Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 18, 2016

Shifting Timelines, Parallel Worlds and Our Mixed Up Reality!!


I so love when I can wake up in the morning and understand myself and my feelings better.  This morning is one such morning, thanx to an article a beautiful friend shared on my facebook timeline last evening.  I have not read the whole article yet, only because puzzle pieces already started to plop into place just from the shear scan I did of the article.  I guess I should share that article with you (smile) Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists

This came perfectly timed with my own inner questioning as to why my mothers passing still hurts my heart the way it does.  I had none of this with my father, at all.  Quite the opposite really, when I would think of my father after he passed, I would fill up with sooo much gratitude for having spent 18 months with him before he passed.  Of course, I justify to myself that this sadness lingers with my mother because I only had 3 months, but I realized this morning, that’s only partially true.  Let me put all this on hold and share the bigger picture this crazy skimmed article triggered!  Let me tell ya, the more I look at it, understand it, the crazier the picture becomes!

I am going to start with a sentence from this article:  an idea that posits that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual, though parallel, world.  You and I already know this is a true statement, even without the equipment to prove it, we live it and that’s proof enough.

Several weeks before the main election event, I realized I cannot point my finger in either poison and call it ok.  I am not voting Trump or Hillary, instead, I live on the timeline where Bernie was on the ballot and won the election.  I live there still!!  I hadn’t thought much more about that inner declaration until this morning.  And with this, let me bring out the importance of questions again.  Spirit does not reveal anything until we ask the question, until we ponder the reality of anything.  I started questioning yesterday, when my heart shattered from getting the proof of ownership to the mobile home insurance company they requested.  I scanned the bill of sale/transfer and I just broke down and cried uncontrollably, which surprised me.  I justified the eruption with the thought that she had told me my whole life she would never leave me a penny and in the end, she gave me everything she had.  But that didn’t feel like the truth within my reaction, but was the only thing I could think of.

Now let’s back up to June, when I was still in New Mexico, when my mother was still refusing to talk to me or have me reemerge in her life in any way.  I got lost on a road as I tried to go for a hike to clear my heart and mind and declared to the universe in my lostness, that if I am going to invade my mother’s world (I was going whether she accepted me or not) then lets move to the timeline where she loves me.  Again, not because I needed my mothers love, but because it would make everything so much easier than kidnapping an old lady (this was even before my landlady told me my mother was not welcome.)  Within hours of that moment, my mother changed her stance, told my aunt and my daughter that she is excited to reunite with me again.  YAY!!!

I also understood (eventually) that that timeline shift was created at the 2011 intersection when i wrote to my mother inviting her into her grandchildrens life or mine, if she desired.  She didn’t, but I knew, on another timeline, it had to have happened.  All choices are played out.

Recently, it was also revealed that in that timeline shift, that higher frequency came down to the lower frequency, which is why when I got here, we eventually found out she was filled with cancer.  Her hate and tightly held in emotional field, ate her away.  This morning, I am realizing that on the timeline we pulled into this dense reality, we reunited with plenty of time to keep and maintain her health and emotional field.

Now it is becoming very clear we cannot alter the timelines for one and not have it affect the all.  This gets complicated to explain in words, I see it clearly as a visual, which makes perfect sense to me now.  Let me try to explain…

You and I, we were always heading to the emerald city, the 11D platform of life, of Living as God in body in all we do think and say.  In this timeline shift, we took a strand of that energy and pulled it wayyyyy down into the 3D density and chose (shit, i think I choose for everyone lol) to overlay it in this dense density.  My team is assuring me this was a good and needed thing (phew.)

Had none of this happened, you and I would have awoken on Nov 9th to a Bernie Sanders Presidency.  He had won, hands down, in 11D.  So the president of the emerald city is Bernie Sanders!!  I love that world!! lol  He is already changing the face of politics there.  Our jobs is to understand what he is employing there and do it here.

