Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 14, 2016

As The Iceberg Melts, SOOOOO Much More Is Revealed!! And Our Mission Becomes Clearer.


I feel like in this next phase of our extraordinary evolution, we are getting to witness, experience the tip of the iceberg melt to reveal what was really beneath it all the while.  The one thing I have learned more than anything about this crazy path is that spirit will show us something, we do not realize how vague that something is, until more is revealed and its like ohhhhhhhh….. that’s what that was all the while.  This where the idea, the real true of, what you think you know, is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more and not what we may have thought, comes from (my team’s mantra to me for decades lol.)

This is something I am witnessing, with complete awe and intense excitement as we delve back into readings again.  My last appointment yesterday gave me more validation of so many things, things that seem incredibly strange (in this phase of readings) that I never imagined bringing forward.  Now to let you know just how blown my own mind was yesterday, the last time I read for her was back in April.  I cannot remember the contents of your readings two weeks ago forget 4 months ago.

In her reading in April, I could see what looked like an octopus with 7 tentacles and the body of her octopus looked like the cute little guy from Sigmund and the sea monsters.

sea monsters


Well with her reading yesterday, those 7 tentacles were actually 7 extraterrestrials working in oneness with her, as her team on the ground (on the earth level) and 4 of them looked like sigmund.  I about shit when she said I used that example back in April!!  The validations went on and on thru our time together yesterday.  I am sure I needed that validation much more than she did, due to the information started to come thru the readings and ET connections.  So let me focus on the information coming thru.

We all knew or at least had a really good idea that there are Extraterrestrial bases/communities around this world, some beneath the oceans and lakes, some within the ground (commonly thought of as hollow earth dwellers.)  But now, we are making contact, telepathically at least, with the ones that are here, within the earth realm.  That, I did anticipate before moving here to Florida.  What they are sharing with us, I did not expect at all.

When we see science making new discoveries about things on this earth they never seen before, is it because they never seen it before, or it was recently seeded topside to be discovered??

In two of the readings now, there are very particular elements that have been going thru genetic modifications to fit into our environment and atmosphere, especially thru the base in the gulf of mexico.  Rock life from other planes of existence, plant life from other planes of existence and I am sure, so much more that we have not seen yet.

Keep in mind, what i am sharing comes as a collective of information thru several connections this past week.

The first thing I seen was what we would consider a rock, ordinary in its appearance.  I don’t think anyone would look twice at it.  It kinda reminds me of gray slab.  However, the properties of it can create an energy source, naturally and without destruction, to run an entire community… and so much more than that too.  But there is also something interesting about its energetic makeup, it will only be able to be seen/discovered/used by those… I guess the only way to say it, is those vibrationally aligned with it.  Those who mean humanity well.

I am also realizing, nother ever just appears to our eyes for use without preparation from our star friends first.  First it had to go thru (whatever they did lol) alternations to be conducive to our atmosphere.  Then they had to do long-term studies to make sure it was conducive and was able to do what its intended use was for, the reason they brought here in the first place.  Then they can to find clear and unbiased transceivers to lay the groundwork for its imminent arrival of discovery so that connection with those who would use this as an asset (as opposed to destruction) would be made aware of their involvement.  The one thing that did not surprise me about who this information was released to, that Being I lovingly call, my architect.  He has the most amazing prototype of a community that I have ever seen and it WILL come into our reality as all the players and dare I say, materials are in alignment with his (seeded) vision.

I think my lady yesterday came onto my dance card at the most perfect time, as I am hoping I am not getting this information wrong since it seems so far-fetched.  with her, there was this thing that looked like seaweed that too, was being genetically modified at the base beneath the gulf, only to find out, it is actually DNA from the Beings that look like Sigmund and the sea monsters that is being brought into our realm as plant life for use in ways that will make our stem cells pale in use.

Even more than all this exciting stuff coming thru (a lot I am still assimilating and trying to figure out how to bring forward in language) the energy connections are different.  The energy feels soooooo different here than the years we spent together in New Mexico.  I think the only way to describe it, is in New Mexico it was all like a hologram of light potential… here, geez I am not going to say this right, but the closest I can come is more physically Here.  Much less metaphoric.  Very exciting, if not incredibly intimidating for me (I want to be accurate in my interpretations and understandings to you.)

Now more than ever, your job is to make sure your antennas are working to maximum capacity.  You must be able to hear and even see if you want to understand what is being asked of you.  We have moved into the times we have fully incarnated for.  Yes life can get busy (and your job is to choose which focus your going to focus on) and exercising our abilities can be slow and frustrating (and your job is to choose patience and diligence) but press on anywayz!!  The communication waves are stronger now than they have ever been before, USE THEM!! 😉

That is all for today.  Mom and I have a sunday funday (and celebrate my, holy shit, 54th birthday, that is hard to spit off the tongue lol) to do and we are going to see Nine Lives and have some lunch together.  Yay!!  Until tomorrow…. when i talk about the underwater base, the special crystals that allow us to literally walk on water… and more!! ❤

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with mysteries revealed to and thru YOU!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Let me give a welcome to the new field special of 22% off everything I have for the next two days (ends midnight 8/15.)  Just type in coupon code NEW for single readings or ET connections and NEW2 on packages!!

P.S. S.  My gift of life present to anyone who desires, my 5 session meditation class.  Because seeing and hearing  and maneuvering the energetic lines are essential, if you want to go there ; ) !!  A free account required to access the audio classes.  In-Joy!!

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  4. Happy Birthday Lisa! Thank you so much for the Meditation gift and the link! Love & Hugs


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  10. Happy Birthday Lisa, hope you and your Mom have a lovely day out! I turn 60 in 2 weeks, that’s hard to believe too – but in light of where we stand nowadays, who cares! Can’t wait to hear what’s next from our new friends!


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