Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 7, 2016

The Final Scrapings as We Prepare to Enter a Higher Electric Field of Life.


I find it amazing that yesterday (sept 6th) marked my 2 month arrival date here in Florida.  In those two months, so freakin much has happened, like a whirlwind of events.  If just moving to Florida wasn’t life changing enough, all the events that have happened since my arrival, permanently changed the landscape of my life and heart.  However, yesterday rang a two month bell in a way that leaves me…. almost numb really.  A wonderful female attorney came to my mother’s house yesterday with all the papers to sign giving me half ownership of this place.  She wrote the wording very specifically in one of the documents, that if either one of us passes then complete ownership goes to the other in full and no will or person could contest it.  All my life my mother told me she would not leave me a penny, and I found her will that she wrote in 2004, sure enough, me nor any of my children were mentioned, only my sister and two of her sisters.  When I questioned her on it, her only reply was, we can write a new one.  No maw, that’s not what I want, I only want what you want.  I didn’t come here for anything you have, I need and want nothing except to spend time with you.  But now, I officially inherit my mother’s life.  An act of love and desire from her (I kept trying to talk her out of it) in her final moments.

I do have to look at the numbers aligning the check that was written for her final act.  $974.50  All numbers of completion (974) and then change with unlimited potential (50.)  Taking in the first group, 9+7+4 equals 20, duality with unlimited potential.  All together they are 25 or a 7, spiritual completion.  What a crazy road it has been, the twists, the turns, the bumps and bridgeless intersections and yet, in the end there is nothing but unconditional love and gratitude flowing between us.  My greatest prayer is that humanity as a whole, can one day find this place.  No judgements, no demands, no conditions… just loving service to each other, to and thru the All that is Life and our Life Force.

This last week has been oddly still in my world.  I feel like I have climbed into a hole with so little motion.  Even my inner connections have been oddly quiet, except of course, when I start quietly bitching.  My team breaks thru the inner silence to help me get a grip.  For the last few days they have been showing me this loop and truly, is the reason I am writing today.  I did a super humble rendition of it from MS Paint:



Let me clarify why the first quarter is not on this loop.  It was a quarter of pure energies.  I even rescheduled a lot during the first three months because we got very little meat and potatoes thru our connections, just a ton of energy.  I am anal about what I consider a reading.  This loop shows the end, the still point and the emergence of new beginnings.  So new the beginnings they have never been a part of this realm before.  I suppose that is one of the major reasons I cannot get a feel of beyond this moment, nothing feels solid in any way.

Lets go to the center loop, the close of one book and the release of all that got us to here,  My team keeps showing me scraping off the walls of the loop.  All the old residual of all that got me (us) to here, scraping off the walls of memories.  Not just this lifetime, but many of our past lifetimes that created what we would consider hardship, emotional pain/dysfunction so that as we emerge on the other side of the equinox, the energies of life will be potent.  More potent than we had ever seen before.  Highly electric in its field.

Let me intersect this incoming information here.  Last evening as I was sitting outside, having my smoke, listening to the sudden and continued onset of my mother’s coughing, I seen something as I was mindlessly scrolling facebook.  A video about Hillary Clinton having Parkinson’s.  The truth meter hit like a ton of bricks…. ahhh that makes sense of her odd ticks.  Parkinson’s affects the central nervous system, the electronic relay of the body.  Need I say more.  Just to clear up some concern this may have on others dealing with electrical disorders, those residing in the higher frequencies will be less affected by the higher electrical currents.  Those based in density and duality… it will be a touch and rough ride.  This too, includes many other things as well.  The speed of the heart frequencies will increase its RPMs.  For those who are working and engaged in change to the higher states of Living, we may feel flutters or sudden happenings in both the heart and brain area, but it will simply be electric adjustments taking place.  No need to worry.  We will also see many exit as well so that can do their clearing without the interference of ego.

I went to my office a couple of days ago to pay September’s rent, slightly bitching to my team that the could have waited a few months to get my ass moving on an office, this is a financial burden that just isn’t needed (in my mind anywayz.)  I was hoping to pop a squat while there to just take in the energies, I do love that place very much.  Instead a man I have been talking to since I got there was sitting at the table in front of my door.  I was kinda pissed about that.  I finally get a mom sitter and all I can do is go shopping (that was important anywayz.)  Very similar to the energy push I felt in New Mexico, I felt getting out of my office, off the porch and getting to the shopping agenda.  That was strange.  I was going to just suck in the energies from inside my office, but nope.  Pissed me off!!  (I get pissed off a lot lol.)

