Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 31, 2016

Our Changing, Enhancing Biology, and the Value of the ET Implants, Innoculations and More!!


What an amazing and revelation filled last few days I have been having.  But before I get into all that is being revealed, let me just say, Mom’s cataract surgery on her left eye went wonderfully.  She was a nervous wreck going into it, but now is seeing clearly and is at ease.  This week coming up, more doctors.  She meets her new primary Monday, then has her ultrasound guided biopsy on Tuesday (we should have the results within 24-48 hours) and a follow up visit for her cataract surgery on Friday, on the 10th, she sees the retina specialist to see what, if anything, they are going to do about that eye (she has a cataract there too, but needs to deal with the retina first.)

Now, to the revelations that have me feeling like I am getting a blow-by-blow understanding of what is happening behind the curtain of the great wizard (wizard of oz.)  Again, so much of this is not only opening within me because I am reading Dolores Cannon’s book “Custodians.  Beyond Abduction,” which I was instantly attracted to when I was listening to her audiobook “Keepers of the Garden.”  As with the way I shared the other day, I am not going to reference which part of the book triggered what and I am not going in any particular order except whatever memory is coming thru in the moment.  Not only is this book helping to peel back the curtain, but also, validating so much of what I already knew as well.

I do want to mention tho, as soon as I started diving into “Custodians,” I started to see two interesting ET’s that I have never seen before, not even in all the ET connections I have done over the last few years.  Two very white forms, male and female, always standing just behind my right shoulder, always together, always shoulder to shoulder with each other.  They are both very white, their skin is very white if not luminescent but not like a light bulb, they don’t glow, or emit a visible stream of light, its hard to explain.  Their hair is white and even their clothing, very much like plain lenin, an off white.  They don’t speak, or at least, I have not heard them, just seen them.  That is, until my mother was in for cataract surgery.  I went out to the car to have a smoke and read more of my book when the moment I was finished my with my cigarette, the car died.  I had it on to use the AC, which was blowing warm air, I just assumed that was because I had the window down and this humidity is hell!!  The car just up and died at the exact place I was reading in the book about how they can make cars start and stop and stuff.  They use the energy field around the person for what they are doing, at times.  I tried several times to start the car, nothing.  I was going to call roadside assistance and each time I had that thought, I kept feeling… wait and see when my mother is done.  It turned right over.  With all the running I had to do this coming week, i wasn’t taking a chance.  I drive to autozone and had them check my battery, which is about 7-8 years old and its a 5 year battery.  It took the gal a bit to actually get a reading from the battery, but when she did, she said the cells are all perfect in the battery, but the battery is showing completely drained.  I left well enough alone.  The car has been starting perfectly ever since.

I knew that was my two new friends way of saying… not only are we with you holographically, we are physically with you here, now.

I had to smile in wonder and awe when I came to the part of the book where a lady had a similar encounter and described my new friends to a T.  They are a part of the council of elders that govern the flow of the multiverse (not spirits, but a vast group of ETS, very much like the united nations.)  I knew instantly that these two beautiful Beings were that as well, especially given how much ET contact I have thru the readings, it would only make sense that a governing body be near and with me to assist.

One of the memories I have had for ever, was being about 6-7 years old and laying on the grass in my backyard at night-time, looking up at the stars and crying as I shouted to the sky “you dropped me off on the wrong planet.”  As that memory came back over the last couple days, I realized I was not shouting to the stars, but to the ship literally hovering at the roof level of my house that I could see.  The entire underbelly of this ship emitted a blue light that sort wrapped around the ship (it wasn’t closing downwards, just more formed a donut shape around the underbelly and sides of this craft.  The more I remembered this, the more I could see thru the light into what would be the opening platform on the bottom of the craft.  This also gave full understanding (which I kinda felt was true anywayz before these memories were enhanced) as to why I am still, to this day, afraid of being alone in the dark outside.  My friends only would appear to me when I was completely alone outside at night.  As a child, I had no fear, it was only as I grew and the veils started to purposely close to my awareness (until now) that the fear replaced excitement.  This is also, one of the deepest reason that thru all of my deep, inner, intense healing years, I never ever addressed this bizarre fear, it wasn’t time for me to understand.

Let’s talk about Implants!!!

