Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 24, 2016

Relationships, The Karmic Tie, and Freedom!!


Wow weezer’s batman!!  What a massive day yesterday was, at least, thru each and every reading.  Light bulb after light bulb kept turning on.  Now I pray, I have enough space in this crazy hard drive called my brain to bring every nugget forward today.  I really do have to start keeping notes so I don’t forget to share it all!!

First, my day was equally housed, two men, two women!!  That alone is a miracle.  They lined up, boy girl, boy girl, as if their energies were weaving into consciousness.  Truly, they were, they were weaving into mine!!

As soon as I got to the office, I was outside having my smoke, gathering my energies and thinking about my day, forgive me ladies, but really thinking excitedly about having two men on my agenda, it is such a rare treat.  Suddenly I get a glimpse of my first man on my dance card.  He has this heavy (not as in dense at all) luminous white robe on and a shovel in his hand and he is shoveling in the ethers and as he pulls his shovel up, it’s filled with chunks of gold nuggets.  Thats kewl!!  I even understand it.  So imagine my surprise when I go into my office and we start his reading and it’s different.  Instead of the image I had seen, now there were three of the same images but not as rich and alive as the first one.  Instead each version was, like see thru, not as rich as the first one, more like a faint hologram.  His team explained that the reason I am seeing him in (and they used this exact word) multiplicity (which instantly brought my memory back to the movie) was this is how it is when he is working directly with 3D stuff.  Because of the energies in 3D we have to individuate our skills and focus them one by one.  It takes a lot of focused energy to do it this way, but then again, this is the way we all got to here.  One part of ourselves at a time.  His team explained that outside, he is working his wholeness all at the same time because he is out side of the laws of karma.  I was actually stunned, since I have been reading all week from the same place, in the same way and none of this information came thru like that.  Then, he opened the door to such amazing understanding.

He asked about his wife.  Instantly, I was completely focused inside my office and this massive wheel that literally took up my entire office (aligned with all 4 walls) was sprawled out.  Everything about this wheel, looking like a wagon wheel, was perfect.  It was made of a wood material, the spokes all going to the center of a tiny little circle and the spokes were made of this almost like water droplets, but in a dull gold hue and all connected to each other, energy.  It was actually stunning to look at.  Do you think for a moment I would think… wheel of karma.  Not even at all!!!  So your wife is a wheel inside my office… what the hell??  Then I also realized how out of balance this wheel was.  It was at the ceiling level (where my outside door is) at one end and just behind me, it was about 2 feet off the ground.  What the hell??  It was only then their team got me off the hook (of desperately trying to understand what I am seeing) and said there is something she is engaged in that is keeping her in the 3D density of karma.  She is actually done with that, which is why the wheel looks the way it does and is ready to be outside, outside of space and time, outside the laws of karma, yet, she is engaged in something that keeps her in this place.  God forbid his team would reveal exactly what that is.  The only hint they would give is that it could be a relationship, a work environment, something she is engaged in… but they aren’t telling because that is part of their lesson in mastery as well, to know and release it.

However, I do want to state this here, cuz my team has got this so in my face there is no getting around it.  Someone posted an article about mother and daughter relationships on my facebook yesterday.  I refuse to post it here, but if you have seen it, if you align to it, it is something that keeps you in the 3D density and continuing to align your energies with the wheel of karma.  Then you must work on releasing that again.  And for many, it would happen again and again and again.  Lifetime after lifetime until you realize there is only you carrying around anything considered a wound.  There is only you who can program or deprogram your ego and life unfolding.  However, in the stages of coming into full realization of the Self, yes, the beginner must look at outside relationships and then own their part in it all and release the dysfunction that one holds within that construct.  Blame is the first step in understanding the outside force that brought up the already marred and ready to deal, inside force.

I have got to give an example of this, sorry to side track (I’m blaming it on my team lol.)  In the depths of my own inner healing, most of my dysfunction, my unworthiness and dare I even say, relationship issues came thru my catholic belief system.  Surely, I blamed their teachings and that was valid, but only in the moment I recognized why I held these beliefs so strongly about myself,  After that realization, it was all on me.  I am now the one choosing to continue to believe that about myself and hold it as true.  Until I started to work on changing that energy in my life, thru thought and action.  The two must marry or it is an incomplete energy.  Thought and action changes everything.  Or keeps you bound to everything.  Just for the record, it took me years to completely pick the catholic out of me.  Thread by thread, replacing old beliefs with new ways of being changed it all, my emotional field, my Self perception and even those who were around me.  Friends, new friends came in and we grew ourselves in the Light of wonder together, and continue on that amazing journey even today!!!

Now back to my man and his enlightening wife and relationships!  This was such a huge revelation to me, to all of us, in the matrix of relationships.  If one is still dabbling in the energy of karma (no matter the reason) then the one outside of karma must individuate its energy skills to assist their partner in whatever they are working on together.  Even in the household, since the laws of energy flow to those in karma.  However, outside of the relationship, you are as unified and powerful as you have worked to be and instantaneously powerful!!

