Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 14, 2017

A Group Soul Understanding, ET’s and More.


I find it stunning that the very day after ETville is back online, my first three appointments are ET connections.  Talk about intuition running strong thru you!!!

My first ET lady seemed to hit something I have been pondering for days and I really wanted more clarity on and there she was like a kiss on the breeze.

The one thing I know for sure, there is so much about what our soul is, what it is capable of doing and being that our linear mind will never fully understand.  Kind of like our lives itself, I have, thru spirits eye what earth looks like and it is not made of matter, it is a super complex series of lights, tones, stuff that if you looked at it in a painting would end up being called an abstract mosaic painting that is on constant change.  Our physical minds were created purposely to give solidness to the stream of lights that make up our world, our bodies.

Our soul is equally a series of lights and tones and consciousness.

As I was, once again, pondering the whole “group soul” as it related to Gaia, I was given the visual of the physical body.  Our body is made up of many different working parts, unique unto itself, interdependent on the whole of the body and works in harmony with it all.  Example the liver is significantly different in makeup and function than the heart or brain and yet, it is still very much a part of the whole body.  When one part of the whole (speaking of the body) gets out of balance or becomes ill, the whole body knows and reacts in whatever way their job is to react.  Because the body is made up of matter, it can and does completely break down and cease to exist.  The soul itself, not so much.  I think the better way to say this is, the evolved soul, one that has so much experience in matter and incarnating, never breaks down.

So my lady showed up in a way that just took my breath away in excitement!!  There she was, on a “mother ship” surrounded by 5 unique (different form each other) ET’s.  She was in the “control room” of this mother ship.  This ship, without ever breaching into earth’s atmosphere keeps the various bases it is connected, supplied with whatever they need.  This all became background information to what was presented next.

I put a very humble, but handy dandy visual together so you can follow along with how I seen and understood the information:


For the first time, I think ever, I can now see how some people individuated our soul body into bits and pieces, like an over soul.  That never made sense to me, I think simply because my own team never individuated our soul energy.  But if someone got a view like this, the streams of yellow energy going into the body could very well be likened to a “higher self,”  and then connected to an over soul.  It’s all the same damn soul to me and my posse!! lol   But for the first time, I do get it or at least, the why we divide it up like we do.  But, lets not!

So, on this ship there was 6 incarnated Beings that all shared the same soul body, to include my lady.  They are NOT aspects of herself, but separately functioning incarnations of the soul, of her soul.  The communication coming thru her connection was adamant about being clear on that.  Each one has a different personality to compliment the landscape they exist within.  They have different abilities, focus areas within their incarnated life spans.  Just like identical twins are two unique incarnations.  If one learned a foreign language and the other didn’t, the twin that didn’t wouldn’t know that language just because her twin does.  She would have to learn it too, separately.  However, she may learn it more quickly because her twin already learned it and is now resident in the shared DNA.

So the way my lady’s team showed how this worked, was each incarnation was releasing information back into the main soul body.  It rests or resides there until one of the other incarnated Beings is ready to assimilate that information, skill, or whatever.  There still has to be a conscious interaction with the Being that is now ready to bring in that information so that it can be assimilated and applied into their functioning consciousness.  With my lady it would be within her human brain.  The clearer the human mind is, the more complex the information flow can be.

I do find it incredibly interesting as well, that her and her 5 ET’s incarnations take part in running this mother ship.  One could easily see that our soul would be the mother ship and each incarnated being a part of the running mechanism.  She was told that as she perfects this relationship, she will be at the forefront at assisting others to do the same.

One of my other ET readings was just wild, visually speaking.  It is such a shame I cannot draw, his face was… unique looking, to say the least.  A dark tan, leathery skin with bumps all over it.  These two huge eyes that floated in their socket and worked independently of each other.  His eyes had a 360 degree rotation ability.  When one or both eyes were positioned towards the back of the head… this became amazing.  In the position where our pineal gland would be located, he had a virtual reality bubble area.  He can focus one of his eyes into this area and tap into anywhere he wanted.  The example we used was, one eye looking at the matter on earth, the other eye looking at the matter on the Pleiades, and in a way, being in both places at the same time.

His nose area, not like our nose really, there is no sense of smell, but instead was like a super functioning antenna that allowed whatever he was looking at one earth to be somehow transported to the area he was looking at on the Pleiades and vise versa.

Biologically this is how he is designed, created, whatever word we need to use for the Beings incarnated in his realm, and altho he tried so hard to give me the name of his solar system, my mouth failed.  Arma something or another.  He is going to help her remember how our human design can achieve something similar.  Obviously differently than him, since our eyes will never work like that, but there is something in us, long ago, put away, that is similar.  She has homework to do, too!!

