Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 9, 2017

Your Living Room Within the Emerald City!


Several months after I first started doing readings in 2003, I created this one on one thing I called a “Spiritual Development Course.”  It helped the person I was reading for go deeper into their understandings and change via the imagery coming thru the readings  I had done that for about 3 years, then took it to in person group classes for another couple of years then shelved it as I became involved in massage and everything else.  Yesterday, as I closed out my sharing, my team expressedly said it is time to offer the one on one course again.  For the life of me, I could not understand why, it’s so…. old school.  I put it at the back of my mind, at least, until I woke up this morning!!  Obviously its at the forefront of my mind now and with the massive shift in everything yesterday, I fully understand its need and the universes desire.

With the four readings I had yesterday, 3 were in the emerald city, one was on the pathway connecting to the emerald city.  With all of them, there is so much information coming thru that is so beyond the scope of our “words” that need to be integrated and applied in each persons life.

There is one reading that stayed with me all day, thru the night and into this moment.  I really want to focus on what came thru her reading so we can understand the depths of what we have available to us and what we do not have available to us.

Everyone in the emerald city now has what looks like their own “Living room,” which surprised me because the few days going into the readings spirit was clear there are no walls, ceiling or floor in this entire venue.  So suddenly seeing a room, well, downright surprised me.

Let me give you the set up of my second reading of the day…

There was a wall to her right and a wall to her left.  But not any kind of wall, a living wall.  The wall on the right appeared as if you took a tree, cut it down so that it is flat and the pulp inside is exposed, but still very much connected to its life force.  On the opposite side was a wall, still living but as if it had a massive scab over it.

My lady was standing in the middle of this room, the floor was living dirt, the dirt was in constant movement and looked like dirt, but didn’t look like dirt either.  It was very airy instead of just weighted on top of itself.  The movement of this dirt, as close as I can get to a comparison would be like the gentle waves movements in water.  There was a ceiling, but at the same time, no ceiling at all.  More like an orientation or connecting point to one of her “tools”maybe.  I did a very very humble diagram of the layout of her “room” since it is all lines… I can handle that without much distortion of understanding and visual lol.


Keeping in mind, i was looking at her from her rear.  So she is facing forward, we are looking from the back.  That thingie up where the ceiling and top wall connect was our first orientation point.  What looked like a small anvil wedged in that space, that held a super shiny, reflective gold ring.  Her right hand extended way beyond its normal ability to extend (kinda making stretch armstrong out of her) to grab and hold this gold ring.  It was explained that this was her “spiritual currency.”  The extension of her right arm made a perfect V shape upwards.  Her left hand was only elevated about a foot above parallel to her shoulder and touched what I can only call a window looking thing, but this window was as much a part of this scabbed wall as the wall was itself.  The window was gray until her hand went near it.  I could not see out of it at all.  As her hand, palm being flush to the window, touched it, this massive multicolored energy started flowing from her left palm, the window itself took on a unique geometric shape and released that intense energy outwards thru this structure, into someone.  I could see the someone or understand what or how she was doing what she was doing…. too much fine detail that cannot come thru in words.

As we talked and I struggled more than ever to really understand what she was doing and more so, what she is capable of doing… suddenly in front of her was a lady who had a major tumor in her belly.  Without changing the position I had seen her in, suddenly thru her heart field, I think, the energy was targeted to this lady and instantly, that tumor shrunk and was gone.  Not over several sessions, but in that exchange alone.  Of course, this is the potential outcome if she fully delves into what every detail in this room, in the reading means to her.

Ohhh and another odd thing, her feet were easily spread apart 5-6 feet wide in this living dirt.  So I decided to see what exactly this dirt was and where it came from.  Because her position in it, the connection of all three areas, was crucial for this outcome for the lady (and many others that will follow.)  Strange enough, this dirt was no more than a foot deep and absolutely nothing visible to me below it.

It was clearly explained this is not on the earth we know as Gaia.  However, everything we are doing thru this emerald city is affecting “the remnants” of Gaia.  What???  The remnants… what the hell??  They did not release any more information but did not change the sentence either.

I kept thinking of the floating mountains in Avatar, and this morning as I go look for an image, my last reading in the emerald city becomes clearer too, sort of.


