Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 6, 2017

Living and Seeding The Emerald City


I don’t know what ever made me think I would be able to do a part 2 with a sharing when we just had the grandest peek into the Emerald City that leaves so much to talk about and further understanding inside of ourselves.  So I am going to get back to one important thing from yesterdays sharing that I didn’t have time to share, then off to the emerald city we will go!!!  Wheeeee ❤ 😀

I am going to use my daily visual at my son’s house for this understanding, as it was presented to me.


The yellow circle is the vortex that is there, all the time.  Now not every place has a functioning vortex like this one, it is the energy of the trees that have enlivened it and continue to support its energy system, a constant sharing as the trees say it.  Ohhhh and what really really surprised me more than anything, as I was listening to the trees and the landscape and the working energy system that is there, we did get a request to do readings in this back yard.  I was so surprised to hear this at all.  They explained that there is a Presence that we pull into the earth field when we are connected in readings that would enhance the energy of the yard, and of course, vise versa.  I am keeping an eye on July and August for this possibility.  It would get me out of the humidity here in Florida.

But anyway, the red circle is this deep gully at the back of the yard, it kind of reminds of an endless storage space for pure energy.  So the instruction, idea is, pull the energy out of the storage unit.  Which actually reminds me of the information coming thru the field a couple of years ago about the silos housed in our west field.  Storage silos of all our unused energy needs and all our good karma, mastery and such, from all collective lifetimes.  I think the natives called it our “storehouse.”

So pulling from there and placing in our personal vortex, our body system if you will, the desires and needs we have within our Beingness.

With this is also being conscious that we are not pulling in from someone else’s field as well.  Notice in the photo that directly behind the yellow vortex is someone else’s yard, their energy storage center.  We may not fully realize (yet) that some of our desires may actually take from another’s field, which would be equivalent to someone coming into my house and eating my food without permission or reason.  I will tie in the “how” as I explain the first reading of yesterday!!

Keep in mind, like with all life (without egos) the field, the vortices, have no bias.  There is no good or bad, right or wrong, there is just energy exchanged as day-to-day reality and is created from the emotional field of your desires, which may not always be in harmony with what you think you want.  And then, there is what the universal life force needs from you.  It’s not just take and receive, it is always give and take, equal exchanges of life force to fulfill all needs of the living planette.

I so fully realize that indeed, the living planette is the emerald city.  At this moment in time, it is the tiniest fraction of the planet earth we are aware of.  I want to add in here too, I cannot call it the new earth, I was redirected every time I tried.  It is, The Emerald City.

I think the easiest way to visualize or understand the difference may be using this picture of the moon:


The moon being the emerald city housed many frequencies above all the other collectives of the earth field, even above what many call the 5D reality.  This is a full on living 11D (illuminated beings LIVING without prejudice/judgement, bias or conditions.)  Everything beneath it receives its light, its energy, but nothing below it affects its purity.

Before I get way ahead of myself here, let me back up to the first reading and the visual presentation of our entrance into the emerald city.

Instead of being directly out my sliding glass door, all the readings are now way over in the parking lot area.  I have a feeling that is spirit’s way of showing our separation of last year into this year.  We are no longer in the same place nor the same energy system we were in before we broke for the holidays.

The first thing I seen and stayed constant thru all four readings yesterday was this massive cloud like ball of energy slowly rotating forward.  It was just massive and I really could only see from the top center forward, not really the back-end at all.  Going to scale of my vision, this amazing blue non solid ball of light energy was easily 100 feet, maybe a 100 yards tall.  Freakin huge!!  The way it was explained, this is the expanding energy field of the emerald city.  I kinda expected it would be emerald not blue lol.  I do now understand that the green of the emerald city comes from our heart light.  WE ARE the emerald city.  Not that I had any clue what the field would look like going into it, at all.  All in front of this moving mass of blue light with substance was the brightest light field I had ever seen.  Not a blinding light, but so luminous nothing could or would hide in its Presence.

My first lady showed up like an acrobat keeping pace with her feet on this huge slow moving ball of blue energy.  She was set up at the forward side of the front, not the top or middle, in between the two areas at the forward side.  Her feet was bringing up light energy from the depths of the emerald city, into and thru her body and she exhaled it our her mouth and eyes.  She also took in atmospheric energy thru her mouth and eyes, down thru her body and into the depths of the emerald city.  The exchange is creating a breathable atmosphere with all kinds of new energies that have never been breathed in by biological humans before.

Then I got the most amazing view of her insides, inside her body!!  Wow, we really have to rethink our inner energy systems in this new world, this new heavenly body.  There were two sections, well, four, but with this part, two.  The most amazing mosaic of what looks kinda like mirrors or facets of a diamond.  Kinda like this, but nowhere near so busy:

inner field.jpg

It was made of various shapes, squares, rectangles, diamonds.  The two parts consisted of the space within us from right about the bridge of the nose down to the high heart and then from the high heart down to where what we know as the sacral chakra area meets the sacral plexus area (just above the belly button…ish.)

