Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 5, 2017

The Living Plan-Ette and the New Breath of Life! (Part 1)

Man oh man, I had envisioned the slide thru the gates of the emerald city anything but a rough ride!!  Maybe I romanced it more than I looked at it as getting off on a whole other planet with its own planetary atmosphere we had to adapt to.  Even tho we have been breathing it in bit by bit for the month of December, full on entry was (kinda still is in my body) rough, physically speaking!!

December 30th, my son and I decided to pregame new year’s eve for no other reason than we can.  I was thrilled, looking forward to a good band and a dance floor.  I would soon find out my ability to wiggle was going to be cut short by my inability to breathe.  I was absolutely grateful I had my inhaler in my purse, three times that night, I was puffing the magic dragon so I could stay out and at least wiggle in place.  The southern rock band was most excellent.  My son took me to a wonderful place that was filled with people my age and boy oh boy, the cougars were out in force licking their chops over my 33 year old son.  It was stunning to watch and amusing to my heart.

The last song this band played had me and my son both just stop in our tracks, a very unlikely song given their mix for the night.  They ended with the son “Wild Thing” by the Troggs.  I have sang that song to my grandson since the day he was born and we had just sang it together earlier that day.

Spirit has a way of acknowledging the joy in your heart, the wonder in your soul living out loud and there is no doubt in my heart, or my sons that spirit was saying Wild Things, you make my heart sing, you make everything… groovy!!  I think embedded in that song was the message from spirit saying good thing you came out to celebrate a day early, cuz the rest of the days are going to be akin to walking thru the fires of hell, at least from my chests vantage point!!

Since going thru menopause in 2012, it seems that anytime there is a massive shift on earth or in my physical body, it’s the lungs and throat that take on the brunt of the energies.  This trip into the new year, the emerald city seemed to condense my year of menopause into a week.  Walking from my sons couch to the bathroom, about a 15 foot venture, would throw my lungs into a full-blown asthma attack.  By the evening of the 2nd, not even my rescue inhalers were able to rescue me.  I did all I new how to do to talk my body into waiting just one more day, let me get home where my nebulizer is and then you can fully collapse, I will have what I need to roll thru this intensity at my disposal.  My body reflected the words of my guides that were stated more times than I ever care to repeat, “it’s not a time thing, it’s a frequency thing.”  Meaning, its not about picking a day or time, it is when all the energies converge into one point, there is no turning back from that point.  Spiritually speaking, who would want to turn it back… physically speaking, I was ready to just tap out, lets play this game from the other side where breathing is not a condition of living.  We took a trip to the ER since my rescue inhaler was not up for the job and I was at the point of not having enough air in my lungs to actually talk.  The fact that I lost my insurance in October, made this all the harder.

When the body is in such degrade, the ego is at the forefront of its survival techniques, going thru all it knows to confront what may be happening.  God bless the ego, that is its job, to protect and warn.  Considering I have a maternal sister who is missing parts of both lungs from lung cancer (who has never smoked,) a father who died 3 years ago from lung cancer (having quit smoking 33 years prior,) and of course, most recently my mother who smoked 2-3 cigarettes a day for many a decade…  Here I am, a dedicated, pack a day smoker and the fear of others and their belief systems sometimes runs more rampant than the assurances from my own spirit team.

The guy in the ER bed next to me came in because he was passing blood clots thru his urinary tract, he thought he had kidney stones.  I had just came back from x-ray when I heard the doctor talk to him about the tumors and how many there are and one is especially large and there is malignancy, my own fears came racing forward.  I remember that day with my mother’s doctors.  I sent that blessed man as much light as I could muster up and held my own breath waiting to hear about my xray… which were perfectly clear, as was my blood work.  There was nothing physically wrong with me.  Not even bronchitis, which I knew, it didn’t feel like bronchitis at all.  It didn’t feel like anything I was familiar with, at all.  Especially with the failure of all my regular techniques not working.

I flew back home first thing in the morning, the day was freakin hell.  I was in instant asthma attack just checking into the airport, and its interesting to watch the brain get foggy when there is not enough air getting to that area.  I could not figure out where I was supposed to be, making several treks across the airport that was so unneeded and my lungs in full spasms.  Thank god Southwest puts your name over the loudspeaker if your butt is not in the seat when they are ready for take off.  I heard my name as I rounded the corner to the loading dock.  14 veryyyyy long hours later, I was home.  Thank god!!

It’s crazy to witness the body really.  As soon as i walked thru my door, forget the dirty, stinky house I just walked into, (no more house sitters for me!!) the congestion in my ears and head started to leave the building.  That alone created so much relief.  I got my nebulizer and smoked the peace pipe for 20 minutes, I was sure this would put an end to the wheezing in my chest.  Instead, I thought my heart would jump out of my chest.  I couldn’t even breathe my heart back into a normal rhythm.  I have never had this experience taking my nebulizer before.