My third lady was hovering towards a ceiling that did not exist, but she was not at the ground or dirt level at all.  her imagery was sort of crowded over to the left side of her room and she was keeping step on this massive wheel that looked just like the wheel of a river boat:

Only each slat or paddle was a matted solid silver and there was no boat, just this massive paddle wheel thing.  Her feet stepping in time to rotate it and as I looked into the center of this crazy looking thing, there was what looked like… roots dangling downward.  And altho I could not see the earth we know as Gaia, it was clearly stated that this is where the energy transferrootsr is happening thru her work, to all the elements (air, water, land) of the place we call  Gaia.  I add this here because looking at the roots hanging down from the floating mountains, that’s exactly how I seen it in the center of her paddle wheel thingie…

As I was trying to figure out what the hell all this means to her and us, I poked my vision in front of her wheel thing and spirit brought in this… I don’t know really, gift, as her team called it.  It was an odd entanglement of what looked like roots of vines, but not of the earth and from the entanglement sprung blood-red roses at the surface level of her “gift.”  Some of the roses were in full bloom, some still in cup form getting ready to open.  Then they said something that still leaves me confused about what it is or could be… she did ask if it was something tangible or spirit and their only reply was it comes from a “celestial bed.”  What the hell does that even mean?  Dunno.  But it will be unmistakable when it arrives, which, if I am gauging the element of time correctly, should be before this month closes.  However, time was rotating in a circle with her paddle wheel.   However, the next thing we see, after this gift shows up was a massive choice point moving her into February.

This choice point showed up in a marigold sort of colored sign that had an arrow left and right.  Not that it had anything really to do with left or right, she would just have to choose one direction or the other.  By year’s end, both directions would be experienced.  God forbid we get to know exactly what the choice is, but they did show the…hmmmm…. no good word here lol.  Choosing one way would give her a much deeper experience and understanding of her physical life in this new spiritual world.  The other choice would give her a much deeper spiritual understanding of who she is in this new spiritual world.  They separated the operations by color, orange (sense of self, the physical self) and yellow (the spiritual self.)  As the year went on, it was as if a figure 8 spread out for her.  So that there is an intersection of the other choice she delayed experiencing.  As the year concluded, the figure 8 completed itself in wholeness.

I guess I better sneak in the first reading of the day!!  Again, know there is no ceiling or walls or anything, she really had me running around the corners of my mind for understanding.  The first thing I had seen was like this pitch ceiling or roof, very small really.  Now more than 5 feet angled downwards on each side.  Suspended from this pitched soft white roof that was very much alive as well, fibrous but not solid wood, there was this massively reflective, shiny gold trapeze bar.  Her hands were on the bar, holding herself up as her sacral plexus area rested against the bar.  Her feet outwards to the left, her head thru the bars towards the right, pitched roof in play here.  At first she was regular size, she fit comfortably in this crazy scene, each minute we talked, she was growing like a scene from alice in wonderland, completely outgrowing her environment.  It took a while to understand what we were seeing, but it came down to she has outgrown the life that got her to Here.  It is time to move into a space more conducive to her next phase of life.  The pitched roof represented a coming together with this need with her husband.  Literally moving out of her current home into one that has the expanded energy field to support her and her family’s growth.

Then there was my beautiful lady who showed up at the area I now realize is still fully in place, the crossing zone into the emerald city.  She was riding an emerald-green bicycle very reminiscent of the end of the movie ET, upwards into the sky.  Find and creating the balance needed within oneself, the love of Self moving higher beyond what we think we are or know about yourself.  She was so wobbly in her peddling I was waiting for her to fall over, but she didn’t, instead, she just stopped peddling.  She brought to herself several different relationship issues/experiences to help her further refine her own inner relationship without expectation, judgement and conditions.

There is so much more that I am processing and coming to understandings with, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, I have a dentist expecting me soon!! Today is a day off and I plan on getting to my website to put together a personal one on one course to take us all further into understanding this new world we are living within and how to efficiently be Here using our magic, together!!

I love you all so much and so much more than that too!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Reflective Source energy thru all you do, say and Be!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just using the main image here, I do feel the bigger message of this “living room” that I am seeing is that nothing is separate or distant from us. We are the whole living environment called Life.  Tomorrows sharing, no doubt!! ❤




  1. My goodness Lisa! You have such an artful way of finding the most beautiful images for your sharings. 😀 Thank you! I stand within the room of silence that has no walls. Blessings to you dear lady. 🙏🏻

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  2. Reblogged this on SilverAngelsWings and commented:
    Re-Blogging this on SilverAngelsWings…..Wow, can’t wait until the next post. Many thanks to Lisa Gawlas for her fine efforts in translating this so we can understand what to expect, (hopefully).
    Much Love & Blessings to Lisa and to all of you, my dear readers. I Love you all
    Sylvia Melaynia xxx


  3. I agree with Yvonne most heartily, Lisa. I Loved the Image of the Floating Islands of Avatar. I think I was half-way there myself when I scrolled down a little more & saw the Image….BOOM!
    I am so grateful for your helping us to make sense of all of this. Can’t wait until the next one. Hope the Dentist wasn’t too onerous. I do not like the experience myself….Hmmm
    Words fail me here, my Heart is so full of Love….almost hurts.
    Much Love & Blessings to all of you
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


  4. great positive information on this blog really enjoyed it


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