Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 8, 2016

What Are You Rowing Your Boat Towards ..Or Away From??


How did I not ever realize that the day the 11:11 light field anchors in to prominence here is the same day we have our elections (and I use the term elections very loosely.)  Weeks ago I opted out of the madness, choosing to not do all the work it would take for me to vote today.  However, in my own way, I am reneging on that plan.  Sort of.

Making its way all around facebook land yesterday was a channeling by Esther Hicks about this election.  Let me share it here for you:




I listened to most of it, enough to realize something really important within myself and my understandings.  I am still voting for Bernie.  Somewhere out there in the bands we call time or alternate realities, Bernie IS on the ballot and it is his time to win and invoke the energy of change that our world so desperately needs.  Trump and Hillary are on frequencies that have nothing to do with me or the life I am choosing to live.  So Abraham is correct, (of course)  neither have any direct impact on my life.  So the thought whirled thru my mind last night about how the timeline changed in relationship to my mother.  She went from holding strong that she wants nothing to with me, to openly being excited about my reconnection.  Simply because I invoked the timeline change.  Of course, with her, I had to bring that timeline where we loved each other fully, here to this realm.  With Bernie’s Presidency, we must go to his.

The difference is being made crystal clear in my understandings this morning.  With my mother, it was a one on one relationship that needed adjusting.  It served two people for the ultimate good.  Bernie’s presidency affects the world and therefore we must live within that world.  The more we anchor into the realm where people are treated fairly, nurtured and nourished, the quicker that energy will anchor into all the other realms of earth, specifically the one where either trump or hillary resides as president.

Nothing in life is a sit on the side lines and hope everything works out well realm.  Not is this a “everything is working out like it’s supposed to” realm.  It’s all working as we (you and I) have created it to work.  We have always been the game masters.  Now we must live like it.  As we live in the permanence (spirits word there, not mine) of this full spectrum light field we lovingly call the 11:11 we must use it, live it as if everything has happened that way.

As I was walking around the house this morning, kinda smiling to myself as I thought about the Bernie timeline, suddenly the light in my field of vision went thru the roof.  It was a brightness, a luminosity I have never seen before.  I suppose I found that timeline!!

Let me put that on hold for a moment as I weave in an experience yesterday that I was confused about.  Well, messages from AA Michael thru the pendulum.  I had taken a break from my to-do list and decided to have a swinging chat with mikey baby.  He has a way of speaking in his own language, which is kinda good, keeps me knowing it’s not coming from my mental side.  But at the same time, it can be so damn confusing.  He swung out three sentences before I melted down in non understanding and put my pendulum away.

In his first sentence the energy was heavily and wildly on the first word and then eased up to what I would call, normal after that word. “TIME each other starts oarring as a team.”  My first comment… “oarring???”  What the hell is oarring??  Do you mean the same as rowing???  Yes.  Of course, I really don’t need a pendulum to hear him, that my little joy and I keep it.  I could see all of us as the collective oars stirring the ship of life.  OK so what the hell do you want me to do??  His next sentence: “Quiet the scattered oars.”  Don’t ask too much of me, ok!!  I don’t even know what a scattered oar is!! lol  His last sentence confused me even more… at least… until this morning.  “Rate tears people apart.”  I had clarify… rate??  As in speed or vibration, he swung yes to every word I used.

So given this morning’s Light experience and the Bernie Presidency I am celebrating and living within, I do understand his message more clearly.  Do you remember the old record players where we had the 3 different speeds to listen to various LP’s?  There was 45, 33 and something else I can’t recall.  You could not joyfully listen to the record that needed to be played on the 45 speed at the 33 rate, everyone sounded like the chipmunks.  Distortion.  Or put a faster speed on the slower rotation everything was sounded like it was super slow motion.  We do that to ourselves as well, without even realizing it.  We are 11D Beings of Light pulling ourselves down into a 3D game that is finishing up and it is tearing us apart vibrationally.

Now here is something too (god I love learning mornings lol) when I look at either Trump or Hillary, I literally cannot see them as if they do not exist.  Jill Stein I can see her energy, but it is so thin, and she is aptly in the right party, the green party cuz her field is soooo light green.   It’s beautiful, but too thin to hold herself in such a dense reality system.  Bernie’s is so high they (the game manipulators we ALLOW to run amuck) had to toss his out.

How do we quiet the scattered oars??  We stop looking at what appears at the 3D level and LIVE the 11D truth we know.  I do also want to clarify my teams sudden use of the D’s, cuz they never have before.  They look at what we call 5D as the gateway of choice.  Where you know you are a living part of the christ consciousness and now you are either going to choose to live it or continue to embrace the 3D reality.  Most people waver there, tipping this way then that way, which is all part of the learning/remembering process.  Once you step into the 11D (and you can only do that by being the LIVING LIGHT in body) you/we have more responsibility than ever to hold ourselves here, to live it, to share it.  To assist to enlighten the world with truth and action.  Not just talk.  Talk is cheap.  Action is quiet in its verbiage.  (Quiet the scattered oars.)

So, my co-oarers (giggle) let’s do this together, at the same rate.  That brilliantly lit timeline where Bernie reigns and employs all of us as his assistance to get things done is alive and well.  Let’s live, love and work there, together!!  The Living Land of Shambhala emerges thru us!!!

I love you all!!  How about we play a little Row Row Row your Boat this morning:


((((HUGZ)))) of love and joy and the most incredible outcomes of Dreams made manifest thru our hearts reality!!

Lisa Gawlas






  1. I wrote in my favorite Andy for pres too. I couldn’t check a box on anyone else. I found resonance with No and Repeal this election. Hugs friend.

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  3. Rowing 😉 AND all is well!


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    Tried to write a political post, but this one blow mine out of the water. It offers hope to those who are getting deeper into Fear.


  6. I am thinking Christine and you should meet up and have Tea.


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