When people started to talk to me (in my early beginnings) about negatively controlled implants inserted by ET’s, my inner guidance always said no, not true.  We never delved any deeper on that subject until, this week really.  Even tho, thru readings and people saying they had or were getting implant removals, I cringed inside.  If they hadn’t already had it done, we would strongly advice them not to do it.  There is nothing negative, harmful or bad in anyone.

Even before leaving New Mexico, when my team showed us a time of emerging virus, an upcoming pandemic, I knew that what people call implants were actually devices to create immunity to what is already starting to take a foothold on this earth.  Not because any ET is creating illness, but with all the ice melts and climate change, the dormancy of unknown virus are reversing.  We are the ones that will be here to assist, since we will have complete immunity to any virus or disease or, fallout.

But beyond that, these lovingly, purposely inserted devices also were to enhance our inner abilities.  To raise the frequency of those not aligned to fear from the inside out, turning on the higher abilities all humans are born with.  Fear however, defuncts these gifts.

There is also inoculations that we received, often times as well, genetically modifying our bodies for enhancements.  ALL-WAYS for enhancements.

As I was reading and remembering so much about the devices implanted in us, the inoculations we receive, the alterations to our genetics, and how the medical industry would scratch their head due to bizarre inconclusive results on testing.  We appear ill, but as I have been saying for forever, its change in progress.

If you take just the turbulent time while I was going thru menopause, just after my cancer surgery, the doctors insisted I developed COPD and my body insisted, I didn’t.  The many, for no reason at all, times I would wake up to have zero  voice.  All of it, purposeful mutations to enhance the body, the immune system and the frequency of light energy released thru the breath.  We won’t even talk about the chaos within my white and red blood cells that for years boggled my oncologist.  He finally gave up and said it was due to my smoking.  NOT!!!

Of course, all of this work creates different food cravings for us, each our own unique cravings.  Mine has always been something sugary, yum.  There are times, the gluten molecules are that which activates and enhances the inner processes underway (hence my dunkin donut insanity lol.)  It was even explained to me, the alterations in our food system (what we call GMO) our friends from the stars are using proactively to allow our immune systems to become stronger.  Not that splicing anything with a toxic chemical was wise, but since it is so widespread in our food chain, they use it to enhance us further, otherwise, most of us would be dead by now.

My two new friends, who at this moment, still remain nameless, said that I am here in Tarpon Springs on purpose.  Can you imagine all this was put into place over 20 years ago…

There is an underwater base/facility that has been running for eons in the gulf of mexico.  My two friends, and so many others, have been there, for eons.  The last several connections we have in the ET course, their connections will be from that base very particularly (I had a feeling when I left.)  Even what we will do as a group will be radically different than any of us imagined (especially me) thru the last of the course.  What is being revealed to me right now, a lot has to do with restoring the implant devices that have been scrambled by fear filled, well intended people.  Especially since these devices, left scrambled, creates a chaos signal to the light body and well, let’s say the side effects are not what our friends intended.  For others, we will just completely turn off the signals.  We will have to work first at removing the fear that set this all in motion.

We have a lot of work we are going to do together, but to rush in (as they hear me thinking, can we start already lol) would be more detrimental than efficient.

So many of us are excited and KNOW we can literally move thru solid objects, transport ourselves thru portals and stuff, yet… this is because it is already happening.  It is how we are removed from our beds at night, how we go from here to there (often times, on their ships or in another dimension where the facilities are located to enhance us.)  These next several years will be enhancing those abilities within those that have fully released the fear/worry of any and all things.

And then there is our pesky bodies.  I say pesky because, jesus I am gaining weight again like there is no tomorrow!!  Of course, I started to put this back on back October of last year when I went to see my daughter.  I had gone back on my 1200 calorie a day diet several times over the months, didn’t lose an ounce, sometimes actually gained weight.  WTF?????

Thru all this revealing and what I have said so many times (it’s just much clearer now given all this other information) that those gaining weight are the energy transceivers.  Our fat cells are very much battery cells, storing and using higher frequencies of energy.  The more we agree to do, well, the more we have to hold.  So I had to ask… but… but…. what about free will.  I want to stay in my skinny jeans without a tummy that sits on my lap!!  Well free will is also an emotional will, not something that is controlled souly by the brain.  If our desire to serve is what energy signature that is present and constant (emphasis on constant) then the thought of just staying skinny is overrode because it does not hold energy within our field of instructions.  This goes with everything.  This is why “intentions” are a good start, but not enough.

