Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 11, 2017

You Are The Eye of Creation Creating.


There is so much information, so many different parts and pieces that came thru all the readings yesterday, there is no way I am going to have time to share it all this morning.  It is, however, having me rethink the construct we know as earth, as Gaia.  It is our tendency to humanize everything about, well, everything and for as long as I thought of earth as a living soul, as Gaia, I thought in singular.  One Being.  Given yesterdays vastness of the expanding view of the emerald city, I am sure Gaia is group soul and not a singular Being.

I truly expected (one day, I will really let go of all that expectation lol) everyone on the field to present some sort of further information about  these “living” rooms, but one out of the five readings I had, was in that venue.

My first lady really threw me for an energetic loop, actually she started throwing me long before our connection.  When I got to the office, holy heavens, my legs and knees were shaking as if I had wayyy too much energy flowing thru them, my hands were even shaky with a similar energy.  I just might vibrate right out of my chair and fall on the floor!!  Weird!!

When her reading opened up, I was in awe.  It was as if she was in her own personal cave with all these things hanging down, like stalactites.


These stalactite looking things filled the entire inner space and all of them hung almost down to a floor I could not see.  Each one of them radiated the same sort of energy, a light blue energy that constantly flowed upward from the bottom of each formation and around it on all sides was a white energy that constantly flowed downwards.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and of course, very much alive.

All I kept thinking is, if god had hair, he is turned upside down and this is his hair hanging down in her cave!!  At first view, all these stalactites looking things were solid, save the energy movement.  The moment she engaged with them, they were more fibrous and flexible.

Her right hand had this interesting looking wand that turned into like a spiral fractal at the top and wrapped itself, or maybe weaved itself thru a bunch of these things hanging down, creating “cords.”  Once they were gathered or bunched up, her team kept calling them cords.

Her left hand, hand this like putty tool that was used to scrape the wall of her cave, exposing a layer of whatever she was working on, that was once hidden by surface stuff.

Like everyone living in the emerald city, she works both on people, places, landscapes, situations, and so on.  A few times thru her reading, her team called this place the cave of creation, which was both an individual thing and a multisystem thing as well.

As she worked the right and left fields, suddenly this red beam of light extended from her heart space and widened outwards and her team said this is her galactic eye, where all she is doing and all that needs to be done, is seen.

After we got the inner details released, the view switched to out in space.  Instead of looking like a cave, she kinda looked like she was her own geode.  Crusty on the outside, hidden from view, brilliant and alive on the inside.  Then 6 other geode looking things circled around her.  If it was the face of a clock (and that was the analogy we received) each one of these other geodes (from other cosmic systems) were set up at the 1,3,5.7,9 and 11 positions on the face of a clock.  Her geode was in the center, or central.  There was even the (vague) understanding of the placement of the minute and second hands within her field.  Just for the record, I did all I knew how to look into these other geode, ohhh no, I was on lockdown!!  Dammit!!

I could probably spend an entire month in meditation and still not harness the vastness of detail that came thru her reading.  But, that’s her job!! lol

When we got into her personal questions at the end of the reading, something was presented that just lingers in my mind.  She was asking about these two people she talks to on the internet… as the information came, suddenly, my chair shifted positions and I was now looking at the right wall in my office and as if there was a window there, it suddenly slammed shut, cutting off all communication and energies even.  Her team did say this would happen about mid year.  Not June, but mid year.  What the hell is that all about??  No one would give us further information, which I think is rather pesky of spirit!!

All I could think of was either a grid black out, a telecommunications failure… something like that.  But at this moment, that’s all that is, my thoughts, not a knowing.

My second lady, jezuz… again my expectations fell to the wayside with every person yesterday.  She was hovering in the sky looking like two wings of a massive steel-blue airplane.  There was no body of the plane, at least, initially.  The body of the plain only came into view when she was purposely working with the energies.  Otherwise, her airplane-ness was at a resting position and the body was collapsed.

Her body position would be, the feet thru the hips would equal the tail of the plane, her body the main cabin where we think people would sit and then from the bottom of the neck up to the top of the head would be the cockpit.  She was constantly parallel to a ground I could not see.

Her team specifically said she took in “bio fuel” from the earth we know as gaia.  Energies and even lifeforms that needed reconstruction in the energetic field of Being.  Her intake valve were at her feet, the energy flowed thru her to her hips, completely transformed into higher energies, then… gotta love the humor of the universe, the release valve back to Gaia was equivalent to a fart.  Sending new, richer gas back to the earth.  This had to happen first before she should work the mid section.  Once the richer gas or energy was released back to the extraction place, then the center of her body worked like… hmmmm… extracting only the good out of something.  Maybe kinda like a juicer.  We could not fully understand, yet, the cockpit.  The oddest thing with her cockpit, was all around the exterior were hundreds of eyes that was a part of this skin.  No more understanding was given… yet.

My third lady was oddly similar.  Different body type, but oddly similar in working.  The first thing I had seen were two really large wings like the wings of a white dove, but no body that they were connected to, that I could see, at first.  I cannot even remember what sparked the visual of the body, but something did and then I had seen this really large translucent, champagne colored body.  Her soul body.  Her team explained that the wings represent her physical body, the body itself, her soul body.

