Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 3, 2016

Zero Point and Restoring the Queen (of Love) Within All!!


I have been doing readings now for 13 – 14 years and so many times I have heard spirit warn someone of changes ahead, but refused to go into any sort of detail about those changes.  I find that kind of pesky of spirit, give you a heads up that what we may think of as choppy waters area ahead, but not what to look out for.  Of course, their old stand by line is because pre knowing would change it.  We would alter the course, even if it was the greatest thing (albeit difficult) we could ever get ourselves into.

The 2nd quarter of this year, so many people got the warnings of changes ahead, so many that I had to wonder about my own course of life.  From January 2012 my life was rather ordinary, if not predictable, save some minor disturbances (changes) but as spirit talked about the enormity of August and September, the changes and sudden turn of events for so many people (without details of course) I was kind of hoping I would have some of my own.  The point always was, aligning in new directions for the massive energies now under way.   But for everyone, there is always this thing at play called free will which is one of the reasons spirit would bring it up to begin with.  We humans are not really creatures of change, and knowing it will (eventually) be a great thing, will hopefully have folks allowing for sudden opportunities to show up.

When my son called me the day before mother’s day this year to tell me Michelle, my oldest daughter wanted to come see me for mothers day, holy shit, there is my change!!  A gift I would never foresee arriving.  YES!!!  Tell her yes, I want to see her and my newest grandson.  We had not talked for four years!!  I could not sleep I was so excited and I really didn’t even have to wait, it would be 24 hours later and wham, my life was enhanced and reconnected with my baby girl.  Little did I ever foresee that Mother’s day would be the first domino falling in a rapid series of dominos that would forever alter the landscape of my life, of my heart.

My mother was placed into hospice care yesterday.  I knew that was going to be the place we steered this boat to, but I didn’t expect the flood of emotions that came with it.  Maybe it is a coupling of being placed in hospice and the intake nurse helping me with the prognosis of time, altho no one can say for sure, but based on what she has seen and sees with my mother, weeks to a month.  My heart shattered.  I keep thinking to myself, this should be easy news.  I knew before I left New Mexico, I could not tap fully into my mothers birthday timeline, which is Sept 21st.  My mother talked about christmas plans, and I knew there would be no christmas for us, so why did my heart shatter anywayz.  It really is the validation of what you already know to be true and kind of places the period at the end of the sentence.


Change on steroids!!  The attorney is coming on Tuesday to do the paperwork to add my name to the title of my mother’s home.  If I didn’t have an aunt (the one who lives a couple of streets over) so concerned with my presence and time here with my mother, I would just let that go.  The last thing we need to be doing is spending $1000 on something that can seem frivolous when I have not worked in 2 months and will not be working until my mother transitions.  But the few times she has called, it was more to scope out my presence than any concern of my mothers.  I am pretty sure I will still have some sort of fight on my hands with her.  I am not old enough to live here, it’s a 55 and older community and I am still at the young age of 54 lol.  However, I am grateful that the manager knows of my presence and my immediate intentions (staying to care for my mother.)

Its kind of funny too, I try to look beyond the horizon of my mothers passing to my own life and it is…. empty, for lack of a better word.  Maybe more of a blank canvass right now and no paint has been provided…. yet.

As I shift between tears of mourning and inhaling spirit, I opened an email last evening, “The Quantum Awakening” magazine.  I am having a hard time taking in anything heady right now, but I tried to ingest the sharings in the magazine… and then I came to the one that is from “the one known as Michael,”  first, I loved how that whole sentence opened up.  Archangel Michael is a group energy, not a single entity, and I found odd comfort in the way the sharing opened.  Suddenly I remembered the pendulum time with my mother when I first got here.  AA Michael is the one who swings thru my pendulum, I went and got the messages he gave to my mother:

“Distance is collapsing on time.”   “Zero time starts in Heaven.”  “Queen restored to earth.”  My mothers first question was “Am I dying.”  No no no… Michael is a cryptic angel of quantum science.

Funny, when we do not want to deal with something, we can change the interpretation to mean whatever fits our fancy at the moment and I did just that.  I look at it now and I know what he was saying.  Dammit.  But there is something so much more…. his last sentence, the queen restored to earth, there is something huge sitting there.  Zero time, a time of nowhere and everywhere.  Heaven on earth, heaven in heaven.