This new venue of ours is homework heavy!!  I thought I had a brilliant idea of how to make my bath support my body… I got a sand chair yesterday, dammit if my bath isn’t too small for it to fit into.  Grrrrrr.

I do want to touch on my last reading of the day before I close.  I didn’t even realize there was something missing from all the readings in the emerald city… sound.  My lady had a bass drum that made up, was part of her abdomen.  Exterior to this base drum that protruded from her belly were 5 other much smaller drums that surrounded her main drum in a semi-circle.  Extending from each palm were 5 things that reminded me of drumsticks.  Focusing on her right palm, each drumstick, when hitting the base drum created a massive explosion of light, one light per drumstick thru her entire body and outwards.  She became her own discotech!! lol  It was beautiful to see and hear!!

When I switched to see how her left palm drumsticks worked, one beat on this drum and suddenly a mountain goat appeared at her side.  What the hell???  Why and where did that come from????  She asked if it appeared because she is a Capricorn??  Good enough reason for me! lol  Well that lead to information about our stars and what we call our constellations in the sky and how they came to represent what they did.  From our ET’s that visited us long ago and their origins and I guess the closest thing I can say is, their likenesses. Goats, Lions, water bearers.  I look at these star formations and think, how the hell do you get a lion out of the constellation of leo (my birth sign) or a freakin goat out of capricorn??


Sorry, I do not see a goat formation at all.  Well, it is not because the stars look like a goat, but because the Beings that came from that constellation looked like goats!!  And the animals known as mountain goats (partiularly) were seeded here by those Beings, to remember.  Even the attributes we assign to these constellations represent their overall personalities.  NOW that makes sense to me!!

So her goat is going to be her ally as she understands the music within her and the creation process from it.  I know there is so much more, but I have an early day today and sadly, I must close here.

I do want to add this little message that came thru one of the connections yesterday.  “We haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet, we are just becoming aware there is an iceberg to delve into!!”

Before I close, I am going to ask you to please do whatever you can energetically to assist my sons broken ribs.  He broke three ribs last evening, one completely separated from its self (see bottom of x-ray.)  This coming at the worse possible time, he just started a job after being terminated at thanksgiving.  He is a painter and this job is ceiling work, extending his body in way I know is gonna hurt.  We won’t even talk about the fact he has no insurance, not that you can do much for broken ribs.  Thank you in advance!! ❤

my sons ribs.jpg

Anywayz, have an amazing, adventure filled day thru all you do!!

(((HUGZ))) filled with magic and miracles to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Ooohh, I know what it’s like to be a painter. The positions one has to maintain to get stuff done quickly and well. Sending your son well wishes of comfort, and full and accelerated healing!

    I’m also commenting because I would like to inquire as to your usage policy of blog posts. I reblog/vlog written articles to YouTube, reading them personally, and promoting the writer’s website(s) and social media(s). Would that be okay?

    (I tried your contact button/link on your website, but it seems to be broken.)

    Thank you for your lovely insights, and have a great weekend!

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  2. Reblogged this on SilverAngelsWings and commented:
    Re-blogged to SilverAngelsWings. Wow, Loved this post, certainly validated a few points for me. Sending much Love and Healing energy to Christopher, we well know in this house all about not being able to stretch upwards! I hope my dear readers are enjoying these posts, it’s my job to share the Word around….
    With massive (((HUGZ))) and Love to all who read this,
    Sylvia Melaynia xxx

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  3. Thank you for your kindness and Love, dear Lisa, Hmmmm, fellow Leo, huh? I had a funny feeling about that……lol…
    Much Love and Blessings, dear Heart…
    Sylvia Melaynia xxx

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  4. Hey Lisa,  This is Sandy Taylor in New Orleans.  I saw x-ray of your son’s broken ribs.  I have been doing energy healing for a number of years using the Emotion Code and Body Code System given from Source to Dr. Bradley Nelson.  If you want me to and your son agrees, I can talk to him over the phone, then go into “proxy” with him and see what we can do to help him.  Just seeing this, I feel that just releasing whatever physical blow caused the break will start to take a lot of the pain away.  Anyway, I am at the library now using the computer and will not be back home for a few hours.  Will try to call you when I get back.  My land line number is 504-322-2717.   Talk to you later, Sandy


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  6. Sending love and healing to you and your family, with extra cellular star glue for your son’s bones. 🙂 Have him visualize the bone’s cells gluing themselves together and hopefully that may quicken the healing.
    much love and Blessings,
    creative lady 🙂


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