It was explained that the area below this faceted diamond light producer (smile) is heavily involved with the emerald city landscape and is doing its own thing at least thru this first quarter.  No interference should be made from any of us.  We have a lot of Self understanding to catch up with this first quarter.

The head, well the top of the head was amazing too.  And now that I found a great image to use, when her team talked about her eyes breathing in and out, it is all three eyes at one, the physical and what we call the third eye.  Let me give you my handy-dandy image to follow along with (smile)


The yellow line I placed in this image was a mirror like sphere going from the third eye to the visual cortex at the back of the brain.  Reflecting everything thru her that she was taking in, visually speaking.  This really amplifies the need to see thru the eyes of your soul and not just the eyes of the physical, too much is missed and misunderstood otherwise.  And would not be purified enough to sustain oneself in this high frequency field we are calling the emerald city.

As I put this image into play, something was just added:


The orange line, exhaling the energy of experience.  Of quantified energy (spirit’s words, not mine.)

Let’s look at what this highly evolved (and still evolving) system called us means.  When my lady was asking me some questions and just conversation, this is really where the information became intense and dare I say, super important for all of us to understand, if the desire we have is to live within and build the emerald city.

When she said she clears her energy system every day, holy cow batman, talk about spirit going off!!  What are you clearing??  You (we) have this amazing high-tech system that needs to be understood not cleared.  Nothing adverse can ever plug into this system except by invitation.  The invitation comes in the form of thinking someone unclear can plug in.

Notice the word… unclear.

Judgements, misperceptions, things like that allow any energy to be unclear, tainted with false perceptions, judgements.  Of seeing only thru the physical eyes of understanding without the greater lens of the soul eyes/mind involved.

I do want to add this in here, now, because of its importance.  She did ask me who was talking to her thru me.  Her soul!!  The visual I received was stunning too.  Two globeous energies, one hers, one mine melding together to extract the words and information so that both parties understand the messages together.  (As an added note, I looked up the word globeous to see if I was spelling it correctly, what I find interesting is that the word itself is hindi meaning glorious, I’m leaving it like that.)  But think kinda like the vulcan mind meld!!

There were no guides, we have been guided to Here, to the living kingdom of god called the emerald city.  This is where you, we Are, the Presence of God in body.

When we were talking about “clearing” in came the conversation about judgement, exactly how I do not recall, but we do need to be very very very clear on all of this, first and foremost.

Actually, I think the best way to get to the point is with an analogy that is more true than an analogy…

Imagine you are God (and you are, whether you own it or not) and you are looking thru the eyes of god and god see’s himself (herself) everywhere.  Which means everything is pure energy, pure love, even if it comes disguised as something else.  Let’s take a judgement for instance.  Let’s use something near and dear to my heart, cigarettes.  God knows, there is a ton of judgement around all that.  What part of a cigarette is NOT god energy??  What part of the body would reject any god energy?  What part of you (you being a general term) would purposely inflict harm in an energy field as seeing it as separate from god?  When you say anything is not good for you, you are really saying that is not god with you.  A true impossibility since god is in and thru everything, all things.

But like children, we had to be raised with boundaries.  Don’t stick your hand in the fire, its hot and you will get burned.  As we grew into adults, we realized the fire is not bad, we just need to learn how to cooperate with it, to use it for its higher good.  That turning something into ashes is a great thing, when it is called for.  Firewalkers understand the relationship… They had to become one with the fire, understanding the boundaries that were in place and going beyond what they were told and delve into the truest of truths.  We are all One.  In that oneness, there is no harm.

For as long as we see something, anything as good or bad, better or worse, without the full understanding of what is being expressed or made manifest, we see only thru the eyes of our ego and will create not only for ourselves that outcome, but for others too.  We hold a high responsibility of Self, All Self Creation.  For those still holding within them these judgements, they must be quarantined in the changing earth field until they are clear.

Now let me couple this with my third reading yesterday.  Every person was so different, the vastly extraordinary and unique and gave me a very different perspective, visual of the emerging emerald city.

Unlike my first two (I will get to the second lady after this one) where the light was everywhere, my lady showed up in the dark, like the night sky kind of dark.  She was in the inside of the emerald city, but at its outer most edge to the left side of the field.  I watched as she pointed her finger to what looked like a 12″ X 6″ pane of glass and suddenly, a glow of light being turned on, glowing from the outside in.

There are no walls, there is no ceiling nor ground, just to be perfectly clear about all this (as every one’s soul made sure we were clear yesterday too) but to understand what is being shown, it had to look like a vast wall with tons of windows that had no light coming in from the outside.

It was explained that her position is helping others still making their way out of the darkness of duality and by virtue of touching them with words of wisdom or simply touch itself, will turn on a light within the other person that has, until that moment, been switched to the off position.  It was also explained that if you piss a person off in your expression, KNOW that switch was activated to on.  It really is clearing up tainted versions of truth into the greater reality of truth as is needed to be understood in that moment.  Keeping in mind, for any of us, there is no absolute truth, just higher degrees of truth as we are ready to receive it.