There is so much more, but I am being asked to end here for now.  Ohhh I am starting to get inquiries about our Mexico trip.  That is on hold once again.  I am using the money I had stashed away to do what needs to be done and one thing I WILL do for my mother before this is all said and done, get her her visit to PA to see her sisters and friends.

I love you all so much and so look forward to the “radical” changes in our connections and readings again, whenever we get the green light on that.  When we are ready, I will email everyone waiting to reschedule before I ever put out new readings.

((((HUGZ))))) of enhanced life, light frequencies to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas






  1. Simply Beautiful Lala!!! Hi!!! 🙂

    You know, its funny, I have a load of friends getting implant removals and releasing elementals and doing energetic healings and most of the time, I am just like–Na, not my way, if it needs to go it will go. And so it is–

    big hugs, glad to hear about Momma’s clear vision! Keep on surfing sweetie! Alex


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  9. ~ LIGHT BODY ~


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  12. interesting, thanks for sharing…hmm. the white being, they are the fandorian, loving being too …As for implants i have a few and its all good, it make me more creative, intuitive, strong, light , younger healthier and takes on more of a traits of whoever i ask for DNA infusion.. they are all excellent..i recommend it to any one who wish for DNA infusion from other ET..I have been experimented and it doesnt not hurt one bit ..probably my soul contracrt but i specifically donate..why not , for humanity. and well ebing of all sentient being and peace and love…you are blessed!



    Yes it is true that we receive beneficial energetic implants in the form of LIGHT ESSENCE from positive beings (including ET’s and divine beings) that are aligned with us in purpose, both in our individual and group purposes.

    The key Triad Formation linked with Earth Healers in this group purpose comprise the Pleiadians, Primethians and Chi Ean beings. Gifting in this form is how this has transpired in our experience.

    An Earth Healer may be born with Pleiadian Blue Essence (Turquiose pale blue with gold, and more) and then receive the Primethian White Essence, Chi Ean Green Essence. Earth Healers also carry the Golden Essence of YE the Higher-than-Divine Guide of the Earth Healing Network, and thus its purpose. Other Gifted LIGHT ESSENCES are those of Earth Mother, and Beloved (‘Jesus’ being evolved), Sathya Sai Baba . . .

    Everyone has as ESSENCE SOUL SIGNATURE, an individual ‘vibrational signature’ comprised of the COLOURED LIGHTS that surround the Smallest Molecule of Divine White Light in the HEART CORE AREA, which represent the gifts, talents and abilities that the Soul has gathered over lifetimes of incarnations.

    ~ ~ ~ ~


    And more on the unique body function manifestations that can occur during our evolution. ~ ~ ~

    In my case, a routine pulse check by a Physiotherapist trained in Cranio Sacral Therapy recently noted that I had some missing heart beats! Not in any pattern, but my heart skips a beat.

    I also could feel it once i began to check.

    Perfect Blood Pressure tested by doctor and Cardiologist! So after a week or so of ECG’s, Blood Tests, Ultrasound and wearing a 7 electrode heart monitor for 24 hours (called a Halter) it all pointed to a strong, healthy heart wotking well and no apparent reason for the anomaly called ECTOPIC heart beats. My system has an additional firing pathway in the heart.

    I am the fittest and leanest I have ever been. I declined the option of a Nuclear Medicine Treadmill Stress Test to ascertain Coronary Function (blood supply to the heart muscle). I did not see it as beneficial or necessary to have my system injected with so-called ‘short-lived’ radioactive substance to show how blood was flowing in my heart.

    Two times that I have trusted my inner guidance on these type of issues and made the decision ’No’ to a recommended medical check/option, I have been flooded with an ovewhelmimg confirmation from My Highest; a palpable flood of Divine Unconditional Love spreading from my Heart Core and filling me to overflowing with the most amazing sensation of Being Loved.

    As for the ‘pause’ in the heart-beats, i know it is a way that I continue to clear at the level of the heart muscle itself. It is a by-product of the physical exercise i do and why i am the fittest ever; eg swim 2.5 Kilometres non-stop, or running, or yoga, or whatever! My dreams at night are clues to the clearing of obsolete energy and light.


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