Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 10, 2016

The Kingdom of God – The Emerald City!


Ohhhh the things I learned yesterday!!!  So before I share, let me once again say thank you for giving me the extreme privilege of connecting to your soul light and wisdom and bounty of wonder that You Are!

In one of the readings yesterday, my beautiful man appeared in the upper atmosphere and above him was this lush, odd-looking forest.  Trees not of this earth.  I could feel the texture of the bark, the life running thru them and as we got deeper into his reading, I could see the roots of these trees dangling down into the earth’s atmosphere, but the roots were solid-looking like the trees, instead they were energy like roots, hydrating the earth’s atmosphere with new energies so these threes can one day become life forms on earth.

Now let me straddle this with an ET reading I did last week, the one that revealed that diamond-shaped doorway over the Mediterranean Sea.  There is some sort of relationship here.  In the ET reading, we went thru this diamond-shaped doorway and into the deep sky that contained an enclosed biosphere.  Within this biosphere were 5 different solar systems being piped in to adjust the DNA within the life growing in this biosphere to see what combination of energies will become sustainable in earth.  Hybrids of hybrids!!  Her ET said there is a lot of trial and error being done there.

Back to my beautiful man and his forest of trees.  As we talked, I started to feel the energy of the bark of the trees above, in my hand in my office.  What the tree would look and feel like once it is grown on the earth.  Very different from the one up above.  Above the bark was rough and deep brown with all kinds of ridges.  The one in my hand in my office chair was a silver-gray color and much smoother in texture, yet I knew it was the same exact tree.

This all puts an interesting spin on the phrase “As above, so below.”  There is a chemical change that happens when something starts above and makes its way down below, to earth.  A transmutation of sustainability.  So anytime we see a vision of something that we would call “from above” do not look for the exact replica, vision wise, down below.  It will look different than it did.  Feel for the vibrational/energy field that was above, for that will always remain its signature.  I hope I am making my point clear.

Not only are we raising the vibration of this precious planet by loving on it (wink,) plant and animal forms are also now bleeding thru the upper dimensions into the lower ones, hence science making new discoveries of plants and animals they never seen before.  All life must change at the DNA level to sustain itself Here.  And we, the awakened human incarnate, are working at so many various levels to make sure it all gets done and done well!!

Something happened yesterday that I had never had happen before, well not since moving to Florida where my home and office are separate.  As soon as I looked at my schedule yesterday morning (to see what time I have to get in by) my last appointment of the day started to shine thru already and holy heavens, what a way to start the day.  The entire realm of what we lovingly refer to as the ArchAngels were in kneeling down position honoring my lovely lady.  Altho she is not a virgin in my heart, she was a virgin upon my field yesterday (I have had a lot of virgins this past two weeks!!)  So to say i was chomping at the bit to connect with her, would be an understatement.

So there they were, the Legion of Light (they didn’t want to be called angels or archangels, altho that is how we depict them and how they choose to show themselves in her reading.)  Their were so many they completely covered the entire marina area from left to right and as far back as the emerald city.  What I found so interesting in her set up, she was working at the higher dimensional fields, above the clouds if you will, and this legion of Light was at the midpoint of the reading field, so very much set up within the earth’s atmosphere!  Everyone one of them was on bended knee to honor her.  I could feel the reverence deep inside of myself.

Of course I had to pry my vision off of them and focus on her… and there she was putting her right hand thru the other side of the veil and pulling down what looked to me like a red and gold christmas ornament.  Kinda like this, only the gold design much more intricate and the red not shiny but matted:



No thingie at the top either.  The next thing I know, she tosses this ball over to the Legion of Light and they suddenly change from looking like this white mass of angles to a spinning white vortex that swallowed up the ornament and the red streamed down to the earth and the gold design, which I could actually feel like thread or something raised off the ball’s surface started spewing all over into the airspace.  I had no clue what she was doing.  All I could think of was christmas lol and her Legion insisted it had nothing to do with christmas.

Then she took her left hand, stuck it thru the veil and pulled out something like looked like a christmas wreath.  Hey!!  This looking very christmas like!!  Her Legion showed me the dateline of Dec 25th and stated it has nothing to do with that.  Instead, it is all about the Christ Mass!!  As she flung the evergreen wreath with golden thread within its construct like a frisbee into the spinning vortex created and held by this legion of light, the wreath looking thing grew and grew and became “the crowning glory” of this angelic vortex thing.  They used the image of evergreen to display everlasting life (as opposed to the crown of thorns we are familiar with, which depicts pain and suffering.)  What happened next had me rolling in my chair, laughing that is, by the sheer surprise of the imagery!!

From this “crowning glory” grew these like, I don’t poles of light that went all the way down to the ground level.  There were 9 of them, all depicting colors of the rainbow (one would think there would only be 7, but ohh no she is bringing in two more very real colors that have not yet been in our visual spectrum.)  It’s when the second pole elongated itself down to the earth, which my eyes followed and laying on the ground was good ole Trump and this liquid-like red pole stabbed him right thru the solar plexus… holy shit!!  And then there he was, pinned to the ground shaking from head to toe as if we was having an epileptic fit!!!  He remained like that thru the rest of the reading.

