Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 18, 2017

Rising From the Ashes.


Right around 1am yesterday morning, my crazy body decided to take a plunge into the fires of hell.  My thermometer was showing a hot 103.9 degrees body temp and I do believe it was burning the connective membranes that kept my (perception) of my world intact.  The rare moments I would actually wake up I felt like my own version of multiplicity happening. Instead of being one solid mass of me, I was slices of membranes that made up me and they were separating and wiggling, leaving my own equilibrium spinning just trying to lift my head off the pillow.  By 5pm yesterday, it all stopped as fast as it started and I felt human again, at least for an hour.  I don’t think the fever came back, but my butt went back to sleep, without waking at all, until 6:30 this morning!!  WTH!!!???

As I sit here, still slightly lethargic in my brain, I keep seeing Saturday’s field via the readings… all of the emerald city was expanding and each person showing up was reflecting their own unique task in assisting the expansion of this field.

I do want to focus tho, on the feeling and visuals I was seeing as my body, it’s like I was super, hyper aware of my own body, not as a solid mass, but bits and pieces of itself.  It was close to noon and I realized I just stood everyone up that had an appointment with me.  I had to get an email to them.  My mobile home is 44 feet long, my bedroom on one end, my computer on the other end.  I managed to get my body to walk to the dining room, about the half way point to my computer and thank god for a chair, I couldn’t do it.  I sat down just to remember how feet in motion is supposed to happen… and that is when I could see like membranes, layers and layers of these membranes that made up my body and they were all vibrating and wiggling but not in harmony with each other, instead it was as if each membrane was doing its own thing, vibrating at its own speed and using this body in such chaos, near impossible.  I went back to bed until close to 5pm.

The only thing I can understand about this is the fever served to burn off the debris that no longer serves this next phase of our evolutionary expansion of Self.  Which of course, created more “space” for incoming light cells.  But what more it means, I have no clue.  However, that said, I am hearing something from one of the readings the other day… we will be going thru another major shift as we conclude January.  This must be the set up!

Ohh there was something too, that was stated on the 14th, when viewing the expansion of the emerald city, is that the realm we know and love as Gaia is contracting.  But in the state of contraction, she also becomes more buoyant.  The fires burning out the unneeded debris, allowing for buoyancy, a rise in frequencies.  Where in the emerald city, the only thing that can take place, is expansion.  The highest vibrations of light coming together in use and understanding.

I pray to god that this is the only time my body has to go thru this, to see and experience from the inside out!!  On that note… I’m pulling myself together and heading to the office.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of life expanding change to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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    • “I pray to god that this is the only time my body has to go thru this, to see and experience from the inside out!!”

      How would you like to experience THAT burning, as well as every single one of your cells being Radiation burned with multiple higher dimensional frequencies…..being cooked from the inside out, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT/MORNING/EARLY AFTERNOON for *3 years* non-stop…

      …With this hellish Radiation burning, cooking and causing fever and fluids leaking continuously out of your body as you toss and turn for 8 to 12 hours straight.
      As the excruciating bard-wire PAIN builds up in your cells, tendons, cartilage, muscle and even your bones….

      As you endlessly try to rub out the agonizing PAIN and electrical discharges — ceaselessly being released from all of your body’s tissues — loudly snap* and *crack* out of the ends of your hands and feet, also for 12 hours.

      And after it finally ceases being downloaded through your body, the excruciating pain lasts another 3 hours as you try to use warm water to remove it from your body, but water hasn’t worked anymore for at least a year, and lately even “lukewarm” water hurts too much.
      You no longer have a top layer of skin, no barrier protection AT ALL…in fact it’s no longer “skin”. It’s continuously damaged, radiated *leather*.

      Right after this, you get to enjoy the torture of another 12 hours of all of your body’s tissues, CRYSTALLIZING, as a side effect of the burning.
      The Crystallization of all your cells, leads to the even worse hellish torture of horredous ITCHING, which also never ceases. Not until you go to bed and start switching from skin-bloodied ITCHING and SCRATCHING and RUBBING…back to good ol’ BURNING again.

      And due to years of high frequency/higher dimensional Radiation Burning you have at least a dozen rashes and skin diseases and raw skin tumours painfully oozing all over your body — which never are allowed to HEAL. Because there is never a break for your body. Not even a single *hour*.

      On top of THIS, your cells are in overdrive, over-production New-Tissue mode and produce excess tissue that you have to scrape off and out of your body all day and evening.

      Basically you are a hunched-over human zombie who can barely move.

      Typical pain meds don’t help.

      How functional do you figure you would be as a person, with this piled on top of the typical exhausting/debilitating Ascension symptoms?

      Would you be begging for Death, every single day, like *I* am???



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  5. OMG, Lisa, poor you! that must have been a very confronting experience….I read on FB today that Wes Annac went through something similar, but to me he isn’t experiencing it quite like you do!
    Sending Love to you dear Heart….I don’t think anyone would blame you for standing them up, we understand.
    Thanks for sharing this…
    Sylvia Melaynia xx

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  7. I feel for everyone that is still having ascension symptoms, energy symptoms or whatever you want to call them. I have a lot of them as well, but usually not as intense as some people I hear about. I did say usually though. Sometimes mine can be pretty intense as well.

    I really don’t know why we have to suffer through this so much. Are we burning off so much dross and negative energy and there are not enough of us doing this that it puts a strain on the bodies of those of us that are? I always meditate on integrating the energies with grace and ease and try to ‘ride the wave’ like so many talk about. I thought we were supposed to be through this in 2007 or 2009, but some talked of being a ‘delay’ and now here we are in 2017 and we still have symptoms. I thought going through this things were supposed to be getting easier as we integrated more and more light.

    I came across a homeopathic remedy called magnetis polus arcticus for the north pole that some are saying because of the geomagnetic storms it throws the poles off and effects our bodies and that is why we have these symptoms. I’m checking into it, some say it helps with the symptoms. If anyone else has heard of these I would be glad to hear about it and whether or not it helped. There is also a remedy for the south pole.

    Best wishes to everyone,


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