Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 16, 2016

A quick update…


First, let me thank everyone for the abundance of birthday wishes and all the love, you are all such amazing, beautiful Beings and I am so grateful to have you all as my tribe!!  I got the greatest birthday present ever yesterday, my mother FINALLY went to the ER.  I have been doing all I can to get her there for a week now.  Her energy, everything has been degrading rather quickly this past week.

I don’t know why it took me all the way til yesterday to even think about checking to see if her medical history was online from her stay in the hospital when she had her stroke.  But I suppose better late than never.  I had no idea she had so much heart disease happening inside of her, pretty much most of her veins and arteries going from the heart to the brain are diseased with a 50-65% buildup of plaque with hardening of the arteries.   Something her primary care doctor (that I fired, I wish I could fire her twice) should have told us about in detail when I first (and only) met her.  Not a word about it at all.

Thank god her lung Doctor checked her heart rate and it was 156 beats per minute.  He told her outright, get to the ET straight from his office.  Phew, that did the trick!! I also have to give tremendous thanks to spirit, of all the lung doctors we could have chosen for her to be seen by, we chose the one that had seen her in 2008.  Seems she has a nodule in her lung, which was part of the findings in her recent hospital stay.  The recommendation was to have a CT scan, which her former primary doc never even mentioned it, nor ordered one.

My father taught me more than I ever realized with his own health issues and inadequate medical doctors, which is allowing me to be hypervigilant and much more expressive with my mother.  You don’t even realize what you are paying attention to, until it is needed again down the road.  I took a lot of inner notes I suppose lol.

As soon as my mother got to the ET yesterday, they did an EKG and found that her heart was in A Fib, which I am sure it has been for weeks.  When she got her cataract surgery a couple of weeks ago, they almost didn’t do it because her heart rate was so high.  When she went to see her new primary, same thing, he mentioned how high her heart rate was.  We all assumed it was due to the “white coat syndrome.”  Nope.  Had I, or any of us been armed with the cardiac findings of her hospital stay, well, we wouldn’t have let her degrade as much as she did this past week.

They gave her some medicines to get her heart rate lowered and under control, after about 6 hours she was finally down to a steady 130 beats per minute.  No where near good, but a hell of a lot better than 156.  I have a feeling too, her increased shortness of breath is due to her heart arrhythmia.  I am learning so much about the body, emotions and state of Being.  Its one thing to conceptualize, but it is a whole other ball game to witness it in real time.  What one thinks and what one feels about what they think are so interconnected and as my mother, as well as my father showed me, not conducive to health.

Well, I want to get to the hospital before the docs start coming in.  Sadly, those on my reading schedule (you should have received an email already) will have to wait until I know whats happening with my mother, I will use the days off I have scheduled as my reschedule days as soon as I know what is happening with her.

But let me tell you, I am so so so grateful she is in the hospital and we are getting all of this addressed, understood and remedied!!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for walking this walk with me, your love and support goes to the depths of my soul and holds me up!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of emotional wellness to and thru ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Frankincense EO – one drop neat? Can her body handle that or maybe she just inhales the EO to receive. It’s worth a shot to see how her body reacts while they have her heart on the monitor. Ideas….


  2. “He told her outright, get to the “ET” straight from his office.
    As soon as my mother got to the “ET” yesterday, they did an EKG…”


    SEE, even the “ET”‘s are correcting you — telling you to go to THEM, instead of the futile “ER”.

    Even the ET’s are telling you here that you are not trusting the ASCENSION PROCESS, *at all*.

    Instead, you are constantly trusting and putting all of your power in the criminal, genocidally-set-up Medical System.
    Giving your Power away.
    This is a huge pattern you keep on repeating. With yourself, and others.

    If you have no trust, no faith, in your own Light Body process and you don’t ALLOW the Universe to do its own thing in upgrading both you and your Mother….and you constantly try to interfere and take “control” of your health issues by running to the blatantly obviously poisonous Medical System for help…..

    …Then all you will attract and experience is a Reality and a Timeline in which your Mother deteriorates in the Medical System.


    This lesson isn’t even about your Mother — it’s about YOU.
    And your inability to LET GO of physical FEARS, and trust your Higher Self and Source to upgrade your physical body.

    It’s about your Ego’s inability to *stop interfering* with the Physical Ascension Process.





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  5. Ok, before anyone starts in on me, I want to make it clear that I no longer drink from the golden goblet of pharmaceutical Kool aid or pledge total allegiance to the altar of allopathic science of medicine, (reliance on medication as opposed to homeopathic). There has always been a predominance of the only choice in medicine of either the taking the knife or the drug to treat the problem, but in the last 15 years or so, they have blatantly and throughly decimated any trust the medical field once may have had-and RIGHTFULLY SO- especially when there are “new”, (and MADE UP) diseases and disorders that oh-so-conveniently have medications to treat them instantaneously! Total billshit!
    So having said that….
    I have have been a CCU/ICU RN FOR 26 YEARS (coronary care/intensive care) -predominantly HEART so this comes from that
    1st Lisa, your mother needs a cardiologist STAT to manage her Afib and the sequelae that CAN accompany it from now on; afib can be an isolated condition, but it is usually becomes chronic as we age and especially if we have had a previous temporary bout of it in the past. Based on what you have disclosed, I would bet your mother has been battling this condition unknowingly for quite some time.
    So the basics, as best I can,
    with vocabulary words to look up independently for more info

    Normal heart rate is 60-100
    Normal for athletics can be much lower with rest (45-50) and usually do not go greater than 100 with activity because they are so healthy and their hearts so strong
    Couch potatoes and inactive elderly people usually are 70-85 at rest and 125 or so with strenuous activity… greater than 125 especially at rest is NEVER normal for any reason. This is usually and indication that the normal eclectical signal pathway is either dysfunctional or not functioning at all.

    Actually Lisa , this is way too tedious to type especially since I can’t freaking type.
    Please call me if you would like me to help your understanding in anything medical
    I wI’ll gladly help you on the phone ANYTIME and I love to explain things so that people can understand I really do.
    My brother in law had a recent blood clot and afib episode emergently on a golf course down there in tarpon springs Where HE lives lol, and I taliked my sister in law off the ledge more than once during that so trust me Im happy to do it
    Vicky 412 477-4361 pittsburgh so same time zone XOXOXOD


  6. Hi Lisa,
    Take a breath dear…do some short meditations for yourself. You are going to need it. Pull out your aromatherapy…Rose is a good one and I am sensing violet for you too. My mom has reversed her coronary dis-ease with ground flax seeds…two tablespoons twice a day and salmon oil about six capsules a day. Don’t take with citrus juice, but can put the ground seeds in anything else. Mom uses apple juice. She has proven it can be done as her many heart tests have come back clear. She had triple bypass surgery at the age of 45…runs on her fathers side. She is 72 now! She has gone off this a couple of times and tests weren’t good then back on and they come back clear! Her cardiologists are always in awe! Much love to both and don’t forget to breath…meditation for you and mom. 💗😇


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