My “mother”has always been the earth herself, my beloved nurturer of my life and soul.

Distance is collapsing on time.  Thru facebook, I am seeing so many souls returning to the other side of the veil, or at least, in the stages of returning there.  They will live fully helping us left at the ground level of heaven.  Thru this entire year, we have been given a choice to experience the bounty of heaven on earth or accumulate fear, which will recreate itself as experience as we pass the threshold of the equinox this Sept.  Free will in duality… yippie.

Lets come back to the queen, there is a huge message there.  Of course, we think earth maybe, female ruler, but that would discount the male energy and my team never does that.  So I looked up the meaning of queen and I got the ah-ha I have been pondering:

  1. 1.
    the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.


The feminine is the ruler of the emotions.  The masculine is the ruler of creation.  We all have a king and queen energy within each of us.  For my mother, her true royalty will happen as she passes, where the ego dissolves and her true energy of love gets crowned in her field of light once again.

For those of us still kicking around in this reality called earth, we will fully step into the royalty, the independent state of love.  The queen that completely serves and supports her king, creation itself.  Our personal creation commanded and built within pure love.

And I have to giggle, sort of, as I look out into our lives arena, with the current king (trump) and queen (hillary) displaying all the energies of the old, of the ego so that we may choose once more, our inner and outer alignment.

We truly are within a massive regime change, the coup of all coups.

I also had to ponder this crazy hurricane.  It has been 11 years since Florida had a hurricane land on its soil.  This hurricane had to snake between the keys and the tip of florida in order to make its way to the gulf, directly over the ET water base beneath and then turned upwards.  A very particular energy system, cleansing, rehydrating and distributing power along its path.  Recharging a system that has long ago, been put away.  Same with the double fisted storms at the Hawaiian Islands.  All created purposely at this time, for a reason yet to be experienced.

So here we sit, in the energy of zero point, prepping inside and out for even more twists and turns personally and globally.

For all those sending cards, both to my mother and daughter, helping with financial assistance, again to us and my daughter, please do not take my lack of emails of gratitude personally.  I have been emotionally melting down this last week or so.  Every ounce of energy I have, I focus on my mother and her needs.  When I take a breath, I come outside and take in my teams energy for the next round.  We appreciate you more than I am taking the time or energy to say.  We would not be going thru this phase as Lightly as we are right now, without your love and help and prayers.

Today I feel more focused beyond my mom, hence this sharing.  I will get to emails soon.  Forgive me for the wait.

We love and appreciate you so much and so much more than that!!  You are our life line, our Light Line and we thank you!!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of endings and new beginnings as the royal arm(me) of Light dresses!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas (and mom too.)






  1. Lisa, please consider writing a book when your mom’s precious journey is complete and done. I would be so honored to read it over and over. Blessings for you and mother.


  2. Love and Light Dear Sister A’ho Mitakie Oyasin I truly have complete understanding, my Mom to is on the Blue road journey 😦


  3. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Thanks for sharing. Getting ready for parents passing is hard, been through that, both in 4 or 5 months of each other. Do get your name on the title, have a will, and such. Once they are gone, then the legal system takes over if you do not have everything spelled out for who gets what, and you may end up homeless if your mom’s house is still in her name, not sure, just, better be safe.


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  5. Dear Lisa,

    We have not had the opportunity of connecting yet, but I have been following your journey for a while and I wanted to send Love and Light in your direction!!!

    I have gone through my own transitional journey with my younger sister and both of my parents, so I do have some understanding of yours, from my own perspective of course.

    I am going through my own personal journey, as we all are, but I feel particularly drawn to yours and I just wanted to offer my love and support. I am learning through your perspective that we are never done learning. I hope in the near future we will have an opportunity for a reading because I connect with your perspective, but in its proper time!!!

    I am also a self-taught artist and wanted to send along an image that encapsulates my love for your journey! I hope it helps in some small way.

    Love always,



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  6. Dear Lisa,

    Sent you a small donation via my husband’s paypal; I wish I could send more, but it’s enough for a taco-bell run, or maybe Dunkin Doughnuts….

    Hang in there; you’re where you’re meant to be;)


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