This all applies to any sort of relationship, whether its material you hang on to, or roommates you’re embedded with, co-workers, neighbors (altho their field is nowhere near as powerful, unless they are always in your field for whatever reason.)

Now let me skip forward to my next man on the field.  Another shocker!!  I love shocking information, it’s stretching me into new landscapes!!  As soon as I connected with him, I heard a very familiar song clip… MY SONG CLIP that gave me the name of what I once thought was a guide, but eventually (well over a decade later) realized was a part of my Self.  Two words and the title of the song was always played when I asked him his name… “Dream Weaver.”  (Sung not said, with the background music playing too.)  Hey!!  That’s me… but that’s you too!!  What the hell???  His clan is the dream weaver clan.  (My guy above, he is the revelations clan, uncovering what was once covered, and more than that too.)  As we started to talk about his mastery and how he works, from my own mouth there was such an emphasis on the word WE.  WE do this or WE do that, and I realized (eventually) WE are in the same clan.  But I just got boggled.  I thought I was the AA Michael clan, how can I be this too.  Well, we are multidimensional creatures and as we perfect the various facets of ourselves, we are always apart of that clan working thru the fields of ALL Life.  So he and I are in the same canoe!!  That’s so kewl and mind-boggling (to me) at the same time.  I really thought we only had one clan within our soul field.  Obviously not!!  However, the next area of clanship (smile) will only be revealed when you fully own and use with all your Being, the first clan revealed.  With that sentence, I am hearing… “a lot is going to be revealed/experienced over this next year.”  Yay… gulp!!

I was equally in awe watching the way he weaves his energy field.  His team used three strips of cloth, of Light that reminded me of cloth and about as wide as a vertical blind (about 3 inches.)  Each cloth as different as different can get, and beautiful and radiant and too detailed (and irrelevant to the all) to explain.  The pieces of Light/cloth were horizontal in front of him and I knew he pulled each piece in from his right side (emotional desires.)  Then, I seen how he actually “weaves” whatever is in his emotional field into created reality.  His right and left arms weaved between the cloths of Light and then, his heart field weaved straight thru the middle and created the big bang of created reality.  (I did not hear any bang, my team is using that terminology for the energy of creation as we know it lol.)

Now let me come back to the energy of WE as his team kept leaning on it.  Altho I do speak in “we’s” a lot, I have never felt it from the inside out like I did with my co-clansman lol.  His team was, geez, how to explain this, inside of me, cuz it was my team too.  Like I could feel each time I said we, like elongated energy body’s inside my skin talking to him.

I am going to save my lady’s wonders for tomorrow, simply because I am running out of morning and my to-do list is a mile long.  I do want to mention that I felt this enormity yesterday, like something enormous was about to happen.  Thru each and every reading, I found it to be so true.  Like we hit the end of this week and we are now having a full recap as we take a pause and get ready for the next phase (today is my day off and I have lots planned for myself lol… a massage, rug shampoo and stuff lol.)  Well, I just picked up my cell phone that was close to fully charged when I went to bed.  I am a weirdo and sleep with my phone in my bed (cuz I keep forgetting I now have a clock plugged in to tell me what time it is, otherwise I never know if I just need to go potty or actually get up for the day lol.)  My phone is completely dead.  Reboot!!!!!

My House Lighting Party on the 10th of November.  This is just a get together, I am so not charging you any money to come hug me and light up my house.  Its free.  A covered dish would be great, but not required.  I just don’t want to spend the morning cooking, altho, I can lol.  I haven’t even thought of what I will make as my dish yet, consider it TBA.  I figured we can start about noon?   I do have to check in with this office and their plethora of rules to see if I need to do anything else with them.  They have a rule that each guest must register at the office, tho my mother did not employ at all.  So let me check in with them and I will let you know tomorrow about their rules.  Also, I am thinking, maybe…. there are sunset cruises here that are under $20 for 2 hours (same price for dolphin cruises too, tho theirs are in the afternoon) that maybe we can all go on a cruise and shake up the water ways in the gulf.  Just a thought…  I have no plan, this is by the seat of our pants planning lol.

Well, my day looms large.  Have an amazing Thursday!!  Thank you for always showing up to rock my world and expand my consciousness!!  I love you all so freakin much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of magnificence and karma free zones to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Yes you are right Lisa. The 27th-28 we should see and feel a big event happen. Maybe a interrupted announcement on tv by the President or someone of authority. May cause us to have to regroup. Im not sure what it is, but nothing for anyone to go into fear, although some may. Roy

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    • Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Wow, you are really on the fast learning train, yeah? Taking us with you, thanks a million, it’s amazing, I am learning so much from this…hopefully it sticks…lol…
      Much Love & Blessings, dear Lisa…
      Sylvia Melaynia xx


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