We have this platform that my team has been showing me called 5D.  If we were to look at this as three distinct layers in all the layers of life, the 3D is the solid bottom, the 11D is the solid top and the 5D is like a wobbly platform the goes in and out of both realms.  The christ consciousness.  The dressing room of the in between.  Hell (3D) or Shambhala (11D) and where we make our choices which experience we will live within.  Because this area wobbles, often times we go back into 3D then shift upwards to 11D.

This wobble, especially on my days off, is where the sadness hits me the hardest.  I want her back dammit!!  We had the best relationship of our lives and it was only 3 freaking months.  However, I now fully understand why it hits me so hard, it’s just my heart saying, she is still playing the game with you.  My mind tho, has not yet wrapped fully around that significance.

Now lets bring this all down to the 3D level where Trump is the reality.  When i was out with my friend the other day, we were talking about him and I could really understand more about his sacral chakra placement in his root.  This is actually going to play to all of our favors, eventually.  He couldn’t give a shit about anything on earth, what happens to earth, the people, the animals he doesn’t care one way or the other.  He cares about how he looks (ego) in relationship to his choices.  He is currently filling his cabinet with tons of old energy, not nice people because they are the only ones addressing his sense of self, his ego.  In this relationship, they are making all the plans and he is feeling all their glory.  So much for draining the swamp.  But then again, he is the swamp why would he drain it?

My daughter found a forbes article that articulated his tax agenda.  Bad news for most us.  Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Would Hit Single Parents Hard

Now let me back myself up a few months, shortly after Bernie was ousted from the running in this crazy plane of existence.  All I could feel was the Trump is the only one who could bring this country down to its knees.  It is much easier and quicker to rebuild something that has been wiped out by a hurricane, than continue to patching of the leaks over time.  Guess what!!???

It is so important to realize that we must address Trump with love, compassion, adversity in vision but not hate, not anger, not any of that.  If he could realize just how incredible his sense of self will be revered by an alternate form of anything, let me tell ya, he will do that instead.  He truly does not care and that is a good thing.  We are his four-year reality show and we MUST come together and make it a together story, a love story by bringing down the wisdom from our Presence in 11D to Here.  WE are the Divine Changemakers if we dare.  The time for silence is over.  He does not have access to his heart nor his pineal gland so we must meet him at the physical level of ego, with love and honor for what he can do!!

Spirit has said several times this week in readings, as we enter 2017, you and I enter the emerald city and trump enters the white house and life as we know is going to change and change fast.

We all have a massive change of energy that will speed up even more as we close out this year.  It is going to get interesting that is for sure.  But for now, I need a shower!! lol  I have a date with my beautiful architect and his friend this evening and I cannot show up smelly!!  I am sooo excited, I am meeting so many people in this crazy land called Florida.  Life is GOD!!! ❤

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Empowered Hearts and Boots on the Ground…. loving!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just a reminder that my fee’s will be increasing on December 1st.  I have put the notice on my reading page, booking page and main page of my website.  I will add it here too:

On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing.  I have not raised my prices significantly in 11 years, it will probably be another 11 before I do again.  But just want to forewarn everyone about the increase.  The One Hour reading will go from $99 to $149, the 45 minute reading will go from $83 to $95, the 30 minute and ET connection will go from $59 to $84 and the 15 minute reading will go from $33 to $45.  All packages will increase as well.




  1. […] Source: Shifting Timelines, Parallel Worlds and Our Mixed Up Reality!! […]


  2. “But then again, he is the swamp why would he drain it?

    My daughter found a forbes article that articulated his tax agenda. Bad news for most us. Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Would Hit Single Parents Hard

    ….P.S. Just a reminder that my fee’s will be increasing on December 1st. I have put the notice on my reading page, booking page and main page of my website. I will add it here too:

    On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing. … All packages will increase as well.”




    They ARE the swamp, why would they drain it?

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall….



  3. Like

  4. I predicted months before Hilary wd not win & yet even so I still,can not “see”Trump in the White House, and he ain’t there yet!


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