Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 15, 2016

WE ARE Solid Air Ity. Solidarity In The Light, Leading the Way Home.

E72796 Forest path in the woods

It is so nice to wake up and my body feel perky and my mind feel crystal clear!!  That’s very much the opposite of how I felt when I woke up yesterday.  I officially know what melting wax feels like, that’s exactly how my entire mental field felt the moment I woke up, hence, no sharing yesterday.  Of course when your mind feels like melting wax, so does the body.  I got nothing done, save a filling (dentist filling, which I should have rescheduled, but that’s another story. lol)  I did attempt to write a blog yesterday, pulling from the day prior readings, but they all sort of blended together, I guess they too were consumed in the melting wax!! lol

As I sit down this morning and open wordpress, I see a Happy Anniversary from wordpress, wow… 7 years ago today I opened my wordpress account.  Of course, for a few years prior to finding wordpress, I used blogspot to share and before that, I podcasted.  I have been sharing out loud for a very very long time!!  But sharing is part of my own assimilation as well.  We have been together, in one form or another, for a very long time, thank you for show up and helping me assimilate and grow into this amazing moment we all share now.

There is something from Sundays readings I do want to focus on today.  Everyone was about 2 feet away from my outside wall.  To me, that was huge and significant.  Coming to the front side of the 11:11 no one ever really moved from their placement in the field of light.  Instead, the light showed up at their feet, met them where they were at, altering everyone in their place.  Now, however, being on the other side of the 11:11, the first day everyone was still at the outside of my wall, the now filled out emerald city, directly across from them on the other side of the marina (my reading field.)  We shifted upwards, fast!!!  The emerald city was about 20  feet in the air prior to the 11:11 and it was only about a 3 inch wide light emitting emerald strip, now it’s a full-blown city/construct.  I was actually stunned to see the placement of everyone I read on Sunday the 13th was about 2 feet away from my outside office wall.  We are moving towards the emerald city and not drawing it to us like we did with the light field.  This is huge and significant to understand.  Movement.  Action.  Presence in action.  We had to first draw the light in, assimilate and hold it as an ever lasting Presence in our body and life.  Now, we must live it out loud, in action to arrive at the emerald city.

I also find it rather interesting that 2 out of three people had a problem with their right knee, serious pain in and around the right knee.  We have spent lifetimes deep in our right field, our emotional spiritual field, understanding, applying, growing.  Well, now it is time to get out of our easy chair and LIVE what we have come to know in every way possible.  No more biting the tongue for fear no one will understand.  No more standing in the shadows and the dark runs amuck.  Lights on and flooding everyone!!   Knees are always about the flexibility of the foundation (calves) and strength (thighs) and allows for full mobility and sudden turns.  Again, now, the energy is being taken into the left field, the expanding consciousnesses in physicality.  We are all the spirit guides that we once had to help us to here.

In one of the readings and explaining this to my lady, I could see what spirit called chaos.  To me it was like black particles bouncing up and down as if on a trampoline or something.  In came the light, created illumination (information and action) and suddenly it was as if a huge suction hose was placed in that area, the black particles got sucked up and into a higher light field.

We are the way showers and our duty, our responsibility is to lead the way to oz.  The how is as unique as you are!!  But do it!! lol

I do want to bring out one of the readings on Sunday, since the imagery is dangling in my face!!  Her body was covered as if she was a wispy cloud.  I could see the outline of her body of light, and the fine wisps of cloud that made up her outer edges.  I might even say… cloaked her.  Kinda like this:



That kind of wispy cloud energy.  Then in front of her, stretching all the way to the emerald city were thick puffy clouds.  Looking very much like this:



Running directly from her to the front door of the emerald city thru this massive puffy cloud landscape was something akin to the red carpet, only a thick, almost gel like white carpet, kinda like this carpet, only set it down in the center of the puffy clouds and end it at the illuminated emerald city:


She works with the clouds as the clouds.  But until this morning as I am looking at the images instead of straight on in a reading, our light field is way up above the clouds.  This is the platform of where our (per my teams label) 11D platform is.  High above the density and those still awakening to the Christ within.  We are the embodied above the chaos.

Her team showed her using that carpet as her tool.  Lifting it up high at the end directly in front of her feet and coming down with a force that it creates a ripple all the way to the emerald city.  Revealing things that the clouds hide… metaphorically speaking.

No matter what our toolset, I really feel this gives us all a huge clue as to our role.  No longer just sitting in our sacred space but Being that sacred space out in life, in the fields of chaos, illuminating, uncovering, revealing.  The ripple effect is life changing thru and to the All!!

WE are the solid air, the solid field of Light.  Solid-Air-Ity.

On a completely different note.  A wonderful friend I just met in the physical and I went to see the movie Arrival Sunday evening.  (Spoiler Alert) It came to a very underwhelming, head scratching ending, but I was thrilled to see they made the ET’s out as friendly, even to the degree of separated by a language barrier.  The military brought in a linguist to help learn to talk to the ET’s, which I can excitedly say, we have seen in readings.  The ones that look like octopuses or as I would say, Sigmund from Sigmund and the Sea monsters.  Someone else in the movie industry has seen them too… remembers them and thank you god depicted them as friendly, helpful and caring about humanity.

However, there was something extra special about the linguist that was chosen, her third eye was wide open.  The first sentence they were able to translate was “use your weapon” and of course, our military being gun ready, assumed that it was war they were declaring.  Not at all… our weapon is our ability to see and translate as well as put into action what we see.  Those three words have hung with me since that movie… USE YOUR WEAPON.  Also, YOU ARE THE WEAPON.  (In relationship to the lady who could see the future, the linguist.)  This third eye ability is the ONLY true language of light there is.  It already is changing our reality and interconnecting all of us from all galaxies!!!

On that note, I gotta get in the shower and get ready to see how much we have moved today, not to mention what solidified in my waxy melting brains yesterday!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of solidified Light thru ALL you do and say!!  YOU are the weapon changing it ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas







  1. After reading your post this morning I got out of bed to look out the window at a dense fog.(Solid Air) Very unusual for our location. Last week our community had a “Solidarity Walk” with candles on Thursday evening. Literally your words become visual in my life. Thank you for your insights. They keep me walking the Path.

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  2. Wow, sometimes you really hit the nail on the head Lisa, I too have had weird right knee pain for several days, even though I had done nothing to injure it. Also right foot and leg pain to a lesser degree. Yesterday and today it’s almost gone, but it’s uncanny that you should mention that just now, I had a feeling it was something different. Thanks as always for your uplifting messages – in solidarity for real! 🙂



  3. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Thanks for sharing. Hope the governments share that they have already met with the ET’s, from my understanding. Like the guy Valiant Thor from Venus?, who lived in DC for a while. Thought from my understanding all life is from somewhere else, we are all ET’s, we know this.


    • “No matter what our toolset, I really feel this gives us all a huge clue as to our role. No longer just sitting in our sacred space but Being that sacred space out in life, in the fields of chaos, illuminating, uncovering, revealing. The ripple effect is life changing thru and to the All!!”


      ALL of this repetitive Timelooping…..has really gotten *old*.

      (Manifestation, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



      • Might I suggest then, since this is all old news to you Keira, find another site to read and stop complaining about mine!! lol You crack me up!!


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