I was shocked at how violent it seemed to be, no permission was asked, and her legion explained that none was needed.  Public officials work for us and the greater good of all, even if within their mind, they don’t give a shit about that, we have the right to adjust their frequency to enhance and protect the All.  I cannot wait to see how this actually affects him, because we know it will!!  Turning that orange root chakra into red, truly earth/life connected.

Then she plucked yet another ornament out of the veil, which actually looked more like an open hole in the upper atmosphere.  This one was green with gold threaded design.  The design was different from the red one.  Suddenly her arm stretched like stretch armstrong:



As her arm stretched over the legion of light and into the Emerald City (behind this legion) her arm went from human looking to striations of moving energy in arm form.  Talk about Being the right hand of God (smile) and placed this ornament on one of the cathedral tops of the emerald city.  I could not see what it did or will do, just its current resting place.  No one explained why, either, or at least, I am not recalling it this morning!!  Dammit!!  However, I will never forget the vibration I felt when her Legion of Light referred to the Emerald City as “the Kingdom of God.”

Then she asked if our beloved AA Michael was out there.  I could see three of these Light beings taking the form of massive winged angels, all but three blended into one another.  There had bare-chested bodys (no heads for me to look at) in three very different skin tones, so I focused my attention there and the three stood up and identified themselves (one I already knew was there) AA Michael, AA Gabriel and AA Raphael.  Altho I know the other two names, I have no idea their energy embodiment at all.  So I asked my lady, of course she knew.  Gabriel is the messenger, we know Michael is the sword of truth and Raphael she said is a healer.  I had to ponder that last one, given my teams fussiness with our use of the word healing.  When I came home for the day and was watching my recorded show “Pure Genius” it hit me!!  If you have not watched this show on CBS I would highly recommend it.  It is: a unique medical drama centered around a young Silicon Valley tech billionaire who builds the ultimate cutting-edge hospital that treats only the most rare and insurmountable medical mysteries—at no cost.

The tech billionaire dude this story revolves around is one of the most compassionate characters I have ever seen on TV.  His love of people, his desire to help in any way he can, beyond even the medical aspect reminded me of my lady and then it hit me…. grabbing my own quote from a previous blog:   If you say you are healing, you are being restored to the original container you were born with, if you say you are clearing, you are washing already washed dishes.  Just declare you are in a state of Kintsugi, changing into a new form from the old!!


I know first hand that this incredible lady steps up and fills a void.  A perceived tear in the fabric of life.  She has done it for my mother, myself, my incarcerated daughter and my previously homeless daughter.  But instead of healing, there is a filling the void with the golden energy, a mending of life threads brought up to new enhanced frequencies of Life.  So let’s call Raphael and those who work with him Kintsugi artists!!!!

There is so much more, sadly, that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I have got to pack up and head to work now.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and bliss thru ALL!!  I love you ❤

Lisa Gawlas








  1. Wow!

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  2. Hi, Lisa! Great blog! I looked up the ‘Emerald City’. Seattle is called the Emerald City. There’s also an Emerald City in “The Wizard of Oz.” I checked latitudes, and can’t figure out a congruence between where you are in Florida and Seattle. I did run across a Becker Hagens earth grid that places Florida on an important grid point … … There are two more out my way, fairly close to the West Coast. Hugs, Alice

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  3. Here is Seattle – Florida map … alls I get is that it is a diagonal, from the highest northwest US to the lowest southeast US. Also, lol, there are lightworkers Krishna Das and Judy Satori in upstate NY and me and a couple of other people in LA … another diagonal. The two diagonals cross in McCook, Nebraska. Does X mark the spot? … what spot, I wonder?


  4. “my recorded show “Pure Genius” it hit me!! If you have not watched this show on CBS I would highly recommend it. It is: a unique medical drama centered around a young Silicon Valley tech billionaire who builds the ultimate cutting-edge hospital that treats only the most rare and insurmountable medical mysteries—at no cost.”


    Too bad….all this Billionaire Techie guy has to do (which is what *I’m* going to do with my millions/billions of $)….is get his hands on the original

    ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE Frequency machines

    that the cabal stole from Rife and the Human Population, in the 1930’s. And then buried all his work. It’s all still in California, in buried labs. Some lightworkers in California are already accessing and replicating his work.

    Rife’s frequency machines/generators, CURE *ALL* DISEASES.

    He spent so many hours of his life, painstakingly documenting and targeting the Frequency (Hertz) signatures of every disease-generating cell, virus, cancer, that’s out there.
    He cured cancer, in 1934.

    Can cure it all. All humans.
    And very quickly.



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  6. Dr. Royal Rife’s 1931 “End To All Disease” Photo:



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  8. Lisa!!! I hope you get this message-it’s urgent! 😉 starting January 6th on NBC a new show is starting called “Emerald City.” This is what it’s about.

    In this modern re-imagining of the world of L. Frank Baum’s beloved “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” a tornado sweeps a 20-year-old Dorothy Gale and a police dog into the air, casting them into the mystical land of Oz. There, Dorothy encounters familiar characters as she navigates a dangerous world of competing realms, lethal warriors and dark magic — uncovering an unexpected destiny in the process. The young woman soon learns that she carries a burden she didn’t ask for, holding the fate of these unfamiliar kingdoms in her hands.


  9. Here is the YouTube trailer!


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