Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 20, 2016

The Body of Changes


It has been a while since my body has turned into a pool of goo, but alas, I am head deep in the goo and getting gooyer!! lol  I knew it was coming, but hoping it wasn’t.  As much as I honor what is happening, I still feel like shit or is that sludge, maybe shitty sludge lol.  All for the greater good!  I think the hardest part for us humans is to really really know that as our bodies melt down, there is intense greater cellular change taking place and the last thing we want to do, is stop it or even tone it down.

I am learning so much about this phase of my own evolution, if I had more energy, I would be dancing around the house from understanding what is really taking place.  However, I don’t even have the energy to THINK about dancing lol.

For the last 5 years, I have lived where I worked and worked where I lived and so there was no deviation from the energy pool at all.  Because of where I lived, I rarely met people and I sure as hell didn’t go out as much as I have been since being in Florida.  Going grocery shopping was a 2 hour round trip that had to be planned in advance.

However, since my mothers passing I have been meeting so many wonder people almost every week or so.  I would observe that something within my body changed, whether it was feeling like I exercised too much (trust me, I don’t exercise at all, I grew allergic lol) and especially the day after the house lighting party, such an extraordinary event with wonderful people, the next I swore I went mountain climbing and from my feet to my head, felt like pulled (lets call that expanding) muscles.

All this in addition to the intense body aches I went thru, in sections, starting with the very day I arrived here in Florida.

Fortunately I have a great connection with my body and have all this lifetime.  It explains to me what is happening, what it needs and most especially, what it doesn’t need.

What I started to realize is that our biology is changing again.  This time, to be taken out of the ethers (if we dare) and linked up in person at the ground level.  Even this must be done gently, over time.  There are energetic receptors that open to whomever you are connecting with at the heart level, integrating their soul plan with your soul plan and we go thru changes.  I suppose we can look at it like putting a map together, country by country, state by state, city by city and so on… all from one person.

As we moved into and thru this massive full moon, my throat started to get a little scratchy.  Just enough to be annoying at times.  By Friday the 19th, the scratch was turning into discomfort and even some of the readings were producing a cough.  I understand this connection too, the higher the energy I am taking in, the and let me tell you, it’s rocking the tree tops every day, the more my lungs are affected by it.  Friday was also one of my busiest days, 4 readings, a homework session, my last free skype session with my daughter and then ocean side dining with my beloved architect and his beautiful friend.  To top this all off, I forgot my damn laptop at the office.  Nothing was going to stop me from the day’s agenda.  I could live without my laptop for a day, not even looking for the bigger meaning there either.  I was too busy.

When I walked into the restaurant, my architects friend was there first and I could feel the excitement in my cells just from seeing him.  I have read for him several times and now I get to hug that beautiful man in person.  But when my architect arrived, I swear it was like the inner 6-year-old just met the real santa for the first time.  I was soooooo freakin excited and in awe and every good thing and the party in my cells lingered for a long while.  That alone got my attention.  Getting my attention and understanding the significance is often times two different ball parks.  I was not caring about understanding just enjoying the amazing moment in time I was sharing with these two beautiful men.

Half way thru dinner, the coughing started in earnest.  But not just regular coughing, glass shards seemed to be included.  It hurt so freakin much and only in one place in my throat, the power nodule we call the throat chakra.

After dinner we went to walk on the beach or better said walk to the ocean’s edge at the beach, but first I had to feed that pesky parking meter.  I was good until 9:01pm, we had an hour to spend at the beach.   It was so wonderful that there was not another soul on the beach, just we three.  We could feel (but not see) the presence in the sky… being watched.  Dare I even say, enhanced.  Shortly after just standing at the waters edge, taking pictures, having wonderful conversations, my body’s temperature dropped and I started freezing.  I needed to get back home anywayz, I am already up past my bedtime and I have a 30 minute drive ahead of me.

Well the pesky beach cops had no mercy on my beach time.  I was issued a $20 parking ticket at 9:11.  Dammit.

As I drove home, my throat having been ripped open from shards of glass, I couldn’t wait to hit the bed.  I was freezing, tired, in throat pain and would end up spending the entire nite coughing up glass.  I kept trying to tell my vocal chords to please hang on, don’t leave, I have such full days… or at least… wait til Monday, my day off.