When I awoke, I started a breathing regime.  Inhaler, two hours later, nebulizer plus my prednisone every 12 hours. My body was so jittery I couldn’t even hold my fingers steady to type on my keyboard.  My body was completely rejecting the albuterol sulfate that should have made my lungs hold steady and allowed me to breathe.  It didn’t, at all.  Walking was a detriment, talking was a detriment.  Both put my lungs into spasms.  One would think, surely smoking would do the same… not even a little bit.  That was my luxury, my holy smoke actually calmed my body down.  Screw albuterol, I had my 305’s!! lol  (For those that don’t know the brand, it’s a miami based cigarette company brand.)  By noon I stopped the nebulizer treatments and smoked my way thru the day… restoring calm to the body system and heart rhythm and even my lungs started to release its pressure as the day went on.  Maybe that was my problem all along.  It was so freakin cold at my son’s house and we smoked outside, one pack of cigarettes took me 4 days to finish.  Now that I am back on my own inhaling routine… my body is happy.  One would think that is a complete contradiction to all we have ever been told about smokes.  I am living proof that it is total bullshit!!  Your own personal beliefs are what happens in your life field, my smokes are holy smokes and my body agrees.  Imagine that!!

But now, let’s back it up to some of the amazing things that came thru while sitting out in my sons amazing back yard having my holy smokes (smile.)

The first morning out in my sons backyard, holy heavens what an energy!!  The tree line which pretty much created a circle around the opening of the yard released such an amazing energy.  As I was breathing the tree energy in I could see the vortex alive at the ground level.  I wish I got better pictures of the full back yard, but this is as close as I got :back-yard

The yellow circle is the vortex area.  My eyes really only seen, in full yellow energy, the left side of the vortex clearly, but I knew it was a full circle in that area.  I surely wasn’t thinking that the left side that I could see had everything to do with the physicality we call life, or my own body.  I was just mesmerized by the energy and being so grateful to be back in the woods, more or less.  I sure as hell don’t get this energy thru my home in Florida.

Suddenly, as I was breathing it all in, I heard from the trees, to write about “the living planet.”  Huh??  I kinda do that now, don’t I???  lol  Not in the way we are about to experience it, I suppose.  Or maybe, better stated, not in the way we are about to understand its fullness, now.  Now that we are in the Emerald City energy system.  Actually, now that I am typing/spelling request from the trees to write about “The Living Planet” is really spelled “The Living Planette. So I had to look up what the suffix “ette” means.  I am surprised to see “denoting relatively small size.” Plus it is a feminine (french) word/suffix.  The only thing I know for sure at this moment, we are talking about the planet of the Emerald City, I’ll get back to this when I understand it more.

So as I was sitting taking in all this wonder on christmas morning, I got another treat from mother nature.  5 wild turkeys decided to strut their stuff across the yard in this large gully area at the edge of my sons yard.  (I found a picture I took from my seat, my daily view, so I included it too.)



They were to the right of the bird bath.  Amazing how they blend in with nature herself.  I knew we were celebrating thanks-giving in the energy of 5, change!!  I felt so blessed.

But nowhere near as blessed as New Years eve morning, when standing directly where the red arrow is pointing in the first picture, arrived this creature:


I have no idea how he even got there.  I was smoking, inhaling the trees and the energies and pondering all the information coming in, when suddenly I looked and there he was, standing there looking at me. He sure didn’t have “dog” energy to him and he assured me, he was a wolf.  Instantly, my poor brain took over in its survival way and I thought, shit, I hope you’re not hungry, I am not sure I can run into the house fast enough.  The wolf no doubt felt my worry/fear and exited stage right (my right) and disappeared as fast as he arrived.  But the gaze from his eyes stayed with me for days.

I looked up wolves and his exact likeness was shown as a gray wold, aka a timber wolf.  Their back story is kind of amazing too.  They were on the brink of extinction from overhunting and made a resurgence in the north thanx to conservation efforts.  I think too, this is going to reflect the human race and our beautiful planette as well!!

There is so much more to share, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  I am praying my lungs work well enough to do readings today.  So far, the trek to the bathroom has not left me totally winded like yesterday.  I am totally drooling to see the field thru you!!!

Happy Blessed New Year, New Life, New Energy system to and thru all wrapped in loving ((((HUGZ)))) exhaling a brand new breath of Life!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. The main art I used is from a website who is showing the breathing earth.  We change as she changes and she changes as we change.




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  2. Commiserations on the lung thing, who knew? Wow….when I was having my ‘coughing fits’ , my partner, Kevin, very early in the morning (when it was very bad), wanted to call an ambulance, but I wouldn’t let him….he even got the sweet octogenarians (husband & wife) in Villa No 3 to come see me, bless him, about what is entailed in calling an ambulance. I told the wife all my little reasons, excuses really, and she understood, a little, even though they are devout churchgoers, lovely people. They have both had medical emergencies, it’s a wonder they are both still with us, really….But, I knew, it was not medical, but energy….I was not nearly as bad as you, (thank goodness for me, but poor you)…….I have been making sure that at least once a day I am asking for Love & Healing energy to be sent to all. The aim is twice or more……The Earth breathing was just wonderful…..thanks for sharing this. I am so grateful for your blogs, thank you for wading through the bog for us all, dear Lisa……I send you so much Love, dear heart, mine is busting out of my chest! ((HUGS)) ans kisses, darling…xxxx I am sooo grateful xxxx


  3. And….I am all caught up with my favourite blog…thanks so much for your dedication through all your pain etc. It is so much appreciated.
    Much Love & Blessings for 2017
    Hope you can still ‘see’ when you get around to my reading…lol…
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


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