Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 20, 2016

“What If God Was One of Us??”


I realized yesterday, as I am pondering the intense weirdness of this week, it is also the first time in cannot remember when, that we are not seeing or focusing on the magnetic pole of the solstice energies.  Maybe because instead of being an upper atmosphere thing and suddenly and apparently out of nowhere, or is that, now here, a massive energy system is swirling around the entire earth???  A few beautiful souls shared this video on my facebook yesterday, helped me understand a lot:



So there is a big reason god in all his (and her) wonderful glory came down with his umbrella facing you beautiful souls, did I mention I equally cannot see the emerald city either??!!  I also remembered too, I did try to shift the readings from inside the office to outside in ETville.  Hey, if ya can’t rock, try and roll!!  The intense multi colored wide spectrum light that was shooting upwards was impenetrable within my vision field.  I thought, well just shit, here we have god with his umbrella holding back the light and in ETville its spewing upwards from the gulf of mexico so intensely there is no seeing thru it.  Damn!!  Whatever is happening, is bigger than I have ever experience in readings before.  And then we see this video, in the mechanical visible field of our science, it too is being shown and pondered!!

It’s all kind of exciting!!  I am kind of drooling at the mouth to see what 2017, the emerald city will reveal to us.  But first I am heading to Massachusetts this Saturday to be with my beautiful boys, I cannot believe it’s been a year since I had seen those beautiful faces.  My inner child is just bursting at the seams!!

On a completely different side note, but I know is so relevant in its entire expression… Yesterday the iCare secret santa packages were delivered to 7 ladies in jail that my daughter hand picked, heart picked.  She choose these ladies because they do not get any phone calls, no visitors and no goodie packages from iCare and certainly no canteen money to buy personal items.  They also do not try and grub/demand something from everyone else’s packages when they arrive.  They just kinda do their time…

Unfortunately Valorie was in her G.E.D class when the first shipment of iCare goodies arrived, she came in at the tail end to find two ladies crying, and when she inquired to the iCare lady who distributed the packages, the iCare lady said you are making these ladies cry.  There was one lady who just couldn’t hold back her tears just being called for the iCare treat and sobbed like a little girl as the iCare lady handed her her package.

Valorie told me, only one of these ladies is her age, the rest are closer to my age.  In prior conversations with Val, not centered around the secret santa project, Val has become quite the observer.  She is realizing how many of these ladies just give up on themselves.  They surrender and do not even try any more.  Val started her G.E.D. class with only one other classmate attending.

Valorie was so surprised and equally concerned that a few of the ladies also received a hygiene package, but the one she asked us to directly send a hygiene package to didn’t get one (iCare was distributed in two phases yesterday.)  So I inquired to the secret santa that is getting all the ladies sodas and cheeseburgers today if she included a hygiene pack for everyone… sure enough!!

I did a little facebook shout out to let everyone know the iCares are starting to be delivered and the intense reaction on receiving.  As I kept going back to read each comment I start to hear a freakin bible verse over and over, louder and louder.  It was a snippet, since I am not familiar with bible-eeze and went and looked up the entire phrase (I put made bold what I kept hearing) to include the sentence before it as well:   Matthew 39 When did we see You sick or in prison and visit You?’ 40 And the King will reply, ‘Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren (children is what I heard), ye have done it unto me.’

God in his business suit asking us to get down to the business of loving each other, without judgement and filled with unconditional love.  Que Joan Osborne (as the song starts playing in my head:)



When Valorie called me back last evening to affirm, everyone got their iCare packages another lady, sobbing in a state of shocked wonder told her “”I cannot believe anyone would go out of their way and be so generous to us.”  It was truly the sentiment of not only those involved, but those who got to witness the true light of Christ Mass underway.

And this is how we change the word, shining our light in the deepest, darkest cracks.  One soul at a time, which brings light to the whole pool!!

Thru it all, Valorie is changing, expanding her heart and her desires to help others that cannot seem to help themselves because they shut down.  On a side note tho, Val was so excited about her GED entrance scores and I do want to share them with you.  In math she scored a 27 out of a possible 30 and in english a 36 out of a possible 40.  She has spent so much of her years dumbing herself down, and now she is seeing the value of allowing herself to be seen as I have always seen her, smart, compassionate and wise beyond her years.  I did have to reminder her (in a humorous way of course) how wonderful she must feel to be reconnected with her brain after hiding it for so many years thru drugs.  Her response excited me… she is proud of herself, her smarts and her compassion.  I am feeling mighty confident that when she is released, she will no longer feel the need to hide behind drugs any longer.

YOU all helped in this empowerment… and continue to help others around her just by sending your love light!!

On that note, my day is about to begin, I am praying I can see a little something something today… if not, I will be sending out an email to everyone left this week.

I love you all so very much and thank you for the love that you are, the light that you shine and the hearts that you expand.  You do this daily for me!!

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss made manifest thru and to the ALL of Life ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FOUR Days of Christ-Mass Special Now ON!!  Take 22% (we ARE the Master Builders) off everything I have, now thru Christ Mass Eve!!  For single readings enter the coupon code Christ.  For Packages enter the coupon code ChristMass (must be typed exactly as shown.)  Just to be clear the prices are good thru christmas eve, you can book the session(s) whenever you desire to have them (since I am fully booked thru the rest of this year.)




  1. Appreciate all you do , Lisa.    What if God, Goddess is ALL OF US?


    • Well DUH…..just figured that one out, did you???

      Merry CHRIST-“MASS”, oh sloooowly evolving one………



      *EVERYTHING* is “God”. Source.
      Not just sentient Beings. Everything in existence has Source Consciousness.

      All-That-Is = God/Source.


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      • video title:



  2. Truly beautiful to know that these wonderful souls felt loved in this time of year that is supposed to represent love in its most compassionate way….words do little to express that feeling.


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