Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 9, 2016

The Wonders of This Moment and Our Call to Action!!


Yesterday, I soooo couldn’t wait to share the extraordinariness of all the readings yesterday.  How rich and alive and and at our feet that living light field is.  It is so easy for me to completely forget, that there is something else happening, something that deeply contrasts the very place I wake up and move within each day.  It is way to easy for me to forget, drenched in the brilliance of our own light day after day, that there is a massive under tow happening as well.  We are coming into the full on conclusion of the stark divide in duality after all… so I suppose, it had to be Trump.  Hillary is too cunning in the field of darkness, she knows how to work it expertly to her advantage.  Trump is simply an untamed, void of light, ego.

It wasn’t until 8:30 last night did I even think about sticking my nose into the ongoing results of the USA elections.  I was letting every ounce of light from the day’s reveal seep deeply into  me.  The readings were magic.  (I will share them in a few minutes.) As I peered into the CNN website, shockwaves started to run thru me.  The fact that we just may wake up in the morning to an emerging Trump administration started to embed in my mind, the place I have been avoiding all day.  I did what I always do when I have just way to much emotion running thru me, I dump it on facebook.  I have to let it out and start processing what is running thru me. It also places what I am feeling in a vast pool of communication too, which allows my processes to bob and weave with others… and expand into a higher understanding.  One beautiful and precious soul said something that just burst open an understanding I had not even brought to the table of my own reality, hey, I can avoid too!!

I think we can really misunderstand the very phrases we make up.  Our position on this earth, in this amazing field of light is not to ignore the other realities taking place, the other realities sharing the same space on earth, quite the opposite.  Our job is to look at, and understand what is happening and be there to assist.  I kept pulling a deep parallel with my mother’s life.  She completely ignored the fact that she had heart disease.  She completely ignored the fact that her body was sick and dying and cancer was feeding off of so many major organs.  Ignorance is not bliss, it causes a complete breakdown in the fabric of life.  If we do not fully understand and look at the sickness, we are giving it permission to run amuck.  A valid choice, but at what expense?  I personally want to assist life in whatever way I am capable of, even if that means getting dirty along the way.  Just like the moment I heard my mother was in dire straights, helping her was the only energy in my field at the (perceived) sacrifice of my own.

Once the shock waves of a looming Trump administration (I will never ever call that man a president) started to subside, I could actually hear the understandings from my team.

Trump is the epitome of the base ego, void of any light (true wisdom.)  He is reactive, self-absorbed and well… lots of other things too.  Everything he does is towards his own self gain, not destructively mind you, not at all.  But if things get destroyed in the process, that’s ok too.  Unlike Hillary who is a master at working within the dark, she is more efficient working in the dark than most of us are working in the light.  So, believe it or not, Trumps win is actually easier for us to work with.  (I have to laugh every time I hear my team use the word easy in relationship to the massive challenges we have set in motion!! lol)

Last evening I started to remember a meditation experience I had long ago, I think around 2004 that is now becoming our reality.  There was this massive hole in the ground, it was muddy and the dirt so thick that one you sunk into it, getting out was close to impossible.  There were many people in this muddy sink hole with their arms stretched upwards for help.  At the top of this sink hole, many many light workers aligned around the rim, most saying prayers, looking upwards at the sky, doing whatever it was they were doing.  I (and a few others) were looking directly into this massive hole at the people begging for help, sinking deeper into the muck, drowning.  I called out to those looking up to the sky, help me help them and I jumped into the hole.  A few other people jumped with me, but most of those looking upwards to the sky, did nothing.  That meditation has stayed with me all these years, the feelings, the desperation and the avoidance.  Come January 2017, that sink hole goes live.  We must USE the energy, the light of the Emerald City to assist those in need.  Never forget we are the energy of the living prayer made manifest.  If not you, then who????

So here is our new reality this morning.  We have a raw ego moving into a place of ultimate power in the land of created matter.  Matter in matter, in no way are saying Light in matter.  He and his posse and many ordinary people on earth are going to be that wonderful laboratory for us to work and refine our enhanced skills of light.  Not by ignoring what is happening, but really looking into the face of the darkened psyche and breathing light into it…. not from afar, but at the ground level, true boots of Light on the ground.

