Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 10, 2016

The 7th TRUMPet and God Bless Us, WE ARE the Angels of Christ. Yikes!! lol


I have now sat here staring at my computer for an hour, less trying to figure out how to start todays continued from yesterday sharing, and more seeing all these concepts zooming around in front of my face.  So I am trying to anchor into just one of them to start with.  I’ll start with what I am trying to understand most within myself… the change in the light field I will just keep calling right now the 11:11.  The change being the fabric thing wrapped around its presentation when we were in readings on the 8th.  I did not do readings yesterday nor am I doing any today, which I find as my ever evolving cheat sheet of understanding.  But equally, it keeps me processing so much information so fast that sometimes I miss, or don’t fully “get” key details as we move on to the next thing that is showing up in the field.  And it is rapid fire these days.

So, the thing that looks like a lampshade or teepee around the field of light, lets change that to skin.  Just like pudding when cooked the old fashion way forms a skin at the surface.  So too, is this energy system, the light field.  My team wants to be super clear on this fact, this light system belongs to no one.  If we can look at it as a massive generator placed in our emerging city to power all things, each other, the field, concepts and the list will go on and on.  Imagine the biggest power plant on earth, times that out put by a million and that is what this light field is.  The skin itself is the part we have available to us to use, to work with, to take personally.  The skin is self sealing and constant.  You can never use more than your share, ever.  That is a concept that will one day fade from everyone’s consciousness.

Before I share the variations of use of this light skin, my team is wanting me to remind everyone that light, in and of itself, does nothing.  It just shines.  Add in human emotion, now that skin comes to life, changes and becomes a tangible part of matter.

I am going to pull forward one of the readings the other day, before I seen this skin of light (smile.)  My lady had three bongos in front of her, and just as consistent with everyone else since we got back together in Oct, the focus is always on the right side and/or the right hand.  The emotional use of our frequency.  She was hitting the right bongo with her right hand, and only with the three center fingers (not the pinky or thumb) drawing directly from the core flow thru the arm, from the heart center.  I could see the sparks of light bounce off the top of the bongo and the next thing I knew, we switched over to her left side.  That looked freakin crazy, she didn’t have a hand or arm, she had a bear paw, claws and all!  When her massive paw hit the top of the bongo, the claws tore thru it.  It was kinda violent to watch really.  I also realized, the skin on her bongos was self sealing.  The center bongo was the processor of the three bongos.  Her emotions went into the right bongo, processed thru the center to become form and she had to extract it thru the fierceness of the bear claw, the bear clan she was.

In the reading I had mentioned to her about the skin on the bongos, but this was before I seen the skin of the light field, so I had no clue what were looking at.  I do now!! lol

I want to change the focus just a hair to one of my beautiful ladies I barely mentioned in closing yesterday.  Binocular lady!! 😀 Keeping in mind, this is HER skill and clan and this technique will not work for most people, because we all have been developed in various other clans to use in harmony with each other.  I’ll straddle bear claw lady with binocular lady as example in a moment.

When the radiant binocular lady showed up, she was looking thru her binoculars towards the left side of the super sized cone-shaped skin of light.  Coming out of each lens was these streams of color, and they came out about 3-4 inches then feel downwards towards created reality.  I had no clue what it was creating because that was not shown, I just new she was creating something with her vision.  Then, as the conversation shifted, I think towards talking about the Bernie Sanders experience with the seamstress lady before her, suddenly my lady was facing the teepee looking light field but now those strands of colored light coming out of her “magnificent magnifying” lenses (her team used those two words as one whole word, with what she is doing or releasing) suddenly, this super light tan skin thing on this cone of light started to drip the various colors at the lower part of its base and started to blend together to create a fabric of various color.   I suppose someone has to be the dyers (adding color to the skin, emotional color of course.)  There is so much more to it, however, until I see it, I surely don’t understand it… yet.  Actually what I am hearing, until we perfect our techniques, no one does and my team not releasing information to anyone until we have a clue our personal part in this amazing field of light.

Now let me (god help me) straddle binocular lady with bear claw bongo lady.  Ohhh and we are going to bring in seamstress lady too.  And use this whole analogy loosely.  Someone must bring in the energy of color (emotions) to create various frequencies in the skin/cloth going to be used.  Then someone must cut the cloth (pattern makers) to make it available to various uses.  Then someone has to fit the cloth on the bongo (instrument) being used, then someone must have the skill to set the energy into musical harmony, the outcome (center bongo) works in harmony with the light field itself to change all of this energy into a field equal to matter (the earth realm.)   Bongo lady is using her bear clan to extract what was created.  This would be two different clans of perfection being used within one person.  Yet, we need to the whole damn factory working together (and right now, it is from the soul level) consciously and harmoniously.  A true orchestration of light turned into matter!!  One part of this massive, amazing orchestra is not more important than the other.  This light cone thing would be the conductor itself.  No one that would ever, for a single second, intentionally misuse it, could come close to its Presence.  Equally, anyone thinking they can do all parts alone, would be kept at bay as well.  Simply because their ego needs to realize fully this has always been a team sport, not all done by one.

With all that said and I pray to god, understandable, I am still processing this whole Trump thing.  Actually… I have to giggle, my mind was just directed to the book of revelations (a place I am really not that familiar with) and the TRUMPets.   So I do what I do when I don’t have a clue about something, I google it.  And the first website that caught my attention is the end times website explaining the trumpets and how 5 has already happened.  I don’t care about that at all…. I just was caught with the 7th trumpet:

The Final Trumpet

The sounding of the seventh trumpet will be the most dynamic event out of all the trumpets prophesied in the Bible, affecting all human beings. It is at this last trumpet that Jesus Christ will send angels to rapture all saints for their eternal reward and pass his judgments on the fate of the earth’s inhabitants. This event also marks the end of human government and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, on earth, for the next one thousand years.

Ok way over the top religious and fear filled… but hey… it hits a crazy chord inside me.  Trump, the spoiled 5 year old going to be president in January, will have a massive effect on the world.  Keeping in mind, chaos precedes any change, the bigger the change the stronger the chaos field.  The Angels of christ are here… ummm hate to say it, but that would be us.  No looking up, you are it!!!

I gotta giggle with the whole trump et… trumps superficial women he allows in his life, the trump ettes and that not meant in a mean way I simply think of the rockettes.  We all know, from his own mouth, how he views women that do not resemble Barbie dolls.

We are in for some crazy crazy times… the times of change and we are the ones prepared to handle it all from the field of Light.  (Spirit amuses me constantly lol.)

On that note, I have food to cook.  Today is my happy house lighting party and not a minute too soon.  I am officially overwhelmed with this morning’s information!!  lol Lasagna and homemade bread is what I am creating.  Someone is bringing salad, another geometric shaped cookies, someone is bringing vegan cherry pie… and other surprises to munch on.

See those who are coming noon or later!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the loving symphony of each other!!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Thank you Lisa for your sharings! Gave me a giggle to visualize the trumpets blowing their horns. Last night I watched a UTUBE from an astrologer talking about a major shift from now to 2020 from some Capricorn energy to Aquarius. (Pam Gregory) .Few of our systems are working for the People anymore, .( Political, Educational, Financial, Economic, Religion). The office of the President is suppose to be one of service for the People. It is a position of employment by the people . It will be interesting to see if Trump will play his role as an employee. Let us each play our role as the Light Beings we are and, in our own ways, bring forth the change to (as Michael Jackson said ) make this world a better place.
    Blessings for a happy party!! Wish I lived closer. Xoxo 💖


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