Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 8, 2016

Timelines, Dimensions and Frequencies.

time dimensions

Nothing like starting several different conversations and not completing any of them!!  So sorry to ask you to hold a thought and then just leave it dangling lol.  I want to start today with the unfinished expression of understanding from the timeline/the bridge of my 1973 – 1974  time.  A purposeful separation of realities based on choices.  We often think that kids are not held to the laws of karma as much as adults are.  This would only be (slighty) true if you are just incarnating in this place called earth duality, but kids are as much responsible for the choices and their actions as adults.  Most of us in this collective, have had many lifetimes on this plane of incarnation, so we are held to the accumulated earth experiences and choices from all the lives we lived and not just the few years we may have been in the new body.

Also, keeping in mind, before my birth, my mother had already agreed to host my incarnation, not raise me mind you, host me in her life so I can get a good foothold in some of the densest of realities.  I was removed from her care (or really, lack there of) when I was 8 then placed back with her when I was 11.  Choice points and reality expansions.

I think the best way to explain this is with an image of spaghetti lol.  And what we consider timelines have nothing to do with time at all, they are the vibrational pattern of energy/reality constructs:



The bowl holding the spaghetti would be the earth plane.  The spaghetti’s themselves, what we think of as timelines.  Vibrational frequency patterns of reality.  One could say the spaghetti sits on top of each other, but nothing ever does touch another thing, between each strand would be what we would consider dimensional folds.  Doorways.  Opportunities for change.

As you can see there are countless intersection points in the whole bowl (earth plane.)  Some intensely high vibrational frequencies intersect with some intensely dense frequency realities, on purpose.  Then, if I can complicate this even more, some of the spaghetti (smile) are so thin, it appears like it’s all the same reality, it’s not.  We can see this by the storms we have experienced in the past, lets just say, a tornado wipes out a town yet one house remains completely unaffected.  That house was not on the same timeline/reality construct as the rest of the town.  Instead, its soul purpose was to hold the light frequency and if the town didn’t change from one density to another, then mother nature was brought in to do a bit of house cleaning on that timeline.  Same sort of things happen in countries, in places where people gather, and in individual families.

So bringing this all back to my 73-74 time period, that reality was deconstructing as we were living it out.  That spaghetti strand was already disintegrating as I merged elsewhere away from my mother.  I was placed with her friend, who happened to have a 2 year old child (I was 13 at the time) and was a prostitute.  That was the first time I realized I had a choice in my realities and with amazing ease (thank you directory assistance lol) of effort, found my father.  Until this moment the only thing I new about my father was his name and about where he would be living.  Even his reality was simply a stepping stone to yet other realities that opened based on my choices.  If I never made the choice to leave that lady’s life, I am sure I would have turned into a prostitute (by her continued prompting) but that wasn’t my gig in this lifetime.

Our choice points, our doorways that open to change, if we close them, it does take a toll on the physical and mental bodies.  Think about our cells, we are completely in new bodies every 7 years.  Old cells die, new ones are born and we are never the same, or at least, have the opportunity to not be the same.  The body itself works off of cellular memory, but what memory?  What timeline and what reality construct??  It all depends on if one walks thru the doorway to higher experiences (that does not mean easier experiences, just higher in light vibration that must be applied and integrated.)  Knowing means little, living is everything!!

So now, let’s go back to where I said to hold that thought with my mother’s spine.  Her lumbar spine.  Her root chakra (connection to life) and her sacral chakra (sense of Self) are in disease.  It became as if her root was connected so deep to the density of duality and yet the rest of her needed higher light to thrive within her soul agenda in this life time.  But free will is pesky and often times, repetitive!!

Thru our collective efforts, we have opened her heart, but have not opened her mind yet.  The heart and the mind must come to near the same frequency for the body to change its cellular makeup.  I am starting to realize the heart is easier to open than the mind is to change its habitual thought patterns.

As I was doing the dishes yesterday, I was reminded that my mother was diagnosed years ago as a manic-depressive.  That’s why she feels ill and barely gets out of her bed.  Coupled with the week-long rains we have been having, her melatonin is lacking.  (I used to have S.A.D. and know the importance of Self Light to complete depression removal.)  So as you all are holding the comfort energies here, I have been upping the Joy energies and intermingling them with the waves of comfort moving thru the space here.  This morning I can see a profound effect, even if it is slight… she may want to go grocery shopping.  The last several days, she has not wanted to do anything, so I see this as progress!!

Since we are still having avalanches of rain and flash flood warnings, I am not going to the office until this system that is parked on the coast, moves!!

Once we get her mind to open, to really start to feel and understand the light of life, we can start to uptick her timelines, her vibrational frequency that keeps her spine rotting.  Then we can go into the cellular repair, but not before then, her body could not handle it.

Altho my focal point is my mother, we are equally working an entire collective with our teamwork.

Now to completely change the subject, more or less, I started asking my ET friends to allow me to have memory of their sleep time work.  I want to be a conscious participant, dammit!!  The most I am getting at this moment, is vague (can I say very very vague) awareness that they are here and doing… stuff in the night-time.  For the last week or so, my left knee has been hurting when I try to cross it.  It only dawned on me last night that it was from the work my friends in the sky are doing.  Flexibility and changing out the strength of foundation I work from (thigh – strength and calf – foundation of life.)

What we are learning to do, slowly and proficiently with my mother, will be needed on much larger scales in times to come.  I want to thank my mother for being one of the greatest teachers I never expected to have in this phase of growth!!  I do find it interesting that my father and her father are guardians over her.  They are constantly behind her.  Two men that facilitated tremendous emotional pain in her young life and now fully assisting her wellness.  I love that so much!!

Ohh an added note.  Since yesterday I can see the most beautiful silver blue arc of energy from my office to my mom’s home.  I was just now told that the office is on a much higher timeline frequency than this house and the two are now assisting each other.  Yay??

I love you sooo much!!  We are an amazing team!!  ❤

((((HUGZ))))) filled with open hearts and open minds to ALL!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas





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