I woke up with zero voice and a throat that felt like hot pokers were having its way all night long.  Freakin dammit!!  I didn’t have my computer so I couldn’t do anything except pout and drink coffee and beg my voice to come back!!  Like it cares about our schedule!! lol

As I got to the office to do my first reading, voice still somewhere in the ethers, but no coughing really, I was hoping.  OMG that was a really really bad idea!!  Just connecting with my morning male virgin (smile) brought the glass back and the coughing was on overdrive just trying to utter audible words.  I whispered I would email him, grabbed my laptop and went home.  I knew this glass couching thing was simply due to the high frequency at the office and that we purposely connect to at the office.  I emailed everyone, but incase they didn’t get the email, I had to be in a lower energy place to try and speak.  Home I went.

Sure enough, when my 2nd appointment called me, I still had no voice, but didn’t caugh, didn’t create pain, nuttin.  This really had me raise an eye brow to understanding.

As the day went on, I could feel the energy inside my body as if it was stretching the very bones in me.  The origination point of the energy was at my back in the sacral plexus area and it would spread upwards and downwards at the same time.  I would follow it up and thru my head or arms or fingers, it wasn’t always flowing to the same place, but the flow, the stretching was constant until sunset.  It was uncomfortable, imagine your bones being stretched lol, more achy than pain.

A couple of times during the day I thought about taking something just to ease my body thru this and my crazy ass body simply said “put your big girl pants on and deal.”  Ohhh I love this body of mine!!

As the sunset, the energies shifted from stretching all my bones and realigning my joints to freakin coughing again and the heaviness in the chest, I think the elephant from the mesa found me and decided to sit on top of me.  Thank god for albuterol and my body’s allowance of it!!   I really do like breathing, a lot!! With the sunset came the spirit lube and tons of it.  My head is a snot pool and my eyes feel like they will just pop right out of the sockets.  Yippie!!

My temperature gauge was also going thru massive flux, freezing with chills one minute, hot and sweaty the next minute.

You know something huge is changing inside when chocolate takes like shit.

And today, is day two.  I am without a voice still, my head is going to pop soon, I’m sure of it.  Now with the morning light, the coughing as subsided pretty much (good thing, my freakin ribs and diaphragm freakin hurt.)

The only thing I can say for sure about any of this, is what my team is saying right now… we are bring the magnetic field to the ground level of life and the body MUST adjust to accommodate it.  So we say, once again… nothing is wrong, all is perfect and everyone going thru something similar, put your big girl or big boy pants on and let yourself change and evolve!!

Just and added note, for me personally, this energy is coming in  and spreading at the bone marrow level, which is why my bones feel stretched and achey.  I looked up bone marrow: Bone marrow is the spongy tissue inside some of your bones, such as your hip and thigh bones. It contains stem cells. The stem cells can develop into the red blood cells that carry oxygen through your body, the white blood cells that fight infections, and the platelets that help with blood clotting.  

It truly is change the birth of the cellular level.  Again I say…. Yippie!!??? lol

I love you all so much, thank you for constantly kicking me in the energy system of expansion!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with new fuel and expansion packs to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just another reminder that my fee’s will be increasing on December 1st.  I have put the notice on my reading page, booking page and main page of my website.  I will add it here too:

On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing.  I have not raised my prices significantly in 11 years, it will probably be another 11 before I do again.  But just want to forewarn everyone about the increase.  The One Hour reading will go from $99 to $149, the 45 minute reading will go from $83 to $95, the 30 minute and ET connection will go from $59 to $84 and the 15 minute reading will go from $33 to $45.  All packages will increase as well.





  1. If I can relocate your new office address – which will take a few clicks – I’ll send an aquamarine stone you can wear around your neck or place into water as a tincture and bless your beverage.
    I’m ill too. My body and neck owie. No spirit goo yet lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • With your spirits permission, Sending you both healing energy as our bodies shift. Blessings from KY


  2. glad you express your body experiences…yes, we are changing in bones, meridians and cells…..but why use the HAHA and the word HELL so often.?


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