I was up until about 1am, I cannot remember the last time these peepers stayed awake that late, but I was waiting for results, I tapped out.  I woke up at exactly 3am to pee and looked at my phone which was still showing CNN’s website, trump won.  Holy freakin shit batman.  I remember the day baby bush won the first election and I turned to my (then 17 year old) son and stated “life as we know it is about to change.”  This is going to take that statement to the 10th level of degree.

Before I get into the amazingness of yesterdays readings, lets take a moment and look at what has helped us to get to this amazing place of Light we now are.  Our spirit guides had to look at every detail of our choices and consequences of our choices and start there to help us up and out of our own darkness.  They held in their knowing the awesome soul we/you are and addressed first and foremost the darkness we carried around.  They didn’t ignore our shit, but used it to help us own it then release it (as opposed to blaming it on others.)  They didn’t make us feel inadequate in anyway.  Instead they understood and never lost sight of our wonder, even when we did.

Spirit has been saying for years now, the mantle of power has been given to those who walk in the Light of Love.  Or more plainly, live within the 11D platform of life.  Once again, I am going to parallel our journey with my mother with this.  No one ignored what she has gone thru, the choices she made that resulted in the life we found her living.  Instead, everyone seen her light, her beauty and swooped in in whatever way they could to assist.  To uplift her spirit and make safe her environment.  We are now being asked to do the very same thing on a worldwide scale.  Actually, come January, it will be demanded of us!!  What a way to start life in the Emerald City!! lol

So on to the field of light yesterday!!  I was shocked to see that 11:11 supersized cone of light directly at each persons feet.  Holy shit!!  It has been steadily out near the marina, I guess I assumed we would get away from the wall of the building and move out there, nope.  Quite the opposite, it moved to us.  However, instead of being this massive eminence of Light sparking in all directions as I have been seeing this 11:11 light field, it is now looking very much like this… shit, hard to describe without being completely inaccurate.

This massive cone of light looked kinda like it had a light lamp shade on itself.  A thin cloth, but my team kept insisting there is no shade at all, nothing holding the light back, it is just (again, this is a inadequate word) tempered for the joy of use, sort of like our skin.  It was also repeated many times yesterday that even tho we now have this field of light permanently at our disposal, light in and of itself, does nothing.  It is only when it is used, interacted with, that it moves into action.  Becomes tangible.

My first lady, well she was in the seamstress/taylor clan.  She had this long silver needle in her hand and was sewing something up on the light cone in front of her.  The details are way to complicated, or maybe, better stated, beyond words for me to try and explain, but I do want to explain something that came thru her question.  She asked about a friend, the next thing I know I can see her sticking her silver (the highest vibration of earth energy I see in readings) needle in his left eye.  It created a thread of light all the way to the back of his optical receptors and changed the hue as it reflected back outwards from his face.

At one point in our conversation, it turned to the election and Bernie Sanders, I don’t recall now what triggered it, but holy freakin shit batman, in the center of this cone of light was the light field I had seen walking into my bedroom yesterday morning.  In her reading, Bernie was sitting in the oval office emitting a light spectrum that made drool from desire.  Bernie has never sat around and ignored anything he felt passionately about.  He stood side by side in the deepest of density with those who dared to change the face of this world.  We are being asked to honor his presidency, his call to action from all of us.  If we dare.  We can pull from that timeline at all times to use that light to know right place, right time, right threads!!

My second lady had these very kewl looking binoculars at her eyes.  I think to simply state her magic is what she puts out in her field of vision (how she sees the world, and really so much more than that, but I am running out of time this morning, I have a guest coming in soon) becomes manifest in her creation.

Actually, I just realized how late it is.  I woke up late, so sorry.  I will expand on all of this tomorrow.  There is soooo much more to share and get excited about and alter within us.   I am praying today, we all find a way to celebrate and really start to practice using our relationship with the light, not from afar, but at the ground level of experience.  It matters more than we could have ever dreamed!!

Boots on the ground, wings taking flight!!  Thats us… the masters of duality to the greatest degree!!!

I love you all so much!!

(((HUGZ)))) of wonder made manifest thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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    Thanks for sharing. I am hearing from my guides that there will be another election in 2017, a new restored republic of the us in place, well see. I have heard this from others, this election means nothing, and some clearing will take place, and we will have another un-rigged election. Well see. If Trump stays in office I hope he can learn to be an employee, as we now tell him what to do. He does not tell us what to do, if he tries, we need to show him we are the boss of him, and all in government, as it should be. They work for us the people, not the corporations or anyone else.

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