Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 12, 2017

The Amplified Light of Our Bodies!!


I am so excited, ETville has reopened!!  YAY!!  I have not been able to access that area since the fog filled vortex showing up over the marina back in December.  As soon as they opened up they gave me a gift, a gift I didn’t even realize I needed as much as I did in that moment.  Validation that I am getting this stuff correct in hearing and in interpretation.

The first thing I had seen was this highly reflective large oval landing pad across the marina.  Not a completely unfamiliar sight at all.  But there was something different about it, about the ones I have seen that are in relationship to the lab/base in the gulf of mexico and I knew it wasn’t located there.  I started to hear back, they are located in the gulf of arabia.  Arabia?  What??  Is there even gulf of Arabia???  I couldn’t even concentrate any more, I had to know for sure if there really was a gulf of arabia.  Thank god for google, instant information at our fingertips and let me tell you, I had my own litter inner orgasm as soon as I seen it pop up on google search, also known as the Arabian gulf or the Persian gulf.

What’s funny too, I crack myself up, a lot, before I went in the office to google the gulf of arabia, my dear lady’s ETs were trying to assure me I am hearing right and gave me a connection to the Mediterranean.  I can travel the multiverse and never get lost, give me planet earth and I get lost going down a one way street.  I was not about to say the Mediterranean out loud incase I was completely wrong.

One would think something like this would not have the gigantic effect on me like it did, but it really helped my inner knowing that all this other information that is coming thru, is being interpreted and presented as accurately as I can get.

On this highly reflective base thingie were three robotic arms that extended upwards.  One by one a ship, each different from the other, landed on top of the arm.  The first one was a round ship like we are accustomed to seeing, that was created in arena we know as Sirius.  The second one was cylinder shaped and that came from a solar system that started with an A, I could not quite capture its exact name, so I resigned to call it system A.  The third one was not solid like the other two and was distinctly nameless.  More of an energy craft than something made of matter.

What I found interesting, and this must be telling a bigger story for us, each craft, those created in vastly different solar systems, were created to work together with each other.

What they are doing and how was super interesting.  The nameless one, there was no planet they existed from, instead they lived and worked in deep space.  Even the Beings within the ship were energies, very much like pure consciousnesses.  They showed us opening up something that would remind me of a massive air bubble in space.  They would enter into this air bubble and it became a living laboratory that they can create anything they could imagine.  For our purposes, they are creating and envisioning new life forms for our changing planet of earth.  It is not limited to one thing, be it plants, animals or even newer, highly functioning human prototypes.  They then bring their creation to the other two ships, the one from system A has the chemical make to start forming this creation.  The Sirius ship has the matter to take the energy and chemicals and give it form.  This team at least, are doing this at the base in the gulf of arabia.

What was explained, and we pretty much know this anwayz, but the earth is changing, the energetic make up of earth is changing.  Older life forms are leaving, their time is done.  Newer life forms are coming into existence, with a lot of help form this amazing team (and many others.)  There is a trial and error period with all creations.

We tend to give ET’s god like qualities, knowing everything, they are evolving just like we are.  They are much more evolved, but evolving nonetheless.  The example that was used in my lady’s reading yesterday, lets say they are bringing a new form of bumble bee to this planet.  Energy guys create the form prototype, very much like a living, energetic blueprint.  Chemical guys start mixing and formulating the chemical makeup of this new Bee and Matter guys start to embed the seeds of matter to create solid form.  Sometimes, they creations need tweaking, hyper bees, sluggish Bees whatever.  Maybe this is what happened to the killer Bees of Africa!! lol

My lady of course, is a participant in this team.  Her job now is to fully engage with her team, understand the process and as she perfects it all within herself, there will come a time she can, lets say, regenerate a missing finger or even leg for a client.

As I can say every single day, there are a million details that came thru the each one yesterday that I just don’t have time to detail.  But I do want to bring my first lady front and present, since her image is hovering in the forefront of my mind.

Before I do get to that, I want to say that even before I left my house yesterday, my whole freakin body started vibrating again.  My legs were weak, my hands shaky… Jezuz my work is rough!! lol  This time tho, I started to get an image of my stalactite lady’s reading, the energy running thru each of those things hanging down in her cave.  Something similar, if not exactly the same, is happening to and thru me to prepare my whole body for our connections.  It evens out once we start the readings, but then the snot, the sinus lubricant goes off the wall.  I have no snotty nose at home, but thru every reading now. “excuse me while I blow,” is becoming a familiar expression thru readings. lol

So my first lady, there she was as a huge spiral of multi colored energy.  I snagged a picture off the internet just to share a visual, even tho this image looks nothing like her, the layout does.  And I can use it as a reference.


