Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 5, 2016

The 11:11 Light Field, Where Time Stops!!


I woke up late today, so this is going to be a quickie, but I had to share in whatever time I have about the surprise that came thru the last two readings of the day yesterday.  But first, an added yummy nugget that just kinda made sense.  Everything I am seeing you doing, in your uniqueness of doing it, you are already doing it for the greater All.  Most, but surely not all, are working their enhanced magic unconsciously, or better stated, directly from the soul mind.  I am just bringing the details to light for much more conscious application and to create with your enhanced power, for your personal self too!!  This statement was really amplified yesterday in relationship to the 11:11 (november 11th dateline.)

The 11:11 is a massive cone of energy, kinda looks like a supersized TeePee.  The radiance is incredibly bright and already participating.  I am going to lean on my very last lady of the day to explain the fullness of information that I understand now.  She was laying down a Light material lattice kind of network, or as spirit said, the foundation of Life (her and those in her clans, which we have no name/label for) and it was spreading out all around this cone of light called the 11:11.  It was also stated that this is not a gateway, it is a permanent event, a Light field.  The way it works reminds me of a super amplified magnetic core, drawing in your energy and spitting it back out as created outcome.  It was also stated that “time stops here.”  With that statement thru my lady’s team, I became very aware that the foundation was circular without orientation to the future, to the past, hell not even up or down, just this expansive, intensely bright Light Field and will not retract nor cease to be.

What my team is explaining this morning, it is the power generator for the Emerald City that we need to align with, use and understand (as consciously as possible) now.  With that said, it is for use and in residence for those living within the 11D platform.  Anyone still making their way towards that, it will be like it has been all the other years, a release of light to adjust to.  Keeping in mind, universal law is in play here.  You can only use, see, explore (and stuff) what you vibrate too (consistently, not occasionally.)

Sadly, that’s all I have time for and really, is about as much as I understand so far.  But hey, we have 4 connections to understand even more today!!  For those in the ET workshop that started earlier this year, I only realized about 10 minutes ago, today is Saturday!!  I think time stopped a while ago lol.  I will put the group invitation link in our closed ET and Me group on facebook for you to join (I have not activated my meeting burner account yet, I thought I had days left lol.)  If you are part of this workshop and not on that facebook page with us, send me an email please and I will send you an email link to join us at 4pm EDT today.

Also, for those on planet earth still having to deal with clocks lol… we fall back an hour this evening.  Your 24 hour appointment reminders should reflect the time change with our readings, I hope anywayz.  But if you can double-check the actual time, it will save missed appointments.

Well, time for me to get dressed and go.  I love you all, thank you for always blowing my ever-loving mind!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of timeless joy and light amplifications to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Thanks for the update Lisa. Love the pic for this post! ❤


  2. Thanks Lisa, you sexy I’m just coming out a major void the last few days in prep for this 11 11 event, so enjoyed your view on what’s taking place..

    Let’s fly, lovers of light..


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