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The Breath of Light Thru the Whole Self.


For so many years people have asked me how am I able to see the way I do, in truth, I have had no clue, other than to accredit it with the evolution of meditation and then being pushed by my team into doing readings, I really had no way of detailing the sight.  That is, until this morning.  Of course, the insight is a catalyst for the intense coughing and chest burns I experienced thru almost all the readings yesterday.  The more detail I had seen, the rougher the ride in my lungs.  But now I get it more than I have gotten it ever before.  Let’s bring the point that even the most uncomfortable symptom of our changing bodies has so much wisdom to provide, if we allow for it.

The breath.  When I first started to meditate in 2000, that was my only focus point, the breath of light coming in from the sky.  I couldn’t see a damn thing, nor feel anything, but I kept going back and doing what I could to fully connect with that light.  It took a few weeks, and I didn’t see it first, I felt it enter me, which created an immediate disconnect in my meditation because my whole body was overwhelmed from the 10 seconds of intense love that I breathed in.  That was also enough to keep me hooked, dedicated to experience more.  17 years later, I am as dedicated to seeing and experiencing more as I was in those early days.

The energy of the breath should not be a big surprise to me or to anyone else for that matter.  It has been focused on, talked about, experienced for lifetimes.  But what is it we are really taking in with the breath??  What more is there to it??

I was expecting day two in this wonderful new field called the emerald city to be even easier than day one, not even close.  More detail is being added, more energy and color and emotions are coming thru.  My lungs burned thru the whole day of readings and just degraded thru the day.

So this morning, as I am staring exhaustedly (long night of coughing) at the computer screen, this is the information resting in front of me to share.

If we look at our breath like an old-time movie film strip and each oxygen cell floating around the universe contains a frame of information, encoded from the other side of the


veil, then there would be (and is) trillions upon trillions of bits of information floating around in front of us all the time.  When we purposely focus on breath in meditation, we are starting to call together all those bits that are floating around at our vibratory rate of inner and outer frequency, to come in and form together a movie, our personal, evolutionary movie.

The exhale then would be equal to the projector and being able to hold the movie clip imagery.  The more frequently we do this, the higher vibrational movie clips come together in our in breath, for as long as we are applying and actually using the information coming thru on the exhale.

When you have the chance, like I do now, 17 years later, to take a long view of the vastness of change that had taken place since that first breath of light, I realize with each intentional breath of growth, my movie changes, my life changes, the people in my story, changes.  More importantly, WE change together.  The readings change, shift, go higher, give more light detail.  By virtue of doing what I do, I have learned to take in your movie clips without bias or most times, understanding of what the hell we are seeing…

Something I realized yesterday as well, the more you are an active meditator with the information that comes thru the reading, the more details that are provided to you thru the readings.  The less actively you meditate, the simpler the details, maybe, not as complex is a better phrase.  That is not a good thing or a bad thing, it is just the way our spirit/souls feel we can assimilate the information being presented to use in a timely, effective manner.  It’s never about rushing to home plate, but by getting there in the most efficient, effective manner possible.

One of my beautiful ladies yesterday, who is knitting together the right and left fields, the masculine and feminine, binding the energy thru the emerald city as a whole unit of energy instead of that separation we tend to feel and look at via the masculine and feminine, so that we can all absorb in the unified field of the All.  She had mentioned that she cannot see… yet.  Instantly, I was given the most amazing view of our body and soul together.  It also makes me fully understand now, why since last year, our teams have been asking us to get away from saying “higher self.”

Let me take the long way of explaining this huge significance, since I am being asked to! lol

When I finally raised my movie clips to the place where I could actually see your soul energy moving in and out of you (which I could not do for years, I read the emotional field back then) the soul energy was a constant moving stream in and our of the core body, around the spinal column within the body.  Even tho the presence of the soul was also outside the body, its information came directly from the core, the mind of the soul was much higher in frequency that I was, than we were in those early years of evolution.  So saying higher mind or higher self, was fitting, it constantly gave us instruction to go higher, reach higher within ourselves.

As we crossed from 2012 into 2013, that’s really where the focus of energy information started to change within the readings, within you.  The soul light was now creating a massive hologram in my backyard.  No longer higher, but right there extending all around you.

With my beautiful lady yesterday, wow… just…. WOW.  Inside this gel like container of soft, luminescent almost the softest golden energy, was her body, her physical body.  Around it, again this gel like (which is not gel at all, just gave me something to understand what I was seeing and the significance of) substance that was easily a foot or more thick but was a part of her body.  Thru this gel like substance from head to toe (even tho I could only see her head area,) were these tiny little lights, like pin points of light shining into her thru the gel.

From my massage years, I knew that the body was made of up tons and tons of little chakra points we call the pores of the skin which breathed just like our lungs do, but of course, differently too.

The purer the breath we are taking into our lungs and using the light information coming thru, the more it clears out all the tiny little pore chakras to take on more light, more information at any given time.  But also, put out even more light from the ongoing, changing story within each one’s light body.  For those living in the emerald city, there is no longer a “higher self,” instead, you are a whole self.  Let your words reflect that.

If you have ever had a reading with me, you know spirit gets really really fussy on the way we use words.  I am filtered more than I care to talk about.  Groups of words that worked yesterday, not allowed today because it taints the true of what is.  I mean really, something as simple as saying the middle of january instead of mid january… not allowed, because it is inaccurate.  Mid January and the middle of January are not the same to spirit.  Of course, I do realize it has nothing to do with the month perse, but the energy system unfolding in January.

It is crucial, in this massive evolutionary leap we have just achieved collectively, to see and KNOW yourself as your WHOLE SELF and not separated by higher or lower, physical and non physical.

Now let me come back to that pesky breath thing.  As we take in and send out higher frequencies of light, of understanding and application, the physical body is changing at speeds it never has changed before.  Each group or clan is taking on their own evolution of the biological system of our DNA.  Mine is the lungs and skin.  Since 2012, my year of mental pause (smile) the guttate psoriasis I have had since 17 stepped up to create outbreaks every single October.  Before this accelerated time event, I would have an out break every 5-7 years.  The acceleration of our growth and our body cells are changing ever faster.  We now seem to hit massive pivotal points as we cross the fall equinox into the spring equinox every year.

You don’t think we are changing our body system or DNA??  Science is seeing it.  A beautiful soul left this link on my facebook page, let me share it with you:

Science is slow to find what we already know to be true, simply because they think they have seen everything there is to see and simply stop looking as deep.  Often times, we in the awakened spiritual realm do the very same thing.

I’m going to end on that note for today.  Breath in your new movies, let go of the old ones and lets all cross into the Emerald City this year!!!!

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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    Much Love and Blessings to you all.
    Sylvia Melaynia


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