Geez, I should have got my ass out of bed at 3:30 am when I first woke up, I need that extra hour to finish this.  But lazy ass me fell back to sleep until 4:30 and now I only have 30 minutes left before the next grand adventure begins.  So I am going to skim the rest of yesterdays amazingness to add in here.

My second lady was plucking stars from the fully lit sky.  It was explained that she is bringing in new star systems and formations that will be seen/discovered in a couple of years from now (2-3 years to be exact.)  Her job is to understand the energy mix of these new visible star systems BEFORE they are discovered.  Because, once they are discovered, there will be a lot of misinformation coming thru about them from others who think they know the why’s and where of’s of these powerful energies.

What I found most interesting about her information is when her soul explained how important misinformation is in our realm.  It holds back the full ability of the energy and its true use cannot be fulfilled, or inadvertently do harm to another.  The true use of anything will only be disseminated to those who are Clear.  Another way of saying that, to use my words (smile) to those who know they don’t know shit!!  And even the shit they do know, will change as more light is released to reveal the higher truth.

My last lady, once again, took me by surprise too.  There she was, swinging like Jane of the jungle from these odd vines that were hanging down from nothing i could see.  Like they were not attached to anything.  They kind of had like a bamboo resemblance to them, in the way there were notches in various areas on each vine and each vine was a beautiful green.  They were spaced about 10 feet apart (again going to scale of my vision) and she was swinging from vine to vine going as far as the completion of this first quarter of this year.  She is bringing in new botanical energy that will allow new plant life to grow in our emerald city.  Pulling from other universes and creating what I feel will one day be reflected in our periodic table of elements.

But also, she can purposely create new foliage even now.  This will help the trial and error phase of what she is capable of doing.  So she will be working on creating a snow flower, a flower that grows thru the snow, similar to a sunflower (in height I guess.)  Also, she talked about her restlessness at night-time, sleep is not always her friend.  Well, one of her homework tasks is to create a little bush like flower that releases a gas at night that allows for sleep.

We all are doing  a part of furnishing this emerald city.  It was explained thru everyone that as we sleep, our cellular body (not our physical body) is melded with our soul body and is doing this work to make sure the DNA is integrating and participating with it all.  When we awake, we must use our soul mind to understand the greater reality we are creating.

There are also phases of completion coming up.  The first is the distribution of this energy field, that blue gaseous/cloud like ball of energy.  This phase will be completed by mid january.  To be oddly clear, that does not mean the middle of january!! lol  I wanted to say middle so much to make the sentences I was trying to say clearer, but nope, it has nothing to do with the middle of january (which would be the 15-16th) instead, mid month, which would be mid energy system since the months are only reflective of the energies and not time itself.

There is also a completion of something mid year, I cannot recall what that completion is.

What I do want to say, celebrate is this whole soul mind meld thing.  It is sooooo much more efficient and easier (for me) in understanding what is being shown and expressed.  I had very little struggle of understanding, which shocked me.

Well. time for me to get ready for another amazing day.  Thank you for trusting in me the way you do, you allow it all to be soooo much clearer than it ever could be without you!!

I love you and celebrate your radiance and wonder. ❤

((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of deep, unyielding gratitude!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Dear Lisa, Happy New Year 😆
    Thank you so much for your sharings. You are such a good writer! The images you share are inspiring, uplifting & gives us a perspective to keep us moving forward with an inner confidence that there is more to Life than meets the eyes. We live in a world of magic, where the miracle of the body is realized to be multi dimensional. I am comforted in reading there are so many of us on a path to being all of who we are. Gives new meaning to , “We are not alone.” Lol.😁 xoxo Blessings

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  3. Reblogged this on SilverAngelsWings and commented:
    Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Many thanks to Lisa Gawlas for sharing her understandings of the situations we find ourselves in, giving us advance warnings of what to expect. I feel so excited and not a little hesitant, wondering, will I understand and keep on doing things to propell myself forwards, not backwards. (If that makes any sense). Feeling calmer, though. Playing on the radio now is “That word…..L.O.V.E. … Love”…thanks my dear Spirit Team…..shivers….lol They are reminding me it is all about L.O.V.E. love….that word….to all my dear readers, I Love you all, Much Love & Blessings to everyone who reads this…
    Sylvia Melaynia xxxx


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  5. All I can say is WOW!! Thank you so much for bringing to us these miraculous understandings!! I must admit, my nighttime, what should I call it, “mind feats” are out of this world!! As the day wears on I begin to remember what went on in my sleep!!! And I think, “wtf was that”???

    One example of this:. It felt as though I (my consciousness) was in the middle of a carousel, as there were snippets of people and life experiences spinning around me in millisecond flashes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!! All the other events I cannot even begin to describe. But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually in understanding it all soon. Now I realize how hard for you Lisa it is to try to describe what you are seeing!!!


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