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Change is Here and We Are It!!


Week one exploded with a bang inside my chest.  There are those very rare days I am just ready to pack up my toys and go home, yesterday was one more of those days.  At least, until mid afternoon.  Aside from the fact I had woken up just about every hour on the hour to cough and pee, simultaneously mind you, the hot poker feeling I had on the 2nd was back in full force thru my chest.  I found it perfect that I awoke to lighting flashing in the night sky, I was being electrocuted from the inside out!!  At least, that’s how I was feeling.

Staying centered, focused on the spiritual information that wanted out, actually made me feel better.  I was sure this would be the same effect the days readings would have on me.  Not even a little bit.  However, witnessing the day with you, was actually interesting to say the least.

My first two appointments could have very well put me back in the hospital.  I started intensely coughing the moment we said hello, but the coughing was less about my lungs and more focused at the center of the heart.  Like my heart would just freakin explode.  There was no way of seeing, I could barely breath with the chest compressions.  AFter my first appointment, I sat outside in the dark clouded air, rain gently falling down and breathed in this refreshing, cooling air.  Everything in my chest felt better, started to sooth and the coughing gone.  Phew!!  Until I called my second appointment.  Jezuz!!!

After my second appointment blew my heart open even more, I was going to tap out and just email everyone else on my dance card, that is, until I heard my Self say, ohhh no, we will talk to everyone.  Mercy!!!

While once again sitting outside breathing in the intense change in the barometric pressure to sooth now my lungs and heart, I started to see what was happening.  The engagement with each other (and only happened when we were connected to each other) created this intense white/silver sparking energy right in the center of my heart center.  It was about a shotgun shell long and round but massive sparks of energy thru the whole thing, penetrating into my heart.  My heart rhythm was all over the place. Without this imagery, without this understanding of what was really happening, I would have been scared, I hurt in ways I never hurt before in my chest wall.

I understood tho, that what was happening had to happen and could only happen in this way.  Our connection, even tho not seeing the field, we ignite in that energy just saying hello.  So it is like taking in drops of higher frequency soul light to add to the projection we will be seeing called the field.

So when my third reading time came up, I took two hits of my inhaler just so I can breathe a bit easier. That worked, but once again, just saying hello created the intense heart palpitations and a shortness of breath.  But I also realized she really needed some meditation help, and that was important to our teams to share with her.

I talked with and rescheduled my remaining two others on my dance card and came home and collapsed in a heap on my couch as soon as I got home.

I fully realized my home is like the recharging base for our electronics.  Calm, soothing, re-energizing and reorienting.  The office itself, massively high energies.  The outside world, the pure streams of chaos.  All needed for our evolution and understanding of ourselves.

Within about 2 hours of chilling on my couch, the heart pain subsided, the coughing subsided, the pain in the bones of my chest gave way to soothing, comfortable energy.  I felt intensely rehydrated, renewed.

All of this understanding gives way to a deeper understanding of my last reading on Friday.  A beautiful friend who has been roaming around the US for the last couple years trying to find her happy spot.  She showed up just outside my sliding glass doors, the pathway to the emerald city.  It’s time for her to settle in, find a place to anchor into.  It is more important now than ever.

But lets really look at the message she received more broadly.  Having a “home base” to anchor into has nothing to do with the outside world, at all.  We have a tendency to say I want the right environment, the right people, the right weather and so on… and then I will know I am Home.  Not!!!  Home is on the inside.  Deep within yourself.  That is the only place it needs to be, or probably will be, perfect in all conditions.  Of course, I can use my own self as a living example.  Vibrationally speaking, I really dislike Florida and even the community I live within.  I have not purposely engaged with any of the people that live within this community as I still move thru the last years of my mothers life of solitude.  Which I know in my heart was my mother choice and the majority of people will not invade personal choice like I do.  So i am healing the feelings I have about here, about the relationships that are here, or lack there of maybe is better stated.  However, I can now say with all my heart, being inside my home, I am in peace and in joy.  It took me a couple of months to get to here, but Here I Am and now, we can start to focus on the reason I am Here in the first place.

As I was doing the dishes yesterday, my soul stated loud and clear, it is time to get involved with this community of Stonehedge.  I really did kind of pouted about that.  But… but… but….

Nothing in life is really about what the personality wants to do or think it wants, it’s about what the soul agenda is all about and finding the happy medium within the two.  Divine Change Makers anchored in their heart space and living far outside their comfort zone.

So I awake today to a chilly 55 degree home.  I smiled to see that temperature and quickly turned the heat on lol, Change is Here and WE are it!!

I know there was a massive shift in the field thru yesterday and I am sooooo excited to see what that looks like thru you!!  I am perky and ready!!

Thank you for always enduring the moments I have no control over.  What a crazy ride we are building together!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) heart expanding (or is that exploding lol) love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Change

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  2. I experience a similar tightening of the throat or tickle in the throat or an uncontrollable tickle that will manifest into cough with my clients and even while I am alone. Chewing gum helps.


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  5. Hi Lisa,

    You’ve been talking about vortexes so much lately I thought I’d share a couple of pics you might be interested to see – the first one is in my front garden, then the 2nd pic is a clear sphere in a back garden, and then a large orb below my basement door roof while I was doing construction – pretty cool, but I don’t know what to make of it other than there’s a lot of energy around my place! Hope you’re feeling better and have a good day! 🙂 Katy

    >>> The Shift of Time and Energy! 1/8/2017 6:15 AM >>>

    Lisa Gawlas posted: ” Week one exploded with a bang inside my chest. There are those very rare days I am just ready to pack up my toys and go home, yesterday was one more of those days. At least, until mid afternoon. Aside from the fact I had woken up just about every hour”

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    • Hi Katy, that sounds amazing, I would have no idea if I had these energy vortices in my backyard! Do you meditate near or in these places? See anything unusual? In my understanding an orb is usually a sphere energy of a person, Angel? Ancestor? Ascended Master? Not sure, but that’s what I have in my perception.
      I am loving Lisa’s descriptions of what she is seeing/perceiving….I am just so thankful there is someone who can be a Light in the Darkness for those of us following on. A True Wayshower…
      Much Love & Blessings to you, dear Heart, maybe see you in the Emerald City soon….
      Sylvia Melaynia xx
      My WP blog is SilverAngelsWings BTW…


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