Much like my airplane lady, she too was transchanging (I just looked that up, it’s a word lol) matter and energy as well.  Except like birds do, she swooped in with her mouth to take a bite out of something, and it went thru the process in her soul body and just like a bird… pooped it back to where she took it from.  But the poop… talk about literally being “holy shit” was made of a white and blue substance, source energy substance turned into matter.

There was a lot more detail coming thru everyone than I have time to share, so forgive me for skimming the surface.

My fourth lady was in a familiar looking Living room, only her walls, were made of this amazing Living dirt.  On both walls (and there seems to only be walls on the left and right sides, at least that I can see) were made of this intertwined… I don’t know, reminds me of a christmas wreath.


There was a living life force circulating thru the handle part of the right side, pure source energy that she pulled inwards towards herself, the whole damn wall moved inwards with her.

When I looked at the left wall, suddenly there was a large yellow X going from corner to corner and the crossing point was the handle part itself.  As she pulled that handle, it wasn’t the wall so much that moved into her but the yellow X itself.

Her team explained that the X represents anything and everything from Gaia, whether it’s a person, a landscape, any and all of it.

Her instruction was pulling the right side into her left quadrant, and the left side into her right quadrant and then suddenly I could see what her team called her “main fuselage” at her core, changing the energies like a nuclear fusion taking place.  I was stunned by the word fuselage and had to look it up, because given her visuals, it seemed like the wrong word to use.  But hey, I heard it loud and clear.  When I looked it up, I was and am still confused lol.  The main body of an aircraft.  I would surely understand this word had it been said in my second or third reading, but this lady was in dirt, what the hell??  I have no idea and no one made it any clearer… yet.

There is something important that is lingering in my mind, I don’t fully understand the importance yet, but i do want to release it from my mind.  Our brains… the right side controls the left side of the body and vise versa.  That place that separates our right and left brains has got to have everything to do with her team calling her core a fuselage.  Also taking in, thru each of us, we would be the living mind of god/source/creator in body, not matter the expression or visual.

So I looked up the middle part of the brainThe corpus callosum also has some specializations itself. For example, in addition to relaying messages from one side of the brain to the other, notes that the corpus callosum also is involved in controlling eye movement. Functions also include maintaining the balance between focused attention and arousal and in tactile localization.

Now I cannot help but think of airplane lady with the eyes.  Hmmmmmm!!!

Last but far from least, was my last reading and so far, the only male I have read for in the emerald city.  His view was literally like a small floating mountain out of the Avatar movie.  I say small because the surface was not much more than five feet by three feet wide.  He was kicking a substance off the front side of his platform releasing downwards to Gaia.  As it went down thru the atmosphere these particles of energies started to expand to all different forms of color and geometric patterns.  This morning I am suddenly connecting with the auroras that happen.  There is a connection somehow.

His left foot on the other hand, dug into this platform, creating a pressure that was released downwards thru the roots or vines or whatever the hell it is that hangs down from these floating mountains and enters deep in the dirt of the earth, releasing new chemical mixtures to enhance new plant life growth and more.

Sadly, I am going to have to leave off there, I have got to get to the office in a new moments.  However, I do want to bring in something that was a focal point of this shift in October.  Clans.  If we look at the emerald city as a brand new factory creating life, our positions and abilities would make up the various sections, the various clans working together.  Also, this is how a group soul works.  We are the group soul… creating!!

What it all means, will have to wait until tomorrow, cuz today, I have no clue!! lol

I love you all so much and more than anything, thank you for showing up every day and revealing the wonders of what we got ourselves into Now!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of Living Life Source thru every Thing!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have extended my daily reading schedule by an extra appointment.  1pm time slots are now available.  Also:  8 Week One-on-One  Emerald City Development Course  Click here to read the details.


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    Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings, with as much Love as I can muster!
    My dear Readers, are you as entranced as I am? Lisa says thanks for showing up, but why wouldn’t we, when the information from Source Creator/Spirit/Soul is so intriguing, to say the least. I say, thanks so much Lisa, you are the Creator of all of this sharing/educating/informing us all, and for free!! And to great sacrifice to herself! Don’t know about you, but I am blown away, and so looking forward to what is happening now & in the ‘future’ , (sorry hunting for the correct terminology here!) .
    Much Love and Blessings to you all, my dear readers, I hope you like my sharings, still not sure what else I am here for, except to spread the word around, to Love you all, and just BE… I Love you all, my dear Hearts…
    Peace and Love
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


  2. Well, dear Heart, thanks for showing up??? Why the dickens wouldn’t we, I can’t stay away…lol…!! My capacity for showing how much I Love all of this and You, in particular, knows no bounds.
    Just know, I am having trouble expressing my gratitude for you & what you ‘do’ . All the Love in the Universe seems not to be enough.
    Take good care of yourself, dear Heart, you are doing a wonderful job, describing this all so well, I can ‘see’ it all, (well, maybe not ‘all’…haha….I should be so lucky!) unfolding in my knowing.
    Looking forward to my reading, & hoping I am not a disappointment!
    So much Love , Lisa, stay warm, Love you,
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


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