now runs thru us, as us, as way showers, as illuminators of a deeper truth and a better way, not just for one country, but for the greater all.

For the last couple years, again, thru the readings, spirit has said time and time again, to become the living meditation, to be the guides and masters that helped us in meditation to the brightest light we held within ourselves and go beyond even that.

I have learned that spirit will start prepping us years before whatever the event is they are preparing us for.  Truly, we have prepped ourselves for many many lifetimes in this earth realm.

I have been having political conversations (I never once started them) with a guy that lives at the marina.  He is a 68 year old retired IT guy who has been a huge trump supporter. We have had many healthy debates (no yelling, no getting so mad we stopped talking) over trump, this country and running it like a business.  I showed him the video of Trump joyfully laughing at his buzzword “drain the swamp” that his speech writers created and he hated, but used, and was shocked at how easily it caught on.  He didn’t mean it, but it helped to get him elected.   I also asked him if he would run his family like a business, focusing on the bottom line and not the nurturing that a family really needs.  These are just two of many many conversations.

He would even ask me, now you are mad at me.  Hell no.  I personally don’t care what you believe.  You are looking thru your lens and the way you see things is absolutely right for you.  I happen to have a different lens and see things differently.  Our gift to each other is we can have these discussions and not get mad at each other.

Let me tell the shock and joy I felt when a couple of days ago this precious man came and had his smoke with and said, you’re not going to believe this, but I am no longer excited about a Trump presidency!!  Mainly due to Trump spending 2 Trillion bucks on something or another.  My reply to him… ohhh so the lens you look thru is changing.  Good for you!

It is exactly how my own personal team thru meditation helped me to see thru a lens not tainted by the fear instilled catholic eyes I looked thru.  I wasn’t beaten over my head, well, not all at once lol.

Equally, aside from individuals, we also have been placed in systems that need a spot light shined on them as well, and our determination to change it.

I have been going over with myself and my team about the fiasco I am experiencing with my (now fired) new dentist.  I kept thinking I must be still cleaning up some old karma from my lottery club/telemarketing business I had in S. Florida and it wasn’t until the other day did I finally hear… no, you placed in challenging situations to shine a light and clean them up.  Lucky me!!  Similar situation with seeing the (lack of) health care, care when my mom was alive.  To date, I have done nothing with her former primary doc… yet.

So truly what is taking place for us, and how we are working in tandem with trump.  He is going to bring all the sediment from the bottom of the swamp to the surface, you and I are going to clean it up.

This is not a time to get cozy in cozy words, but listen to the silence between the words, that is the only place truth of intent resides.

I seen a wonderful video on facebook yesterday by Jennifer Hoffman, I love her props and her message.  If you look at the flashlight, think of that as the emerald city rotating around the disintegrating 3D realm, shining our lights thru thought, deed and most importantly… action!!


I love you all so much and thank you for being so strong and so brave and soooo very determined!!

(((HUGZ))) of love, of light, of change to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Yes! I felt the changeover yesterday as well. I had a very bizzare, yet simultaneously empowering moment of embodiment looking in the mirror and suddenly heard the weird little tune from The Princess and the Frog “You’re in my world now – not your world – and I’ve got friends on the other side.” 🙂 Thanks Lisa!

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