There were no cross sessions in her spiral at all, just a continuous filament of multi colored lights that started at the foot level and widened as it went up over her head.  In various sections of this continues filament of light were these protrusions, I marked them as red in this visual, but they were all different colors and changed as she used her light body.

I eventually seen her physical form inside this beautiful spiral of light that is her.  Then I could see her right hand grab one of the protrusions down near her legs, her left hand grab one up over her head, and then suddenly she had these tentacle looking things (this is the second time I am seeing something similar like this, tentacles coming out of the spine) coming out of her spine to use other protrusions.  When she purposely worked these protrusions the output of energy changed based on her desire and creation force.  While she is just going thru her day, this light field is bringing in new quantities of light energy to the realm we know and love as Gaia.

I couldn’t fully understand these protrusions that to me, reminded me of outdoor christmas light bulbs, until she asked about the pain in her joints.  OMG, that would be where the intersections lay within the body field, all the joints!!

I also want to say, I have been reading for this beautiful soul for years, so I am quite adjusted to her changing frequencies, or so I thought.  This light body was now an easy 20 octaves above her energy field I connected to last month and gave me a constant headache in my left temple.  That alone shows how her energy field is entering the physicality of life, of matter, of the material construct of Life.  Thanx for the upgrade girlfriend!! (smile)

As I am connecting with each person and seeing their new form, their new amazing abilities, I wanted to know what the hell my place is!!  Instantly I heard “You are a biometric engineer.”  What the hell is that??  So I do what I do best and google biometric engineer:  Biometrics engineers are usually software developers who create and maintain various biometric systems.

Well, I am far from a software developer, I can barely understand facebook or my computer!!  So I looked up what a biometric system is:  A biometric system is a technological system that uses information about a person (or other biological organism) to identify that person. … A biometric system will involve running data through algorithms for a particular result, usually related to a positive identification of a user or other individual.

OK, I can almost get that.  I see you in away, most people cannot.  Your algorithms come from your light body and physical body that creates the field in which we see, your… our ever evolving identity.

In our own way, we are all highly evolved software programs learning to link into each other and run a new world, which we call, the emerald city… The Kingdom of God.

Thats enough for today!! lol  I just realized, today is the full moon, I am so grateful it is my day off!!  Altho my physical body is feeling tremendously better, my energy body is still vibrating thru kingdom come thanks to all of you!!  And I do give, deep thanx!!!

Ok I was going to end here, until I found the main art for this sharing.  Getting to this amazing place we call the emerald city, we had been seeing, rediscovering the bits and pieces of our whole self.  Whether it was thru our incarnations in other planes of existence, or past and future life memories here on earth or even from the pure soul that we are when not incarnate.  We needed to understand our bits and pieces to understand how to work ourselves as a whole system.  For those in the emerald city, we are NOW a whole system no longer working outside of ourselves.  It also changes the matrix of our soul and body.  Forget chakras, that is the old body system.  We have brought in our ETselves, our larger matrix of soul energy, our expanded, evolved physical cells and no two bodies look even closely to being the same, at least, thru my eyes.  We really must rediscover our fullness, our wholeness as a working energy system.  I hope you understand what I am trying to say… words!!!!!!  Ok, now I’ll close!! lol

So lets celebrate the light of luna with a one day reading special!!  Master Builders, Unite!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Light drenching Love in all flavors and colors!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  One Day (today, ends at midnight) Only FULL MOON Special.  22% off any single reading or ET connection!!  Use coupon code FullMoon.




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    This is the best description of creation that I have heard yet, makes the most sense to me. And I am feeling some intense changes now.

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    Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Wow, wonderful insights from Lisa today, She is a Biometrics engineer! I had been wondering, what she defined herself as, if anything, & what she was according to Spirit.
    Much Love & Blessings to Lisa for more information to enlighten us with.
    Peace and Love to you all who are reading this
    Sylvia Melaynia xx

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  3. Thank you, Lisa…..
    Peace and Love
    Sylvia Melaynia xx

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