Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 20, 2017

Moving On Up!!

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I have a million things to share, and less than an hour to do it in.  This oversleeping is becoming ridiculous!!  So be warned, I may jump back and forth more than usual and I may not get time to edit (yes, I hit the spell/grammar check every time before I publish!! lol)

As soon as I got the office yesterday, I tapped into the field just to see if I can tap in, since the day prior was a blank, my brain was running slower than molasses.  I was shocked at what I had seen and couldn’t wait for more information thru the readings.

Even tho there are no walls, no ceiling nor flooring, I usually do see something that resembles that to give us a context in which to work and explain.  However, we do reside in a sort of air pocket or bubble slowing merging with the earth’s sphere.

So as soon as I tapped into the field, I see what could be described as a large square box, with a massive white energetic fist punching thru the center of each wall or side.  As the fist punched thru each wall, the wall was intense with colored energy running up and down (from ceiling to floor) made up mostly of blues, violets and reds.  The center of this box was unviewable because of the intense energies coming thru.  It reminded me of a carbonated beverage that was serious shook up.

No surprise at all, I could only see the exterior of the emerald city thru all of the readings yesterday.  I rescheduled two because, even tho I seen them and some detail that was needed for a fuller understanding of what was happening, it was not personal like I know readings should be and you pay for.

One lady gave us the mother load of understanding what I glimpsed before the readings started.

If we look at the “walls” as our soul, our whole soul, the part that remains on the other side of the veil as well as the part that is with in whatever incarnations we are having and the floor itself would be the physical/biological incarnated us.  Now that is one hellofa foundation, made up of the human incarnate!!

The fist punch came directly from the other side of the veil, the soul forced a wind of high vibrating energies thru each quadrant flowing into the core and expanding outwards.  There is a new fusion taking place from the wall to the floor.  I could see it as white brackets that held the floor and wall together as the energies sealed itself up in a new higher vibration of itself.  Again, I could not see what was happening inside, this was an exterior view that made sense to me.

However, I do want to put out here, that this precious lady went thru a heart transplant back in Oct 2012 and we were talking about the dynamics of that time and her place in it, and her team kept referring to her heart as a “time-keeper.”  Or something close to that.

I had one lady creating a moat around the housing of the emerald city, but not just any kind of moat, she was using “the golden mean,” which to my eyes, looked like a massive gold slinky that she was spreading out.

She was then sitting at the front entrance of the emerald city, in her moat, with the golden slinky in front of her and behind her and encircling the entire emerald city, and now she was making all kinds of sacred geometric designs at the connecting point.  Of course, I must ask… what the hell she doing??  The image that came back reminded me of a meditation I experienced way back in 2004.  In her reading I could see person after person trying to enter the emerald city, the moment they passed over this moat thing, they were flipped back down to earth, their time, their vibration was not in alignment with the emerald city.  However, those that were, suddenly looked like they all came from Alaska.  Heavy white coats, pants and hats adorned their Being.  Spirit said they were purified of the earth debris upon entrance, pure and ready.

Also, another part of her geometric designs were creating what at first glance looked like a force field that went up and over the emerald city like a teepee.  My words “force field” were changed to reflect “Source Field”  that spread out from this moat place around the city.

My meditation back in 2004, so vivid, so real, I can recall every detail 12 years later.  There was a super massive tree that had an opening, like an upside down V opening and there was a line of people as far as my eyes could see.  Each person was holding a ticket, a glowing white ticket.  At the entrance of this tree were I guess, tree keepers/gate keepers.  Only those with a “true” ticket were allowed inside, those holding “false light” were turned away.  I was allowed inside and the only thing I had seen, each person sitting in the center of the tree in a circle that got larger with each person… and that ended my meditation.

My last lady threw me for a loop.  She was out over the marina, keeping in mind the emerald city shows up over the side parking lot, not towards the marina.  There she was tho, easily 20 feet in front of the emerald city and about 15 feet higher than its placement over the parking lot.  She had a lasso around the construct of the city and started yanking it towards her.  What the hell???????

Spirit said there is a massive shift taking place as we move from the energy system called January into the next phase of February.  Well, if january opened up to an 11D frequency that had us put on our new clothes and working tools, February goes 11.5D and then March, the full spectrum (not quite sure what that means) of 12D frequency.

I broke her reading up since her team said that there is other work she does inside the emerald city, but for this moment, I cannot see inside until it all settles.  What is even more odd, the moment I went to my computer to reschedule the rest of her time, out of the corner of my crazy eye, suddenly I seen 5 spacecraft and they had her encircled, assisting.  I could not get any more information, but what a way to end a day!!!  As we as today’s sharing!!  I gotta get ready for my day now.

What a wild, wild ride you all are and god knows, I am so madly in love with each and every one of you!!  Thank you for doing what you do and giving me, us… the pure privilege of seeing and understanding thru your Soul Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) of massive upticks of energy and abilities to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Lisa, Thank-you for sharing! I saw a utube yesterday by bpearthwatch which talked about the inner core of earth magnum. speeding up its movement in response to balance the incoming energies that are not from our sun, but from the galaxy. . It was scientific talk, so a bit over my head, but he had pictures lol. Looks like we are all in for a bumpy ride as Mother earth stretches. And shifts as we stretch & shift with her and beyond. Many Blessings, Namaste, Yvonne

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