My team explained to me that it is important for me to have a separation of church and state (their exact words, how freakin odd.)  But I am also going thru the inner scraping and it is not time to take in the new energies yet, it would create conflict within my personal field and the field that is equally building at the marina.  Hmmmmm…

I think Monday, labor day, was a really hard day for me, emotionally.  I felt like I have fallen into the crack of the abyss, neither living nor moving or doing anything I feel as productive outside of waiting for my mom to pass, and just feeling that pissed myself off at myself.  Half the time, my computer will not connect to the internet, so my sharings are far and few between.  So I took out my handy dandy pendulum and called on AA Michael to give me a message, something to help me thru this moment.  His message caught me by surprise:

“You are in a time altering ending.  Do not give up.”

Now that I understand the fullness of the loop I have been seeing, I understand his first sentence, however, I never planned on giving up, so that confused me.  However, I am hoping the get hospice relief volunteers here twice a week and I really wanted to do some readings with that time, just for the intake for me, and the relief of those that seem to be perpetually waiting to reschedule.  We won’t even talk about running out of money, and god I hate back to finances again.  But with writing that check yesterday and paying the Sept bills this month, we are out…. and I breathe, a lot and lean back into trust, a lot!! lol

And so here I sit, pondering.  Yesterday there was a flurry of activity here at moms place.  First the hospice counselor came in, I really loved her a lot.  She is a Reiki practitioner, and very much on her spiritual journey.  We had great conversations and she encouraged me to become a hospice volunteer when this journey is done.  I told her I have been seriously thinking about that for 16 years now.  The few times I tried, it didn’t work out.  Maybe this time…

A hospice nurse came in after, I told her of my concern about my mother refusing her breathing treatments, she says they are boring lol.  But I also remember her nurse practitioner telling me she will start to refuse her meds.  Well this morning, she refuses her inhalers too.  Even tho, with all the paperwork signed yesterday, she started coughing like never before.  Constant and farting, OMG the gas this precious soul is emitting.  I upped her morphine intake to help her breath, which so far has worked.  I had to laugh when she said I am going to turn her into a drug addict.  I am your drug dealer, aren’t I! lol  At least we can both still laugh.

Yesterday and even this morning, I am reminded of a simple sentence my team said to me as I was having my own inner melt down in New Mexico about giving up my heaven to come here to help.  “If not you, then who?”  Two months and not another soul has come to assist my mom, save hospice and the hospital team.  She has lived here 18 years, has a sister 2 streets over… so, if I can share this thought my team is placing in my vision for all of us.  When we see someone in need, be it an estranged family or friend, a neighbor or someone we pass on the street, ask your (our) selves… if not you, then who??

We are One, in service to and thru the One.

I love you and appreciate you with all my Being!!  May we all come out stronger and Lighter on the other side of this D and C (dusting and cleaning.) lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and servitude to and thru ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas











  1. God bless you , Lisa
    I believe one of the hardest things we are ever asked to do is see a deeply loved one out of this world…….Especially parent child or mate….Love and light and special strength to you..

    Liked by 4 people

    • Depends on what the exiting person is like, and how evolved (low frequency?) that person is, AND how you and that person constructed a Soul Contract of “lessons” to be learned from that person, based solely on integrating and overcoming and becoming totally NEUTRAL to emotional abuse (from that person).

      Which means, that I couldn’t freaking wait, for my father to pass over/exit/die. Gawd, I was SO looking forward to it. Years, and years, of miserable caretaking — living with him for 30, and caretaking of him for 10 years on top of that. (shudder)

      When I told him how much I myself, was looking forward to my own death, he turned explosive red, rose out of his chair pointing his furious finger, screamed and nearly spit at me:

      “You’re FUCKING *CRAZY* !!!!!!!!!!”

      Now that he’s FINALLY dead and on the other side, we have such wonderful/incredible visits together during the sleep state….thank Christ now with so many different versions of him, that I can choose from, to interact with.

      The Earth version of him, truly was HIDEOUS.



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  4. “Pissed me off!! (I get pissed off a lot lol.)”

    And THIS, is what prevents you from evolving into an Ascended Master.



    • lol.


  5. ~

    “If not you, then who?”


    All the Who’s, in Whoville, that’s who:



  6. ~

    Beautiful version as well, from some very well-fed Humans:



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