Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 13, 2016

The New Field and the Pull To the Equinox Energy!!

calm and storm


First, let me thank everyone I am so who has waited and waited and waited to get their readings rescheduled, we are finally back in the field together and I am so excited!!!!!  It is still taking me a minute to find my grove, everyone (ok, I have done three readings so far lol) seems to show up in a different spot inside my office.  I tried to crank my antenna outside, truly expecting the field to be out over the marina’s waters, nope, inside the office we start and no one in the same place.  I think my first appointment really gave me a heads up on this oddness right from the get go, there are many dimensional folds that we are moving in and out of in the space we think of as air.  Don’t think 3D, 4D, 5D… remember we have uncountable dimensions all around us.  Which suddenly makes sense of why one part of a room can feel completely different than another side.  Also, why some furniture feels better in one location that another.  It’s all about frequency, kind of like one area is tuned to a country station, another a rock station yet another a jazz station.  That kind of frequency is what I am trying to explain (as I double in trying to understand too.)

So lets get to some fun stuff!!  ET’s a plenty in the field.  I will start with my first lady yesterday.  He showed up about 4 feet in front of me peeking thru a black curtain that looked a lot like this (circle is where his face was)



The curls on either side of the opening, per his information, are the dimensional folds that are always around us.  He opened the one he was looking thru for my lady.  I was expecting him to come out from behind the curtain, instead, he turned around and took us thru it.  At the ground (my floor) level was this tube of light (about the size of a golf ball) that he seemed to float on for about  or  feet, then it suddenly turned right and we were in a room.  My lady was now laying face down on a table and there was a team of several ET’s and two spirit Beings (not guides, but not biological either) working on the back of her legs from the buttocks to the ankles.  Fortifying her strength, foundation and flexibility of (sudden) movements.

From what I am understanding now, many of us are going thru these various upgrades that started the last week of July (more or less) and will continue thru the end of this month.

Let me straddle this with my beautiful architect who was on my dance card today.  His ET and spirit team is helping to lay out the fiend inside and outside my office.  His team showed up by my office door and his reading spread out thru my sliding glass doors and over the parking lot outside.  Now I know what direction is future (smile.) because they also showed the magnetic pole of the september equinox just inside my glass sliding doors.  Time is stacked on top of each other.  On the mesa field, the timeline of the equinox would have been much further away from his team’s “present moment” position.

Well, I wrote the above yesterday and I am hell bent on getting this sharing out today, so forgive me if I am a bit jagged in sharing information.  There is a ton coming thru the readings!!  No to mention so many twists in my ability to see, read and understand (can you imagine that, understand!!! lol)

I am not figuring our that inside of my office that’s where you and your geez, words, personal space is that I read from.  Outside, holy heavens, ET-ville in ways that are so unlike New Mexico.  They are here.  There is a very old (per our time) base located way down in the center of the Gulf that they have used for many many melina. They have many other hidden bases thru out the world as well.  Many of us have been working with them for lifetimes getting everything set up for the times we are in.

One of the key things I am seeing right now is the effect this magnetic field of this upcoming equinox is having on all of us.  It is (purposely) pulling us all out of our comfort zone, aligning us to new spaces, people and even ideas.  Many of the codes/ energy streams/whatever you want to call it, that has been implemented into the biological DNA is now releasing itself, turning itself on (if you will.)  Which means, many peoples abilities are going to change, enhance, become interconnected int a field of consciousness that has been purposely been scrambled (that would be the ETs that are working here within the earth plane.

We must work diligently to expand our telepathic abilities, or to use my words, increase the frequencies of our antennas.  🙂

There is increasing in the calm as well as an increasing in the storm, there will come a time the two will collide and this is what we are all being prepared for.  But lets dispel something floating around in the fear based ethers.  This comes from a question that was asked yesterday in a reading.  Our love trails (chem trails) do not have nano technology where you can breathe in anything and be controlled by any means.  Only YOU can relinquish your control over yourself and you can do it by buying into the fear game.  Stay out of it, it serves no higher good.

An amazing piece of information just came thru my readings I just finished that I want to talk about right now too.  She asked about two trees she planted, one is doing really well, one is not doing so well.  With her question I oddly kept seeing a yin yang symbol, light and dark.  Once I moved outside to ETville, the understanding became so clear.  There are a lot of Light Sources (people, plants, all kinds of living things) that is pulling up the particles of dark (fear) in thru their Beingness and transmuting it into other dimensions to one day come back into this dimension as higher frequencies of energy.  By doing this blessed and needed work, it does take a toll on the biology, and parts start to break down, close down and they will one day (sooner than most) transition into what we call death, by agreement.

This understanding gave me so much clarity on what is happening with my mother.  Her breathing is getting more and more labored and her energy field feels so much like my fathers did in his last weeks here on earth, weak.  My mother is transmuting a lot of energy from her collective thru her agreement to be Here.  Remember, she did have an exit point recently that closed because she opened herself to the higher frequencies of love now permeating her Being thru all of us.

Many are doing exactly this thru their gift and love for life.   We may see a sudden surge back to life and equally a sudden decline into the other side of life, know either way it is the souls choice our job is to assist them with love (and zero fear.)  We have our own tasks at hand!

I am still desperately trying to organize my time, not doing so well yet on that part.  Everything else is going very very well.  So on that note, I am going to close for today but will do a much more extensive sharing tomorrow.  I currently have scheduled three days off (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays) as my mother gets accustomed to my absence during the day.  I am also working a shorter day for the same reason (3-4 readings a day instead of 5-6.)  Because of this, my schedule is booking out longer than usual and for that, I appologize.

Let me give a welcome to the new field special of 22% off everything I have for the next three days (ends 8/15.  Just type in coupon code NEW for single readings or ET connections and NEW2 on packages!!

I love you so much and thank you for the depths of my soul for waiting so long for me to get back in the saddle again.

(((((HUGZ)))) of radiant love and super cells of creation to and thru ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas











  1. So happy it’s all coming together for you Lisa – you have had a challenging month!
    Love synchronicity – I’m currently watching reruns of ‘Star Trek Voyager’ and nearly every episode opens our minds to the “dimensional folds that are moving in and out of in the space we think of as air”.
    Looking forward to your next blog – have missed you!

    Big hugs for you & your beautiful Mum


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